Ossus Producer's Livestream SWTOR

SWTOR Patch 5.10 Developer Livestream Notes & Coverage

SWTOR Patch 5.10 Developer Livestream coverage and notes.

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  • Roadmap Recap
  • Jedi Under Siege
  • Story Update
  • Launch timeline

Livestream Cantina Reward

  • New in-game flair
  • Available everyone – SWCANTINA2018
  • Expires at end of 2018
  • Redeem at:


5.10 Jedi Under Siege

  • Coming in December (no specific date)
  • Nightmare Mode/Master Mode Gods from the Machine
  • Masterwork Armor
  • Guild Improvements
    • System Improvements
    • Guild Management
  • New Planet and Daily Area – Ossus is the new planet
  • New storyline based on the rivalry between Sith and Jedi
  • Companion Returns: Doc, Nadia, Jaesa, Khem Val (possible romance? not sure if joke or not)

Gods from the Machine Master Mode

  • Veteran Mode Changes
    • Veteran Mode difficulty will be reduced from “hardmare”. It will be pulled more in line with other Veteran operations.
    • PTS patch notes will have a detailed list of the changes
  • Master Mode
    • We weren’t going to do master mode but Keith wanted the master mode
    • Future group content not affected by implementation of master mode, they are not as far away as you think.
    • You won’t be able to predict all the mechanics on master mode and need to react on the fly.
    • Master mode is balanced for 248 augments+. Tyth will be slightly easier than the other bosses. Rest of the bosses will need to have 252 gear.
    • Master mode will be first thing on PTS, likely tomorrow or early next week. Each starter planet will have a terminal to get you to Odessen where there will be a Level Booster, entrance to Gods from the Machine and Numerous vendors for gear/augments.

Masterwork Armor (Tier 5)


  • iLevel 252 Artifact Gear with set bonus
  • iLevel 258 Legendary Gear with set bonus
  • Same stat breakdown as previous tiers
  • Crafters – Bind on Equip
    • Acquire schematic from trainer
    • Use materials from crew skills, Ossus, PvP, Conquests and Gods from the Machine Bosses
    • Fastest way to get the gear this way but you will need to do be able to do Master Mode Gods from the Machine (only drops from Master Mode)
  • Gameplay – Bind on Pickup
    • Gear can be purchased from Reputation vendor with Masterwork Shards
    • Masterwork Shards can be earned from a new “special” weekly mission( (i.e. weekly dailies, weekly flashpoint etc), Ossus Weekly, Unassembled Components (limited time per character per week and gets more expensive the more you do it), and Command Crates
    • 252 gear can be acquired rarely from Command Crates at Rank 300 and from the Ossus World Boss Weekly.

Guild Improvements


  • Guild Progression
    • Guild now gain levels
    • Guild XP earned based on Conquests
  • Guild Perks
    • Temporary Perks that are slotted via Guild Ship, perk likely changes each week
      • Higher XP gain, more harvesting etc, more crafting conquest objectives were some of the example perks given
    • They are purchased via a new Guild Currency and credits
    • Guild Currency earned from Guild levels and Conquests
  • Conquest Improvements
    • More consistent Objectives across all conquests
    • Less emphasis on Daily Repeatable Objectives
  • Guild Landing Page
    • New Interface to show info on your guild at a glance
  • Guild Management
    • Guild Inspect (you can right click on a player and inspect their guild, guilds can put a message that show up when a player get inspected)
    • Logging – should be able to log Guild member conquest contribution ideally
    • Guild Mail
    • Ban by Legacy (ignore by legacy not in yet, won’t affect other players with the same legacy name)
    • More Guild Ranks with more options on what rank each access to
  • PvP Challenges (Arena, WZ, GSF)
    • Minimum of 2v2, maximum dictated by game type
    • Groups and Guilds can challenge each other, can right click them, select challenge, and then open up a trade window like window to see group composition and select maps
    • No rewards at all but there is a stat tracking options for guilds on the guild landing page that track their win/losses.
  • Guild changes will be on PTS (won’t be on the first iteration of PTS but will come in later)
  • Guild Heraldry did not make it to Patch 5.10 but it is still happening
  • Guild character cap not changed





