SWTOR Cartel Market Update – September 17

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – September 17

New Items

New Discounts

Items No Longer Available

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  • Than Ellen

    GIVE US NEW CONTENT LIKE AN ACTUAL EXPANSION!!! Not freaking cartel weekly sale!!!

    • Yeah I understand they just rotating items at this point.

    • pig benis
      • Nythasim

        So were last 2 years. Yeah…

      • Guest

        Problem is that China called. Their pigs want “the year of 2019” back

    • Harston

      Why do people expect a new expansion when they read these posts, It’s literally a shopping catalogue. xD
      If there’s new content, it’ll certainly be titled appropriately, not hidden in this garbage.

      • Than Ellen

        I know this is a “shopping catalogue” but my points still stands they manage to update and rotate what is put on the CM yet they can’t give us a decent or reasonable explanation on what going on next year. It’s been almost 2 years with lack luster “content” just because it’s a “shopping catalogue” doesn’t mean I can’t say how I feel but this is BW so will likely get washed away T^T

        • WK

          No, this is Dulfy. Do you think anyone on the PR or Development teams of BW will read anything on this comment section?
          Criticism may be valid, but it is in the wrong place. Going with this “shopping catalogue” analogy, you’re essentially taking out a big red marker and writing on one of the pages of the catalogue “I WANT FOOD NOT CLOTHES” and send it back to those who made the catalogue, expecting the message will get through to the designers who produced the clothes.

          • Nicole48

            Do you really think any of the PR or dev team reads the official forums? If they do, is only to give “infractions” to whoever dares to speak against this BS. By the way, why this imbecile term ” infraction” ? Was there a legally constituted court? Did any of the ” infractors” had the right to legal representation? Why do we even allow some idiot civilians like that stupid Brooks guy call us names? Because he’s the brother/ husband/ fucker of “Terry Brooks” ?

        • Harston

          You’re totally right – But honestly, I’d save this sort of talk for when there is more lackluster content revealed rather than trying to spark a serious discussion on a post that in all honesty, a robot could probably handle at this point.

      • 平賀才人

        Because these people are retarded.

  • G.A-Y

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