GW2 A Star To Guide Us and Jahai Bluffs Achievements Guide

GW2 A Star to Guide Us and Jahai Bluffs Achievements Guide.This is a work in progress

Meta Achievement

A Star to Guide Us Mastery – 30 AP

You need to complete 38 achievements for this Mastery, which give one of the Joko staff pieces required for the Dark Tools for Dark Times collection. There are plenty of achievements in this episode so you should have no problem finishing the mastery.


Story Achievements

A Shattered Nation

Splat! – 1 AP

Receive a hit from the Death-Branded Shatterer in an unexpected way. During the part of the story where you have to escort delegates out of the summit room, right after one of the NPCs suggests using the free Awakened as a shield, Shatterer’s will start using his massive claw attacks. Get hit by one of these attacks for the achievement. You can’t get this achievement same time as Claws to the Wall so you can just exit the instance after you get hit and then re-enter (it will put you back to the start of the Shatterer attack).


Claws to the Wall- 1 AP

Avoid being struck by the Death-Branded Shatterer’s claws. Avoid those attacks on the ground. These have fairly have circle indicators so should be relatively easy to avoid once you know what they look like.


In Tatters; Not Shattered – 1 AP

Rescue every Free Awakened inside the Fortress of Jahai during the Death-Branded Shatterer’s attack. This achievement can be a bit annoying due to the way you have to micromanage the Free Awakened. To get these Free Awakened to move, you have to use the new special action skill on the Free Awakened and they will move towards you. You want to move these NPCs to the arches where Shatterer’s claw can’t hit ASAP as they will die instantly to the claw attack if caught in the open.


There are three Free Awakened in the first room, then a set of three inside Crystals in the next room (you have to break them free before the timer runs out on their crystals) and then a final set of 4 in the third room for a total of 10. You won’t have to worry about them during the Branded fights as the Claw attacks won’t be there.

Chaos Theory

No More Mr.Fungi – 4 AP

During the story step for Chaos Theory, you will enter this Fungi place and there will be hallucinations spawning. Kill three of them for this easy achievement. The Fungi cavern can be accessed from either the north of the south side.



Is It Over Yet? – 1 AP

Light all the braziers and clear out the hall within the time limit to make Braham look good. You have a 7 minute timer to do this. You will need to fight the Broodmother (get her down to 25% each time) and then clear the spider sacs before Braham can light the brazier. During all of this Braham will be “feared” and you will need to use your special action key (basically spam it everytime it is off cooldown) to make sure Braham doesn’t run off.


After you lit a brazier, the Broodmother will return and then carry you to the next brazier conveniently. During this you won’t be able to use any skills but watch for the new skills that pop up on your skill bar and press them to avoid losing HP. Repeat this 3 times for the three Braziers and then finish off Broodmother in the center for the achievement.

Not Today – 1 AP

Defeat the spider broodmother without being downed or defeated. Use ranged attacks if you can, avoid the broodmother’s attacks and when you get carried off press the new buttons on your skillbar as soon as they appear.

Unbranded – 1 AP

Complete Legacy without being encompassed in Branded crystal. This achievement is fairly straightforward. Avoid the slow circle attacks on the ground and as long you are not in it when the inner circle reaches the outer circle you shouldn’t be encased.


Pod Smasher – 1 AP

Defeat the Branded Riftstalker without any Branded pods detonating. The first set of pods appear at 66%. There are only set of 3 pods so it is fairly easy.However, the second set of pods appear at 33% is a cluster of 6 so the DPS check then it is fairly tight. You need to destroy the pods before the timer above them finishes. It might help to bring a friend for the second set of pods.


From the Ashes

(Hidden) I Brought a Friend – 1 AP

This is a hidden achievement for bringing an Unstable Branded Awakened to Zafirah and have it explode on her. The easiest way to do this is when Zafirah ports to her second platform. There is a Branded elemental right near her platform (respawns pretty quickly as well). Use a ranged weapon to aggro it and then run to Zafirah. The elemental will explode on top of her, earning you the achievement.


