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GW2 Full House Collection & Achievement Guide

A guide to all the collections and achievements for the Full House achievement in Sun’s Refuge.


Full House – 10 AP, Keeper of the Sun title, Blessed Coffer of the Sun

Completing all 8 collections originating from Sun’s Refuge (need to complete the Episode 4 story first to unlock) will reward you with 10 AP, Keeper of the Sun title and a Blessed Coffer of the Sun containing 50x Lumps of Mistonium, 2% Gold Find bonus, 2x rare gear and 25 Sunspear Paragon Supports.


Doing the collections below will also unlock items and changes in Sun’s Refuge.

Readathon– 3 AP, Mini Branded Riftstalker

Find enough books in Jahai Bluffs to make a library for the children of Sun’s Refuge.


Meet Laila and agreed to her request

Laila can be found in the NE wing of Sun’s Refuge.


1. A book about the history of another continent

A Brief History of Cantha – Cantha expansion when??


2. A book about a spiny creature’s friend

A Choya’s Friend, at the tent on top of the village


3. A book about the alphabet, approved by Joko

A Primer, by Archon Iberu.


4. A book about growing your owned potted cactus

How to Grow a Choya


5. A book about the history of a great people

Humans of Elona


6. A book about loving… but not too much

Let’s Hug Koss… Lets’s not


7. A book about reading the skies

Star Chart Basics


8. A book about the goddess of nature

The Grace of Melandru


9. A book about a magical feline

The Magic Sand Lion


10. A book about rampaging choya

The Terrible Choya


11. A book about the hunger and yearning of dolyaks

The Very Hungry Dolyak


12. A book that teaches children about springer safety

Your and Your Springer


13. A book about honoring your elders


Exhibit Aye – 3 AP, 5 Lumps of Mistonium, Archaeologist title

Find 14 artifacts for Roenn around Jahai Bluffs


Spoke to Archaeologist Roenn

She can be found in the SE part of Sun’s Refuge. Talking to her will unlock the collection.


1. Great Zehtuka’s Horn


2. Ancient Kournan Coin


3. Heket Stone Axe


4. Argon Locket


5. Handful of Ntouka Feathers


6. Pile of Old Kournan Bounties


7. Jahai Fortress Key Ring


8. Tear of Jahai

On top of one of the floating pillars. Use springer to hop down to one of the domes and then use griffon to fly up.


9. Proclamation of Palawa Joko’s Defeat


10. Tormented Tooth


11. Tattered Centaur Cloth


12. Scroll of Passage


13. Orrian Spellbook

On top of the Displaced Tower, get to it by using springer to get on the rocks with the non-aggressive Earth Elementals and then use griffon to fly to the tower beside it and then finally to the main tower.


Crystal Attunement – 3 AP, Bag of Lodestones

Collect all the Branded crystal samples that Naja requires. The drop rate for this collection seems to be fairly low and some drops are daily gated so if you kill something like the Branded Djinn or Branded Shatterer before unlocking this collection, you will need to wait for the daily reset or do them on a different character. You are better off just keep doing the Branded Shatterer event and doing specific events than mindlessly farming Branded.


Spoke with Naja

Talk to Naja in Sun’s Refuge to unlock this collection. Do not kill branded mobs without talking to her first as they will not drop the collection items otherwise.


Bloody Branded Crystal

Obtained from Branded Human, Charr, and Ogres in Jahai Bluffs. Best place is during the Branded Shatterer event.

Stained Branded Crystal

Obtained from powerful branded creatures in Jahai Bluffs. There are Elite Branded Awakened corporals that spawns at Argon Garrison, Crescent’s Propersity and east of Yatendi Village as part of events to kill them after clearing the area of Branded mobs. Regular Elite Branded Awakened mobs can sometimes also drop them.