  • Ancient center of Jedi activity, devastated by the Sith via  chain of supernovas, wiped out pretty much all life and destroyed most of the structures.
  • Two separate storylines for Sith and Republic, becomes a daily area after storyline completion
  • 10+ daily missions for each faction
  • New Reputation track
  • New datacrons to discover (3 datacrons)
  • Two world bosses
  • Seeker Droid and Macrobinoculars (Seeker Droids will be improved)
  • Tons of Stronghold Decorations to unlock

Ossus Storyline

  • New storyline based on the rivalry between Sith and Jedi
  • Becareful to not get the story spoiled by datamining
  • You can autocomplete previous story to access Ossus as long you are Level 70
  • There will be alliance alerts
  • Saboteur and Loyalist – If you sided with the opposite faction during the previous storyline, you will have the opportunity to become a double agent/saboteur and work for the enemy or just stay loyal to your previous faction.

Returning Companions


  • Doc – Serving as a doctor for the Jedi colony
  • Khem Val – Only available if you sided with Khem Val during the Sith storyline
  • Nadia – Part of the Jedi colony
  • Jaesa – Both LS and DS. LS will be on Ossus, DS you will encounter in a separate mission not on Ossus. The version you will encounter depends on which one you had before.
  • These companions are class specific.
  • Same gender romance available for Jaesa and Nadia. LS Jaesa romance option will be added for the first time as well.

Ossus Storyline (Contain general spoilers)

  • Planet is very remote and very unpleasant place. A group of Jedi that survived Zakuul have traveled here and built a base.They started a farm etc to make the planet more hospitable.
  • Sith is not very happy about this Jedi development. The first shot of the war between Sith and Jedi will be ignited here.
  • Empire characters will be recruited to take out the Jedi, Republic will be asked to help.

New & Returning Ossus Characters (Spoilers)


None will the characters will be companions currently but might be possible companions later on if players wants it.

Republic (Right to Left)

  • Tau Idair– Head of Security for the Jedi Colony, she has a tattoo on her head that is the ancient symbol of the light side
  • General Daeruun – Republic General, new alien species (Krex)
  • Master Gnost-Dural

Empire (Left to right)

  • Darth Malora – Minor character from back in Korriban as a side mission. Risen from a minor character to a major position on the Dark Council.
  • Major Anri – Empire Special Ops Commander, a Twi’lek
  • Unrevealed sixth character

What is Coming to PTS

  • Available Soon  – Master mode Gods from the Machine
  • Available in the coming weeks
    • Ossus Daily Area
    • PvP Challenge Mode
    • Guild Improvements
  • Never on PTS: Ossus Storyline

Coming to Cartel Market Later This Month

  • Dread Seed Weapon Tuning
  • Merciless Seeker Armor Set – Will also drop off the Eyeless boss (rare chance). Rakghoul event will run the week of Halloween.


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MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

101 replies on “SWTOR Patch 5.10 Developer Livestream Notes & Coverage”

Maybe some Perverted Kids who never got to feel Dad’s Whip to Legs & backside. No idea.. Lolz @Swtor’s Eaware crew..

Kindly: Pre Ordered SWTOR D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Got Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight :/

Sub Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. Pst: Up to date about so called Swtor’s Big IP Mmo Development.. :/ #WeNeedKotor3 #NotSwtorAsKotor3Duh #WaitingSubWorthyNews #WaitingLoginWorthyNews #BigIPDisaster #OutdatedGameEngine

“Two separate storylines for Sith and Republic”

Ossus sounds good, more like what we should’ve been getting with story updates. Not sure why they need to over-complicate gearing though.

Because they had ruined it beyond repair with the Galactic Command system, so instead of scratching off that whole system and replacing it with the classic gearing system that we had years prior to that, they have just been adding more complicated ways to gear.

They said they wanted to get rid of currency for gear, and now we will have:

Unassembled Components
Command Tokens
Masterwork Shards

Add to those the specific planet currency for Iokath and the mess with the augments (actual augments drop on the Chiss FP, schematics for augments drop on the Nathema FP and mats for those can be found only on ranked PvP and NiM ops excluding the RNG of the Command Crates) and you have the most complicated system to gear with BiS gear since the beginning of the game by far.

NS. Try and explain to a new player how to upgrade thier gear on fleet with the tier system as it is. I know people that are veterans that have issues figuring it out.

i noticed, but didnt charles says that wasnt the final decision. my bet is you can full out defect later.

