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SWTOR Fall 2018 Roadmap and 5.9.3 Developer Livestream Summary

SWtor Patch 5.9.3 and Fall 2018 Roadmap developer livestream coverage and summary.

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  • 5.9.3 – Fame and Fortune/PTS Testing
  • Fall Roadmap/5.10 – Jedi under Siege
  • Q&A

Patch 5.9.3

  • New warzone: The Sky Shredder, huttball map clone, set on Vandin planet.
  • New traps, grappling hooks and more
  • On PTS for testing
  • Team is making a whole bunch of changes based on feedbacks: i.e. hard to get back once you get knocked down to the pit, hard to stop players once they make it past a certain point, grappling hook hard to use.
  • Likely to get a PTS patch this week, if they can get the shielding/crit chance changes in.

Fall Roadmap/5.10

  • No release date for 5.10. PTS in the next few months.
  • New storyline based on the rivalry between Sith and Jedi
  • New Planet and Daily Area. Separate questline for Imperial/Republic players.These will be different for each side compared to the Iokath storyline.
  • Players who fought for the opposite faction on Iokath will be accounted in the storyline.
  • Lots of cool new characters and returning characters you havn’t seen for many years.
  • New world bosses on the new planet.
  • Nightmare mode Gods from the Machine coming. This does not affect future new operation content.
  • No plans to rebalance story/veteran mode Gods of the Machine. They may come after 5.10.
  • Tier 5 Gear. All Tier 5 gear will be crafted, no detail to reveal yet. We know you got strong opinions about it. Expect to be part of the rewards for master mode operations.
  • Galactic Command levels won’t go up to account for new tier of gear.
  • Operations won’t be balanced against the new tier of gear.
  • Guild Improvements
    • Systems: Progression, Heraldry (won’t be able to freely draw whatever you want obviously), PvP Challenges, and Conquest Improvements
    • Management: Guild Inspect (you can control how much info you share), Logging (will log contribution of guild members to conquest), Mail (able to mail guild members), Ban by Legacy (Ignore by legacy in the works), more Guild Ranks
    • More details coming early October
  • Companion Returns: Doc, Nadia, DS Jaesa. Kira is coming but won’t be in 5.10. Hoping to do a couple more but not 100% sure they will make it.
    • They will have updated gearsets but won’t have new faces.

General Q&A

  • Holo-Disguse decorations coming, allow you to change the appearance of your character to something different (i.e. change to Republic soldier, Imperial Spy, Hutt etc). Coming with 5.9.3. These disguises are limited to stronghold and offer something for RPers.
  • Twi’leks customization – They are much more difficult to customize than humans due to our system, can’t go into details
  • No plans for class balance changes in the short term

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86 replies on “SWTOR Fall 2018 Roadmap and 5.9.3 Developer Livestream Summary”

It really sounded like a lot of this was in the idea stage.They will try to make it work for a PTS release and tweak on feedback.

November is still Fall so I am guessing the release will be around then.

You forget that BioWare goes on their yearly hiatus for like three months around that time. Completely gone from November to February. I expect nothing from these people anymore and they deliver on exactly that, every time.

I still come here sometimes to see what’s changed, but all I ever see is more of the same. I’m glad I finally cancelled my sub and uninstalled. Much happier playing games that have content releases and the companies actually have communication with their playerbase. I’ll always enjoy the time I spent on SWTOR, but have no expectations of BioWare ever turning the ship around to bring me back.

Even single player games have much more content released than SWTOR. Even mobile games. I still do play SWTOR but I will never sub again, unless they start to give a fuck. I spent SWTOR subscription money on ESO and GW 2 expansions – much more worth the price.

Ouch. One thing I Noticed above others on this Short & Bland as Usual LiveStream. Many Times Charles “Smirky Smile” Boyd’s Head was Bopping more than Head Bopper Toy does on Car’s Dashboard 😀 While Puppet Musco was talking Boyd’s Head was going Crazy Boppy time 😀

Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. Pst: Up to date about so called SW Big IP Mmo Development.. #WeNeedRealKotor3 #NotSwtorAsKotor3Duh #EatDirtCharlesBoyd #WaitingSubWorthyNews #WaitingLoginWorthyNews #BigIPDisaster

All right then i guess this will be the first winter since 2012 that i’ll be playing a completely different game, Shadow of The Tomb Raider here we go….

