SWTOR Upcoming Items for Patch 5.9.3

SWTOR Upcoming Cartel Market items for Patch 5.9.3 scheduled for Sept 26.

Note: You can see the ingame preview of some of the items here: http://dulfy.net/2018/08/31/swtor-preview-of-upcoming-cartel-market-items-from-5-9-3-pts-v1/


Intelligence Agent’s Armor Set

Covert Cipher’s Armor Set

Merciless Seeker’s Armor Set

Elite Gunner’s Armor Set

Sinister Warrior’s Armor Set

Resourceful Renegade’s Armor Set


Unknown Armor



Causality (Blaster Rifle)


Tayfield CA41 Blaster Rifle


Tayfield CA41s Sniper Rifle


Stinger Electrostaff



Bog Gladiopod

The Bog Gladiopod is a part crustacean, part reptilian carnivore native to Umbara. Expert creature handlers can train Gladiopods as riding animals


KDY Transport Skiff

The KDY Transport Skiff was primarily designed for rapid mobility of a tactical strike team, though often repurposed for deployment of munitions to front line soldiers.



Dread Seed Weapon Tuning

Harness the power of the Dread Seed corruption!

Advanced Menacing Glare Color Crystal


Pet: Mischievous Miniprobe


Pet: Devious Creep


Flair: Jawa Mask/Unknown Flair





  • burstdragon323

    that ’18 flair may come from the cantina, I’d guess.

    • EleniRPG

      The letters say “Livestream Cantina,” so I’d say you’re right.

  • Darth Gnaw
  • Evan Sawatzky

    re uploaded ffor the 3rd time

  • Disqus this

    wow. Bioware is really stretched for ideas when they went after the Kylo Ren blasters. WTH is in the water over there? Whatever it is, it’s not good.

    • Sorrai

      I can only hope it’s just a muzzle flash.

      • Disqus this

        I’m really thinking that it’s not though but like you one can hope it’s not what it seems.

  • KevinSaku

    Funny only the flair and the weapon tuning are interestings

  • I’m a put in an application for the design team. No experience is required obviously.

  • R315r4z0r

    Wait, so are those two decorations that let you swap into a Hutt and Twi’lik dancer body?

    • EleniRPG

      That would be hilarious! And…it might make sense along with the other Halloween-themed decorations, like putting on a “costume.” But it would be very different from things they’ve done so far. We’ll have to see.

      • Teddybomber87

        This is a cool thing for Rp players. I like it.

    • Little Flame

      Polymorph stations. They’re planning on adding more, the PTS also had two troopers listed among the morphs. They only work in strongholds though. Each morph also seems to come with unique abilities.

  • Harston

    Nothing… Absolutely nothing on the armor sets.

  • Robert Rene Dibello

    Jawa mask thing is the only thing I’m worried about… Gonna be a Jawa plague or something…

    • Nicole48

      Worse! There will be Jawa Kylo Ren & Jawa Revan ! They need masks, don’t they? Is part of the costume lol

    • robertrendibello already

  • Seriously! We have three Shae Vizla’s statues already but no Torian…le sigh.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      It’s not a new statue, just a new icon (direct sale?). Even so, I agree with you on Torian.

  • Nythasim

    Dreadseed tuning. Soon they will put Dreadseed set along with HK on sale because fuck players who actually had to get those, new generation of players can’t clear HM EV so let’s sell stuff to them. I am waiting for Wings of Architect and chievos on sale.

  • aPinkMando

    Still no picture for the armor sets?

  • Nicole48

    ..really, grave decorations? WTF is this shit?

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      It’s symbolic for the grave situation this game is in.

      • Nicole48

        Good point!

    • Caveman

      Reminds me of Star Wars Galaxies’ Galactic Moon Festival.

    • Sorrai

      It’s called Halloween season. You may have forgotten that they have come out with halloween decorations and other misc. items around this same time in the past. Besides, I like some of the grave decorations. They’ll help make a lovely tomb scene on Yavin.

