• SNEPTER! 😀 henlo, snek frand ♥

  • Tora

    what about coalescense???

    • Finare

      It was promised to come with the new raids. Since we will get a new wing, most likely it will bring the remaining parts.

  • shortorder

    i really hope this is a joke

  • A Hyena On Valium

    Please, please tell me this is them going back to the crazy legendary story bits. “Pour 9001 elder logs and mithril into a vat repeatedly” is boring as shit.

    • Trillium

      No, you see all people except skin artists are outsourced, only hired when making a new LS chapters. The remaining crew is devoted solely to churning out new BL skins for stuff.
      So making a simple collection costs them extra money.

  • Alot

    What do you get when you cross a mat sync, a mini and an under used mesh from an account authorization promo?

    • Princess Filth

      A pretty cool legendary, apparently

  • cminnett

    I need to see how the legendary affects weapon skills!

    *crosses fingers for green wind effects, à la Lavitz and Alberta of Legend of Dragoon fame*

  • Jerry

    Made it in 2 days since I’ve been saving mats for it by doing daily TD and AB metas. I really appreciate that the team is thinking outside of the box and making the aura of this weapon different from the other legendaries that have the around the body glow effects.

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