Dude, we haven’t had serious content in 2 years. One flashpoint here and there, a pvp map, one daily area….. this is still very underwhelming given the time that has gone by. Still no 6.0 in the horizon (even though they said it was happening) and 5.0 is now officially 2 years ago. So it will be probably something like 2.5 years (optimistic prediction) without a new expansion.

Then again, maybe you expected no effort at all, in which case anything would suffice 😛

“Then again, maybe you expected no effort at all, in which case anything would suffice”

Pretty much, aye :’)

2 months of NOTHING (latest update was for Sept but got pushed back because they suck at life) and then some bullshit that’s not an expansion. I hope a Tornado blows right through Bioshit and nobody survives at this point….

Why you say that ? I think he wrote well considering on how Swtor’s Eaware crew have been treating their BIG IP Ex Mmo. They’ve done it for past 2,5’ish years now :/ Told sad facts to them via today’s ridic. livestream. There were many others who did the same. Gone are the days when Swtor Livestreams had 8k+ viewers.

Sad, but kinda not because Eaware caused it by not following many good suggestions put out to Official forums since early days up to 2015. Then they took their Keeping up with the Valkorions path & Downfall happened. Take care 🙂

Kindly: Pre Ordered SWTOR D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to
End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Got Sad cause Still Lack of Proper
Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight :/

Sub Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. Pst: Up to date about so called Swtor’s Big IP Mmo
Development.. :/ #WeNeedKotor3 #NotSwtorAsKotor3Duh
#WaitingSubWorthyNews #WaitingLoginWorthyNews #BigIPDisaster

So the behavior by the Devs that run this game you play (or at least read about) that caused my reaction, you can care less about. But my reaction, by a misc person on the internet you will never meet, does matter to you? GTFOH, seems like YOU are the one with issues, buddy……

I never wish this to a normal person. But the world would be a
better place without inadequate people like you. I saw lots of your messages on this site (basically same nonsense bullshit every time). Either you are a troll, which is also sad, or a complete moron. Some other people that critique bioware here at least try to be reasonable.

Or i’m someone who is deeply invested in this game, both with much too much of my time and way too much of my money spent, and fed up by the last 2-3 years of utter horseshit we’ve had to endure because the people in charge suck at their jobs. Either way though, suck my nuts 🙂

im hoping she has some lines and kiss and make up rofl. but seriously i hope they do same for dorne ashara rishi or akaavi and mako. suprised doc wasnt converted.

December is pretty optimistic of them. Considering they haven’t had a release yet this year that hasn’t been pushed back by a week to a month.

Hi, EA SPORTS here. Listen, we just want you to sub, take you’re goddamn fucking daily and shut the fuck up. 6.0 Coming soon, where we will make you feel like an idiot for grinding this new gear because we have new tiers to grind in 2019’s first business quarter and here’s a new partly done Operation, where we will release a new boss for every business quarter – maybe. More on this in late 2019, and only if you’re fucking subbed baby. Oh and more companions to come back because 2016 was along time ago already. Where’s your fucking wallet!?!!

Can’t be done cause of Crappy Decision by Eaware when came to Core selection as in Game-Engine. Core the one that has everything built around it. Most important part in the whole structure. Eaware chose badly & that has shown up many times since Dec 2011 when Swtor with Cartoonish Visuals & Low Polygons launched. Good founding Dev Crew stated that b in the days. PST: Wiuh now seen Keith the “Empty Talk” Lead Designer & feel bad for EA cause they picked him from the Dark Alley around Beggars. Take care 🙂

Kindly: Pre Ordered SWTOR D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Got Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight :/ Sub Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. Pst: Up to date about so called Swtor’s Big IP Mmo “Development” :/ #WeNeedKotor3 #NotSwtorAsKotor3Duh #WaitingSubWorthyNews #WaitingLoginWorthyNews #BigIPDisaster #OutdatedGameEngine

I am hopeful, for the first time in years. I have my doubts – and it’s pretty normal considering what they were giving to us in last few years – but I still hope 6.0 will be fun and it will make many players come back, even if for a short period of time.

This is really being strung out. Drag this out until December. Create another massive gear grind to push out 6.0. To me this indicates 6.0 can’t come until the 2nd half of 2019.

Why though? To me this is the least that they should release before a disastrous 2018, and it’s still not enough.

