GW2 Gemstore Update–Dreadnought Raptor & Upcoming Items

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Dreadnought Raptor Skin for 2000 gems and some upcoming items for next week’s release.

Dreadnought Raptor Skin – 2000 gems

This mount skin is available for direct purchase, and it can also be found as an uncommon item in Armored Assault Chests.


Upcoming Items

Chat codes and images taken from that_shaman’s thread.

Zafirah’s Rifle Skin – [&AgG3WgEAAA==]


Zafirah’s Tactical Outfit – [&AgHoWgEAAA==]



Upcoming Sales

Ahoy! From today until September 20, the Peg-Leg Boots Skin, Pirate Hook Skin, Pirate Corsair Hat Skin, and Magnus’s Eye Patch are 40% off.

Skins from the War God’s Weapon Collection are available from Black Lion Weapons Specialists at a reduced price of 2 Black Lion Claim Tickets apiece.

Our seasonal inventory refresh continues as we update our selection of gliders. Keep an eye out for returning favorites, and pick up the ones you’ve had your eye on before they sink back into the briny depths.*

On Sale This Week

  • Pet Rock—30% Off
  • Mini Bloodstone Rock—30% Off
  • jöik


    • The One Copper Bard

      Jesus Christ, calm thy tits. It’ll be out when Dulfy gets it out 😛

    • Suan

      You need to finish the story to even start it so go do that first.

      • jöik

        i finish the story 1 hour ago

        • JaceVandever

          Then go do the collection.

  • Griever

    I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is that armor guide.

  • Hunter Eifert

    OMG this raptor looks like something out of FMAB <3


    • Jose Mimbrari


    • Mikey Moo

      ? If you’re going by the outfit, the outfit is actually very inspired by some traditional regalia from certain parts of Africa, also it’s the outfit of a new main character they introduce in the story who is quite clearly from Elona lol. I really wish for Cantha, too but I really doubt we’ll see it in GW2. :/

    • Kalavier

      Have you not looked at the cavaliers in Amnoon? That’s a slightly changed outfit of theirs.

  • kazerniel

    Yay, non-sexualised female outfit! 👍

    (The raptor skin is not my thing, but direct purchase stuff is always welcome!)

  • cminnett

    I’m digging that rifle skin.

  • Karagianis

    Most of that raptor I like, it’s just wtf did they do to it’s neck? I thought they’d squashed it’s head at first but no, that’s actually the normal length, it’s just the neck armour is twice as thick as it needs to be 😛 Net result it looks like a Carnotaurus, which sadly is one of the ugliest dinosaurs out there.
    Oh, I guess the chin does also make its face look like an old steam locomotive with a cowcatcher on the front, but the main issue’s the neck.

  • Shaggy

    oh man i am loving that rifle
    the armor might be nice too, id have to see it in-game

    and the raptor skin is definitely very nice, though im still not shelling out $25 for one

  • commentor

    sweet, now we have side butt-cape. Praise the change.

  • Alot

    To be raised to the rank of priest, thine must be able to hit a rabbit from 1000 yards. Also you must be able to keep a barbeque going for 6 days. Thus is the way of the god of war.

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