SWTOR October New York Cantina Tour Canceled

Bioware has canceled the October New York Cantina Tour and will be doing a livestream instead.

As we review safety protocols for our events going forward, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the Star Wars: The Old Republic community cantina event scheduled for October 4, 2018 in New York City.

While we will miss interacting with you in New York, we’ll be taking the event online and will host a Community Cantina Livestream Event in October. Tune into this stream at www.twitch.tv/swtor for details we would have been sharing in New York regarding our ‘Jedi Under Siege’ update. We will also have dev team Q&A, giveaways, and more. Stay tuned for details on the livestream!

We know that many of you were looking forward to meeting the development team as well as other members of the community in person. We look forward to meeting you at future events and will keep you posted as soon as we have more event news to share.

Thank you for understanding and may the Force™ be with you,

-The Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Community Team

  • Fubarz
    • Shawn Hargrave

      Somewhere andryah is crying

  • Shawn Hargrave

    Lmao you mean people are mad the devs? How can this be? Its just hard to believe with the cartel market cranking out content weekly in all lolz….

  • sddsfsdf

    This game is dead, deal with it.

  • Darth Gnaw

    “As we review safety protocols for our events, we have made the difficult decision to cancel”
    Smart move lol

    • Nythasim

      More like at the beginning of Shrek. Mob wants to burn Bioware, EA shows up, whispers “y’all get brand new original amazing hyper uber pro astromech droid pet” and then mob disperse. Mentality of sheeps, those people.
      But you still made me laugh.

  • “Keith”


  • Becoming Godsize

    Bioware is too busy with that shitty destiny clone to want anything to do with swtor.

  • Leah

    so the question I have is… are they still going to be at comiccon… or are they not coming to new york at all? because for some inexplicable reason I have a feeling that the real reason there is no Cantina is becasue they cannot afford to come and stay in NYC, especially during comiccon but to save face, they are claiming its a safety issue.

    of course i could also be wrong and its related to Madden shooting. seeing as Cantinas are basically organized in the same way as that qualifying event, with no security to speak of. although… getting a gun, legally at least in NYC is just a bit more difficult than in Florida (understatement), but better safe then sorry still.

    • John Kosto

      There are many nutjobs in NYC with guns, but I am pretty sure that this was just an excuse, because I thought the same as you immediately. If they wanted, they could have very good security and prevent anything.

      • Nythasim

        To be honest you can find people with guns anywhere. In my country gun regulations are strict AF and my uncle has legal assault rifle and few pistols. And I do not live in US. My point is I just don’t buy their excuse. They might not want to give away the skeleton crew and miniscule (proper word in English, as for “minimal”?) progress of their work.

  • John Kosto

    Utter bullshit. I have been to 4 of these events in 4 consecutive years, and they were always held at a place called Stitch Bar, with the exception of one year that it was held at Hard Rock Cafe. There are literally hundreds of cops in that part of the city, it’s very close to Times Square, security is always increased because the SWTOR cantina was always scheduled on Thursday, the first day of the NYCC, and the bars have their own security that do checks on bags.

    Plus, you know, these events were 100% full of harmful nerds that just show up for the free Cartel Coins, the posters, their fandom and the random rewards, and to have fun. Most don’t even care about the free food and drinks (which I totally took advantage of, 3-4 free drinks is not a bad deal, especially with Manhattan prices).

    I am confident that this is because they just don’t want to spend the money for this trip and the event, or they just simply cannot afford it, and that is generally a very bad sign for the game. They mentioned a 6.0 , but it’s not coming this year, and everything has been crashing in game, and now this.

    The future of SWTOR does not look good at all, and I hope I am wrong about this (or actually, I don’t care anymore).

    • Leah

      well.. in theory, Jacksonville shooter was also a harmless video game nerd… until he wasn’t. but… yeah…

  • Nythasim

    – So, when new classes and species come out?

  • pig benis

    they should put the livestream on Cartel Market and charge for it per minute

    • Ben Gimson

      Sad thing is, people would probably pay.

      • Nythasim

        People are willing to pay real money for 230 gear that comes with level 70 character, I would not be surprised if they’d pay Bioware just to see -anything- on twitch.

        • They are paying for the direct to level 70 boost, though. Not the gear. That’s just a nice addition.

      • Seph

        I would pay handsomely. For new content. Shame BW can’t figure this out.

  • ja ich halt

    So they do not have to answer the question
    why are you so bad and do not bring any new content
    a stupid excuse to avoid unpleasant questions

    For a week i think about to come back next year at 6.0
    But now i uninstall this Game.
    Bioware think we r a bunch of idiots

    • Zeus Fagervold

      In your case, I’m inclined to believe they are correct.

      • Come man… delete that comment. It was way too easy.

  • d8xC0

    They are to busy fixing the crap they produced with Anthem. LEL.
    That’s the reason why we don’t get bug fixes, content or anything. Or a Cantina Event.

    BioWare is now in panic mode all the time, because EA want’s results and BioWare can’t deliver, because BioWare is only good at smelling their own farts and spaghetti code.

    • Mattador

      Damn, if only they had you to help them.

      • Nythasim

        But where is he wrong? Bioware’s existence depends on success of Anthem, if it flop, so does whole company. EA will lose nothing if it kills another one dev team as Bioware’s days of glory are over since Mass Effect 3.
        Also you don’t have to be a baker to determine whether bread is spoiled or not.

    • “Keith”

      Ahh my farts are the best…FTW!