Sniper, No Sniping! – 3 AP

Get through the sniper battle without getting shot. This can be a bit of pain to do but you will need to use the pillars as cover while advancing towards Zafirah. Having teleports and stealth would help here and you can also dodge the shot as well. Something to keep in mind is the debuff that make it easier for Zafirah to shot at you (lasts for 22 seconds, so you may want to wait it out each time before going to the next pillar) and the wooden pillars that will only block one shot from Zafirah before getting destroyed. Zafirah will teleport to two other places before teleporting to the center at 5%.

  • Having mounts or gliding here is not a great idea as Zafirah can target these easier.
  • Getting to Zafirah’s first position is easy but getting to the 2nd and 3rd positions are more tricky.
  • The ground is filled with poison so you will need to move fast
  • Branded creatures will try to explode on you and knock you out of the cover


Faster than a Speeding Buillet – 5 AP

Complete the duel in less than 8 minutes. This isn’t a hard achievement, you just have to push Zafirah to 5% in under 8 minutes. The tricky part is avoid dying getting to her as that can slow you down.

Storm Tracking

Right on Track – 1 AP

Successfully prevented the Branded from interrupting Blish while setting up the tracker.This achievement is for the first part of the instance where you need to defend Blish while he sets up the tracker. You need to keep the mobs engaged so they don’t attack Blish but more importantly keep an eye out for Branded Earth Elementals that comes later on. They will try to run to Blish and do their circle AOE that will interrupt Blish and fail the achievement. Place high priority on the Earth Elementals and don’t let them get close to Blish.


Raptor Out – 1 AP

Escape the Mists in the required time. You have 3 minutes and 30 seconds to escape the Mists. It basically comes down to practice and jumping skills as you cannot miss jumps or you will be forced to start over which means you won’t make the time limit. Use the orbs to refill your endurance. See video below of a successful attempt.

Map Achievements

(Hidden) Ethereal Exchange – 1 AP

I have to stop Kralkatorrik for Nenah and all the others in the Mists who are in danger. Go to Kormir’s Reverance POI in Reclaimed Chantry and then /kneel in front of the statue and talk to Nenah that spawns.


Bottled No More – 1 AP

Defeat the legendary Branded djinn in Jahai Bluffs.. This is the champion Vemyen which has an escort pre-event with Ziya starting at Kodonur Temple and ends at Shattered Cliffs. This guy is fairly tough and has a timer so make sure you have more than just a couple players. Luckily he is part of several collections so this achievement should be easy to get.


Dive Master: Rilohn Falls– 1 AP

Find and use the diving goggles at the top of a tall waterfall.This is the diving goggles by Rilohn Falls.There is a bucket at the bottom of the waterfall you need to land in for the achievement.


Finders Inner Keepers – 1 AP

This is the achievement for finishing top 3 in the race starting at Fortress of Jahai and leads into Jahai Keep. Like any other race achievements, the less players participating, the better your chances so find an empty map if possible. The race seems to come up every ~30 minutes and the path changes everytime so follow the minimap and see which paths opens up that will lead you to the chest.


Hunted – 1 AP

Track down and defeat the Branded hydra terrorizing the dolyak routes in Jahai Bluffs. This achievement is for the meta event down in the southern parts of Jahai Bluffs. It starts with a pre-event near Venta Pass to collect lost supplies to Second Spear NPCs, then collecting dolyak meats before finally ending at Crystal Cavern POI to fight the Champion Branded Hydra.


Historical Ambition – 1 AP

Take down one of the leaders in the southern displacement. This is fairly easy to do. In the constant battle between Charr and Orr npcs there will be an elite NPC. Kill it for the achievement.


Making History – 1 AP

Reach the top of the mysterious displaced tower. Use springer on the rocks to the left of the tower to get to the vista. Once you are at the vista, go as high as you can and then fly over with your griffon.


You Can Certainly Try – 1 AP, 1 Mastery Point

Participate in the Death-Branded Shatterer event. You just have to participate in the event, not successfully kill it. The Shatterer spawns in the NW corner of the map, right by Almorra’s Stand.


