SWTOR Patch 5.9.3 Delayed to October 2

Bioware is pushing Patch 5.9.3 to October 2 due to a number of quality issues.

Game Update 5.9.3 Delayed | 09.25.2018, 03:10 PM

Hey folks,

The team has made the decision to delay the launch of Game Update 5.9.3 to next Tuesday, October 2nd. We have a handful of known issues that we are tracking for the Update which we want to address before it goes live. Unfortunately, we were unable to get them fixed in time for our planned release date tomorrow.

Some of the issues we are seeing include:

  • An issue with our Conquest scheduling which will stop it from proceeding as intended.
  • The interface for holocalls not displaying properly.
  • The preview window not activating properly for a variety of item types.

In each one of these instances there is a workaround which would not actually block gameplay. Still, if we can avoid those issues being live we would like to. We are going to take the extra time to address these issues to give you the best 5.9.3 we can. I will provide further updates as we move towards next week. Double XP will also move back one week to 10/9 – 10/16. Thank you all for your understanding and we apologize for the late notice.



  • Fubarz

    LMAO!!!! What else is new ?

    • Rompe Himself

      Wait til you see how pathetic the so called content for 6.0 will be. People hoping for a miracle, an expansion from the olden days. Amazing that 3 years since the farce that was “Keeping up with the Valkorians”, people still haven’t learned that the BW Austin of old is long dead. Look at the quality of content these past 3 years, and people somehow expect 6.0 to be epic?

      Good God, so many tears will flow, when they FINNALY realise BW Austin, yet AGAIN Bullshitted them into subbing or staying subbed by promising much, and delivering so little.

      Content? What content?


  • Thundertrain


    We do understand. We understand that you’re incapable of doing your jobs and meeting your own self-imposed deadlines. If you didn’t have the patch ready, why send out the notice that you were going to upload it on the 26th in the first place? Why put the note in the launcher? Here’s a new plan. Make a patch. Test it. Re-test it. When it’s ready…ACTUALLY READY…go ahead and make an announcement on the upload date for a week later. That will give everyone enough notice to adjust their playing schedules, and you won’t look like absolute incompetent morons when you delay YET ANOTHER patch.

    Also, going on record now that it’s likely the patch will take longer than expected on the day they apply it, too.

    • Phillip Chappell

      i rather them delay it then. launch iy and have to do roll back or do what they did the gtn mess which was nothing pretty

      • John Kosto

        I wouldn’t mind it if they rolled back the servers to 2015. Sure, I would lose like half of my characters and a lot of progress and achievements, but the game would still be fun.

        • Phillip Chappell

          sorry if i implied roll back were bad. i honestly i was suproised they didnt do one with the gtn exploiot

          • John Kosto

            Oh yeah I know…. I was just making a joke about the game.

      • Thundertrain

        It’s not the delay to fix bugs that annoys me. That is responsible. What bothers me is that, knowing the bugs are there, they still announce the release date with the assumption that they’ll have everything ironed out before that date hits. Which they don’t…seemingly ever. It makes them look like they have no idea what they’re doing. If you know the bugs are there, fix them and test the fixes before you announce the release date.

        • abaddonsmummy

          It just makes no business sense for a company to keep doing this to it’s paying customers, when it can be so easily avoided with a modicum of common sense and business acumen.
          It would be almost as unprofessional as saying that you delayed a roadmap for two weeks because your dad as visiting you.
          Oh wait……………..!

  • John Kosto


  • Zeus Fagervold

    Thank god I checked. Was going to get billed on 26th. Not anymore.

  • AbnerDoon

    Has any release not been moved back this year by a week to a month? Is anyone actually surprised? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/95cb6bd0857dbb838e101a5e3a5227347e0cfcf381ee5ffa865cc7413a0bb80b.gif

  • max weber

    bahahaha enjoy!

  • Fan Boi Ylliarus

    I’d take delayed over bugged any day! Good luck with everything next week, I am looking forward to it

    • Picardo

      You haven’t been around for long, have you? So let me bring you up to speed.