  • Vincent van der Laan

    secruity reasons comon lets be honest they just dont have the funds to host a cantina anymore xD

  • Seph

    The situation in Jacksonville was awful but I don’t think it was the real reason this was cancelled. What really can they report on? 6.0? That’s a long way off even if it doesn’t get canned. The cantina would have been an embarrassment.

    • “Keith”

      Exactly, only excuses for a game that’s dying.

      • Nicole48

        Is dying cause they killed it. First, the command crates. Then the destruction of the Powertech, followed by the nerfs. Then the uber-idiotic Zakuul thing and recruitment of that old hag & her retarded cyborg son. Then the two-minute reunions.


      It’s probably code for “lack of attendance”

  • I guess this means they’ll NEVER visit Chicago then LOL.

  • Jep Fareborn

  • Who the fuck wants to meet Grandpa Keith, retarded midget cousin Musco, and the 3 monkeys that code for Bioshit?

    • Nicole48

      Monkeys code for BW? I thought they were ferrets on weed

      • They couldn’t get the budget for those ferrets 🙁

  • Alexander Delorean

    Bioshit just dont want to look into player’s eyes lol And maybe they dont have enough money to hold it anymore. Anyway who cares.

  • Vanguard

    >BioWare says something
    >Dulfy forums say BioShit 8 times or whatever
    >: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e185d287b89b9b242974dee6680451053911df5e7f03dff3474ffcecd547974a.jpg

  • Fubarz

    https://youtu.be/WIvcaXM1FYM This 90 secs is more fun….Then Eric and company…..someone said it best free Drinks to listen to their BS……time for another Beer 😀

  • HadesClutch

    This is it, this is how a game slowly dies. It’ll be subtle like this.

  • Ramrod

    Thats cool, that way i can join it.
    No need to meet all the angry players that posted beneath me. What a shame lol

    • The One Copper Bard

      There will be angry posters above and beneath you. It’ll be a sandwich dick fest.

      Are you truly sure you wanna swim in that giant ocean of dicks? I can play a song of sorrows for you if ya like for that 15 seconds of dick swimming fame 😛

      • Jep Fareborn

        Ramrod is a cuck. ;p

      • Ramrod

        Thanks for that reply guys, SWTOR community at its best

        • The One Copper Bard

          Should be singular 😛

      • “Keith”

        ha ha ha…dick sandwich…..nasty Ramrod, bad boi, bad boi.

        • Ramrod

          A few years back i went for 6 months to germany. Among those great people i was able to meet a guy who liked anime. In one of his favourite shows “Saberrider” the germans translated the in the japanese original robot “Bismarck” (which was a german chancellor) in germany to Ramrod. Which has no meaning in german language.

          I found that really interesting and funny. But your reaction shows me, fellow Americans are stupid as fuck to judge the book by its cover, making fun of people without knowing the background. Thanks “Keith” for that insight.

          • Fubarz

            So basically in that anime Ramrod Equalizer Unit (spaceship/robot) Yea my kids use to watch it

          • The One Copper Bard

            Does it look like I truly care on what you think of us Americans? Besides, there are dicks and assholes in every country jackass 😛

            • Shawn Hargrave

              well his name sure fits him lol

            • Ramrod

              Im still look for the part where i generalized and said that about all americans… Seems to me you have just a problem in your head, or maybe you arent able to read and/or comprehend a sentence. Whatever

              • The One Copper Bard

                Maybe its because I’m targeting you in general just to be an asshole and that name of yours makes ya stand out like a sore thumb.

                Like, totally whatever.

          • Fred Garvin
            • Ramrod

              Clearly you dont care, but dont blame me if you cant decide what to read and what not. You should be old enough to undertstand that its your free will not to read. But if you do, your own fault.

      • Shawn Hargrave

        Ive actually met the devs at comic con and the guy who was the intern outside getting peoples info to play the alderan warzone before is now at the top of devs lolz. I should have known then there was red flags everywhere like did you guys fix the ilum base bug? the bug that everyone in beta was using to get gear fast and farming players nope it went live then you had the infamous ilum base bug live smh. i never went to a cantina event after that experience i learned volumes about those geniuses smh

    • John Kosto

      Yeah, join the livestream, it’s extremely entertaining, informative, funny, and a good ol’ jolly time!

      This way you can avoid socializing with real people. You have obviously never been to a SWTOR Cantina. They used to be pretty great events. Mostly because of the people you met. Not because of the SWTOR joke. The joke can be a joke on live stream, like it always is.

  • Kubrickian
  • Fred Garvin

    [OP is Fred G]


    We don’t want to spend money to have to answer tough questions face-to-face about how we are delivering minimal content while milking every last dime out of players we possibly can.

  • Bounty_Hunter_Random

    EA – “Well your game is near death and these tours cost money which you don’t deserve, so we are further cutting your funds.”

  • “Keith”

    and the dick sandwich is complete Ramrod i’m above you, bahaha

  • Fubarz

    https://youtu.be/Xqq5tzfTwx4 You might find some interesting comments in here.

  • LucasFaun

    could be worse, they could had cancelled the game itself.

    • Fubarz

      The game closes it closes… but for a few days dulfy will be full of comments like the old days.

      • People keep saying this for 7 years now.

        Yes, one day, the game will be shut down. No surprise, as that’s the inevitable fate of almost every online game.

        That day – and let’s hope this will be far in the future – I will not moan, but praise the fun I had playing that game in all this time.

        • Vladislav

          To be fair, only from CM which is 2013. So 5 year. And that was minority of persons i knew. After 4.0 it was majority.

  • abaddonsmummy

    I think they are waaay more worried about player reaction than a potential shooter.
    Sad but not surprised.

    • Vladislav

      Which are the same thing

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