Big Bluffs Hunter – 5 AP

Track down and defeat the rarely sighted enemies throughout the map. These are rare mobs with long respawn timers so make sure to call it out if you see them on the map so others can get it too. Can be killed with 2-3 people.

Elasa the Elemental

Northeast corner of Almorra’s Stand


Judge Aasma

On top of the Fortress of Jahai


Rilohn Broodmother

This Broodmother roams the northern part of Rilohn River and can sometimes die unexpectedly to Branded, making her annoying to catch.


The Tooth

Northeast corner of Almorra’s Stand



Roams around from east to west in the branded area just left of Yahtendi Village waypoint


Garrison Historian – 4 AP

This is a simple event achievement by Soul’s Vendetta Waypoint.. Very frequently there will be an event to escort Vigil Sergeant Eshid to Argon Garrison to raid its supplies. This is a chain of three events to escort Eshid to the garrison, collect supplies and then escort Eshid back. Once you complete the chain of three events, Eshid will talk to Priory Historian Sivvi and you can talk to Sivvi after. Repeat this chain of event four times, each time talking to Sivvi and you will complete the achievement.


If I May Interrupt – 5 AP

This achievement is for the event that occurs at Monument to the Return of Palawa Joko POI south of Displaced Towers. There will be a pre-event to console the grieving Awakened. After that, “Joko” will show up and you will have to fight him. Every time Joko makes a speech during the fight, he will have a breakbar active. You need to break his breakbar before he finishes his speech or the achievement will fail. Later on during the fight Joko will also split into two copies so make sure you have people with lots of CCs if you want to have a decent shot at this achievement.


Matchmaker, Matchmaker – 7 AP

This achievement is given for starting 15 successful conversations in a row between the factions in the Chantry. This has to do with the heart right by Reclaimed Chantry where you have to make conversations between the four groups. You have to play matchmaker by leading a NPC from one group (with the speech bubbles) to the correct NPC of the corresponding group (also with speech bubbles). Do this correctly 15 times in a row to complete the achievement. If you mess up once, you will need to start over from 0 and achievement won’t tick up until you get past your previous streak.


The trick here is to read carefully what the NPC of the starter group is saying and then match it with the right NPC of the corresponding group. For example, if the Order of Shadow Representative says: Know what hundred of years of tradition gives you? Stodginess. Sunspears don’t know how to learn and grow. You will then need to tell the Order of Shadow representative to follow you and then find the Sunspear representative that says The Sunspears taught me everything I know. You can’t find that kind of knowledge anywhere else.


Here is the correct correspondence guide compiled by Imminent Aegis.


  • Sunspears will never understand what it means to learn, train and grow beneath a higher power.
    • The Sunspears taught me everything I know.  You can’t find that kind of knowledge anywhere else.
  • The Mordant Crescent failed to protect Joko.  Joko died as a result. With that legacy, how can we trust them?
    • With what I’ve learned in the Mordant Crescent, it’s time to secure my legacy.  They’ll speak of what I did for Elona for generations.
  • Shadow agents sow chaos and destroy order.  Joko’s order, specifically. They’re irresonsible fools.
    • We spread chaos in the shadows to guarantee order.  None of these other groups grasp the idea.
  • What does the Order of Shadows know about building a legacy?  All they do is destroy what others built.
    • Our work is in the shadows, but if I do well, my name will be whispered down the ages.
  • Sunspears are as rigid and unrelaxing as their spears.  They’ll never bend to have fun. How in Joko’s name could we work with them?
    • Every day is training or fighting.  I want to sit back, relax, and read a good scroll.
  • What do Sunspears care about family?  Simply by joining up the risked everyone they loved.
    • My parents and children are worried about me.  Soon as this is over, I’m going home.


