SWTOR Masterwork Armor Crafting & Acquisition in Patch 5.10

SWTOR Masterwork Armor Crafting & Acquisition in Patch 5.10.

Note: Everything you see here is still in development and the numbers/materials are not final.

There are currently two methods to acquire Masterwork Armor, the new Tier 5 gear with 258 rating w/set bonus. Crafting (BoE) or acquisition with Masterwork Data Crystals (BoP).


Masterwork Data Crystals (BoP)

This is a slower method but is a steady gear progression system for casual players who don’t have the credits or the desire to participate in Master Mode Gods from the Machine operation.

The Masterwork Data Crystals themselves are BoP. However, you might be able to do the weeklies on multiple characters and then transfer over the mods via legacy.

There are vendors on Ossus that will sell the gear directly for 4 Masterwork Data Crystals each.They also require Hero reputation rank (something to consider if you buying gear via alts).


Here are some of the ways you can acquire Masterwork Data Crystals

  • 1 each week from new Weekly Event Missions (i.e. complete 4x Master Mode Flashpoints)
  • 1 each week from [WEEKLY] Daily Area: Ossus (i.e. do all the heroic daily missions on Ossus once)
  • 500 Unassembled Components per Masterwork Data Crystal for the first exchange of the week, 1000 Unassembled Component for subsequent exchanges (unsure of weekly hardcap) with a vendor on Ossus
  • Very rare drop from Command Crates at Command Rank 300


Crafting (BoE)

For crafters or those who like acquire gear at a faster rate, you can also purchase schematics from crafting vendors on Ossus. This give you the option to craft the gear directly but you will need some components that comes from Master Mode Gods from the Machine exclusively (they are BoE).



Forgotten Item Ancient Tome Superior Resource Matrix Charged Matter Transubstantiator Ossan Assembly Component
Belt/Bracers/Relics/Ear/Implants 2 5 6 24 4
Chest 2 9 10 28 8
Boots/Gloves/Helm/Legs 2 5 6 24 4
Mainhand/Offhand 2 11 15 36 10
  • Forgotten Items: Likely from Master Mode Gods from the Machine, each piece requires a different kind of Forgotten item.
    • Belt/Boots/Gloves: Forgotten Bindings
    • Bracers/Relics: Forgotten Memento
    • Chest/Helm/Legs: Forgotten Strand
    • Mainhand/Offhand: Forgotten Transformer
    • Implants/Earpiece: Forgotten Curio
  • Ancient Tome: 100k credits and 65 Relics of Ossus off the Reputation vendor (no reputation requirement to purchase)


  • Ossan Assembly Component: Likely from disassembling the iLevel 252 artifiact gear.
  • Ben Gimson

    Crafting doesn’t really seem viable. 28 CMTs? They’re currently going for about 1.2 mil a piece.

    • OW EN F

      Crafting a full set is basically going to cost 500,000,000 credits – half a billion – just for the CMTs.

      • Ben Gimson

        Yeah, sure seems like it’s not going to be worth doing it that way, unless they up the drop rate for those shinies. Planned to gear by playing rather crafting anyway, personally, but hopefully BW will tweak things for those who want to craft instead.

        • Not Riku

          It really feels like a suboptimal system at the moment, hopefully they will continuously work to address this over the coming two months before it’s meant to go live.

          • Ben Gimson

            They’ve done well with this update overall, imho, so I’m reasonably confident that they will 🙂

            • Not Riku

              Yea I agree, I am quite a fan of the patch/content and am looking forward to playing it on live.

          • John Dullebawn III

            I agree they need to work on the crafting end of this gear, but I really hope they dont add this gear to the GC. They need to add a way for PVP’ers to gain this gear, and fix the mats needed a bit so Master Mode raiders can access this gear a bit easier as well. But if your not a hardcore PVP player or a master mode raider there is really no reason why those players need to access this gear at an advanced pace or gain it at all. The game is so easy as it is, and they said there will be no raising of difficulty to any aspects of the game, there is just currently no need for casuals to gain this gear at a fast pace, or even acquire it at all. The hardcore players need something as well. This game has been leaning towards casual play for a long time now, just look at GC any player can access 248 gear. Thats more than enough to raid sm/vet and WAY more than needed for casual content.

  • guest

    Well the grind version isnt as bad as I thought it would be. Doable with a lot of alts.
    The crafting requirements are insane though. The GFTM MM drops are going to be hard enough to come by, no need to make the amount of CMTs and other mats insane.

