GW2 Coalescence II The Gift Collection Guide

GW2 Coalescence II the Gift collection guide. This collection was introduced with the Mythwright Gambit raid wing.

  • The guide for Coalescence I collection can be found here
  • Locations for the collections taken from this reddit thread by Don_The Machine
  • Note: You must have cleared the last boss of Mythwright Gambit raid wing to complete this collection as it requires an item looted from its chest.

Completing this collection will reward you with 10 AP and reward you with the Gift of Complex Emotions, one of the items needed to craft Coalescence.


Alembic Apparatus

Purchased from Glenna inside Mythwright Gambit after killing any of the bosses in the raid wing for 100 Gatling Crystals and 10 gold. This will unlock the collection.


Bottle of Rage (Empty) – [&BPoCAAA=] – Straits of Devastation

Found at Balthazar Temple in Straits of Devastation by one of the statues.


Bottle of Rage (Filled) – [&BOoKAAA=]  – Domain of Vabbi

Go to King Joko’s Sky Garden POI with the empty Bottle of Rage and it will be filled.


Bottle of Contempt (Empty) – [&BNUBAAA=] – Iron Marches

Found in Iron Marches right by the Cauldron of Searing POI.


Bottle of Contempt (Filled) – [&BNMAAAA=] – Fields of Ruin

Talk to any of the Separatist Sympathizers in Stronghold of Ebonhawke in Fields of Ruin after you have acquired the empty Bottle of Contempt.


Bottle of Surprise (Empty) – Mythwright Gambit

Looted from the little chest that spawns after you have defeated Qadim. Must be an instance where you have personally killed Qadim.


Bottle of Surprise (Filled) – Lion’s Arch

Jump into the Mystic Forge in Lion’s Arch after you have acquired the empty Bottle of Surprise.


Bottle of Fear (Empty) – [&BIsAAAA=] – Queensdale

By Godlost Swamps in Queensdale just south of the skill point hiding among the seaweeds.


Bottle of Fear (Filled) – [&BIoKAAA=] – Kormir’s Library (Desert Highlands)

Remember that Kormir’s Library instance in Desert Highlands Tomb of Primeval Kings? Go inside the instance (reactivate the portal at the end of the tomb) and talk to the Sanctum Librarian inside when you have acquired the empty Bottle of Fear.


Bottle of Anguish (Empty) – [&BFwGAAA=] – Lornar’s Pass

Found in Scarlet Briar’s Secret Lair undernearth the Durmand Priory in Lornar’s Pass. The fake door to the lair is guarded by a Veteran Cave Troll in the cavern. Bottle is on a bookshelf inside the lair.


Bottle of Anguish (Filled) –  [&BKUEAAA=]  – Lion’s Arch

Type /kneel by the Field of Fallen POI in Lion’s Arch right by the Marriner Plaque.


Bottle of Excitement (Empty) – [&BDQEAAA=]  – Metrica Province

Right by the Splorge Metamystics Lab POI on a triangular table.


Bottle of Excitement (Filled) – Fractal of the Mists

Go to the lobby for Fractal of Mists and go through the endless loop on the vendor island.


Bottle of Joy (Empty) – [&BEYCAAA=] Timberline Falls

Right next to a Coddler quaggan at the entrance of the jumping puzzle (Coddler’s Cove) in Timberline Falls.


Bottle of Joy (Filled) – [&BCEEAAA=] – Lion’s Arch

Go into the water with the small quaggans playing right by the Mystic Plaza in Lion’s Arch with your empty bottle.


Bottle of Shame (Empty) – [&BP4AAAA=] – Divinity’s Reach

By Logan inside Seraph’s Headquarters in Divinity’s Reach.


Bottle of Shame (Filled) – [&BHgKAAA=]  – Desert Highlands

Go near Glint’s Lair POI and you will get this collection item once you have the empty bottle.


Alembic Apparatus Complete

Double click the Alembic Apparatus in your inventory once you have all the other collection items.

  • Tora

    atleast from what ive heard w6 its easier than w5, just gonna wait until the video guides appear to learn the encounter and the kp links appear on gw2w to fake ping my way in. people its allready asking for 30+ legendary divinations to join in, screw them.

    • THX

      You can get up to 168 Legendary Divinatios from exchanging Legendary Insights at vendor. I don’t see a problem with 30+.

