GW2 Living World Season 4 Episode 4 Releases Sept 18

GW2 Living World Season 4 Episode 4 A Star to Guide Us will be released on Sept 18 along with a new raid wing.

Here are some details being released

  • New map is called Jahai Bluffs
  • The new raid wing will be the Mythwright Gambit raid in which players will enter the Mystic Forge and come face to face with the djinn Zommoro.
  • There will also be a new legendary scepter, Xiuquatl
  • New upgradeable armor
  • A new personal character instance called Sun’s Refuge

New Legendary Scepter

New Upgradeable Armor

Complete the “A Star to Guide Us” story to begin collecting and upgrading the new Elegy set, and make compassion your armor.

Sun’s Refuge


Here is the trailer for the new living story release.

  • shortorder

    thank you for the new legendary scepter, really, it was time.

  • Tora

    new raid wing, i hope we can finally continue Coalescense collection, the precursor ring has been sitting in my bank gathering dust for months now

  • Is the hype train back?

    New Scepter, new armor?! new raid wing to finally look into the mystery of zommoros, jahai bluffs is back?!! AND FINALLY arenanets long promised actual upgradeable maybe even customizable home instance?!!?!!! (hopefully an actual feature and not just some bullshit slightly improved track your progress type crap) IF all of these features pan out this might be one of the best patches ever for me… everything i like in mmos an gw2 being paid attention to in a single patch

  • mhm


  • Corrderio

    *Sees new heavy armor*


  • Suan

    New upgradeable armor – what does it mean? Is it like heirloom gear from WoW? Or ANet decided to join the MMO’s “what’s your iLvL atm?” system where we farm gear forever?

    I am surprised to see scepter now, we had 2 two-handed weapons and 1 one-hander. So that leaves longbow and greatsword at the end. About the scepter.. I said it few times here already but I really don’t like this huge weapons design, this looks like a fucking staff.

    Sun’s Refuge – just like some people I think that this will be a mean to sink gold and our time, some “send sunspear troops to secure this and that – takes 2 days 18 hrs 30 mins to finish” with voiced dialogues and stuff, will it be fun? I think so, especially for “Nightfall kid” like me but I don’t expect much of it for now.

    My WoW sub ends in 5 days so this is a perfect timing by ANet. 😀

    • Is the hype train back?

      It’s probably a PvE version of the WvW and PvP skins, where you have 2 or 3 variations on a main armor design that you can upgrade to ascended with a few shiny cosmetic additions to the base skin

    • Like hype train said, it’ll probably work like the obsidian, mistforged and triumphant WvW gear. You unlock an exotic base item, upgrade it to ascended, upgrade it again to flashier ascended.

      In the case of WvW/PvP you can even upgrade tier 2 and 3 armour to legendary. Skin remains the same, anytime stat swap is added. Not sure if we’ll get a non-raid PvE version of legendary armour though. Might be nice.

      • Ares Zax

        Yeah, I suspect this is how it will work too. What I’m really curious to find out is if this armor can be upgraded to Legendary too. I don’t mind having the raid armors retain their own unique skin (including the transforming animation), but it would be nice for PvE players who don’t raid (which apparently make up at least 90% of the population) to have another avenue to Legendary armor if they don’t want to PvP or WvW.

    • Mr. Principal

      I just hope there’ll be no “beat X raid boss” to get “Y item/material” for collecting/upgrading the armors..

      • Suan

        You and me both, then again they have armors linked to raiding so that would be really stupid move by ANet, one that hopefully community will call out in case it happens.

  • kazerniel

    Oh the boobplate, why…

    at least the rest of the stuff sounds cool!

    • Mr. Wednesday

      Boobs need protection too

      • Emil33

        Save the Ta-Ta’s

      • Ares Zax

        What kazerniel is likely referring to is that in real life, armor that are sculpted in the shape of “boob plates” are actually a TERRIBLE idea, because they will guide sword and spear blows right into the center of the chest. Thrusting attacks have always been the bane of armor, because it puts all the weight and force of the attack onto a single narrow point, which is why plate armor is deliberately designed in such a way to guide and deflect blows away from the central body. (If you ever wondered why real life breastplates always look hilariously like a giant bubble, that’s why.)