What I meant was I’m impressed that they can deliver something that’s reminiscent of a proper expansion after so much disappointments. It’s still very little, but I still have a very, very faint hope that this will be start of the delivery of bigger expansions or smaller, but more frequent, ones.

I wasen’t expecting much so this all good news for me. LS Jaesa is good news because all 3 of my Warriors are softies :). Also unlike most people, I always liked Doc. It will be nice getting him back, even it will be just a 2mins cutscene.

Hopefully this area is for everyone by the way and not just subs. Haven’t seen anything about this above.

Well, I have to say I’m really surprised. I quit SWTOR for specific reasons and they pretty much addressed all of them. Not all to the extent I wanted perhaps but I really didn’t think they’d turn about this much. Also Keith saying in chat that there is another ops in the works as well was a nice surprise. They really seem to have gotten some momentum and sense finally.

Don’t get too Hyped about New Ops news told by “Empty Talk” Keith. The Lead Designer who was picked from group of Beggars at Dark Alley. Weird move by EA Overlords 😛 Even if EA returns some sad Devs to Swtor from D2 Clone’s Development it still could arrive in Pieces. Just Like prev. one did & it took about two years to complete few Boss Encounters & Ops layout.

Almost seems like SJW BS is also coming to Swtor based on new Sith & Jedi Characters inc. on December. Right before Eaware goes to their long hibernation mode as they always do around that time of the year. Their HQ is in Highly Religious Infested zone at Austin so explains it heh.

Kindly: Pre Ordered SWTOR D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Got Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight :/ Sub Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. Pst: Up to date about so called Swtor’s Big IP Mmo “Development” :/ #WeNeedKotor3 #NotSwtorAsKotor3Duh #WaitingSubWorthyNews #WaitingLoginWorthyNews #BigIPDisaster #OutdatedGameEngine

Oh i just changed my mind & you got to reply moment before me 😛 I was coming to say that i add that final paragraph starting with “Kindly” cause it helps people to know that i haven’t grabbed Swtor’s History details from my Imagination 🙂 I’ve witnessed the Rise & Fall of Swtor since launch in Dec 2011. I joined from 1st Beta day & Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition on 1st day it came available.

Of course beta days don’t have anything to do with Devs work after launch. I’m still hanging on that weak thread of hope that Eaware’s Swtor Devs would have brains to change the course back to good old days path & even better if it’s possible. Past 3’ish years have been a joke in this Big IP Ex Mo Development. So y i’m one of many who still come here to see if things turning to better & occasionally do the same in Swtor’s FB page.

The page that is run by very weird person or people. Marketing department folks really done some mind boggling posts at times. Thanks, Take care & hope you enjoy any game you adventure in 🙂 PST: Hopefully EA finally delivers good SW Adventure soon cause been way too many years since last time. Ofc best SW Gaming days are before EA came to take license..

Kindly: Pre Ordered SWTOR D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End
of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Got Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo
Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight :/ Sub Renewal Axed at Dec
2017. Pst: Up to date about so called Swtor’s Big IP Mmo “Development”
:/ #WeNeedKotor3 #NotSwtorAsKotor3Duh #WaitingSubWorthyNews
#WaitingLoginWorthyNews #BigIPDisaster #OutdatedGameEngine

It’s for context I’m sure which is fine by me if he wants to put that in. Of course I was here for most of the time since the original beta in 2011, so that’s my context.

For me the point is that there were some points that made me not enjoy the game any longer and against expectation they are doing something about them. Like pretty much all of them. I think his comment about hype is irrelevant because I don’t do hype. I just look at what they are doing and weigh it against my wishes. I never hated the game, just some of the things they did to it.

His comments aren’t unfair in the sense that there has been a big issue with content the last few years and that’s a simple truth for me. However, I also feel that if I can be negative when bad things happen, I should also have the honesty to be positive when good things happen. To me this livestream was very positive so that means something to me.

If it’s not good enough for him that’s cool. He has to decide where his requirements lie for enjoying this game. I’m not going to tell him what or how to like or hate something.

I see that operations are back on the menu again. I see more companions returning. I see a return to the Star Wars vibe and I see an improvement in in-game rewards. And this summer already showed some much needed changes for pvp. That’s the direction I was looking for and just had no hope of happening. Now it’s happening. So I’m happy with that but I will still weigh every month whether this game is worth playing or not for me. I’m not so binary that I’m either all in or all out, so they’ll have to keep convincing me. I think that’s normal especially after the last few years of them basically mismanaging the game from my point of view.