Tier 5 Gear. All Tier 5 gear will be crafted, no detail to reveal yet.
We know you got strong opinions about it. Expect to be part of the
rewards for master mode operations…. so let’s make even more rich the rich good luck with your game fools. I can’t even find time cards on stores anymore anyways.

Those laughs are not real. Its the way Musco hides the fact game is so dull. Just look other games roadmap live footage. Its not filled with false laughs endlessely because they have real content to share and to look for. Here? Nothing they just pretend all is ok. Been doing that for years when Ben Irving was around also.

[OP is Fred G]

They think it’s funny. Meanwhile, the WoW game director is front and center at every Q&A; not hiding at his desk (Keith is probably too busy playing WoW’s new expansion.)

“Twi’leks customization – They are much more difficult to customize than humans due to our system, can’t go into details”

^^ Why didn’t just write: Due to our Outdated & Glitchy Game-Engine. We did a Crap move with Engine selection.. Not to forget our Horribly Outdated Visuals for BIG IP Mmorpg & Cartoonish look. Kinda Same what one of our Former Dev. Daniel Erickson said on recent Interview.. 😛

Funny thing is, they supposedly went for the stylized look as it would supposedly age better than photorealistic ones.

As expected, limited new content, a lot of bullshit, vague answers and vague promises, and a game that is slowly dying, like in the last 3 years….

With the title of 5.10 I am guessing they will once again be ignoring all other classes but force users? I wonder if this is going to be like KotFE/ET all over again?

It is you Baroness Shootsyou Intheface the greatest of all force users. I’m a BH see the gun??? Yes with your mighty lights/pistol you will lead us oh chosen one.

As expected, limited new content, a lot of bullshit, vague answers and vague promises, and a game that is slowly dying, like in the last 3 years….

LOL At least I will still be looking Good with my new CM style waiting at my new SH bar for 5.10 Life Day Event and 6.0 some time in 2019 or 20 see you all at the next week CM update…..Time to see the adventure’s of Boy King and Queen Undead…. 😀

Interesting hearsay was posted on SWTOR forums.

So I’m sitting in the discord for another game that’s launching alpha,
and the subject of EA and Anthem happen to come up. One of the people
that we know well, actually works for a big QA company that’s currently
contracted with EA for Anthem. So he’s privy to stuff going on behind
the scenes that the public doesn’t know.

Well he was telling us about how EA is in full panic / spin mode
freaking out over the success of Anthem, and doing things like full
media blackouts until feb for Anthem beta etc because they having
problems. So we are all talking about Anthem and that EA is worried
it’s go to fail etc etc. Then he drops this bomb on us. He lets us
know that EA completely intends to liquidate Bioware Austin after Anthem
launch. This is someone who has doesn’t play swtor and is indifferent,
so he didn’t realize how major that news was.

So we are all discussing about wouldn’t that shut down swtor etc, but he
adamantly told us no. He then told us that there is a planned reboot
for SWTOR plus some of their other IP’s, and that EA plans to shift the
reboot production of swtor and some others to one of it’s other game

Smells like this whole swtor post from reddit page which turned eventually to be a shitty talking, rather than reality. But still, i give this guy credit for imagination.

wow one year later they make the OP NiM. A Year ago they say the first Boss will be come in NiM when the Second comes on
And the Nighmare Raiders can have some Tier 5 Schematics.
So thats cool because the Bossdrops in Nim are bullsh..
But for what u need the Tier 5 Gier?
Only for the new Op in Nim.
Is it worth it? Because it will be cost a lot of Mats.
I stopped playing the game a month ago
And the only question to myself is?
why did I play the game for so long? and spend my money for nothing.
The Roadmap is driving straightly crashing to the Wall

I’m in the same boat pal! Cancelled my sub a month ago and kicking myself for hanging on to this for so long…

At least you made good decision. Trust me i know this. I played over 5 years but stopped around year ago. 5.0 is what killed this game for good. Some new players find this game now but they wont stick around long or invest that much time for serious opsing.

Game is done its just small things here and there to please the leftover playerbase. They wont pull the plug because they get enough money from CM to maintain this game until EA pulls the plug.

