SWTOR New Collections Items with Patch 5.9.3

Here are all the new collection items that have arrived with Patch 5.9.3.

Bog Gladipod


Menacing Glare Color Crystal


Dread Seed Weapon Tuning


Pet: Devious Creep


Pet: Mischievous Miniprobe


Flair: Jawa Mask


  • Thundertrain

    So…dread seed tuning gives both you and your weapon a malignant tumor. Wow. Can’t wait to spend my hard-earned cash on this graphical enhancement! Good thinking, BW!

    • John Kosto

      This game is literally cancer these days

      • Shawn Hargrave

        more like aids

      • 平賀才人

        You are yet to meet league of legends then…

    • Barloc

      Don’t forget the clipping. That’s totally normal.

      • abaddonsmummy

        I can only imagine the clipping horror with capes etc.


      It probably works with the Dread Seed Armor set IDK

      • Xard

        It doesn’t at all.

    • abaddonsmummy

      Thing is, I like the idea that a weapon tuning can change something on your character, it’s different, a set of wings, a different race of unplayable alien as a disguise, so many options.
      But this looks absolutely horrible.

      • Thundertrain

        Exactly this. As many creative options as you can think of…some kind of force glow for your whole character, an energy burst on contact / firing, a tuning that mimics one of the unique blades on some older sabers, something that changes the sound effects of a given weapon…no. Something that makes you look like the Evil Hunchback of Notre Dame with a lightsaber? Yes, let’s do that!

        Wait…can the lightsaber be a hunchback, too? YES! EVEN BETTER!


      • Paulo Gomes

        Yep. Good idea, dreadful execution (pun absolutely intended).

      • Darth Turd-back lol

    • Ben Gimson

      Wouldn’t be so bad if it was in more places like a kind of organic armour type thing, but yeah just that big lump on the back is kinda weird.

  • Ugh, why can’t they make jawas a playable race? Even just a disguise… Such a fun idea.

    • 平賀才人

      They are gonna do that. (No playable race though thats just stupid if you think about it. Game is not designed to work with those species.)

      • John Kosto

        It’s stupid that the game is not designed to work with those species, and not the fact that we would like them to.

        • 平賀才人

          Think a bit, put yourself on the shoes of a dev and see if you can solve it.
          Game is just not designed to work with those species due to all cinematics, animations, dialogs, clothing having to work with any race included.
          I know they could simply paste a jawa model onto your character and sell it to you for 600 coins like any other race but you would end up with a Jawa with a voice that just wont fit, you wont be able to customize clothing, animations would be displayed improperly. And Im sure everyone would be unhappy by a poor quality job like that.
          To make that work properlly they would have to bassically remake the full game cinematics, animations, clothing, etc to fit every single non humanoid race people want.
          That would end up costing even more time and resources than funding a whole new game.
          Devs just wont do it and this is why. I cant say I dont want to play a wookie, or a transoshan or a jawa for a bit but considering the changes they would have to make to the game I prefer to stay this way and invest their funds on things that really matter like more story content, more, locations, SHs, QOL features, flashpoints and pvp games.
          They are actually letting us to disguise as them on our SHs so be a bit grateful for that.

          • John Kosto

            First things first. I will never ever ever be grateful about anything they “do for me” in this game. The subscription fee has been ridiculously expensive for years, for what this game has to offer any more.

            Second, if the animations, the clothing, the cinematics, can work for 4 different sizes of the same species, then surely there can be a work around for smaller species. And if not, that’s on them, for not having the ability to do it, even though this is literally the most expensive game to ever be produced.

            Do you understand how much money was put into this game, and what kinds of mistakes were made along the process so that the result is not the best possible, and quite honestly, so that the game is pathetic after all these years? Not just the engine, but the decorations system, the bugs that have been around for years, the clipping of clothes depending on species, the clipping of mounts, this game is just horribly designed since day one.

            I never suggested that there is any hope or chance that this could happen now. The mistakes have been made since 10 years ago. And then more mistakes were made during the last 4 years, and we have ended up with KOTFE killing the game essentially. A freaking 4 million trailer for this game. When it was already with an uncertain future ahead after the SOR fuck up.