      What you’ll get will be delayed AND bugged.

      A good day to you.

      • Little Flame

        You forgot to add this: All updates are delayed by at least a week. By default. (x

    • Ylliarus

      How nice of you to try to impersonate me.

  • Seph

    Shocking. I’m genuinely shocked. At least it’s not as if anyone was anticipating this maintenance patch of content.

    • Rompe Himself

      How can you be honestly shocked at this bit of news after all these past few years of dwindling content, and more and more delays with said minuscule content? It has become a pattern now. BW Austin know they can do what they want. All that is left playing SWTOR are rusted on players who know nothing else but SWTOR, who swallow anything BW Austin feeds them.

  • Ben Gimson

    Fix Force Leap while you’re at it.

  • Paulo Gomes

    Pathetic. As usual.

    • abaddonsmummy

      As I said above, I’m speechless.
      Not because it’s a delayed update, most are let’s face it, and if you want it to be ‘perfect’ (don’t laugh :P) it can make sense, and it show’s they are listening to PTS feedback.
      This is ONE hutball arena.
      Just how bad are things over there in Bioware, when they can’t even do one hutball arena right and on time.
      With PTS!!!
      And as Thundertrain says brilliantly below, be professional and don’t give a date UNTIL IT’S BLOODY READY.
      Or you look like idiots.
      Sorry for the rant Paulo, I don’t even play PVP and this has really got to me. 🙁

      • IronSalamander8

        The people claiming it will be delayed and still buggy are largely correct. When I played, and I played the hell out of SWTOR for years, that was par for the course even when they had more than 3 people working on it. Man how this game has fallen.

      • Paulo Gomes

        It’s ok man. I understand your frustration.

        I would be too if I was still playing the game.

        These guys… I don’t have words, adjectives or anything to categorize them anymore. In ESO I still haven’t done all the material that is there right now. We had Summerset, a proper expansion/DLC, then Wolfhunter, a DLC Dungeon pack… And now we are getting Murkmire! All the while these guys can’t even get a “copy/paste” arena right… With PTS. With all the time in the Summer to work on something.

        I too think it’s better to delay to get things right.


        What about getting things right the first time around? That would be cool, wouldn’t it?

        • Rompe Himself

          And that right there is one of many problems with SWTOR. Look how much content is getting pumped out by other mmo’s like ESO, in the same time frame with SWTOR. It is a vast difference. Hell, even SWTOR in its glory days didn’t pump out anywhere near the content ESO, FF and WOW did at the same age of the MMO. Maybe that was the problem to start with. EA creating BW Austin, specifically for SWTOR, when no one at BW had any mmo knowledge/experience, nor how to maintain the content train going.

          The desperate keep hoping 6.0 will be the phoenix for SWTOR, but let me ask those same people: “And then what??”

          Do you really think BW Austin will keep pumping out more frequent content after 6.0 drops, assuming it is an expansion or otherwise (Which I personally think it will NOT be an expansion), when they cannot even get a single Op, a single PVP map out on time now?? Those people left playing this game, swallowing the bullshit and false promises from BW Austin need to open their eyes and look at the overall picture, not what BW Austin pretends is in their hands like a really bad charlatan magician wannabe.

      • John Kosto

        Welcome to the Dark Side abaddon. We got cookies over here.

  • Little Flame

    Why am I not surprised?

  • pig benis
  • Fizzie Drinks

    Enjoy it while it lasts.
    When Anthem flops, BW will hit the pavement.
    Once that happens, EA will step on them and move on.

    • Rompe Himself

      Maybe it just needs to happen. The Bioware we all knew and loved is dead anyway. What is in its place (EAWare) is an imposter, that is getting more wretched and decayed with each passing year.