Precisely, majority of playerbase are new people who have only discovered SWTOR. Give them few months and they will drop the game for sake of better games. I also downloaded Guild Wars 2 today and even at non-fully activated account I have more “privileges” than in SWTOR.
SWTOR is done for. Once amazing MMO it is now less than a shadow of its former self. BDO, ESO, GW2, WOW, fuck, even Metin are much better games now. Only thing that keeps SWTOR going is Star Wars ip.

LOL someone has the guts to say it! Personally i dislike her story, as it appears to be written by a 12 years old kid. “She was supposed to marry Organa nobility” – YEAH SURE! Who the fck would let his son marry an uneducated servant?

Already dropping the Command Rank like a hot potato? That’s the BioWare we know! Always bringing new stuff nobody wanted and abandoning it soon.

Not so sure about that. Charles made sure to make clear that tier 5 isn’t part of GC but that there still will be more GC levels in the future. I wish they’d abandon it completely but Charles kept the door wide open there for more GC levels.

I wouldn’t mind having another reason to play on my main than wasting time on the alts I wouldn’t normally gear up.

I think the crafting is a very interesting idea but it has to be done right of course and well let’s say they’ve been less than successful in implementing things in a good way. Grinding dumb GC levels was never a reason for me to play and that’s part of the reason why I want it gone and have better gear reward systems in the game again.

“Twi’leks customization – They are much more difficult to customize than humans due to our system, can’t go into details”


Me and bunch of others have been begging for Twi’lek customization for 6-7 fucking years. It about time. Do they mean it is difficult because their lekku is animated with moving physics? But they should be able to disable them and put a non-animated model ‘hat’ on top of their head…. just like Kotor 1&2. They literally did that for Togruta. How hard is it to give them makeup, eyebrows, and adding large number of RGB colours to their model? Or adding all the new eye packs?

I know this for sure. They better be more than few crummy sliders.

Something is wrong when another modder rips the same SWTOR models and improves upon on them cosmetically to appear more in line with a 14-16 year old game, comics and films.

The lekku should have nothing to do with it tbh. I won’t pretend to understand how games are made, but it should be the same as adding customisation options to other species. They’re not adding anything new like different lekku positions, they’re expanding on what’s already there. I mean there’s already that recent Twi’lek NPC addition with new facial markings and purple skin (which I’ve been waiting for since pre-launch), so some new customisation is already right there waiting for us to use.

God only knows what’s supposedly difficult. But then they’ve said things are ‘difficult’ or ‘impossible’ before for various reasons, then did a a complete 180 and added it later. Personally I think they just don’t see profit in it, but they’d rather lie than admit that.

One would think that adding new flesh colors would be the easiest thing: Just change the hue of the skin textures that are already there and save it as a new one.
I wouldn’t mind seeing some Lekku wraps that are part of the head texture instead of “Lekku markings”. Seems like that would be simple too.

But maybe the coding is so messy they cant figure it out how to add new anything? That’s kind of what it sounds like…

You’d think right? I mean I know there’s more to it than copy and paste, but essentially I don’t see why that’s not more or less what they’d need to do. They could dozens of new colours/shades for skin, new eye colours, markings etc.

Wraps would be tricky, I guess, since just replacing markings would make the wraps ‘drawn on’ (so completely flat) instead of having actual three-dimensional qualities. But tbh I’d be more than happy with more skin tones and eye colours. I’d pay thousands of CC just to get a deep purple skin colour for my Twi’lek gal.

I bet they will say the same for Togruta customizations – i only want my MALE togruta to look like the male Togruta NPC from Fleet ( proper length of lekku) not like some retarded version of the species.

30 Minutes of these two morons staring at ONE page from a Power Point with SIX bullets on it. LOL, I can see that their commitment to GAMBLING PACKS really served the game well. I can just imagine them all screaming at each other in what’s left of their tiny little offices trying to blame each other for this sh1t sh0w going off the rails. LOL.

eh guess I just uninstalling the game, my whole guild left for wow months back already, this is also why I dont play the cash shop game anymore, I did it once for one game spent 1500$ in that time on that cash shop for items and then quit the game when I could no long take what they were doing the game.

at this point only thing that will bring back to the game is one of 2 things, the upgrade the engine to proper engine not some butchered hero engine runing 2 exe that cant even run dx9 proper for how the engine is, and or the allow me to use the 700m + I have to pay for sub time