      • Nicole48

        What has Halloween to do with a Star Wars game? Halloween is an Earth holyday, but there is no Earth in the known galaxy.. see the problem?

        • Sorrai

          Uh-huh. And why stop there? Why not ask how come they insist on modeling Life Day after Christmas? Or why they decided to produce a bunch of beach-themed decos that included some sort of droid probe that was painted to resemble a beach ball?

          A lot of these ideas are very cheesy and some of them are outright dumb, but there are plenty of cheesy and dumb players out there who apparently enjoy this stuff. At least some of these grave-themed decos can be used independently from anything overtly Halloween-related.

          • Nicole48

            Why not Independence Day, with twilek slave market on Imperial side and all-you-can-kill -sabotage-blow-to-kingdom-come buffet on Rep side hosted by the Balmorran resistence?

            Why not Emperor’s Day ( since we cannot have President’s Day) with mass executions of rebels on DK ,followed by fireworks and toilet paper with Malcom’s face on it giveaway?

            Why not Thanks-but-no-thanks giving Day , replace the turkey with a wampa and we have a deal!

            • gua543

              Because those holidays are pretty much related to USA only. Christmas and Halloween are celebrated worldwide in one form or another.

              • Eltarn

                Also Malcolm’s faced toilet paper isn’t such a bad idea.

        • Ben Gimson
  • ridiculous

    wow dulfy(or a mod) is censoring some of the post which are not goind to be toxic against the game. must be an us american way of dealing with free speech. #colinkaepernick

    • Nicole48

      Dulfy never censored anything. If she did, she would have had to censor each and every one of my posts, lol. And i don’t think Dulfy is from the USA.

      • ridiculous

        some post from the nythasim guy was so full of stupidity that I first commented on this page to this person. both posts were deleted.

        • ridiculous

          if i insulted her falsly then shame on me and i’m sorry for that.

        • Nythasim

          It was deleted because someone might’ve marked it as spam or flagged it for Disqs, you retard.

        • gua543

          Someone could have just reported them, you know.

          • jacy phoenix

            the poster could’ve deletd them too

  • deletebioware.exe

    Let’s bash those crazy crossguards on rifles!

  • Nythasim

    That one set is already in game for long time, false news. Also I am waiting on Bioware to start selling Wings of Architect soon. With shoulderpads, added cape so it doesn’t properly clip and crossguard tuning on each finger.

  • Poison Ivy

    I think the decorations with the Twilek & The Hutt one are the ones they mentioned that’ll allow you to become an image of a Hutt or Twilek. That’ll be good for the RP community side. (If it is those items)

    • Ben Gimson

      Pretty heavy drawback is the gigantic terminals that appear to be included as part of the disguise system, which will look incredibly out of place in a lot of people’s SHs :/

  • Farlas816

    I expect nothing and I’m still let down.

  • John Kosto

    More super expensive overpriced crap! Yay!!!

    The Bog Gladiopod is the only item worth in this pac…. oh wait, there are no more packs. The Cartel Market sells everything for direct sale for real money, so it’s impossible to spend credits to buy stuff, because now they sell for 10 times the credits they used to!

  • Sorrai

    I wonder why the Imperial Advisor, Badlands Explorer and Wandering Disciple armor sets keep showing up in their data mining?

    • Harston

      I’ll kick myself if they try to sell those silly bronze tier armors on the CM.

    • Caitlin

      Pretty sure they’re just updating the image for these armor sets like they’ve done for a lot of others lately.

  • yellow-power ftw

    many Ramones fans will love those deco items ROFL (”i dont wanna be bared in this cemetery” ”LALALA”)

  • 平賀才人

    Some awsome decos we are getting here. I love it.

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  • yellow-power ftw

    does this speeder KDY Transport Skiff make it to the game? im not seeing it even in colelctions as skiff nor as KDY.

  • pallytime

    How can it say these are direct sale but only appear to come from crates? I can’t find them on the cartel market. Like only half the stuff made it in or something.

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