Crusty Branded Crystal

Obtained from Branded Hydras and Forgotten in Jahai Bluffs. There is a Branded Champion Hydra event that spawns at Crystal Cavern. It starts with a pre-event near Venta Pass to collect lost supplies to Second Spear NPCs, then collecting dolyak meats before finally ending at Crystal Cavern POI to fight the Champion Branded Hydra.


You can also find some Branded Hydras and Forgotten just east of Reclaimed Chantry area. Some Branded Forgotten do spawn during the Shatterer fight as well.


Fiery Branded Crystal

Obtained from Branded Djinn in Jahai Bluffs. Only drops off Vemyen which has a pre-escort event to get Ziya from Kondonur Temple to Shattered Cliffs. However this drop is daily gated so if you killed him once today before unlocking the collection then you need to wait for a daily reset. Can always do it on a second character to avoid the daily gate.


Occluded Branded Crystal

Obtained from Branded Devourers and Earth Elementals in Jahai Bluffs. Best place is during the Branded Shatterer event.

Insubstantial Branded Crystal

Obtained from Branded Riftstalkers in Jahai Bluffs. The Champion Riftstalker that spawns during the Shatterer event usually have a very high drop rate.

Smoked Branded Crystal

Obtained from the Shatterer in Jahai Bluffs. Usually guaranteed drop but could be daily gated as well. Can always do it on a second character to avoid the daily gate.


In a Grain of Sand– 3 AP, Jahai Bluffs Empowerment

Gather samples of corrupted sand from around Elona for Ziya’s research


1. Spoke to Ziya and accepted her request

For this collection you will need to get Ziya in Sun’s Refuge. For this to happen you need to do the escort event starting with Ziya in Kodonur Temple and ends north of Shattered Cliffs with the fight against Champion Vemyen. See this guide for the details on the whole event (under story of a Djinn section). Talk to Ziya after in Sun’s Refuge and pick the first dialogue option to start the collection and get a Sand’s Compass. To use Sand’s Compass, you will need to mount up on your Jackal mount and then double click on the item. This will place a special action key you can spam to get a distance reading to the Corrupt Sand you need to find (blue = far, yellow = close by, red = very close)


2. Somewhere in Jahai Bluffs

This Corrupt Sand is a bit high up so you will need to use springer to get up and then use the jackal to locate it.


3. Somewhere in Jahai Bluffs


4. Somewhere in Jahai Bluffs

There is a sand portal at the arrow location that allow you to get up to the cliffs where this Corrupt Sand is.


5. Somewhere in Jahai Bluffs


6. Somewhere in The Desolation


7. Somewhere in The Desolation


8. Somewhere in the Desert Highlands


9. Somewhere in the Elon Riverlands


10. Somewhere in the Domain of Vabbi


11. Somewhere in the Domain of Vabbi


Good, Better, Nest – 3 AP, Karmic Retribution

Collect at least 5 gifts for the nest Taimi is building. You only need to collect 5 out of the 7 items for the collection.


Speak to Taimi about Aurene’s nest

Pick the dialogue option – What are you doing? and Is there anything I can do to unlock the collection


1. Retrieve a gift from the Free Awakened recruiter at Vabbi’s Necropolis

You need to do the two nearby hearts near the Free Awakened Recruiter and then talk to Free Awakend Recruiter Orin and ask if Taimi said anything. If you don’t see the recruiter, try it on another character that did Path of Fire.


2. Retrieve a gift from Warmaster Steelburn at Pact Vanguard camp

Do the heart at the Pact Vanguard camp in Jahai Bluffs and then talk to the heart vendor to ask for stuff to comfort Aurene.


3. Retrieve a gift from Sayida the Sly in Istan

This one was bugged for me as Sayida won’t appear despite having completed Daybreak on the same character. If it isn’t bugged for you, then you will find Sayida on the Dark Leviathan and then she will ask you to complete the nearby heart for the item. Luckily the achievement only requires 5 gifts out of 7.