            • 平賀才人

              Welp you forget you can play the game even without sub right?
              And no, there is various reasons for why there is no simple work around for making clothes and animations fit Jawas, what you say is bassically “Scale down all clothes and that’s it.”
              Not all small species have the same body mesh, not all small species are meant (cannonwise) to be wearing more than 90% of the game clothing, in the case of Jawas we don’t have an official unmasked Jawa to make a base model mesh, not even a Jawa with any other clothing not involving their iconic brown tunic.
              Also you cannot simply force animations to work with models so small as Jawas, if you do you would end up having to make your Jawa float to appear on cam which would look dumb as fuck cuz it would be obvious the model is floating. Otherwise your Jawa won’t even appear on the screen cuz the camera is aiming to a proper height for the 4 body types.
              Also want it or not, flirting and romances are a core part of SWTOR. I don’t even have to start onto how that would be a problem.
              And devs already mentioned it. theres also the non galactic basic issue. Which I do know it can be solved by simply forcing the dialogs to randomly play the only 1 – 3 sound effects for your character speaking (instert any non galactic basic language) would end up being frustrating for most players. Its like playing the full KOTOR game with your character speaking the weird Ithorian sounds all the time during any kind of scene.
              Yeah they can record more language attempts but still they just wont fit every single game scene.
              Most of them would lose the feels they had with their proper galactic basic actor.
              Also KOTFE didn’t killed the game, a lot of improvement was seen on their cinematics, story was good, it worked as a trigger for them to be able to add stuff people were asking for years such as new companions, being able to summon X class companions with Y class character and now with that story arc fully finished they are so including the decision players wanted to betray their factions to support the other one.
              Also evey game you can think of has been launched with bugs since day one. Its normal, games are made by people which are not perfect, even profesionals fuck up from time to time. Most of the non critical ones still remain and were never patched.
              SWTOR is no different, they do patch bugs and I know some take months or years to be covered up but thats because they give priority to performance bugs, followed by exploits, followed by major visual bugs and ending with anything else if possible.
              And thats with every game, obviously the bigger and the more complex a game is, the more buggs it will trigger and the harder it will be to pach all of them.

              Unless you can come with a game as complex as SWTOR that was launched and remains to the day with absolute 0 bugs and perfectly stable in every way; You can’t blame this game for this.
              Yeah devs are being paid, and yeah this game costs millions, but its not money which develops a game, its a team of people. A team which must be distributed properly to solve the different needs of the game post launch.
              Because they cannot afford to fully focus on solving bugs while they cannot just leave them unattended.
              Just look at everyone commenting on any thread for any game. You will always find people complaining. Some ranting because of the lack of content, others ranting due to bugs, others due to their suggestions (for stupid they can be) not being considered, others due to them hating X content added and so on.
              No matter what the team focuses at, people will always be ranting about the state of the game. So the only thing they can do is distribute people to cover every area while prioritizing on what people rant about the most and of course on what makes people keep investing on the game because that’s still the core point of their jobs like any other job.

            • Shawn Hargrave

              they alienated a whole playerbase who played rodians wookies bothans etc in swg tors cookie cutter player models and its anoying as fuck to see player comps that are wookies etc why cant we switch and play comps like the old kotors? Hell in the original kotors i played hk-47 most of the time lol

      • Shawn Hargrave

        in swg i played a wookie in tor im told by a dev that wookies arent heroic go figure

  • aPinkMando

    Wait, did they remove the new armor sets from the fucking update? Are you kidding me?

    • AbnerDoon

      They have been selling them direct instead. They will most likely be spaced out between now and 5.10 with a super rare chance from Ultimate packs.

      Heck they still haven’t released the resort set from the previous update in August.

      • aPinkMando

        No, I mean the ones that were supposed to come out with 5.9.3, the merciless seeker set and so on.

      • Ben Gimson

        I’m holding out for that resort set :’)

      • Darth Endrel

        Actually they did, just not as a pack.

  • Barloc

    Oh boy! I can’t wait for my Sith inquisitor to look like one of the extras from Alien! Thanks Bioware, I always wanted to grow a huge f*cking tumour on my back!