  • Kubrickian

    Guess the icon artist they fired back in 2013 will never be hired back.

    • Лев Сафаров

      They have one?

  • Otaris

    Just imagine the gtn prices..

    • Rachel Michelle Broxson

      And they are already ridiculous to begin with

  • Horton

    Unless I’m misunderstanding, this new system kinda forces you to either do these weeklies on Ossus or shell out an insane number of credits and/or unassembled components to gear up.

    The Command rank system had its faults, but one thing I liked about it was that its currency was universal… I could grind PvP or PvE or even GSF. I could do it on any level 70 alt, even if i hadn’t even finished Chapter 1 of their story yet. I could grind my preferred content to get an alt to BiS gear.

    Now it seems I’ll have to get many alts up through KotFE/KotET and grind one particular planet’s weekly repeatedly to keep my alts competitive in PvP and ops. I gotta say, I don’t see myself sticking with it if I’m forced to do one narrow piece of content over and over just to keep up.

    • Ben Gimson

      “500 Unassembled Components per Masterwork Data Crystal for the first exchange of the week, 1000 Unassembled Component for subsequent exchanges (unsure of weekly hardcap) with a vendor on Ossus”

      I know that’s not ideal, but it’s an alternative maybe? Hopefully they’ll simply change the crafting requirements to something that’s less absolutely-fucking-batshit-mental though.

      • Horton

        No doubt, it’s not impossible… just prohibitively pricey. I know the numbers aren’t finalized yet, but following the screenshots at the moment, we’re talking 4 Masterwork Data Crystals per piece, meaning a total cost of 3,500 Unassembled Components, assuming 1) you don’t want to wait a week between each crystal purchase and 2) you didn’t get one for “free” by doing the weekly. So 49,000 Unassembled Components to get full 258 gear on a single toon. That seems… excessive.

        I like to run a lot of alts in PvP, gradually getting each up to 248. I don’t see any realistic way I’ll be able to keep doing that with this new system. Maybe get my main up to 258, but the rest of my alts are S.O.L.

        • Ben Gimson

          I suppose with those kinds of numbers… yeah, not really realistic then I guess. I’m lucky that I’m a creature of habit, so doing the weekly on multiple toons won’t be a problem for me, but they’re going to need to tweak things so it’s not a slim 1% of players who make use of the new tier.

        • John Kosto

          It seems to me that:

          A) You don’t wanna do the weekly on Ossus to get the 1st Data Crystal
          B) You don’t wanna do MM FPs to get a 2nd Data Crystal
          C) You wanna get the new gear exclusively with Unassembled Components, but you think 3500 is too expensive for a gear piece.

          Sorry, I am the last one to tell anyone that they wanna just get free stuff, but in this case, well you have to do some work buddy. If anything, the new daily area looks beautiful. Find a few friends, group together, and grind those dailies and weeklies. That’s what I do with my guildies and we talk on Discord while doing it, and we are having fun. Otherwise, why even play the game? You wanna have a full 258 set only days after the new update? Doesn’t work that way.

          • Horton

            Not quite… what I personally like to do is PvP, and looking over the other comments, I don’t think I’m alone in my concern re: what this new system means for PvP. Imagine if the new system required a bunch of currency/reputation/crafting materials that could *only* be attained in GSF, and you were suddenly forced to grind a part of the game you DON’T enjoy just to stay competitive in the parts of the game you DO enjoy? It would serve to discourage you from playing, would it not?

            I’ve been able to get lots of alts up to ~248 purely through warzones and Command Crates. I slowly earn Unassembled Components, I trade in 242 shells for 248, and I think that’s great! I don’t expect it to happen easily or super quickly, but the pace is reasonable. And most importantly, I get to do the content I enjoy. I play a lot! I just play PvP almost exclusively. Others progress by doing operations, grinding flashpoints and dailies, GSF, whatever they want. All of that gives you cxp, all of it brings you Command Crates and UC. We all get to progress at a similar pace no matter what content we prefer.

            With this new system, PvP falls way behind other methods in the pace of gearing up. If I don’t want to grind the PvE content, my only choice is getting gouged by the crystal exchange or the GTN. The players who happen to enjoy ops more than I do will start showing up to warzones in 258, and I’ll be at a disadvantage — not because I don’t play enough, but because I prefer to play PvP instead of PvE.

