SWTOR Upcoming Changes to Vandin Huttball Map

Bioware is making some changes to Vandin Huttball map.

Upcoming PTS Patch | 09.06.2018, 05:45 PM

Hey folks,

We are aiming to try to have a new PTS patch this week, to be deployed tomorrow. It is possible it will slip to next week, but I will let you know for sure tomorrow. We will have mirrored playtests from last week, if it goes live this week.

Here are some of the changes we are making based on your feedback:

  • Made some environmental changes to the map to make it feel a bit less “cluttered.”
  • Removed the “box stack” in the center catwalks and replaced them with forcefields. This gives more visibility across the map as well.
  • Throw the Huttball will now stay in the first pop-up slot if you also have the Gravity Grapple ability. This should address concerns for players who keybind the Throw the Huttball ability.
  • The Gravity Grapple ability should now work when hit with a ballistic from all abilities.
  • Baron Deathmark will now yell at you when you kick the Huttball, NO KICKING.
  • Added colored arrows around the map to help with navigation.
  • Fixed various collision and asymmetry issues around the map.
  • To help alleviate some concerns such as being knocked in the pit being punishing and challenges in being able to defend properly, the central air vents on the map will no longer be random. Instead they will now always jump the player back to a defensive position on the catwalk.

All of these changes along with the Crit / Shield changes should be in the next PTS patch. Look for more updates tomorrow.


  • Nicole48

    Couldn’t care less about this “new” PvP map.

    • Sorrai

      And there are plenty of PvPers who are very excited about it. I’m not much into PvP myself but I’m happy that community is getting some much needed attention from the Dev team and that they are continuing this welcome new trend of asking for player feedback and making improvements based on that feedback. They did it with GSF, the Rishi SH and now they’re doing it with this. It’s a good thing and I hope it continues.

      • Bakgrind

        Yep, it’s good to see that pvp and pve players get some of their needs taken care of from time to time.One would think that people are just queuing up for those pvp matches. But, judging from the forum topics pvpers now want to merge the two US servers into one. Which kind of says that maybe pvp isn’t where a lot of SWTOR’s payer base wants to hang out.

        I regularly pvp’d in the past to the point that I really didn’t see a point to it. Having played other games where I had enjoyed the pvp in those I can only say that for what ever reason pvp is lacks its appeal for me in SWTOR.

      • Nicole48

        Most people play SWTOR for the stories & interactions with companions, not for PvP. By the way, if PvP is your main activity in an online game, why don’t you try Lineage II ? It is full PvP and even has ( on some private servers) bounty boards.

        • Nythasim

          When people are excited by one simple stronghold, map or starfighter changes, you know that Bioware failed to deliver any meaningful content in last few years.
          I don’t blame them for poor quality PvE content like KOTFE and KOTET. They can barely write a roadmap, don’t expect them to come up with full scenario for a story.

        • Yeah but the mechanics are not my cup of tea in that game. I’ll stick with my dedicated group of griefers and ranked assholes, tyvm…8)

        • Edward T. Riker

          mmm maybe because Lineage II is not Star Wars?

          • Nicole48

            It is not SW, but is full PvP and all classes are balanced.

        • branky

          “most people play swtor for the stories” and not for pvp. where is the data to support that statement?
          Many people say…, most people think…those are vain, empty and a bit Fox like statements, better to keep those to urselve

          • Nicole48

            You want data to support my statement? How about all the people that left the game in the last two years? Dropped subscriptions? PvP being dead on all servers? Make sure your brain is connected to your hand before posting.

            • Nythasim

              You just lekku-strangled that bitch.

              • Nicole48

                I do understand PvP-ers, PvP is an important part of SWTOR, but not the most important. People left and a new PvP map will not bring them back .

              • Nythasim

                I kinda applaud Bioware for making cross-faction ranked. It’s fun to watch people claim PvP is in good shape. They think Bioware came up with this idea because people asked them to. People were asking for server merges and cross-faction ranked since SoR as it was a perfect starting point to create any cross-faction content. And Bioware ignored them.
                Server merges and cross-faction ranked are nothing more but poor attempt to hide low population of the game.

            • branky

              dude if u need the “many people think” statements to strengthen ur arguments they are poor to begin with. still no data to support ur most people statement just some random quesses… and then there is the brain comment which realy makes u look more silly than u allready did

              • Nicole48

                You are the silly one for refusing to see the obvious : people left because of no new content ( story, interactions with companions) and will not come back because one “new” PvP map and one extremely expensive stronghold. What friggin’ data do you need?

  • Guest

    well, at least they are taking and applying player feedback to something. They’ve had a bad habit for awhile of ignoring a lot of feedback

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