  • lolipop

    • n7x

      I’m sorry but why do you post some old shit that has nothing to do with swtor? If someone wants to watch all these boring rants, they just go on youtube and watch.

      • Farlas816

        i don’t trust youtube videos about tlj. I hated it but most of them turn out to be full of racist and or misogynistic garbage

        • Fred Garvin

          [OP is Fred G]

          Agree 100%.

        • John Kosto

          There are also youtube videos that have legit arguments about the movie without being racist and/or misogynistic. Unless you think it is racist to say negative things about a non-white character and misogynistic to say negative things about a woman. Admiral Holdo was one of the worst Star Wars characters we have ever seen. Yes, worse than Jar Jar even. So was Rose. Also, the movie made Rose an Asian stereotype. She literally crashes everything she rides.

          • Guest

            and why is the only black dude a janitor? and a complete bumble up just like the asian is

            • RF19

              And a traitor. You forgot traitor, like that other black dude in starwars.

          • Farlas816

            Yeah there are some good ones, but there’s also a bunch of racist and misogynistic shit, or people complaining about “forced diversity” and i don’t care to do a coin toss, yaknow?

            • John Kosto

              Well people complaining about forced diversity don’t bother me that much if they are right about it. I am not gonna complain about that stuff because I could care less, but it’s ridiculous that we did not have Admiral Ackbar instead of Admiral Holdo.

              And you know as well as I do that they just wanted to have another woman in that role, and to show Oscar Isaac as the bad man who wants to go to war. And they ended up messing up bad. Because that plot does not make any sense at all, and Admiral Holdo ends up being responsible for the decimation of the Resistance.

              And where the fuck is Mon Mothma? Come on, ridiculous stuff…and yes, some of it was forced. When you do art and you don’t care about the story but you care about demographics this is what happens.

              Did you watch Rogue One? That movie had diversity and it was freaking awesome. And the woman in that movie was a real hero and a classic now character. I for one was very inspired by Jyn Erso.

              • RF19

                To be fair, we didnt have ackbar because the voice actor died before they made the film.

              • Fred Garvin

                [OP is Fred G]

                If Holdo should’ve been replaced by anyone it was Leia. Drop the stupid hiding of plans crap and have Leia sacrifice herself to actually save the fleet. Could’ve been a fitting end to the character and a hell of a moment if done correctly. But as Rian Johnson can’t even tie his fucking shoes without giggling and out-clevering himself it never would have happened.

                And I get you’re trying to be rationale but OP has a good point…most of those vids are man-babies whining about their lost childhood and masculinity (which they never really had anyway.)

              • John Kosto

                That’s one way to interpret it. If you wanna be fair and as objective as possible, then you don’t put people in boxes. You don’t do it with women, you don’t do it with minorities, you don’t do it with men. So in the same sense, some people see a man complaining about TLJ and the only thing they can think about is that they are complaining because they are men. Dude, my girlfriend who is super liberal said that they made Luke a pussy. Imagine that.

                Leia should not be a General first of all. She should be either the Chancellor, or Head Of The State, or a Jedi at the very least. She was always a person of diplomacy, not a person of warfare. That’s bullshit. Plus, after Return Of The Jedi the only option was to also be trained in the Force. She didn’t have to be a Jedi Master, but being completely out of the circle just didn’t make sense.

                I do agree that Leia could have sacrificed herself indeed. And maybe it would have been this way, if Carrie Fischer had died 6 months earlier. Regardless, that movie was just a mess in so many ways…. Think about the fact that every single white male in the movie is a piece of shit or a coward :’)

              • Fred Garvin

                [OP is Fred G]

                I hear you, believe me. I despise TLJ and yet I’m someone often called a SJW by the mouth breathers for my views on things…lol.

                But for every John Kosto, Red Letter Media, or Georg-Rockall Schmidt (check him out if you haven’t) who are able to constructively put together why the movie doesn’t work there seems to be 10 tantrum throwing He-Man Woman Haters Club members who clumsily try and hide why they hate it but fail. They can’t even get past the gender/race of actors or the desire to just be controversial and part of the mob to see the other glaring issues…so I quit watching any of those vids because it honestly just bores me at this point. SW has never been this irrelevant to me and I’m cool with it. Honestly, other than watching this shitshow inexplicably continue to play out with SWTOR I don’t even think about SW at all.

