GW2 Halloween Returns from Oct 16 to Nov 6

The annual Halloween festival returns from Oct 16 to Nov 6 with some new skins.

From October 16 through November 6, King Oswald Thorn’s cruel laughter will fill the air as Halloween returns to Tyria! Play wicked games, tackle the Mad King’s Clock Tower, go trick-or-treating in the labyrinth, and more. Are you brave enough to venture into the field? Reaper’s Rumble is back—and you can introduce your roller beetle to the joys of Halloween at the Mad King’s Raceway.

Here are some of the new skins being teased


Note: I will be out of town on Oct 16 for the update and won’t be returning until late evening. I will update the site with new content then. You can consult last year’s Halloween guide if needed.

  • Korey Garabed

    What I’m hoping for, is that the haunted weapons return.

    • Don36669

      They will. They’re part of the fixed Halloween achievements.

      • Korey Garabed

        That’s a relief, cause there’s this new rev I plan on making and a haunted ax would go perfect with the haunted mace and staff I got. And would match with the foefire armor I bought. God I love the wardrobe system.

  • Ares Zax

    So it looks like we have two potential new minis, two new weapons (rusty cleaver and syringe dagger), and the 3 Lunatic armors may potentially have an upgraded skin with glow effects. (I say potentially because the Medium armor always did have a greenish glow. I can’t remember if the colour could be dyed.)

    • lithlius

      The first picture also seems to feture a new weapon . Sword maybe? Axe? is like a spike of some sorts and seems to be coming out of a candle just like the mini

      • Ares Zax

        Nah, that’s the Haunted dagger. Was available last year. 🙂

  • Mr. Principal

    Can’t wait to meet (& kill) Steve again..! 😆

  • Narottam Zakheim

    i hope they make spooky beetle

    • Alot

      And put it in an rng rotation package only obtainable from black lion chests.

    • Don36669

      They won’t. ANet already confirmed that after the release of the Roller Beetle.

  • Alot

    I do like me some upgraded vampire eyes. Plus a dedicated beetle track would be really interesting. There is currently a single timed adventure for beetle racing and getting gold is quite complicated.
    Having a course specifically made for beetles (instead of shoehorning a track into an existing map) would be really cool.

    • Squatch

      I wouldn’t mind some Mario-Kart style pickups, like boosts.
      Or mobs walking the path that can slow you.

  • Halvora

    Oh a new aura perhaps? Looks nice, though I hope there’s a green one too.

  • Suffie

    have fun!

  • Buddyfrog1

    And put it in an rng rotation package only obtainable from black lion chests.

  • Jalen Dmello

    Oh crap i forgot how to do the clock tower jumping puzzle

    • Alot

      Best advice I can give is learn to do it without ever stopping.

      As a default your character will move forward if you hold down the left and right mouse button together. To complete the clock tower learn to jump off each platform without ever stopping that forward momentum and you should be fine.

      There is a point halfway through the puzzle where you drop a large distance. If you make it past that point without the mist nomming you, you should have a chilled run to the end.
      Jump towards the tower as soon as you see lightning fx. Not when the hole is in front of you.

    • Pink Popstar Ahri

      Nah. I always think I forgot how to. but then either nail it or close to.

      Once you get started it all comes back.

  • aimasira

    how to make mini pumpkin jack o’
    5 – mini of pumpkin jack
    5 – hellifire skeleton tonic
    5 – flasks of pumpkin oil
    5 – bottles of batwing brew

    mini pumpkin jack o’ lantern
    5 – mini pumpkin jack o’
    10 – flasks of pumpkin oil
    10 – bottles of batwing brew
    1 – endless hellfire skeleton tonic

  • spectravar

    “Skins”? Or Outfits? Makes a massive difference to some of us.

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