SWTOR Patch 5.9.3 Set for Sept 26 Release

Bioware will be releasing Patch 5.9.3 on Wednesday Sept 26.

5.9.3 Timing | 09.18.2018, 03:50 PM

Hey folks,

I just wanted to ensure that all of you saw our announcement yesterday on Twitter. Game Update 5.9.3 will be going live next Wednesday, Sep 26. One additional timing of note is double XP. The event will not be starting right away on launch day. Instead it will start one week later and run for a week. The dates are:

  • 9/26: Game Update 5.9.3
  • 10/2 – 10/9: Double XP

Thanks everyone.

  • Fubarz

    Yea Double xp yea new Patch!!!!! …….What else is new???

    • Not really sure

      Absolutely nothing!

      But on a more serious note, what is the point of double XP at this point? Everyone must have 40+ characters now.

      • Fubarz

        Would not say everyone new ppl show every week

      • Leah

        double xp is the only thing that makes GC grind semi tollerable.

        • AragarVarnus

          Exactly… I’m still missing 3 toons to get the achievements argh

      • abaddonsmummy

        It’s aimed at new players who only have a small number of alts, as they are pretty much all that’s left in the game at the moment.

  • brujapeda

    Double the Fuk double the XP!

  • Fubarz

    https://youtu.be/v0WKnDcvSzE Something BW/EA could learn BFA been out for a month!!!!!

    • Eban

      ^ this is how you do it.

      • abaddonsmummy

        For a game, as we now know, that was set out to emulate WoW , they fell so short of the mark it’s incredible.

        • Amodin

          Stop it guys, just stop. You are confusing BW/EA with your logic, reason and common sense. Just stop it, right now.

          • Fubarz


            • Edward Asencios

              Fuck wow

              • Fubarz

                F…k WoW or not. Still has more content in 6 months Then tor has had in 4 years!!

              • Vincent van der Laan

                though diffrent scale swtor has better story telling xD

              • Rompe Himself

                Any story in WOW Vs. The original class stories – Yup, SWTOR beats them hands down, totally agree.

                Any story in WOW vs Every SWTOR story since the original class stories?? Not so much.

                In fact, I would say “Keeping up with the Valkorians” is worse then any story produced by WOW, or any mmo for that matter. 4.0 (KOTFE) decimated the population that was willing to give BW Austin a final shake at making this game the WOW killer it SHOULD have been, but alas, all that is left at BW Austin are lazy, incompetent retards, pretending to be a MMO studio, and they are just beating a dead horse until Papa EA gets bored from extracting what little is left from SWTOR.

              • John Kosto

                The Oricon and the Revan storylines are among the best in SWTOR, and they are not original class stories.

                Yes, KOTFE and KOTET were tremendously bad.

                Makeb was ok, nothing special.

              • Rompe Himself

                Oricon yes (Though Oricon was a fluke, as shown by what came before and after it – ROTHC was not very good story wise), but The Revan rehash in SOR?? Got to disagree. That is where one could say the downfall began story writing wise.

              • abaddonsmummy

                The strangest one I found was Ziost.
                Interesting planet, lots do see and do, achievements, bonus missions (remember the speeder mission where you had to find the fuel and the keys then fly over the barrier to access the next area).
                It was all fun.
                Then for a month it had a ‘come back later’ on the mission panel on Ziost orbital station – then the planet was destroyed.
                I was like WTF!!!
                It was then a barren planet with some weird binocular missions and a couple of rarely used world bosses.
                Bioware at it’s strangest imho.

              • Risqu’e

                i think it was more weird that ziost was like a set up for the next big story with vitiate’s insane, all powerful spirit being set free, and then KOTFE seemed to almost pretend that didnt happen, and came up with this bs thing how hes being playing the part of valkorian for years… so we just ignore it and forget about what happened when we beat Revan i guess.
                “Oh hes in two places at once” but forget about the evil spirit thing.

                Whole thing seemed like an after thought no matter how anyone justifies it.

              • Eban

                Yeah good point,
                What was the whole evil spirit thing and killing everything on Zoist to gain power if he was in fact sitting on Zakuul with three kids working on his dad gut, watching football 8 hours a day?
                Was that ever explained, even badly explained?