      • Fubarz

        I would normally agree that when Anthem flops EA would pull the plug on BW and SWTOR would die. But it seems Disney has a say in Tor They even have people (person) from Disney Studios in BW Austin (late 2017 starting there) working on it. So that makes me wonder what is going on. Probably means nothing. Who knows.

      • MKDAWUSS

        The same can be said of Star Wars IMO.

        • Rompe Himself

          I would have to agree. Since Disney took over, for the first time, I have not rushed to see any of the post Disney Star Wars movies in the cinemas.

          Besides Rogue One which was a fluke, everything Disney has pumped out (Ep 7, 8 and Solo), has been woeful, and Ep 9 is shaping up to be even worse.

          I think this is George Lucas punishing us for hating on Ep 1 and him as a director/story writer. We all said it couldn’t get much worse then Ep 1 and Jar Jar. George Lucas smiled, sold it to Disney, and simply sat down quietly, waiting for all of us to to be proven wrong.

          And now here we are, with the Star Wars franchise being decimated by truly awful Disney attempts at the franchise we all once loved.

          • MKDAWUSS

            The tag team of EA and Disney

  • abaddonsmummy

    Hey, I’m all for a delay in a update release to get things right, no point in it being a disaster.
    This is one, I repeat ONE hutball arena.
    NOT a planet, with attached daily’s and storyline, sm and hm level flashpoint etc.
    It’s ONE hutball arena.
    And deep down I think we all know the patch will need patching a week later.

    • Rompe Himself

      Yup, One could be forgiven if say, BW Austin was delivering a plethora of content with this patch. But it is just one single PVP arena, and it is a cut and paste at that. BW Austin are delivering next to nothing in content, and they still can’t get it right.

      And you know BW Austin are a failure when Abaddonsmummy is calling them out on it. He gives them the benefit of the doubt more then anyone on this website. Perhaps it is time for Papa EA to visit the old shed with BW as a whole, and put BW down with the rest of the once great studios, especially since they both collectively killed the Mass Effect franchise.

      • abaddonsmummy

        You hit the nail with ‘cut and paste’.
        It’s not a new arena at all.
        It’s the old hutball arena with slightly different graphics.
        The PvP game parameter’s haven’t changed in the slightest.
        I’m kinda wanting the whole anthem situation to blow soon so we can see what’s left in the fallout.
        I don’t want the game to die, but if it has to, to be reborn by someone with the knowledge that it has the potential to be a money spinner (especially multi format) then so be it.
        This summer of PvP has kinda killed the game for me a bit, I truly thought the days of single area focused content was behind us.
        Sub due in 3 days.
        First time in a long time, I have thought of not renewing.
        Not since the dark days of Kotfe, but at least that gave you something to do even though it was nearly all terrible.
        Feel bad at letting my guild down though.
        Hard times Rompe man, hard times.

        • AbnerDoon

          I re-subbed briefly when the first pvp update was supposed to hit in early July and they dangled that free month out there. With a month plus the free one I had about a week of sub left when it finally dropped.

          I don’t regret it as I did a lot with my guild in that time. I almost subbed again for this update. But that nagging voice in my head reminded me of the last time. Seriously I don’t think they’ve had a single update on schedule this year.

          At this point I think it is more prudent to wait and see when the next update drops in possibly November. But more likely pushed into December or next year as they were spitballing new ideas in the last stream to see what might interest people. They still have to get them started and on PTS too. I mean November is being generous but look when the last bit of story was the first week of May. We are looking at six to seven months between story updates to finish out the year. They had what two Ops bosses and the Nathema FP?

          I had to go look it up and it makes for some sad reading. So yeah Copero was released at the end of 2017. We got a single story FP update this year in Nathema. It took them five months for one bit of story and now another six plus to put out two FP’s. Along with some companions that the returns have been so bad that people just don’t care about any more.

          • AbnerDoon

            Damn I just depressed myself. lol

            I am going to have to stay away from my guilds Discord so I don’t spread my shitty attitude.

          • Rompe Himself

            And the big problem is also that when actual content actually does arrive, it just isn’t very good, especially the so called “story” behind it.