          • Horton

            I posted as a guest, so I can’t edit my previous comment. Just wanted to summarize:

            You say happen to enjoy grinding dailies with your guildies. I happen to enjoy warzoning. If you spend three hours playing the content you like, and I spend those same three hours playing the content I like, why is your time “doing some work” and my time is not?

            It’s nice that you happen to have fun doing the particular grind that is called for in this latest update, but shouldn’t the game encourage people to play the kind of content they personally have fun doing? “Otherwise, why even play the game?”

            • John Dullebawn III

              For sure, other than PVP this current gearing method while far from perfect is not all that bad. if you run vet and or master mode ops, you can get this gear. If you dont, there is no reason for those players to gain this gear at a fast pace or even at all. Current game difficulty outside of vet and MM ops, 248 gear is WAY more than enough to run. There has to be something for the more hardcore PVE players to have to work towards. And this gearing method is a step in the right direction. Now for PVP I can kinda see the issue, if you have 1 team with 258 and the other team in 248, yea thats a problem. BW really needs to find a way to handle that.

              • Horton

                Yeah, I think you grasp the issue exactly. I’m all for the best PvE gear to be associated to the hardest PvE content. Makes total sense. My whole complaint is the PvP angle. With this new system, if you want the best PvP gear, you more or less have to do the hardest PvE content. Don’t like PvE and just want to PvP? Not an option.

                Now yes, I realize it’s sort of an option with vast amounts of creds or Unassembled Components, but at the current prices, it’ll be way unbalanced. It’ll take so many more hours of PvP to gear up than it will for ops runners. I’m happy to grind the crap out of PvP to earn my gear, and I don’t expect it to be fast or easy. I just don’t want to have to put in 10 times the work of others just because I like PvP instead of PvE.

          • John Dullebawn III

            Agree totally, back in 2.* through 3.* you had to work to get gear. And not only work you had to plan out what ops/bosses your prog group would run to get certain pieces. I thought after GC was released and people were wiping on EV SM first boss in 248 gear all this complaining about gear would stop. Granted I think they should do something to seperate PVP/PVE gear. The old argument was I would run ops if I only had the gear, but I cant get the gear because you need end game gear to run operations, lmao.

      • John Dullebawn III

        I thought they said in their video that they were adding a way for unassembled components to gain this gear. But they said it will be VERY expensive.

        • Ben Gimson

          2000 per piece doesn’t seem that bad, at least not for my playstyle. I’ll be doing the weekly on multiple toons so that’d just be a supplementary method for me.

    • John Kosto

      You can go to Ossus if you are level 70, no need to do KOTFE/KOTET.

      The mats needed to craft that gear, makes it just impossible unless you run MM ops every day, and even so, it will still require a shit ton of mats. I would rather do the Ossus Weekly on 5 characters per week, than bang my head on the wall in MM ops AND THEN craft all that gear for a crazy amount of mats.

      Also, 258 gear will be completely unnecessary for people that don’t run the hardest content in game. So it’s not really changing anything for people that don’t wanna run that content anyway. And you can still gear slowly over time with the new tiers.

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        You’re right but you’re also wrong. This is an old discussion because it used to be that way that the BiS gear was only available via the hardest content and back then you didn’t need that gear unless you did the hardest content. Moreover you didn’t need BiS gear to do the hardest content because it was a reward for doing the hardest content so you were expected to beat that content without BiS gear.

        Also then people complained that they couldn’t get that gear EVEN if they didn’t need it. So why would this discussion be different now? Most people who play this game won’t need this gear but that doesn’t stop entitled people from wanting it without doing the effort anyway.

        But there is a valid concern from the PvP community. I mean, I like that they add a superfluous level of gear for raiders but the mistake they’re making is making it usable in PvP. In the past that was no issue because it was actually worse than PvP gear because of the expertise stat that was absent. But now a lot of people in PvP will have to look outside PvP to get their gear maxed or be at a disadvantage towards those that do have it. I think that’s a real concern.

        It’s the same with the mats from PvP for augments. The saving grace there is that you can do mat farming so you don’t actually have to PvP but that makes it a joke as it is.

        Personally I would’ve preferred they added a stat like expertise but for raids. So you get the same stats but an additional percentage of offense and defense that only works in raid instances. This way you can use it in PvP as well without getting any advantages nor disadvantages as the same stats and set bonuses apply, but you get an additional bonus for each of the 14 pieces which gives a small bonus on offense and defense. It doesn’t have to be a percentage even. It can be a simple number.