You misinterpreted my question. I completely agree with every single doubt placed in Bioware because they failed to deliver any good content and fixes in last few years. I was just baffled to see comments section, as Fedaygin copy-pastes his last paragraph and Fubarz always posts links to some Star Wars videos irrelevant to article’s topic.
I agree with part about operations on menu again, Star Wars vibe, in-game rewards improvement but I will half-agree with companions part. We already have too many of those, like 50 and we can send only 8 to do crafting. BUT. As much as I hate seeing “returning companions” labeled a new main content of new patch, I am totally fine with comps as small addition to content. It seems Bioware might finally consider ops and new storylines to be a more important content than companions.

Tbf, BW have really picked up their act recently. Taking community suggestions, addressing long standing concerns, ending the KOTFE/KOTET saga, etc.

Could have brought back Jadus or Tormen or Marr or Malgus but at the same time it’s nice to see that little girl from Korriban make it big in the Sith Order

Ooops… please someone remove that picture, because it violates the law… and monkey is ussing assets that not allowed to do so…. thank you

One thing i don’t understand – why these guys usually don’t care about their privacy? If i was making a remake that was not approved by rightholders, and really wanted to release it, i wouldn’t put my personal info anywhere. I would finish my work privately and just release it on torrents. Same shit already happened before but they don’t learn from it 🙁

Hmm. lets see.

The new planet looks like someone puked all over a bunch of rocks.
The cantina code is for a 2D GUI item, not even putting the effort into reskinning an existing 3D item.
The Seeker armour is about as ugly as you can make a skeleton look
How the fuck did Malora get in the Dark Council if you turn her in after letting her master know about what she’s been up to?
Bunch of more grinding to do so they have some time to work on what they consider “new content” for the next update. Assuming it’ll live that long.
“Dont get spoiled by datamining” > Then make sure you actually put stuff that’s been mined IN THE GAME.

in short: I am glad I stopped my subscription and stopped playing altogether

Only thing I’ll say is the new planet actually looks a lot like it’s meant to according to previous lore pieces. As for Malora, that’s obviously going to be a part of the story. If you’re really wondering, check out the jedipedia page for it.

I was going to say “well Khem could be… different, so that would explain romance” but apparently “different Khem Val” doesn’t come back, so there goes that theory.

reading through announcements… still feeling pretty meh. maybe I’ll feel more interested once they show what kind of decorations and how they are purchased. if its special currency you have to grind only through specific dailies.. again? meh.

Would be funny if Khem Val is now a well read intellectual and philosopher. But yeah… I feel you. A proper update should include an operation, new wz, gsf maps, a few new flash points and a KOTFE chapter style story lineline all at once. But they don’t have the employees. They fired everyone. And the few employees they had have been moved to other EA projects. Instead we’re getting a daily, new gear to grind for, and a reference of a new op in the works, which if it’s like Gods of the Machine, they will release a boss for every business quarter and take a whole year to finish it. This isn’t World of Warcraft. This is EA. Interested in the Jaesa Nadia come back, not interested in grinding for new gear… But have to if I’m going to play. Seems more like work than entertainment.

I mean.. I don’t mind if updates are split up a bit, as long as at the end of the year you get a very meaty story and a whole bunch of group content, but.. its just… mostly extra grind :/

I got kicked out of the Live stream for bringing up Pazaak too much. So there you have it. Message received. EA absolutely refuses to ever include Pazaak in the game and does not want user feedback for future updates, at all. The Bioware of the KOTOR days is forever gone. This is EA’s gamegame, all former Bioware employees have run off or been laid off. Sub for grinding new gear and if your f2p, nothing for you, PERIOD. If you’re subbed for over 5 years and have been around since prelaunch nonstop, we definitely do not want to hear your feedback. Sub and shut the fuck up. That’s the attitude. Enjoy.

Pazaak means gambling might be what they want to hear in a live stream after all the BS about it. Listening, when did they ever listen to the player base other then pvp nerfs to classes?

Just skimmed the datamined info and discovered that a VERY popular character from launch is returning… O.O

Too bad too sad, I already sold my acc and despite being Legends nerd I refuse to ever touch another SW garbage from EA regardless of how great it will be received (talking about Jedi: Fallen Order and beyond).