        • Barloc

          You know what’s depressing? My laptop broke down about 3 months ago. Before that, I used to play almost every day. I’ve been looking forward to coming back and either playing the game or roleplaying for months now.

          However, after seeing this…I’m not even sure if there’s anything worth coming back to. BW are still being incompetent idiots, no new content, no patches being delivered on time…

          Is there even a point in coming back?

          • AbnerDoon

            Not until 5.10 has a real date for release. Not the first throwaway date they give either the one after the first delay or two.

            Being such a “huge” update for them I expect it to get a big delay after the PTS.

        • Meelis S

          I knew from that day when BW announced that servers population statuses will be taken off that game is done its just matter of time how long they can milk those CM buyers.

          Its sad for me also. Over 5 years playing this game i have thousands of pics some videos and it was great game back then. Sadly nothing will replace anytime soon this rpg even if its not mmo for SW IP. Thats whats sad even if this game gets shut down.

          • Rompe Himself

            When I played that utter shitfest “Keeping up with the Valkorians”, while reading how proud BW Austin was of it, while they ignored all the hate for it and G.C., issues & bugs (Companion gifts and romance STILL broken since 4.0), and people walking away from SWTOR for good, THAT was when I knew this game was truly done and not coming back.

    • IronSalamander8

      I have to say seeing your mood change from to so positive to more negative is both rather depressing and refreshing all at once, Abaddonsmummy as it shows the ability to adapt and take a reasonable attitude towards things. I killed my sub last year right before the last merger but I’ve been watching with a cynical eye to see if they can fix any bloody thing but it just gets worse.

      I know constant negativity can wear on people but man, it’s hard to be remotely positive about SWTOR these days. Also on the official forums I know people hate Andryah and I don’t blame people but that Olagatonjedi is far worse. I swear that guy would praise BW if they came to his house and shot his dog as part of an update. That kind of blind praise is worse than any amount of pessimism.

      Also the Red Dwarf avatar gets bonus points. Such a good show.

      • abaddonsmummy

        Yeah, it’s getting a bitter pill to swallow, more and more these days.
        And I’m usually a positive person!!
        The truly sad thing is, I’ve had better times playing Swtor than any other of the top MMO’s that I’ve played (just my own experiences WoW, Eso, GW2 and Lotr players out there, not a criticism honest).
        But when i’m logging, and I have nothing to do except the same old daily’s, rampages etc week in, week out, and other games are getting great new content, and Bioware can’t even deliver a new hutball map, which I will NEVER EVEN PLAY, it’s just….well plain sh*te!
        Love Red Dwarf man, thanks for the spot.
        Funnily though, now that you remind me, doesn’t bioware atm remind you of Red Dwarf?
        An abandoned ship, with only a handful of nutters at the wheel?

        • Paulo Gomes

          Why do you think I STILL come back to this site to comment?

          Of course it’s because of the wonderful times I had playing this. This game was, at its peak, the best experience I ever had in a MMO.

          It could have been the “WoW Killer”. I honestly believe it could. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Too many mistakes made. Too many people driven away from it.

          Deep down, I still hope for a resurrection of sorts. That someone will step in, hire new people and deliver us the game we could have.

          But if that doesn’t pan out… Well, Tamriel is a nice place to be. It’s not Star Wars. Doesn’t have lightsabers, which I miss every single day.

          But it has competent people running it. At the very least, more competent than these clowns.

          • IronSalamander8

            Yep same here. Had a blast the first couple of years. I had 7 characters at cap when it was 55 (2 tanks, 2 healers, and 3 DPS) and that’s crazy for me; I had over 70 characters in City of Heroes/Villains and only 3 at cap! Heck I even have arts commissioned of some of them, I loved SWTOR that much.

            It’s hard to believe how far it’s fallen, even taking some of the less than stellar decisions they made back when the game was doing well, I was still enjoying myself.