        The persisting problem is that BioWare is still trying to put everybody into PvE and PvP as much as possible and therefore block themselves for catering to individual groups more specifically.

        Again, I have no issue with gear that is harder to acquire because it gives people long term goals and I also find the new direction very positive, but this is still part of the awful legacy of GC where they tried a one size fits all approach over rewarding people for effort. The thing is you can do both but you need to implement it a little differently.

        I argued before that when it comes to gear you need to have gear with the same stats but 3 different bonuses relating to specific content (PvE casual, PvE raiding and PvP) and 3 gear tabs that you can easily switch between them and any one set can serve as basic gear for each purpose. I mean a raider will not need the extra bonus in general PvE like story and FP’s so they can chose to use their raiding gear and not bother collecting the PvE casual gear (call it Adventurer gear or something). But it gives each content type something to work towards that is not needed but is BiS in their own part of the game and it doesn’t put other people at a big disadvantage.

        You are right that it SHOULDN’T make a difference for people who are more casual but it will. Simply because they want what they weren’t able or willing to earn. BW caved with 5.0 to that segment of players and I suspect the same arguments will rise how it’s unfair etc. etc. I’ll be interested to see whether or not BW will cave again. I hope they won’t but I also hope they will see the issue for PvP in particular because there it will cause concerns that I think are definitely valid.

      • Horton

        “Also, 258 gear will be completely unnecessary for people that don’t run the hardest content in game. So it’s not really changing anything for people that don’t wanna run that content anyway.”

        … unless you prefer to PvP, in which case you will be going up against other players who are in 258.

  • OW EN F

    So… no assembly components?

  • Gideon Lieberman

    I wish gear appearance was just placeholders. We could use new gear sets that are actually looking like Star Wars and something that fits class archetype. I miss those days when we had unique class appearances before the Dread Master stuff.

    • gua543

      Ah, have you heard about the Outfit system?

  • Jep Fareborn

    Who the fuq cares about crafting outfits anymore? It’s not like they are gonna look right on your companions during cutscenes, anyways. Amirite? #immersionmatters

  • Raansu

    RIP pvp.

    • Fubarz

      New gear lvls new class nerfing

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    • Fubarz

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  • Reaper

    Bioware is once again changing how gearing works, so people with 248’s cant even trade that in for 252’s at minimum forget 258’s but not even 252’s LMAO..not only that they are bringing back a bunch of different currencies the very thing they blame for the change with 5.0 haha

  • Reaper

    command tokens are utterly useless now, people have so much they dont even know what to do with it..why not give it a new use and i dont know….. let u buy one master data crystal for 3k command token or more etc…

    • John Dullebawn III

      thats not a bad idea at all, 3k for 1 mat. Good stuff

  • Lower the mats

    What about the 24+ Charged Matter Transubstantiator for those crafted pieces? IDK about you but I baulked at 4 for the new augs and stuck with my 236 augs. 24 CMTs per crafted item is insane considering how difficult they are to acquire unless you have multiple toons in large yield conquest guilds and WANT to complete conquest on ALL of them, every week.

    • Zeus Fagervold

      I don’t think people like you understand that this gear is for the hardcore/rich players and not the average players. You know the players that do have multiple characters and play every day and do master mode ops all the time and conquest etc.

      If you didn’t get the new augs, then this gear is simply not for you.

      • Majigh Z

        This gear isn’t even for those who have multiple characters and play every day and (want) to do MM Ops. Literally, no one is going to be able to craft this gear.

        • John Dullebawn III

          not really true, depending on how they drop the gods MM mats. If these mats are totally random and any boss can drop any type, people will just do what we did with Nefra NiM back when we needed schems to drop to make endgame gear. Just run Izax on multiple alts every week to get the new mats, and quite a few people have many CMT’s from just conquest alone. Granted I do think they are asking a bit much mat wise to craft these, but there will be quite a few players crafting this armor very quickly after 5.10 launches.

      • John Kosto

        Are you the newest Bioware White Knight on Dulfy? Congrats, you have taken the spot from a series of many before you.

        • Zeus Fagervold

          Far from it. I’ve just read the info about this gear and it’s obvious this gear is for the 1%ers and not the 99% that the rest of us are in. I’ve even cancelled my sub because there’s simply no new content.