              • Paulo Gomes

                I hated TLJ. In fact, I think “hate” doesn’t come close to describing how I feel towards that movie.

                The problem was never the women or minorities. I can give examples: I still think Daisy Ridley was a perfect casting choice. In fact, the very best things about TFA were her and Boyega. I love Ahsoka Tano. Never minded one bit she was female. I can go outside of Star Wars. One of my all-time favourite series was “Fringe”. It had a female lead too.

                The problem was quality, not gender or race. As you pointed out also, Rogue One was the best Disney driven movie. It also had a female lead. And a great one at that.

                A bad movie is a bad movie. Replace Ridley and all the women, replace all races with white people… And the movie would still suck balls.

              • John Kosto

                I feel the exact same way Paulo. In fact, Ahsoka Tano is top 3 favorite characters for me, and perhaps even THE favorite. Honestly, the work done with her is amazing, and she has played a pivotal role in the SW saga. All canon. All new stuff. All amazing stuff.

                The Star Wars Universe is perfect for creating new material in any form (books, movies, series, videogames, comic books), and delivering amazing storylines.

                There have been phenomenal storylines (Darth Bane Trilogy, Clone Wars, the 6 Lucas movies, Legacy Of The Force, The One Sith, even Rogue One and yes, why not even Rey from the sequel trilogy, she is great) so the fact that this sequel trilogy is treated so horribly when it comes to the story, is even more infuriating.

                PS. Also many memorable and admirable female characters in all of the above. Mara Jade Skywalker, Lumiya, Jaina Solo, Vestara Khai, etc. The list goes on.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Sorry. I can only upvote this once.

              • Fred Garvin

                [OP is Fred G]

                Yes to you both. Ahsoka is way up on my list of top characters. I even remember when I realized she had gone from “kind of annoying” to “holy shit she’s awesome”: that episode of Clone Wars where she’s on top of the walker deflecting laser fire, giving orders to troopers, all while Anakin is ordering her to retreat but she’s ignoring him.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                yeah imagine how awesome these movies could have been with thrawn as the enemy or the eu cannon instead we have emo ren and mary sue lol

              • Shawn Hargrave

                the story was shit had a pointless sublplot that went nowhere on top of it made luke look like a total pussy they absolutely wrecked and destroyed lukes character i mean really? luke is a homeless war vet on this rock island hiding out with ptsd milking alien tits sigh smh

              • Levi Morandi

                Leia being a General is something borrowed from SW: TOR , bounty hunter class quest on Voss. There you have to kill or capture Tellonia Redrish, a ” Kuati noble woman given the rank of general for her efforts against the Empire” . See the resemblance?

            • Levi Morandi

              Diversity.. i don’t see a single Twilek, Togruta, Trandoshan, Nautolan, Nikto ( all the species i’ve named are SW canon).

              Where’s the racism when there were black people in the SW movies since forever? Does anyone but anyone remember Mace Windu & Lando? Hello?

    • Fubarz

      Well you can blame that on the Russian bots now

    • I love how the theme of the entire Star Wars IP is “Resistance”. Gee… where’s that coming from?

    • lore

      You don’t really need a video for that.

      They tried to mix politics with entertainment. Its low brow (basically you turn it into a cheap political propaganda film) and people dont like it.

      Just ask Hollywood how much they lost these last two years with all their actors coming out and preaching politics… or ask the NFL.

      People go to entertainment to get away from real world stuff- like politics, not to see more of it.

    • Levi Morandi

      Disney should stop making SW movies & give a chance to the Old Republic Era. Why not a trilogy about the beginnings? One movie about Korriban, the first Sith, the Academy & stuff. A second movie about the Jedi Order ( no Shan family drama tho). A third movie about the Mandalorians ( starting with the Taung species). What do you people think?


    They’re a little late with the Dread Seed Tuning thingy. Shoulda had that when that story arc was still active.