              • John Kosto

                Nah SOR was totally solid. A proper climax and ending for a pretty awesome character, and great planets with good missions, accompanied by Flashpoints and Operations. I have zero complaints from that storyline and expansion.

              • Ben Gimson

                Quality was there in SoR, but the writing for Revan was so bad. His dialogue is something a child would write, his VA was terrible when he sounded perfect in vanilla, and there is no ‘soul splitting’ in SW. Fucking up a character is common, but they even fucked up on the lore.

                Revan should’ve vanished in the Foundry and never been touched again. That, in retrospect, was a better ending.

              • Marrks

                I still remember when Revan became a Hollow and Ichigo Kurosaki defeated him

              • Shawn Hargrave

                they made revan look like a total bitch at the end totally ruined revan as a character

              • fff

                Republic side Mekeb (like smuggler story – ‘you’re all dupes’) was bad. Imperial was good … Helllooo Darth Maar.

              • MKDAWUSS

                I agree, though SOR wasn’t the PONR that KOTET/FE were. After Ziost, the two factions could have gone into near Cold War state, cautiously striking each other while waiting for the Sith Emperor to reveal himself and devour another planet or fleet. They could have let us battle with an underworld faction like Black Sun for an arc or two (though a third faction yet another time might have been stale).

                Instead we got Zakuul and things were permanently derailed with no chance of recovery.

              • Nicole48

                Regarding KOTFE/KOTET i still don’t understand why weren’t there two separate stories , one for force users, one for non-force users.

                For example, as a trooper, i’m just some nobody dude from a special unit, i shouldn’t be able to kill the Zakuul royals – unless the trooper is inspired from the character Steve McGarett from the TV series Hawaii Five-O.

                Same goes for the BH: yeah i’m Mandalore’s champion, yeah i caught that old bastard Jicoln Cadera, yeah i kill that jedi and his bitchy padawan on the Aurora. Still, i shouldn’t be the main character of the story, killing a jedi is one, killing the most powerful force user is another thing.

              • Nythasim

                Precisely, there is no reason to make my Mandalorian the most powerful character in the Universe. Jedi Knight, Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior are the ones who should take the cake. I don’t count Consular because he is just bad. That’s just poor writing.
                It’d be much better if non-Force users would be some kind of by-standers, people who are trying to cope with the end of the Empire and Republic and aid the Outlander in some way. But no. Bioware already shat on Star Wars lore with Revan’s soul splitting. They had no reason to not do that again.

              • Marrks

                Zakuul Five-O would’ve been an extraordinary expansion

              • Marrks

                all but vanilla stories are bad, dread masters were introduced as top of the top and you kill em easy, revan was even weaker than dread masters and hutt stories are always boring. Then all zakuul story is generic AF

              • Eban

                I liked Oricon story line but Revans was an insult to such a great character.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                they sure made revan look like a bitch with that storyline smh

              • Nicole48

                Yet “everyone” voted for the cyborg to be made a romance option, just because some fat ugly rich female from Holland “had a disfigured husband and still loved him”. Well fuck this, i never wanted to ” keep up with the Valkorions”! And the same ugly fat negroid bitch is spamming the official fdorums with her idiot ” Romance for Arcann” topic and none of you have the guts to tell her to fuck off with her fetish.

    • Meelis S

      Agree thats a proffessional live streaming. No giggling around like kids all the time and straight to the point.

      Thats why SW is dead.

      • Rompe Himself

        Those BW Austin fuckwits cannot help it. To them, it is a joke that has been running for nearly 3 years that never gets old – how they can produce so little, and yet still have a job.

    • Seph

      What good is a live stream if you don’t have any actual real content to talk about? BW literally has to fill a live stream with giggling and IT problems because you can only talk about a returning companion for so long…

    • Fred Garvin

      [OP is Fred G]

      Yep. And somehow there’s idiots bitching about WoW constantly and saying Ion is a crap game director. They should be made to play SWTOR for 6 months. They’d come back begging to pay $30 a month for a sub.

    • “Keith”

      LOL SWTOR is so dead i really hate the CM whales who keep it alive, f kids.