          • Leah

            aside from the whole wow killer (uggh, why, why does anything have to kill wow, there is plenty of people who play video games to SHARE this mmo space, all this wow killing business does is kill the games that players attach that label to /end rant), same.

            I loved this game. a LOT. I keep trying to come back. keep checking the news. but its just… sad. its at the point where i didn’t even bother buying the latest house and I bought every, single. house. prior. even that grindfest of a train.

        • IronSalamander8

          “Victory on Wax world! They’re all dead!”


        • Rompe Himself

          And you know what Abaddonsmummy? I won’t even do a told you so reply or anything. I will simply pat your shoulder, feel bad for you (Because we were all there when we realised this game has gone to shit (and not coming back), despite its potential – very depressing moment I got to say), and welcome you to the club, and offer you a vacant seat, a seat I have kept just for you, this day after all was inevitable. We are going to need more chairs, because honestly, BW Austin are determined to act like Papa EA, and run SWTOR into the ground, while making as much money before it flames out. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/85425ce2db11718a90803c2c7a536c1b8cc2cbe1e275d93e1b4273a2b9491c5e.jpg

      • Nicole48

        Andryah is a small fish in a huge pond, wait till the psychopath called ” Jenny Flynn” ( an account sold 5 times in 2018) will target you and claim you are “bluehufsa” ( yet another of J.F.’ roleplaying accounts) and trash you with the blessing of “kondrac” and “Eshvara” (both fake accounts constantly on sale on shady game forums).

  • jaydog

    Honestly I don’t care. What I do care about is the double xp being pushed back a week.

    Just give us an extra week of double xp lol.

    • Fkc

      I don’t need XP, nor do I need CXP. About 8 characters are maxed out… LOL

    • Bounty_Hunter_Random

      At this rate they may as well just leave the double xp on permanently. Nothing else going for the game anymore. No expansion news, no actual content, no interest in retaining a once great game, no fucks given. Only thing that gets pushed forward is cartel market, and not even new items mostly just re-skins or new coloring’s. Disney killed the movies, EA killed the games.

  • gog

    In other equally surprising news, water is wet.

  • The One Copper Bard

    Well, better to fix shit instead of releasing game breaking shit lol 😛

  • “Keith”

    Of course! in the meantime keep subbing and buy CM stuff my bois we need your support $$ a BIG THANK YOU!

    • Fan Boi Ylliarus

      Of course i will, i LOVE you Keith. =)

    • Tummi

      That’s what I see when they promising “year of swtor”. Instead we see no new playable content but gearing changes (who cares?) new cm stuff, and 1-2 minute cutscene with returning companion

  • Lightsidesith

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  • Can’t believe Musco hasn’t been eaten by a wombat yet…..

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      the wombats are bugged too.

    • Nicole48

      This is cruelty against animals! Please don’t feed poisonous stuff to wombats.

  • Fred Garvin
  • Hilarious!

  • Tom

    Planning when to subscribe is impossible with them… so unreliable.

  • Alexander Delorean

    oct 2? Lol i gonna be playin Odyssey. Seems like Biohare still dyin.

  • LucasFaun

    i dunno…

  • Djangus Roundstone

    I truly miss the glory days of this game and at this point I know they won’t return.

    • Not until Bioware commits to it again and EA pulls it’s thumb outta SWTOR’s butt

      • Rompe Himself

        Which is never. When has Papa EA ever given love to any developer studio they bought out and ran into the ground?

        Once Papa EA buries you, you stay buried. If you’re lucky, Papa EA will kill you as a studio first before he buries you.


        • abaddonsmummy


          • Paulo Gomes

            Yes… But this is one of music’s greatest injustices. I mean, these four guys copied the original and most influential band of all time, the pre-fab four:

  • Fred Garvin

    [OP is Fred G]

    Advice for BWA:

    1. Pick the date for your next patch internally and dick around…I mean, work on it, for however long you “work” on things.
    2. Right before announcing it to the players move it back a week and announce that date.
    3. If you still can’t hit the patch release date, jump out of the nearest window.

