• SNEPTER! 😀 henlo, snek frand ♥

  • Tora

    what about coalescense???

    • Finare

      It was promised to come with the new raids. Since we will get a new wing, most likely it will bring the remaining parts.

  • shortorder

    i really hope this is a joke

  • A Hyena On Valium

    Please, please tell me this is them going back to the crazy legendary story bits. “Pour 9001 elder logs and mithril into a vat repeatedly” is boring as shit.

    • Trillium

      No, you see all people except skin artists are outsourced, only hired when making a new LS chapters. The remaining crew is devoted solely to churning out new BL skins for stuff.
      So making a simple collection costs them extra money.

  • Alot

    What do you get when you cross a mat sync, a mini and an under used mesh from an account authorization promo?

    • Princess Filth

      A pretty cool legendary, apparently

  • cminnett

    I need to see how the legendary affects weapon skills!

    *crosses fingers for green wind effects, à la Lavitz and Alberta of Legend of Dragoon fame*

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