      • Tora

        im not really a raider hehe, i started going to raid when w5 was introduced only for the Oblivion staff and since i could get it along the way, coalescense, and when i got both the precursor and the staff i never went into one again, i had to fake my kp´s/LI´s using a link generator, and learn the encounter by heart watching videos so i could smuggle my way in. and tb fair, i was doing it way better that some of the people i played with that claimed to have over 500 insights, and i repeated, it was the first time i set foot inside a raid, the only experience in the wing was watching videos beforehand.

        i understand pugs wanting experienced people, but my experience its a living example that they should atleast give someone the chance if they asure that they have researched it enough

        • Tsar CUBE

          A lot of the time when they ask for experienced, they mostly just mean that you know the encounter and your roll in it. If you watched video guides and don’t run around like a headless chicken you will pass for majority of the groups. Naturally if you play a dps roll, your dps should be above 10k for the entire fight at least. Also, the people who “claimed” to have 500 Li and were bad, were probably using chat codes as well 😛

          I am kind of surprised you didn’t stick around after you got your staff though. I started raiding recently to get Asc armour with tokens, but I liked it so much that I stayed and even run encounters when I hit my 150 shard weekly limit, just because it’s fun 😮

          • Tora

            W5 was too depresing and i didnt had the patience to learn the other wings encounters xD (or fake their kps too to sneak in)

  • Alot

    I always wonder if you couldn’t coax nervous people into raids by putting the casual collection before the raid battle trophy – and limit them to holding a single raid battle related collection at a time.

    It would come at the cost of variety of steps but as is, it feels like you need to master all the raids before you can start grinding for legendaries. If you had a collection followed by the need to clear a single stressful boss at a time, I think you would get far more casuals to give raiding a chance.

    • Shaggy

      as a casual, can confirm

      its really hard to get into raids, they seem like a pretty steep step up, especially when all i wanna do is relax and play

    • JCICU

      That would just make me not ever go for whatever the item was. I don’t want to go get yelled/raged at because I didn’t write a research paper on this one specific piece of content I’ve zero desire to play. It’s bad enough I have to do fractals occasionally for various collections.

  • FrycoN

    Should be possible to craft it in few ways, like legendary armor.

    • Mors

      Who would want to craft a legendary ring without skin / aura effect? Ascended rings are vendor trash…

      • GW2 player

        Read again his comment and think about it a little bit longer next time before you write.

        • Mors

          “Should be possible to craft it in few ways, like legendary armor.”
          – he’s referring to the alternative way of getting PvP / WvW “legendary” armor where you can switch stats but without any special skin.

          So what should I think longer about, again?

          • Belind

            “Who would want to craft a legendary ring without skin / aura effect? Ascended rings are vendor trash”

            The same players that making wvw/pvp legendary armor and that transmute the legendary weapon/armor into non legendary skin. We want the stats swap convinience for trinket as well as not transform our barbie into a blinding christmas tree.

      • BS

        I would , i hate a bunch of auras on my chars

        • Mors

          But you still don’t need to craft a super expensive legendary ring when normal ascended rings are near worthless and provide the same stats.

          • Tora

            its a legendary effect that you can wear regardless of character class/build since you can change its stats freely, not like legendary weapons/armor wich are locked only to the classes that can use them. also since its a ring whatever visual effect it has can be enhanced even further with ghostly infusions

      • FrycoN

        There should be option to turn those auras on/off.
        I play wvw 90% of the time, rest 10% i spend getting things needed for crafting legends,
        I need stat changing stuff for making new builds, not some silly auras like this flying balls from “Aurora”.
        And the “tentacle” effect from legendary wvw armor is 1000% better than this “wings” on activation pve armor chest piece. Just saying, if you like skin effects so much.

        • Ryo

          There’s no accounting for taste lol. That’s totally subjective. I’d take my raid armor and aurora any day over wvw armor.

          And why don’t you just get more rings instead of needing the stat change stuff? Rings are hilariously easy to get just go buy more.

  • Zonko

    a video showing the effects would be nice 😉

    • You can’t make it yet

  • Raizel

    Maybe it should be added to the guide that *Legendary ring Coalescence CAN’T yet be crafter*, this collection is only for acquiring a gift needed to craft it in a later patch!

  • Tora

    the first bottle of Anguis screenshot is repeated from the bottle of fear (filled)

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