  • What would the Awakened know about building for posterity?  They’re grunts – can’t see beyond tomorrow.
    • As long as I had eternal life, I wasn’t worried about my legacy.  Now…
  • “Free Awakened.”  Hmph. More like chaotic, or anarchic.  They’d do better to have discpline.
    • What a disorderly bunch of louts.  What we need is order. An army is useless without discipline.
  • We pledged ourselves to Joko for the good of Elona.  Sunspears put honor before Elona. Before everything.
    • I risked everything for Elona.  Lost friends, my home, my farm…  None of the others have risked more.
  • Sunspears will never understand what it means to learn, train, and grow beneath a higher power.
    • The Sunspears taught me everything I know.  You can’t find that kind of knowledge anywhere else.
  • The Order of Shadows is only good for sowing chaos.  For restoring order, they’re worse than useless.
    • We spread chaos in the shadows to guarantee order.  None of these other groups grasp the idea.
  • We were Joko’s elite.  Trained in every weapon and able to run a bureaucracy.  Those sniveling agents couldn’t learn what we did.
    • I trained for years to acquire these skills.  Subterfuge, counterintelligence… No one else understands that satisfaction.


  • Know what hundreds of years of tradition gives you?  Stodginess. Sunspears don’t know how to learn and grow.
    • The Sunspears taught me everything I know.  You can’t find that kind of knowledge anywhere else.
  • Know what my worst nightmare is?  A mob of panicked Awakened. Leaderless, structureless.  Imagine it.
    • What a disorderly bunch of louts.  What we need is order. An army is useless without discipline.
  • The Mordant Crescent are stagnant in their skills.  That’s how the Sunspears defeated them. I wouldn’t trust them to fight well.
    • The Mordant Crescent gave me a way to hone my skills.  I wouldn’t have learned as much without them.
  • The Order of Shadows has worked for decades to leave a legacy of prosperity and stability.  What do the Mordant Crescent know about that?
    • With what I’ve learned in the Mordant Crescent, it’s time to secure my legacy.  They’ll speak of what I did for Elona for generations.
  • The Sunspears were useful in deposing Joko, but now that their mission is over, do they know how to live?  Relax! Have normal lives?
    • Every day is training or fighting.  I want to sit back, relax, and read a good scroll.
  • Know what you lose with your will when you’re Awakened?  Knowing how well to live. Watch them. They’re no fun.
    • Marching, drilling, defending, fighting…  None of this is living well. Give me a sunny vineyard and some great-great-grandchildren.


  • All these Shadow agents know how to do is gossip and backstab.  Bet they’ve never enjoyed a day of their lives.
    • Spyword is relentless.  I need a beach, a cool breeze, a drink…
  • I risked my life to defend my family.  These Awakened gave in to Joko without a fight.  I don’t understand them.
    • Until this mess sorts out, I can’t go back to my family.  That’s what these idiots are keeping from me.
  • The Mordant Crescent sold Elona’s future to Joko.  How could we ever trust them again?
    • I’ve always served Elona.  Inside – and outside – of the Mordant Crescent.
  • Shadows agents destabilize governments.  Infect the populace with fear. They’ve got no respect for order.
    • We spread chaos in the shadows to guarantee order.  None of these other groups grasp the idea
  • How could Awakened know how to enjoy life?  They’re dead!
    • Marching, drilling, defending, fighting…  None of this is living well. Give me a sunny vineyard and some great-great-grandchildren.
  • The Mordant Crescent joined Joko because they couldn’t take our rigorous training, the lazy slugs.
    • The Mordant Crescent gave me a way to hone my skills.  I wouldn’t have learned as much without them.

Jahai Bounty Hunter – 8 AP, 1 Mastery Point

Complete all four bounties in Jahai Bluffs. You can pick up the bounties in Kodonur Temple.

  • Angry Pet Rock
  • Wynern Matriarch, Patriarch, and Young (Legendary)
  • Badly Confused Ettin
  • Zommoro’s Sword and Shield


Sun’s Refuge Achievements

Pretty much all of these achievements are hidden. You will need to unlock Sun’s Refuge by completing the story first (Legacy story episode).

Swan Dive – 1 AP

Find the diving goggles in Sun’s Refuge and jump into the water. The diving google should be on the NE corner of Sun’s Refuge.