I have not saw this game worth subing to in 3 years, and only reason I had subs in that time is cause the guild I was with payed for sub just so I would raid with them cause they needed dps

And now they want to to go to wow which told them will never happen

Hope you find something worth your time to play. I play swtor for fun but mostly find BFA a lot more fun with more to do

I’ve been playing FF14. It’s quite good but the GCD is a bit longer than I prefer. Good looking game with a solid community though. I’d go back to CoH/CoV but can’t. >.<

Whoever decides to go to that ridiculous Cantina event in October (face it, the devs only come to NYC for the comic con) should go ‘Alex Jones’ on Charles and Eric, and Keith (if he is attending). No softball here, ladies.

Man what garbage is that!
Now I know a new expansion is really far off. They will want player grinding out Tier 5 gear for months. Pushing any hope that a 6.0 expansion around February after Anthems release far away. So far it was never an actual possibility. Make me thing a 6.0 expansion wont happen till summer /fall of 2019 now. Thats some BS.

No mention of a FP and only a new planet with a daily area. Which makes me thing it will be like the other POS of story content that came from Iokath or umbara or copero.

It’s time to find something else to play. bioware no longer deserves the money I pay them.

i started to play guild wars 2
Without subscription
Only 36 € for the 2 extensions.
Even in the game you can exchange your gold for gems and buy stuff in the shop.
And everything you buy is for the hole account
I think I’m in heaven
Of course you have to like the game too

We already know that when Bioware mentions “new planet and daily area” they mean it’s storyline that takes 2 hours to be finished and that’s given you wiped ten times.

The new planet is called Ossus, they say it was featured in early SW comics. Why not add some H2+ to Darvannis? Umbara? Copero? Why create a new planet? How about Jedha? SW movies say thats the home planet of the Jedi order ..

I just imagine that without vanilla crew responsible for gems like Dread Masters’ storyline, Imperial Agent’s story or even SoR, Bioware can’t do much. Quitting of Alex Freed and Drew Karpyshyn really toppled Bioware’s potential for making good stories.

Do not attempt to balance classes by yourselves, you already proved many times over that you have no clue how to play your own game, dear Bioware. And with quitting of Drew Karpyshyn I doubt you can dish out even decent story, as people who came up with class stories (only really good content in game) already left the crew (whether it’s because of their own choice or forced by EA – no one cares).
I am also baffled as to why Bioware won’t scale up operations to T5 gear – I understand it makes no point for SM to be scalled but HM/NiM? We already had that shit happen in 2015 when level 60 or 65 players did ops like EC NIM (which was level 50). Sounds good, doesn’t work, it really made quality of PvE drop.

Buff the OPs for what??
you can only get the Gear in the NiM Ops
And then only the blueprints.
The question is, does anyone need Tier 5 Gear
There are enough people walking around with 248
without even having seen the HC
The quality of Players sink like the Titanic

You do not seem to understand that the new equipment is not so easy to get
And u mean all the guys run around with the T5 Gear or what?
The T5 Gear is for the new OP.
But if u can play ur Classes u dont really need it.
So Gear is not all in the Game.

we just did asation veteran mode to get some tokens for a tank alt of some guy…we just killed the first boss before the first male/add spawns…really exciting doing veteran mode with BIS-Gear these days…

“New storyline based on the rivalry between Sith and Jedi” Really there is no one else in the galaxy? My main is a Smuggler for a reason. Yeah I have Jedi and Sith characters, but I don’t play them much. But it seems like Bioware only cares about Jedi and Sith players. You can imagine my surprise when we had to take a vision quest in the wilderness of Odessen and forge our own Force attuned weapon. Yeah that made total sense, with a pistols, rifles, and assault cannons. We need balanced stories that make sense for any class to play through. Not just Sith and Jedi. Sorry for the rant, probably should put this rant on the offical forums and the SWTOR subreddit. So Bioware actually sees it.

I think they meant Empire vs Republic but you can be right. My Mercenary used force storm during KOTFE, very lore frienly…

Umm.. Mandalorians are not part of Republic or Empire, you cannot just ignore them, can’t you? When you do the “Battle of Rishi” FP with a BH character, you can tell Darth Arkous ” I’m not even an Imperial but cannot wait to scrape you off my boots” , remember?