4. Retrieve a gift from Zalambur in his office at the Grand Sahil

Talk to Zalambur in the Grand Sahil Casino (personal instance at back of the Casino) in Amnoon. He mentions about Chief Hazim.


You now need to go to the Amnoon Waterworks Authority and do the event to stop the saboteurs. Afterwards, confront Zalambur again and he will give you the item.


5. Retrieve a gift from Imann in Amnoon’s council chambers

Talk to Chief Councilor Imann on the second level of Amnoon Civic Centre (personal instance) and ask for a gift for Aurene. She will direct you to do the event Recover the sunken Cionsortium cargo polluting Amnoon’s harbor.


This event doesn’t have a pre-event and just spawn off Amnoon’s harbor periodically. Return to Imann after completion of the event for your item.


6. Retrieve a gift from Mal at Atholma Farms

Complete the heart at Atholma Farms at Sandswept Isles and then talk to Mal, the cub NPC and he will give you the item.


7. Retrieve a gift from Azi at Yatendi Village

Talk to the heart vendor at Yatendi Village in Jahai Bluffs after completing her heart for the item.


Memorabilia – 3 AP, Volatile Singularity

Find the pieces of Sonu’s past scattered throughout the Jahai Bluffs.


1. Spoke to Sonu in Sun’s Refuge and accepted his request

To start this collection, first go behind the waterfall by Rilohn Falls and then find a Notes to Myself.


Now find a Distraught Awakened near the Yatendi Village just west of the armor repair station. He will join you in Sun’s Refuge.


Go back to Sun’s Refuge and talk to Sonu near Amira to start the collection.


2. North of the Tree, one still floats; your favourite toy as a child, those red toy boats


3. In a house in Venta, an old frame lies; its story appears to whomever cries

Go to the old house at the marked location west of Venta Pass and then type /cry


4. Right is left, but next time its wrong; in the courtyard you will remember its song.

For this item you will need to do the treasure race in Fortress of Jahai which starts roughly every 30 minutes at the location marked by the arrow with Arbiter Lo Loju. The item you are looking for is a lute near end of the race.


5. Along the River of Rilohn sits a large orange tree; with a view of the fortress, true love’s flowers be.


6. Your favourite fruit, let that set in; a farmland’s tree holds the key, to those who threaten.

Find this bush above Yatendi Village and use /threaten on it.


7. You became a military man, though Awakened wear no suit. North of Wurmhaven, find your sword and salute.

Inside Garrison Command POI, type /salute towards this sword.


8. In a graveyard from the right, pay your respects to whom they are due; one, three, then seven hold the clue.

Go to the cemetery by Crescent’s Propersity and type /kneel at the first, third and seventh tombstone from the right. You will know you are kneeling at the correct one when you see a spectral energy buff around you.


Poster Child – 3 AP, Sun’s Refuge Portal Scroll

Place all of Zaeim’s recruitment posters around Tyria


1. Spoke to Zaeim and accepted his request

Zaeim is located here in Sun’s Refuge.


2. Reclaimed Chantry, Jahai Bluffs


3. Pact Vanguard, Jahai Bluffs


4. Yatendi, Jahai Bluffs


5. Confluence of the Elements, Jahai Bluffs


6. Almorra’s Stand, Jahai Bluffs


7. Amnoon, Crystal Oasis


8. Makali Outpost, Desert Highlands


9. First Camp, Elon Riverlands


10. Village of Purity, The Desolation


11. Vehtendi Academy, Domain of Vabbi


12. Fort Marriner, Lion’s Arch


13. Ebonhawke, Fields of Ruin


14. Ossan Quarter, Divinity’s Reach


15. Central Plaza, Divinity’s Reach


The Convergence of Sorrow I: Elegy – 5 AP, Box of Elegy Armor

See this guide for the collection

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Darn, I already bought a portal scroll, didn’t know I could get a free one for doing a collection. Oh well, it wasn’t the most expensive thing ever.

