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SWTOR Game Update 5.9.3 Patch Notes

SWTOR Game Update 5.9.3 Patch Notes.



  • Vandin Huttball – The galaxy’s favorite sport* is back in an all-new venue: the Sky Shredder! Located on the scenic** world of Vandin, Huttball fanatics can look forward to new and deadlier challenges as they battle for victory!
    • *Based on a survey of Hutt Cartel members and staff.
    • **Visibility may vary depending on viewer’s species. Some breathing restrictions apply.
  • Double Rewards Event – Earn double XP, CXP, and more from October 9th – October 16th!


  • Free-to-play players can now chat freely in Groups and Guilds.
  • The Rooftop Garden of the Manaan Stronghold is no longer inaccessible in some situations.
  • Ranked and Unranked Warzones now have separate queue buttons inside of Activity Finder.
  • Players can once again enter the PvP areas of Ilum as a group.
  • All large hooks are once again selectable on the Sky Carrier: Main Deck of the Rishi Stronghold.
  • The Overlook inside the Rishi Stronghold has returned to its normal pricing of 1.5 million credits.
  • Characters that use a server transfer will have their Solo and Group Rating reset if they are above 1200 rating.
  • The Small Yield Target for Conquests is now 170,000 (down from 200,000)

Classes +Combat


  • Critical hits may now be Shielded in PvP.

Jedi Knight



  • Using Focused Burst will no longer cause other players in PvP to have unintended forced movement.



  • Using Focused Burst will no longer cause other players in PvP to have unintended forced movement.

Sith Warrior



  • Using Raging Burst will no longer cause other players in PvP to have unintended forced movement.



  • Using Raging Burst will no longer cause other players in PvP to have unintended forced movement.

Jedi Consular


  • A .25 second Global Cooldown has been added to Shadow Stride to prevent an issue when this ability was overlapped with other movement abilities.

Sith Inquisitor


  • A .25 second Global Cooldown has been added to Phantom Stride to prevent an issue when this ability was overlapped with other movement abilities.



  • A .25 second Global Cooldown has been added to Trick Move to prevent an issue when this ability was overlapped with other movement abilities.

Imperial Agent


  • A .25 second Global Cooldown has been added to Holotraverse to prevent an issue when this ability was overlapped with other movement abilities.

Bounty Hunter


  • The Masterful Tier Utility “Threat Sensors” will now increase melee and ranged defense by 3% as intended.



  • The Masterful Tier Utility “Suit FOE” will now increase melee and ranged defense by 3% as intended.

Flashpoints + Operations + Uprisings


  • Completing a Veteran Mode Flashpoint in Activity Finder will now count towards the Conquest Objectives “Activity Finder: Socialite I” and “Activity Finder: Socialite II”


Blood Hunt

  • The Jos and Valk Beroya encounter has been rebalanced to be a bit easier in Veteran Mode.
  • The Jos and Valk Beroya encounter should reset less frequently in Story Mode due to the Combat Support Droid or player Companion being knocked off the boss area.


The Ravagers

  • Players can no longer avoid dying to Ravager Electro-Pulse Nova by using /stuck during the Blaster & Master encounter.
  • Blaster will always lose his invulnerability shield after Master arrives, as intended.

Gods From The Machine

  • Even though Izax is a machine, he will no longer sometimes show debug text.
  • Aivela and Esne will no longer apply the Positive Polarization debuff in Story and Veteran Mode.

Galactic Starfighter


  • Increased the Command XP reward for winning a Galactic Starfighter match.

Items + Economy

  • The Guild Flagship Rename item can now be sold on the GTN.
  • A number of low -level Premium and Prototype items no longer require Rise of the Hutt Cartel.
  • The Unfettered Trench Coat now has display art on the Cartel Market.
  • The Minimalist Gladiator Chestguard now has display art on the Cartel Market.
  • The Flair “Sign of the Captureds” now displays its name properly in the Collections Interface.
  • The Longspur Outrider now displays the correct mount in the Collections Interface.
  • The Skirmish Zeldrate now displays the correct name in the Collections Interface.
  • The title “Corsair, the Unruly” can now be unlocked in Collections as intended.
  • Corrected a number of Stronghold Decorations which were showing up in the wrong categories.
  • Iokath MK-4 Relics and Schematics now say “relic” in their item name.
  • Players should get stuck less frequently inside of the Cantina Bar Set (Small) Decoration.

Missions + NPCs

  • Level Sync now applies to all Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapters.
  • Fixed a number of cinematics throughout the game where walls, Companions, or the environment would not appear as intended, weapons not being drawn, and more.
  • During the Bounty Hunter Mission “Some People Just Need Killing” the map marker is now in the correct place.



  • Using interactable objects in Ancient Hypergates and The Voidstar will now automatically remove a character from stealth.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

56 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 5.9.3 Patch Notes”

I suppose we should be happy they didn’t treat chat like the credit limit message.

You are very close to reaching the 350 letter chat limit!