Doors to the Past– 3 AP

Find and place all five runes to open the ancient doors in Sun’s Refuge. You will need to complete the heart by Pact Vanguard and then purchase the Pact Excavation Contract for 5 gold and 500 Volatile Magic.


This opens up a new activity in Sun’s Refuge. There will be five empty rune slots along with a Priory excavation team. You need to get these runes by killing random mobs (there doesn’t seem to be any correlation between the type of mobs and the type of runes). Once you have all 5 runes, place them in the Rune Slot and door will open, earning you the achievement. Once opened, the runes will have to be earned daily for access to a chest inside that give some crappy loot.


Fishy Business– 3 AP

Talk to Lofa at the top of Yatendi Village after completing the nearby heart. She will have a fish bait for Sun’s Refuge to repay you back.


The go to Sun’s Refuge and look at this particular spot. You should see three Salmon ambient creatures (if you don’t, wait a bit and they should spawn). Now kill them and then exit the refuge via the portal marked on the map. This will put you back to Pact Vanguard. Keep re-entering from Pact Vanguard to reset the instance and kill the three Salmon over and over until you get the rare Elonian Red Trout. Kill the trout and return to Lofa for the achievement.

  • There are reports of people having success finding the Trout spawn during night time so check back at night


Fragments I have Shored – 3 AP

Activate all four hidden symbols in Sun’s Refuge within the time limit (2 minutes). The four fragments are listed below and you should do them in the sequence (1,2 3, 4) as I have found it is the easiest. You will need to interact with each symbol a total of 3 times before moving on to the next symbol. See video below for a full walkthrough.


Gentle Hearts– 3 AP, Mini Desert Fox

There are two ways to start this. You can either feed the fox with harpy eggs or food from Yatendi Village. The eggs are a shorter route but Yatendi village is an option as well.


Harpy eggs are located a short distance north of the fox.


Alternatively, for food from Yatendi Village, make sure you have not completed the heart by Yatendi Village yet. If you have already, return after daily reset or log on another character. Pick up the food bundles from the Yatendi tent which is only visible if the heart isn’t already completed.


Then you gonna head over to Venta Pass and not far from it you will find a Desert Fox. Interact with it while holding the food bundle and it will come to Sun’s Refuge and give you the achievement and mini pet.


Gotchu!– 3 AP

Win 10 games of hide and seek in Sun’s Refuge. To start this achievement, you need to locate the Hide and Seek Master at the location marked as star on the map. Talk to him to begin a game of hide and seek. There is a time limit on finding him and if you don’t find him within it he will reset back to where he was. After each successful game of hide and seek, you may need to exit and re-enter Sun’s Refuge for him to appear again and talk to him again to start another round.


The location he will be is randomized each time but here is a list of 21 possible spots compiled by Volcanora on reddit. You are looking for a Hiding Child NPC


Philanthropist – 3 AP

Find Pact Donations Agent Ira near the armorer repair station in Sun’s Refuge and donate 5 gold to complete the achievement.


Watchful Eyes– 3 AP

Pay respect to the 22 Griffons in Sun’s Refuge by typing /kneel while next to them. All the griffons are high up on the ledges and can be reached by springer except for the four at 13, 14, 15, 16. You can reach those by using the griffon from the higher rock near #10.


Here is the map of their locations


Collection/Scavenger Hunt Achievements

Dark Tools for Dark Times – 10 AP, The Inevitable title, Staff of the Inevitable


Palawa Joko’s Staff Head

Complete the meta achievement for A Star to Guide Us to receive this head.

Palawa Joko’s Staff Shaft

Kill the Death-Branded Shatterer in Jahai Bluffs

Palawa Joko’s Staff Pommel

Talk to Koss Dejarin inside Sun’s Refuge. He will only show up after completing Full House achievement.

Palawa Joko’s Staff Ornament

Drops from the legendary bounty Wynern Matriarch, Patriarch, and Young in Jahai Bluffs

Palawa Joko’s Staff Binding

Purchase it from Gravedigger Finn next to the waypoint in Pact Vanguard.