    • Otaris

      That’s a very good point actually, they should of

  • Vincent van der Laan

    lol looks like a some disease attaced to your skin xD

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Isn’t that the point?

      • Risqu’e

        zomg you changed your avatar!

        • Darth Ji’inx

          Yes, and…?

          • Risqu’e

            I dunno. Wasnt really an “and” – just a reminder that Darth Marr is dead i guess 🙁

            • Darth Ji’inx

              Too soon…

  • Got nothing left to do

    Geez, I am pretty astounded to see that even the Space Barbie component of the game isn’t being catered to.

  • Little Flame

    Stuff that was supposed to be added with 5.9.3:

    At least half of it ain’t even in the game yet
    The stuff that’s “in the game” isn’t available.

    Was that week long delay not enough to at the very least get the promised items into the game?

    • Harston


      • PhaedrusRautha

        Actually… it was just items that were data mind from PTS for this patch. Anything that is datamined is not ‘promised’…
        Maybe drop the entitlement a bit?

        • Little Flame

          Sure, it might’ve been datamined, but even after being used on the PTS it’s still not being used. I mean, there’s also an armour set that was promised for 5.9.2. Which is still not in the game. Honestly, even the Elite Dangerous devs are more trustworthy with promises than the swtor team

        • Ben Gimson

          Someone else who doesn’t have a clue what ‘entitlement’ means…

  • “Keith”

    Keep buying buying keep buying, keep the market healthy!

  • Marrks

    if this games dies, will we ever have another star wars mmo alike game?

    • lore

      Disney owns it. AS soon as this dies, they will roll out a new game to get that $$$$.

      That’s why I hope the few still playing just let the dead dog die and maybe we can get something better in the future.

      • Fubarz

        You will have a long wait for that since Disney left gaming, would have to buy a gaming company (maybe EA) LMAO!! on that. EA still has the Star Wars license for 4 plus years So Disney is making money without having to spend any

      • Bakgrind

        Disney would have to switch developers and move away from EA. And to be honest EA hasn’t been rolling out enough games with the Star Wars since they got the license for the IP. All EA is really doing is tying up the IP so they don’t lose market share to another developer. I don’t have a lot of faith in Disney because it appears that they are just content to pick up the royalty off of the license agreement that they have with EA.

      • BogyOne

        Would Microsoft spark some hope? Some news listed they are having spare change to spend this year.

      • Tony

        Disney owns this? oh we are doomed!!!! what happened to story progression I am in serious roleplay withdrawal here

        • Guest

          6 years late to the party arent you?

      • abaddonsmummy

        As much as it saddens me to say, if this dies I seriously doubt if Disney/EA will pour tens of millions in to a venture that has just crashed and burned.
        To them the easy money will be BF3.
        Little story, little class balance, big cash shop, multi format, easy money.

    • Ben Gimson

      It’ll happen eventually. Can pretty much guarantee that.

      • abaddonsmummy

        More likely imho, is that they’ll pour cash into BF3, BF4 etc.
        They’ve had their fingers burned here with a lot of negative press and feedback.
        The battlefront franchise easier/cheaper to run out every few years.

        • Ben Gimson

          Oh I doubt it’ll be EA making it when it does finally happen. EA won’t be able to hang onto the IP forever, but SW is too entrenched to stop being an easy money-maker, so it’s got plenty of time to inspire another MMO at some point in the future.

          It’s just a question of whether that’ll be sooner or later.

    • Gonadius

      Unlikely seeing as two Star Wars MMO’s have failed and there’s not much of a market for them any more.

  • Lightsidesith

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    • John Kosto

      How much are you offering?

  • Guest
    • Fubarz

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    • Djangus Roundstone

      You’ll actually be working for Musco

    • Jep Fareborn

      Fuq that. A whole lot of ass-kissery right there. Good riddance, Musco if you are training a padawan to take your place. I hope you never work in the video game industry again!

  • Sabretooth

    not impressive

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  • Count Sacula

    Is this even a game anymore or just a persistent cartel market? Reading the comment sections makes me really want to reconsider resubbing.

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