Meh, I will be excited only if this is followed up by a high frequency of new content in 2019, and we already know that this is just not going to happen. This amount of content is the least they can put out and still justify the game not shutting down, so I can’t sing songs of praise about that.

Oh good, it’s the Kathleen Kennedy version of SWTOR with a black girl, and two alien girls and other girls and more girls. Gee, why is Star Wars failing so hard these days? Somebody get Scooby Doo so he can solve this mystery.

Yet another somewhat so-so update with QoL improvements that should’ve been in the game since day 1. Honestly, SWTOR has been brain dead since launch till Fall of ’17 when they actually started making QoL shit. I guess we have to thank RNGesus for taking out that fucktard Ben Irwing or whatever that degenerate’s name is. But do they actually believe this will bring back the players? Like, I don’t buy sub for almost 2 years now since I genuinely can’t see the reason for me to do otherwise. Grinding operations just to get another top tier set is kinda boring at this point. Believe it or not, it was more fun grinding all that shit way back when we didn’t have dynamic level scaling. In other words, when we could just one shot in 2-4 man grp the entire operation running as lvl 60s… or was 65? I can’t remember. Time flies. KOTFE&KOTET looked like those were written by a 5-year-old fanboy with never-ending story, plus they pulled that Georgie’s family card. Where you basically played a role in a family drama whose core audience was a bunch of 10-year-olds. Not to mention how unbelievably stupid progression system works. First you have to get item#1, then you exchange that item#1 for item#2, which then exchange for item#3, only to be exchanged for item#4, and voila, you’ve got yourself da best shit there is to wear. Truly, the level of retardism and stupidity is off the charts. Bureaucracy only slows things down, especially true for video games. It’s funny that these morons can’t even fathom that if they choose to switch to full F2P, where all players have same, equal possibilities when it comes to leveling and acessability, they could double down on MTXs (armor, weapons… cosmetics, basically) and XP boosts and other stuff and no one would even care since we’d already have what we need. Unlimited credits storage, hide head slot, operation access, PvP (although, who gives a fuck about this dead horse) and etc.

lol at new planet tor never really had planets they just have small zones swg had planets as for the rest smh…sigh

so the rumors for stoping the PVE Bolster is false :/ too bad, it seems they still not do content for another year.

At 49:00 he describes Ossus as a pleasant place that was devastated by Sith. I wonder if this is their subtle way of explaining what can only be a horrid relationship with parent company EA and their office culture during the KOTFE.

Another extremely minor update with a massive grind to push people past the holidays.

Damn this kind of grind in swtor can only mean a real expansion with some real lengthy content that isn’t drawn out by worthless weekly quests and limited crystals thats also actually worth doing is extremely far off.

A new planet that looks like they robbed Tatooine to Alderaan of doodads and changed the colors. I expect so much else to be copied and pasted as well.

Someone really needs to manage bioware better than what they are doing with the SW IP. I can only hope when EA’s license runs out around 2023 Disney pulls it from them. I’m ready for someone to try their hand at a SW game. EA combined with bioware has done enough damage to the SW IP.

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“Less emphasis on Daily Repeatable Objectives”

I read this as “We’re taking out most of the daily repeatable objectives, because we want to force you into PvP to make conquest goals; we think that PvP is the be-all and end-all of SWTOR play (mostly because we can crank out cookie-cutter PvP maps until the cows come home on the cheap, and don’t actually have to produce _content_), and you should be having fun the way _we_ want you to have fun. You’re not having fun the right way; once we force you into PvP, you’ll realize how much fun it is.

it would be if ilum had worked but the game engine cant handle large scale pvp i dont give a fuck about warzones so i wouldnt worry to much about pvp in this game lol smh

Only people who play PvP think PvP is where this game is headed. My guild has 4-6 people who play PvP. Most don’t.

All I can hear is:

NPC Man says, “~sudo apt-get/our-mmo-masters-tell-us-that-mmo-pvp-is-mmo-game-play-and-that-if-you-are-not-engaging-in-mmo-pvp-then-you-are-not-using-the-mmo-product-as-intended-per-the-mmo-end-user-licence-agreement”


NPC Man says: “sudo apt-get/you-will-enjoy-playing-swtor/subscribe/orange-man-is-bad/ea-is-good”

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