Full House – 10 AP, Keeper of the Sun title

Complete the following collections

Elegy and Requiem Collections – 40 AP, Temporal Tourist title, Ascended Armor Box

Complete the following collections

Once you unlock a full set of Elegy and Requiem armor, you can complete the following achievements

  • A Good Defense – 5 AP, collect 18 Elegy skins (craft additional sets)
  • The Best Offense – 20 AP, Temporal Tourist title, Ascended Armor Box (purchase additional sets from Volatile Magic vendor)

Making Cents of Jahai – 10 AP

Collect 40 Ancient Jahai Coins,

Mastery Insights & Adventures

Mastery Insights – 1 AP, 1 Mastery Insight each

Crescent’s Prosperity

Easy enough to reach with just a springer.


Harpy Rock – North of Fortress of Jahai

You can use the griffon from one of the small domes from Fortress of Jahai to reach this Harpy Rock.


Fang of the Dragon – Central Brand Scar

Easy to get to via springer.


Talon of the Dragon – South of Yatendi Village


Scar Overlook – East of Venta Pass

A bit hard to reach due to to its height, You have to make your way next Crystal Cavern POI and then springer up the branded cliffs. From there, just springer up until you get to the mastery insight. See video.



Coming soon. Run Around for No Reason is inside the ??? place with hallucination mushrooms and not visible from the world map.

  • Vadim Karpov

    Amazing, thank you, Dulfy:)

  • Thank you so much Dulfy-sama /salute <3

  • Bradley Spies

    For Gentle Hearts (Desert Fox), you can also feed it a harpy egg from one of the nearby roosts. Much shorter trip and not locked behind a heart.

  • Poki#3

    Ethereal Exchange – simply /kneel at the statue of Kormir in the Chantry.

  • ross oogo

    i got the Raptor Out achivement on griffon, last part where u get floated, u can stay perma in air with griffon and its easy to skip all rocks

  • Lana

    Gentle Hearts is easier to do with a harpy egg from a nearby nest.

    • Stefan Huber

      I’ve been posting that in every thread about it but for some reason people prefer long convoluted methods. would be nice if dulfy updated it, but usually once a guide is done it never gets updates anymore.

      • Guide has been updated to include both methods

  • Aerinndis Athyrium

    Thank you SOOOOO much for the video on Fragments I have Shored!!! I had been trying and your path was the one that worked for me!

    For Fishy Business the fish spawned for me once it was night time. I had been outside of Sun’s Refuge when it was night and decided to go in and check the pond in case the time of day had some bearing on when it spawned. It spawned right in front of me and I did not see it the other times I checked. It would be interesting to see if others found that it was spawning at certain times of the day or night. I did not kill any of the salmon so I am not sure if that affects the fish showing up.

    • Lana

      I’d been trying all day, and tried again just now when it was night, and it showed up the very first time I checked.

      Could definitely be tied to day/night cycle for sure.

      • Doghouse

        Mine showed up middle of the day.

  • Guest

    “Splat!” is nearly impossible to do on a guardian due to the constant aegis.

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    You are awesome for doing all of these. Thank you so much <3

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    I dunno how to get into touch here, but someone made a video guide for the coins, time stamped with coin numbers and have a map up for locations. look under the show more for the info <3

  • Jackie Thompson

    red trout wont seem to spawn

    • not joko

      It does just crappy rng just did it

    • Doghouse

      Got mine just now. Middle of the day cycle in my case.

    • Mythykle Mythryndyr

      As soon as I spoke to Lofa after doing the heart, I went back to Sun’s Refuge and the Red Trout was there first time.. {@@}

  • Doghouse

    Scar Overlook: I found a Bouncing Mushroom somewhat north of the MP (roughly on a level with the vista to the west) during/after a branded incursion that can be used to get higher up (couldn’t find it before the incursion when I went back to check for this post, so it may be related to the Ancestor Tree phases). From the top of the bounce I was able to scramble with griffon and springer to the MP. There’s similarly a Nuhoch Wallow that appears in roughly the same location from time to time that shot me way up in the air the one I took it, and I presume has the same function.

