GW2 Gemstore Update–Scaled Dragon Wings Backpack Glider Combo

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Scaled Dragon Wings Backpack and Glider combo for 700 gems.

Scaled Dragon Wings Backpack Combo – 700 gems


The backpack will flap if you jump up/down

Returning Items

  • Foefire Greaves – 500 gems
  • Foefire Mantle – 500 gems
  • Foefire Wraps – 500 gems
  • Executioner’s Outfit – 700 gems
  • Lunatic Guard Outfit – 700 gems
  • Tremor Armadillo Roller Beetle Skin – 2000 gems
  • E.T. PhoneHome

    Look and feel more like Succubus wings.
    Someone of talent might create Morrigan Aensland in-game who knows !?

  • Ares Zax

    That’s a really nice wing design, but I hate how the “skin” portion of the wing doesn’t match between the upper and lower sides. 🙁

  • o.O I need dis

  • Really disappointed in the fact that the backpack is not dyeable, so every time you glide and land etc, it just looks terrible

    • Narottam Zakheim

      ye its lame…. my ocd would never allow this

    • Tora

      they should have released them in atleast white, black and brown, just like the feathered wings

    • kazerniel

      it’s sadly the same with any backpack-wing combos 🙁 (looking at you, vine-touched destroyer glider 😒)

    • Squatch

      This change makes a lot of sense…. There are so many backpacks that are incredibly underused because the colors are so obscure. Wasted potential on backpacks like shining blade wings, etc.

  • Tora

    hmmmm, sigh… *takes out wallet*

  • KvGN

    My griffon hatchling backpack glider is better than this

  • Zack Maxwell

    Has there always been that massive delay on switching between the backpack skin and the glider skin on these combo items? I don’t remember seeing it on others, and it seems like like something that’d be a total deal-breaker for a lot of people. As a programmer, it also seems completely illogical that they were able to botch something as simple as that.

  • Taiwan Wolf

    Wings that are actually awesome. ;o too bad im poor atm

  • Brooke D. Calvert

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  • Max K. S. Peros

    is it just me or this looks like bat wings ? drakula style “yes i know drakul mean dragon in romanian”

  • The One Copper Bard

    House repairs have me low on money right now. Such is life lol.

    If I miss them they’ll be back anyway 😛

  • Richard Terry

    I just got this combo off the Gem Store, and I’m slightly disappointed with the fact that the Backpack doesn’t display the same colors of the Glider, instead the glider remains in the default colors as shown in the preview. I wish they’d do something about glider/backpack combo dyeing.

    • Iris Melendez

      this has always the problem with backpack/glider combos. You can dye the glider but not the back piece and it looks weird.

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