these updates just get lamer – I am still too burnt out on the roller beetle and griffon collections to give 2 sh1ts about doing any of this crap – this roll out is just another disappointment – Im not sure who decided that going here and there collecting stuff at places you have already been and events you have already done can be considered new content, but I wish they would fire whoever it is – you have to be pretty mindless or stoned off your ass to think this is fun

It’s almost like people have different opinions. You just sound like a negative miser, uninstall the game and piss off ty

dunno.. for me this is the best update ever…. they have taken the story and map to a whole new level… havent done much of the collections yet… but look for ward to it…. im always happy to have new reasons to play existing content…. breathes life into some neglected areas of the game…. i was a bit underwhelmed with kourna… but this place really impresses me…. esp the mushroom chamber XD

I paid for the game and therefore allowed to have an opinion – you don’t like it uninstall the internet and piss off

I mean then don’t do it? That’s always an option surprisingly, sounds like you need a long break from this game

Im not going to “do it”. I find this content development to be lazy and not any fun to play – seems the devs primary focus is skins to sell for gems and making endless animations that cause WvW, meta events and world bosses to be laggy and unplayable.

you may be correct about the break, though ironically I just came back from over a year hiatus

3. In a house in Venta, an old frame lies; its story appears to whomever cries

I doesn’t work for me, no matter how many times I type cry, is there some other requirement or it’s bugged?

does anyone know if it’s possible to get the tear of jahai (exhibit aye) without the griffon?
i thought griffon was supposed to be entirely optional anet :/

You can only buy first 2 levels on map, with VM. The one from collection will add up to get you the 3rd level like the previous LS maps.

I’m having the worst luck with the Bloody Branded Crystal. Did the Shatterer and got that crystal whilst also killing a bunch of regular mobs with no luck. Then I went on a hunting spree of the mobs that drops this and still nothing. I’ll have to try again later, this is the last crystal I need for the Collection.

“Fragments I have shored” achievement in the sun refuge. Locations in pictures.

I found a bunch of runes, similar to the initial mists area when you
were looking for Kormir. They have arrows. So far I’ve only found three
in the SW corner near roosting griffons. After activating any of the
rune wheels, you receive a buff called “Challenge of the Ancients”. The
buff last for 2 minutes.

There’s 4 locations you’ve screenshotted but when i hit those 4 i run out of time and fail. Is there one missing?

I found a bunch of runes, similar to the initial mists area when you were looking for Kormir. They have arrows. So far I’ve only found three in the SW corner near roosting griffons.

Do you have 6 gifts displayed in SR at the nest? If not, then it should have taken only 5 as well, you probably just missed it. Or it’s buggy… wouldn’t be a surprise.

Item that teleport you to griffon sanctuary (griffon mount collection) “Spermarshal’s Plea” also teleport you to Sun’s Refuge instance.

I don’t suppose anyone has any videos of how to get in that water fall area for that note? I’m trying to blindly fly in places at varying heights and I can’t figure it out.

Long story short, you can just go to the base of the waterfall and use (upgraded) Springer jump to get in.

Might be worth including in the guide that the Crystal Attunement collection requires an item you get from completing the “Storm Tracking” story step in order for Naja to unlock the collection.

THANK YOU. Talking to the NPC when after arriving at the Refuge wouldnt start the quest for me, it was driving me insane…

Is there some trick to ‘Crystal Attunement’. I’ve tried talking to Naja but it doesn’t unlock the collection

Might be worth noting that The Convergence of Sorrow 1: Elegy needs to be completed in order…. wasnt clear to me from the guide… hope this helps someone

I’ve done the frikken Chief Hazim event 3 times.. and Zalambur still won’t give me the item for Aurene’s nest. Am I missing something? Is there a different Hazim event?

Ok, there are two events.. I was doing the one where I was protecting the workers as they repaired the water pipes. You need to do the event where you prevent the water pipes from getting sabotaged in the first place.

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