  • Dan Gudy

    Re: Splat! and Claws to the Wall – when I realized where Splat! would happen on my first time through the instance, I immediately restarted the instance. This time, I stood in the right spot for Splat! After I got that achievement, the yellow qualifier indicator for Claws to the Wall was still up, and I got that one later on during the same play through. So while one would assume that you cannot get both during the same play through, that is in fact what happened for me.

    • Auralae

      It’s worth noting that Splat! only registers with the first smash of the dragon’s foot through the wall (when he mushes Hierarch Chikere.) I tried to get it with later hits through the wall but it didn’t work.

  • Batchie

    I was lucky for Right on Track because no foes came to Blish.

    • Burn Bicz, BURN

      Me too, it was weird and i was sitting like on niddles waiting for some big group of mobs

  • Ryan Hill

    spoiler: for the gotcha cheeve you can just cheat and tag them. Even better then the target is to highlight them. Select them before you start then press alt+shift+1. then when playing the game just look at your mini map and go to the highlighted mark. EASY! :D.

    • Confounded

      This only worked for me twice. The times the squad target got cleared.

      • Ares Zax

        The squad target isn’t cleared. It’s just hidden if you’re too far away from it. If you don’t see the marker on the map, mount up and run around. The marker will pop up once you are closer.

  • winfong

    Matchmaker, Matchmaker – there is a small icon indicating intent for each dialogue, shares the row with your character activated boon icons on your screen – family, leadership, legacy, relaxation (can’t remember exact term) – just match accordingly – easier than memorising the response….

    • gw2 player

      I hate this boring achievement! You have to redo everything if you messed up on the 14th attempt, which I did.

      • Winfong

        I messed up a few times, once you recognise the icon it becomes a breeze – irritating part is every few times you have to fight off the brand…. also activate all the npc that want to fight and run off…. it makes those with dialogue appear….

  • Garrison Historian bug now? Escort the chain events 10 times now, I can’t get any achievement point

    • johndoe

      so I had a similar issue make sure you wait tell npcs talk to each other then talk to her

    • Luk Starker

      I answered that one and hope Dulfy will correct it…
      For the Garrison Historian event, you don’t only need to complete the event chain. You need to gather INTERESTING supply.
      I found 2 interesting things during the event and was credited with 2 points at once.
      When you give the supply to Eshid, she keeps telling you it’s not interesting.
      Then I found some Argon docs written private on them (the npc says so) and it credited me one point at Sivvi.
      The next event I found those docs again + an old typical armor. Sivvi gave me 2 points and I completed the achievement.

      During all the other events I did, she kept telling me those supply were love letter, fiscal papers or broken dishes… All worthless stuff. And Sivvi kept telling me I had brought nothing interesting and not crediting me any point toward achievement.
      When you listen to Eshid speaking, she actually tells you that you have to find interesting items.

  • raykor

    “…you can just exit the instance after you get hit and then re-enter (it will put you back to the start of the Shatterer attack)”

    How do you exit the instance such that it returns you to the Shatterer attack? When I exit, it starts at the very beginning and I have to go through the entire summit dialog again!

    • tdawg

      same point. If I relog I have to get through all dialogues again, and I’m pretty bad at helping the awakens so far so i’m loosing a lot of time

  • Luk Starker

    For the Garrison Historian event, you don’t only need to complete the event chain. I did it 12 times for nothing.
    You need to gather INTERESTING supply.
    I found 2 interesting things during the event and was credited with 2 points at once.
    When you give the supply to Eshid, she keeps telling you it’s not interesting.
    Then I found some Argon docs written private on them (the npc says so) and it credited me one point at Sivvi.
    The next event I found those docs again + an old typical armor. Sivvi gave me 2 points and I completed the achievement.

    During all the other events I did, she kept telling me those supply were love letter, fiscal papers or broken dishes… All worthless stuff. And Sivvi kept telling me I had brought nothing interesting and not crediting me any point toward achievement.
    When you listen to Eshid speaking, she actually tells you that you have to find interesting items.