  • New Armour Highlight: not a trench coat or butt cape in sight! (It’s a miracle.)

    • Burn Bicz, BURN

      On female, we don’t know how it’s going to look like on male, for example krytan armor…

  • Scutilla

    You had me at “new armor set”.

  • Karagianis

    Well, this is an interesting surprise. given how every episode this season upto now has been late I was expecting this to be pushed back until after Halloween. The armour’s more of a curiosity to me at the moment, Until I can see first what it looks like on something other than humans, and second wether that is it’s initial or upgraded appearance.

  • Emil33

    Id really like to get my hands on the chat codes for those armor sets. I play only female toons so I am curious as to what that light armor is going to look like. Nice to see no buttcapes (yet cause upgradable) on that medium armor!

  • Donald

    Ohhhhh Personal Instance….. Ok….. I thought it was a new Guild Hall…

  • Mr. Principal

    What’s the purpose of this new Personal Instance..? Like can we invite other people in like we do with Home instance for farming nodes..? If it is only about decorating like decorating guilds.. it is meaningless & just a waste of time & gold.. Or am I missing something..? 😮

    • Taiwan Wolf

      I feel like it’ll end up like a personal guild hall kinda thing.

    • Alot

      My hopes are that we’ll be able to put all the unlocked resource nodes righht next to each other (instead of scattered across the entire map) and that there will be an instance upgrade that increases resource gathering speed. That is all.

  • Taiwan Wolf

    Nice snek birb scepter. Looks neat. So does Sun’s Refuge.

    Medium armor gets pooped on as usual …could be worse though with butt umbrella, which will probably come later considering the troll legendary armor. I miss my GW1 Assassin armor.

    aaand more raids ill never do.

  • Alot

    Hat off to Anet on this one. The raid concept is awesome and the fact they’ve released armor sets for 2 episodes in a row is epic.

    Pity about the apparent compromise on personal housing, but one cant say much about unreleased content.

  • Burn Bicz, BURN

    I hope light female will be plain trousers like male and not some trousers with skirt or trousers with some weird butt ballon

  • Narottam Zakheim

    Im pretty excited about this release…. always happy for more story and new map…. i suspect the new mastery will be mount related and will prob improve the beetle mount…. speed up the initial charge time…. upgradable armor sounds cool… i suppose it will be capped at ascended but atm im working to kit out all my chars in asc gear so this will really help… unless its stupidly expensive to do it…. i wonder if we will be able to make all 3 weights? the scepter is potentially cool… thinking about it for my necro.

    The main thing im interested in tho is Suns Refuge…. if handled right this could be a great addition to the game…. Ive not put much energy into my home instance so far… this could inspire me to do so…. On the current cadence I tend to unlock mastery immediately… get the new map meta item (since this will prob be part of getting the lege ring… remember aurora) do some adventuring on the new map.. if its cool…. then there is a period of time where i get bored and feel like there is nothing to do…. so at least for a while the new home instance will provide a good filler for that time… give me something to work towards until i break for the next episode….. also its a whole new level of content that they can add to and refine over time… i dont raid yet but once i do im sure ill be happy for as many wings as possible.

    All in all i think this is gonna be a good update…. since there is not gonna be a new xpac after LS4 i was thinking that ANET needs to ramp up the features of each living story chapter…. looks like this is whats happening.

    Im also glad to get back to the dragon slaying story arc…. personally i thought the whole balthazar thing was a bit lame and unnecessary diversion in the story…. I love Palawa Joko as a character but i thought that they really missed the opportunity there…. I felt that he really never got a chance to shine in his true demeted genius…. they couldve done a lot more with him imo…. who knows maybe he’ll be back… he is an undying lich after all ;P

    At the beginning i was expecting that we would get a format of 1 xpac – 1 elder dragon…I was quite happy with this…. thought it formed a good structure for the game…. after HOT i thought this was confirmed…. i guess they wanted to mix things up a bit…. looks like Kralkatoric will be dealt with as part of LS…. im hoping the last map in the season will have an epic dragon fight as the meta… however i guess we’ll see how it goes

  • Maciej Smoczyński

    How can you get these armor?

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