      • Fubarz

        Yep the the fun of being young (kid)…..No rent/mortgage, little ones of their own. No bills other then what they wish to spend their money on….the life of no responsibility….Or could it be adults that wish to escape life of responsibility…reliving their youth…want to just say WTF!!!! lol

  • MeisterY896

    at least they moved xp event 1 week later. patch-day or better said patch-week is full of bug anyway

  • Vanguard

    Dulfy comments are really on fire! You can practically hear the keyboard warriors.

    • Xard

      We can’t hear you over those Musco’s and Keith’s balls hitting your chin.

      • Vanguard

        Well I just need you to be able to read what I said. The balls hitting my chin shouldn’t stop you 😛

        • Nythasim

          Hahaaaa! Good ol’ “I’m not saying, I am typing”. Oh please, don’t forget to tap your fedora.

      • hahahahaha *vote up*

      • “Keith”

        bahaha smelly….

    • Paulo Gomes

      Really? “On fire”? I remember many posts in this site with 300 or 400 comments. On two occasions I distinctly remember crossing the 1,000 comments mark.

      This thread has 50 comments, give or take. That’s roughly 10% of what it used to be like.

      Even Dulfy is starting to reflect what the game has become.

    • That should be a title. “Keyboard Warrior” lol I love it

  • Sideswipe

    So many missed opportunities… Such a lack of vision!

    The Hutt Cartel and Revan expansions could have introduced new playable factions and classes. Oh, if only we could have played as Revanites! I would have subscribed for that! Even a playable Zakuul faction would have counted for something! But no… it was all a scam from day one.

    Lesson learned. No more MMOs.

    I’ll stick to DRM-free single-player games from gog.com.

    • Nythasim

      “Misdirected passion. Such a waste.”

  • Kubrickian

    Double XP? For what? To power level alts to do what? Start another character? To do what? Over and over and over.

    • Sabretooth

      cxp, too, probably.

    • Shawn Hargrave

      isnt it all the rage to stand on fleet looking at each other and being cartel market whores?

    • Yeah I have alts so old they still on old servers that no longer exists

  • Has anyone else noticed what a total POS / weirdo that Andryah on the forums is? She has to have some kind of terrible mental illness or something.

  • lolipop

    “STER WURS Episode VIII: WHAT A LETDOWN After the events of the last movie, we thought of ways we could ruin all the plot setups,
    while humiliating the characters the fans love. Take all those things people were interested
    in and have the outcomes either completely ridiculous or discarded altogether. Gotcha!

    MaRey Sue is up to her old tricks, acing every test without breaking a sweat. Like all the
    women, she is better and smarter than the men because we said so. The only woman who
    isn’t – Captain Phasma, was tricked by evil white men into joining the First Nazis, a group
    of evil white men that are out to kill all women in the universe because men hate women.

    There are also evil rich people, who sell guns to make evil money. They enslave children and
    animals to make evil profits. The virtuous and bland Rose embarks on an epic quest to save
    the animals, until the evil rich people can recapture them. Meanwhile, the child slaves have
    to clean up the destruction of the evil casino.

    Then more head-scratching moves that are too numerous to list, but rest assured MaRey Sue
    will save everyone in the end. Oh and don’t forget to laugh like a grown big baby retard while eating fucking popcorn gasping at all the zany comedy moments like Leia Poppins aka superman scene, or other bullshit stuff like “luf is gonna save everyone” – by Rose… and please buy
    some of our wonderful Porg merchandise. Bet you can’t wait for Episode IX! We can’t wait to show you how MaRey Sue will kick ass again without breaking a sweat, because femi-nazi rules that world!!!111oneoneeleven.”

    • Shawn Hargrave

      dont forget the homeless jedi vet who milks animal tits and is a bitter pussy formely known as luke skywalker…

      • Right throwing away lightsabers and shit he could have resold that to a vendor for at least 7500 credits it was moddable

    • shhfiftyfive

      but tell us how you really feel

  • Adam Haynes

    Has TOR figured out yet that 10/2 – 10/9 signifies October second “through” October 9th? I’m guessing not based on past performance or lack thereof. I’ll assume it’s 10/2 – 10/8 on the 2XP.

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