  • Chris Graham

    I know the guide for Run Around for No Reason is coming soon but I just did gold there and it is tricky so just in case you’re trying it, this is what I did. I took the course on foot to begin with to work out the route, then take raptor (you don’t want to dismount at any point since all the illusions will combat lock you).

    When using the raptor quick tap the space bar to jump onto the smaller mushrooms, especially that part where you have to jump back and forth near the start (don’t press or hold space or you’ll overshoot).

    When it comes to getting the one on the taller mushroom go up the ledge behind it a little (halfway up should be enough) and then long jump to the mushroom to grab it.

    Likewise, rather than trying to bunny up (takes ages to fall) if you long jump with the raptor to that same part of the ledge as before then run to the balloon, long jump across the room to the last balloon then quickly turn and long jump to the finish.

    Hopefully that helps people for now until Dulfy gets a video up of it.

    • Keorl

      The timings are just insane. I can’t belive they add 30 seconds to all HoT adventures to make them total cheese, then go back and put such impossible goals on a new adventure.

    • sumpfkraut

      you can do it easy with the jackal mount.

    • Sugar

      Took me ages, i thought skimmer was best and got a few seconds off gold because i had trouble going down and didnt want to dismount obviously, then i tried griffon and got gold nearly straight away. all about getting the path down pat and try try again

  • w4ter war

    For ppl who dont want to search all the different location for the Hiding Kid for the “Gotchu” Achievement:
    If you have a Commander tag, you can mark the Kid before you start the game with a symbol which you can easily see on the map after he goes hiding

  • Ares Zax

    Some tips for the “If I may Interrupt” achieve:

    1. The achievement fails if any of the friendly Awakened (excluding the very first one turned by Joko at the start) are converted to a hostile state. This means that in addition to interrupting the two Joko’s, you will also need to kill all of the smaller Joko clones that the main Joko spawns occasionally.

    2. This is one of those achieves that is more easily done by smaller groups, because the more players you have around, the more Joko’s breakbar scales up. I would recommend having no more than 5-6 players attempting this event; at this tier, 2 players can easily just follow one of the Joko’s around and interrupt him whenever he talks, while the last two focus on killing the smaller clones.

    • Burn Bicz, BURN

      True, i just did it with 5 other ppl, smooth and easy

  • Luk Starker

    Hello, as I stated earlier for the Historian achievement with Eshid and Sivvi, only interesting items gathered during supply phase count and you can actually complete the achievment with only 2 escorts, and even ONE if you’re really lucky, if you gather 2-3 or 4 interesting items at once. She will give you the exact achievement credits corresponding to the number of items you brought.

    • Ares Zax

      In addition to this, the “interesting item” counter is specific to each character. So if you collected 3 items in one go on one character, then did it again the next day on a different character, you’ll notice the counter does not tick up.

      What I haven’t been able to figure out (and now I can’t because the achievement is complete) is whether each interesting item you find only counts once towards the achievement (meaning there are 4 unique items and you must find all four), or whether you could just find the same interesting item 4 times and it would complete the achieve.

  • Batchie

    Matchmaker, Matchmaker

    The Mordant Crescent were always in it for themselves.The future of Elona never crossed their minds.
    I have always served Elona. Inside_and outside_of the Mordant Crescent.

  • Here is the picture solution for the achievment “Matchmaker, Matchmaker”.

    Regardless of the text on the images, just look at the icon that will be in your bonus bar, and go to the corresponding NPC I marked on the captures.

    Warning: if you miss a dialog, the counter restarts at 0, so you must pass 15 dialogues at once.

    Branded event does not reset the counter, you just have to wait to be able to talk to the NPC again to continue.

  • Benjamin Schultz

    There is no Pact Excavation Contract for 5 gold and 500 Volatile Magic to buy at the heart merchant

  • Cytos Lpagtr

    minor nitpic

    the achievement is called “DOOR to the past” not doorS

  • Cytos Lpagtr

    FYI. just completed the event for the “If i may interrupt” achievement, it is bugged so you don’t get the achievement when you break every bar (at least it was for me this time)

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