That limit is something that should have been changed long ago. With credit inflation and years of rising GTN prices 250k to 350k can’t even buy you a Rodian mayonnaise sandwich.

This is one of those things they hang onto even though the workarounds are already there. Use legacy storage and pass credits to a friend. Or use someones referral link every 90 days to go shopping for a week and get what you need.

Given that patch there is still no reason to return to swtor. bioware really needs to get some content worth repeating in this game and while a new PVP map is a start. It simply not enough.

How many other MMO’s put out two Ops bosses (left over from 2017) a FP a PVP map and a SH in one year? Make that two PVP maps as of tomorrow.

How can other MMO’s even compete with a content storm like that?

Pretty easy. FF14 and wow are just two that puts out more content in patches than bioware does for swtor. I’d bet if I put in enough time, there are others as well.

bioware is bottom rung developers and designers and there best is nothing more than others half-assed attempts and bioware no more deserve to continue swtor than gazillion did for Marvel heroes.

wasnt this crits being shielded mentioned months back? I login to to the game today first time in while, and logged out 5 min later, my guild is gone they all left to wow, and the server is dead,

Damn. Wow ain’t better, but it’s something. Hell I left B4A after a month because I don’t feel like leveling another toon, artifact, and getting the newest stat-quished items as they drag out the releases over a 4-5 month period like they did with Legion. I’m a try ESO or go back to Final Fantasy as a main MMO I’m tired of both of them

This was exactly the kind of definitive answer I was looking for from SWTOR. I can now officially say that I’ll spend all my creds during the 2CXP week and then I’m canceling my subscription. I hardly log in any more, my Guild is dead, there’s no new content and basically they have made clear that they have no intention of giving us any further reason to keep playing. I’ll keep it on my desktop for when PSN is down for maintenance.

I did that right before my sub ran out at the start of the last 2X event. It’s better at this point to have some fun with all those hoarded credits.

Amazing class changes, cannot wait to try all my characters in the new operations and flashpoints that will be released tomorrow!

wasnt this crits being shielded mentioned months back? I login to to the game today first time in while, and logged out 5 min later, my guild is gone they all left to wow, and the server is dead,

Someone needs to explain summer to the team. Because this was supposed to be the Summer of PVP! Yet it began August 7th and is finally getting the 2nd act on October 2nd.

I can’t wait for the shenanigans in the upcoming Fall or New Year’s roadmap.

The community manager isn’t able to handle a simple calendar, what do you expect from such a team?

For BioWare is today the 427th of Septober 2016 or something.

When leaping to a target between levels it stops mid-jump as if hitting an invisible wall. Obviously it’s a fucking irritating bug in PvP, Huttball especially, since it usually happens when jumping around the walkways near the goal line and it’s the only decent mobility ability Guardians/Juggernauts have.

Lost more than one match because my run to the goal was thwarted by this bug. There’s another leap bug too, where the character sort of slides through the target of the leap, though that’s not half as bad since it doesn’t go too far past them.

Oh ok PvP, that’s why I don’t know about it. I have stopped PvP because it’s too toxic. And even when I did, I used to play with my Shadow and my Commando usually… though I did bring other classes sometimes…

I mostly play tank guardian/juggernaut, so even if I’m targeted it’s all good. Not sure if the bug is present in PvE but I’d think it would be, since it’s the same ability. I guess there’s not as many opportunities to leap up between levels in PvE though.

Which is probably why they’ve never bothered to fix it.

Yeah but no. Fixes over PvP are the norm, and class balance is sadly based always on PvP. Because they are idiots and got rid of different gear for the two modes. Instead, they should just have different discipline and ability builds between PvP and PvE. Now all the PvErs have to constantly get nerfed since that’s their only way of “fixing” things, and it always happens because PvPers complain. So in this case, not fixing an actual bug is just because they’re incompetent.

I wish. Class balance in PvP is worse now than it’s ever been. I agree, though, that the ideal would be separate abilities for PvP and PvE. I really don’t know why that isn’t the norm in MMOs tbh. It makes perfect sense and one group would never need to suffer because of the other.

Well let me rephrase. It USED to be that class changes and class balance happen only because of PvP. Now they just don’t happen. There’s no one to fix anything.

Hopefully when Anthem crashes and burns EA will see swtor as a more worthwhile investment, given the money they make from the CM. Might motivate them to focus on improving a successful, existing product since all their new ventures are failing.

their Licence to run this MMO will be invaild in 2020. so by then it will be a win or a fail for EA to continue being having owner rights to this game further in, and if the game shuts down because Bioware doesnt have the full man power of Devs for swtor alone to fix it, or run it. u just have those 3 devs only.

can players who really only benefit from new material pay a reduced membership which prevents all the big whammy free to play restrictions? like a middleground subscription..its hardly worth the same money as it is for new players with an entire games worth of new material

So if this games does shut down, what are all the haters here going to do? With no game left to complain about

i miss the days where fanbois would rage at me and obsess over my business and whenever id mention swg bob and vicariousfanboi would appear and rage post and try to get me kicked off here sigh.. those were the days = (

Darn it!

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