    • Rompe Himself

      Advice for BWA from Rompe Himself post “Keeping up with the Valkorians”:

      1. Jump out of the nearest, highest window, and never work on any game, ever again.
      2. Should Option 1 not work (We are talking about BW Austin after all, they always fuck things up), visit the Empire State Building and repeat.

      Rompe Himself.

  • Thundertrain

    Just to recap, this may have, possibly, happened before in the last year or so…






    Once or twice may be for quality issues and them really trying to put out the best possible product. This is a clear pattern. They literally push back more than they release “on time”.

    • Rompe Himself

      Not sure how long you been playing SWTOR for, but BW Austin have been doing this for YEARS, not just since last year.

      • Paulo Gomes

        Are you kidding me?

        What about the delayed patches that then have to be patched AGAIN… Only for the issues NOT to be corrected?

        I can’t remember how long my Imp Agents’ companions sounded like Kalyio.

        Yes, I know: MMOs are going to have bugs. That’s a given.

        But there are bugs in this game that come from LAUNCH.

        That’s just sloppy.

        • Rompe Himself


          Exactly, hence wondering how long Thundertrain has been playing SWTOR for, because delayed patches, bugged patches and bugs that never get fixed are part and parcel of BW Austin.

          • Thundertrain

            Been playing for about 2 years now, I just didn’t have to time to dive further back in the Dulfy announcements for more examples. A year seemed like a decent snapshot of the complete and utter lack of professionalism. 🙂

            • Rompe Himself

              Fair enough, but it is like Darth Cocoabeans & I pointed out, this shit has been going on for years, ever since launch really, and as Paulo pointed out, the bugs that come from said delayed patches or expansions like SOR, either take months to be fixed or not at all in quite a few cases. This is Bioware Austin, a studio created for the sole purpose of running SWTOR, not to develop any other game, just deal with SWTOR, and, well, the track record by them speaks volumes.

        • 平賀才人

          I havent found a single bug from launch and all bugs I find they get patched in no more than a month.

          • Paulo Gomes

            Look harder.

            No more than a month? That’s a joke, right? There have been exploits that last for longer. We clearly didn’t play the same game.

            • Gelious

              Not to undermine your rant, but it’s not the hardmode for the op that’s coming now, its NIM.

              • Paulo Gomes

                It is? I thought BW had retired the “NiM” term in favor of Hardmode. Apologies then.

          • Rompe Himself

            Ooooooooooooh a guessing game to guess which sycophant BW Forum drone this is, or whether it is King of Bullshit Keith himself, or the little fucktard Musco.

            Defenders of BW Austin, getting harder and harder to find, then finding proper content from BW Austin themselves.


            • Valerien

              I agree, though it appears there are always a few white knight forum drones about who have to support any yellow post no matter what; then they claim they aren’t white knights and did disagree on something at some point.

              Often then followed by some personal note to show how cool they are as they drink alcohol while playing, cause their is nothing cooler than spending 6 hours a day trawling the forums while drinking and then 10 minutes in game till they realize there is nothing to do.

          • Fred Garvin
      • Try launch.

    • Fred Garvin
  • Solomon Darkfury

    Anyone else not able to login? Keeps saying the application has encountered an error. Please Try this patch again. If there is no update… why is it saying there is then crashing?

  • “Keith”

    bahahaha keep subbing bois keep subbing bahahaha

  • John Kosto

    I told my guildies that the new update is going to be delayed, and they didn’t even know there is a new update :”)

    • Need2Crash

      my guild all left for wow last i heard and i havent bother to log in in months at this point, I like Star Wars games, but this has lost it shine and fun. the draw of lightsaber fights can only keep entertained so far, till the lack of content makes me leave

  • Paulo Gomes

    Just to show you guys how things are done in a proper MMO:

    There was a competition in ESO recently to win a pet, a mount and a house, all Summerset related items.