“Twi’leks customization – They are much more difficult to customize than humans due to our system, can’t go into details”

What? Like the speeders that technically could NOT be made to move faster?

Like the “Hot Prospect” server name that could NOT be changed, because of “technical issues”?

You can’t go into details?

Tell you what: how about you DO go into details?

How about you stop treating people like they have an IQ bellow 70?

How about you start explaining to the (few) people that pay for your SALARIES why you are such lazy bastards?

It’s one thing to not come completely clean about your limitations.

It’s another thing altogether to disrespect your paying customers.

Luckily I am no longer one of them.

Much more difficult could be ‘this minor change will take as many man hours of work as making a new map’. Which would you prefer? A new map, or bigger tits on your character?

This late in the championship? I want neither, need neither. Don’t play the game anymore.

But if I did, I’d want the kitchen sink. Both. And a lot more. Because that’s what players from other games are getting RIGHT NOW. And believe me, I know.

But that’s not the point I’m making. It irritates me how they still, after all these years and blunders, talk in a condescending tone to the guys they owe their fucking jobs. YOU guys. It used to be me too. But then I woke up and smelled the coffee.

If you’re fine with a company that systematically under performs and still talks down to you, fine with me. I’m not. And I call ’em like I see ’em.

For all SW Educated Fans o/ With Well educated mean those who know the Lore & True Ways of the Jedi. This is Teaser Trailer so look for Normal Trailer & Full Movie Re-Edit to arrive before end of this Year. Remember to dive into Ivan’s Videos list as there’s some others that are about Re-Editing Horrible SW Ep. 8. Shed a tear while watching this & don’t care to say it even have some grey beard rising up through red’ish beard. DIDN’T have this feeling or any Good Feelings at one & only SW Episode 8 Cinema Screening.

I wasn’t the only one there who said “what..” out loud on scene where Luke Tossed the LS over his shoulder & also when he vanished into thin air.. Including the Cybernetic hand 😛 When people walked out from the building there was lots of Negative Talk & clear frustration in the air. I don’t blame them at all.. Ruin Johnson & Kathleen Kennedy Ruined 30+ Years Franchise with few shameful moves on Mickey’s SW “Sequel Trilogy” :/

Returning OT Characters Could’ve Shared the Spotlight 50/50 with Jar Jar Finn & the rest of New Characters. If writing done like in Cobra Kai Youtube Series <3 Sadly New Chars have had more Screen Time. Yes even Purple Haired bad Commander who lacked Military Tactics & was at High Ranking Position.. Many can't understand new Characters cause they lack depth.

Pushing Returning Chars down to ditch is what Disney & K.Kennedy aimed for :/ C.Kai is Karate Kid continuation, but from Eyes of Cobra Kai. Everyone who has seen New Cobra Kai knows what i mean. *2x smackies to chest & Raises Fist to salute Mark Hamill*.

Braindead writing done for Luke just to get Most loved Character out of the Way with most Ridic. way possible.. :/ Or well maybe there could be many more idiotic ways on Ruin's Head. Luke Would've thought of taking down someone while on zzz ONLY IF gone to Dark Side. Talented Mark Hamill knows the ways of a Jedi & no doubt he's familiar with many SW Novels 🙂 Share this Beauty Teaser Trailer around Wicked Wide Web & Tweet to @MarkHamillHimself

We need 200k + Views & at least same amount of likes as Subs that is"22k" 🙂 Remember to Mention at Tweet to Mark Hamill that now you have the Right LS Crystal on Hilt & Hilt is also the right one <3 Use max 2 Tags on Tweet to make it into Trending list. Can download this video with Firefox browser & with addon installed just in case Mickey's Suits send Goon Squad to order Youtube to take this Down. #ColinTrevorrowWantedToSaveLuke #KathleenFiredHim #MarkLovedColinsIdeas #StarWars #HopeLives

Fuck me, these two are just insufferable.

I mean, they always were, but the last few times there’s just been a certain desperation there, boiling just under the surface that takes them from mreley annoying as fuck right into genuinely IRL cringe-inducing.
So glad I uninstalled this turd, and am so hoping that Anthem craters into he desert…
Unlike all the other studios EA has devoured and destroyed, BioWaste will 100%
deserve their fate.

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