    The only thing you needed to do was to get an exploration achievement in Summerset. Logically, you had to purchase the DLC.

    I’ll just drop the link for the house… Scrap that, MANSION we ESO players are getting FOR FREE.

    Here’s looking at ya BioWare…

    • I bet you don’t have to unlock any rooms in that bitch either, as it buying a stronghold wasn’t enough.

      • Paulo Gomes

        Correct. Didn’t even remember room unlocking in TOR.

    • gua543

      I gave the benefit of the doubt to Bioware some time ago, when they changed leadership and started communicating more, but it seems they aren’t getting any better before. I also tried to ignore what other MMOs are delivering, because I’m not playing TOR because it’s an MMO, but the difference has become too large to not take into consideration.

      Oh well. No point in lamenting what could have been. At least they can’t take the original class stories from us.

    • Farlas816

      ESO seems neat but it’s way too expensive for my taste

      • Paulo Gomes

        Fair enough. But it’s only ONE example, one possible example. You can substitute ESO with virtually any AAA MMO out there.

    • AbnerDoon

      I laugh at your fancy mansion. I’ll have you know besides two Ops bosses that were supposed to be released last year. We got one FP, one PVP map and a filthy SH with mud sounds and flies. Before this month is over our PVP maps will have doubled in releases this year.

      Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eda55c9380eb090664c53075652b3f555cf7ec22c694b0b8790ecd1058b559b9.gif

    • Leah

      and my fave part – while there are still crown exclusive furnishing – BULK of the furniture, and pretty awesome one too – is either craftable, or bought from achievement etc vendors for in game gold. and there is a LOT of it. credit where credit is dew – I originally got into housing thanks to swtor, but… even with its limitations, ESO blows swtor housing out of the water. and then some.

    • Darth Twinge

      hellz yeah. plus they are giving us a mount and pet with it!

      My main is an Altmer and i haven’t been inspired to buy her a real house, so
      pretty happy to be getting this mansion to hold all the furniture that i
      got for doing achievements and such.
      Considering it’s based on the aesthetic of the expansion that was released in may, and now there is another expansion in like november – They really crank em out.

      • Paulo Gomes

        We had “Summerset” in May, I believe. As you say.

        “Wolfhunter” in August, I think. Small scale DLC, I know. Still…

        And “Murkmire” in November.

        I could extrapolate. Compare. Criticise.

        I won’t. I’ll just lay down the facts.

  • bruja_peda

    I’m only waiting for Shadow of The Tomb Raider to go down on price this fall to buy it, too expensive at the time, this is gonna be the first winter i won’t be playing SWTOR since 2012. Instead of buying a 60 time card i will be buying SoTTR. I haven’t completed the last ops and i don’t even care, i mean killing robots? this is not Transformers, game economy is dead too. Also buying time cards now are a PITA and very expensive in my country, not worth either so…

    • Ben Gimson

      Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a solid choice for something to play instead of swtor.

  • LucasFaun

    hmm…shame there isnt any other good non fantasy mmorpg´s out there.

    • Farlas816

      STO is great, give it a whirl if you haven’t

      • Petan

        LOL, that’s a joke, right?

        STO is just a stupid space shooter dressed in a Star Trek Coat. The limited amount (especially compared to SWTOR) of story you get is really sub-par, seemingly written by 12yearolds, and for the most part just rehashing of the stories from the TV shows.

        Rest of the game is just a huge never ending grind.

        Did I miss something?

        • Levi Morandi

          SW:TOR is also written by 12 years old: as an Imperial player you encounter Reps with 5 different forms or push back, fire probes, stun, sleep, yet as a Rep your companion Iresso does NOT have those skills whatsoever. Also as a Jedi Consular ( class supposed to unlock the twilek species) you cannot romance the twilek dude if your toon is a female, instead you have to romance a black human dude because lol SWTOR is politically correct.

    • abaddonsmummy


  • Fubarz

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