          • John Kosto

            The gear will be pretty easy to get by grinding Ossus and Flashpoints. If you run the Ossus Weekly, a few Flashpoints and a couple of ops per week or PvP (for the unassembled components), then you get 1 piece of gear (or 75% of a piece) with every character you do that with. Run the weekly with 4-5 characters, and you get 3 pieces of gear. It’s not supposed to be super easy. And you don’t need the 258 gear on every toon.

    • Xu’shu

      My main guild is a small yield guild, but I have 4 alts in a large yield guild, and I get 15k conquest on each of those toons every week for the large reward box. All I do is pvp, and it’s surprisingly easy to get 15k in a short period of time purely pvping. I had close to 200 transubstantiators before I started crafting 258 gear.

  • John Kosto

    These quantities for crafting mats required to craft that gear are crazy high for a very specific reason. So that when they reduce the quantities to 60-70% of what they are now, players will be thankful. When in reality the mats necessary to craft that gear should be at about 10-20% of what they are on the PTS…. Well, I wasn’t planning on crafting anyway, so I guess Ossus grind will be the way to go.

    • Nyh

      Classic stuff: add content that needs to be fixed even before it is implemented, after that go for a slight fix and claim it is a new content. They did the same with 5.0 cxp.
      Stuff in this game is expensive AF already, it seems like crafting is out of question for me. Grind, here I come.

    • Fubarz

      Honestly I will wait to see what goes live sense they can change things on the PTS in the next few weeks

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      One of the things that was missing in the game was something more long term to work towards if you will. Currently BiS gear is just a matter of doing easy content long enough till you get rank 300 in GC and keep the boxes dropping till you have the pieces you want or get it via UCs that you save up along the progress. There’s nothing satisfying about that to me. Also the augments is just a matter of going to ranked warzones and throwing matches quickly to get the mats for that. Again not very satisfying.

      There just isn’t any real incentive to do harder content or to care about PvP enough to try to win. So to add something that is essentially superfluous as it’s not needed to have another tier of gear really but takes a longer time to get together is a good thing for the game.

      And to be honest crafting in this game is a minor thing. You can get crafting skills maxed in an hour or two just crafting those component things. Don’t have to worry about anything else really and then you can craft these armors by simply buying the schematics and getting the mats together. It is a choice but to be honest, crafting itself is a simple thing and all you have to do is just craft those component thingies. Use 4-5 companions with 20+ affinity or whatever it’s called again and it goes pretty fast.

      It’s up to you of course but it seems a simple “sacrifice” to make if you don’t want to grind on Ossus too much.

      • John Kosto

        I don’t have a problem with crafting. I like crafting. The amount of mats needed for the new tier of gear is just crazy, almost offensive to players really. One of the mats will only drop in MM Gods From The Machine, which is not something I ever want to do (even if I could).

        And the quantities for the Charged Matter Transubstantiators mean that you have to spend about $40 million credits per piece of gear on average if you don’t want to do meaningless Ranked PvP via throwing matches, as you said. That’s just absurd.

        I don’t mind the crafting. But since you have quit the game for a long time, if you did the grind for these mats, you would realize it’s just impossible to acquire them.

        • EyesOfGehenna .

          I couldn’t disagree with you more. I have done warzones for CMT’s before I quit and they are dead easy to get, regardless of whether you throw matches or not. I mean what are we talking about here? You don’t do MM ops, you don’t want to PvP but you do want gear with stats that actually nobody needs?

          I would get the concern if you were a PvP’er because I do see that as a big issue here. This gear should’ve never been allowed in warzones in my view. But other than that, I think it’s good for SWTOR to get something you can’t complete in two weeks.

          This game has way too few long term goals. There is no need for you to get a complete set of this in two weeks. It’s not like you need the stats. The entry gear for MM ops is 242 (with purple augments) and you’re supposed to earn 248 while progressing through them. You probably have toons in 248 by now and you don’t even do content that remotely requires that it sounds like.

          So don’t do it. Don’t worry about it. You really really don’t need this gear and if you set yourself so many boundaries because you don’t want to do various things, then really, let the people who do have their day as well. MM raiders get nothing to show for their efforts these days. They used to and they took it away and gave nothing in return.

          I mean I’m not trying to be an ass here but could you tell me why this gear is so important to you? It seems like something you can just ignore.

          • John Kosto

            Alright, first things first….

            1. I never said that this gear is super important to me. But since there is a way to get it, I will get it. Why would not I grind the new content on Ossus anyway, we haven’t had new content in a while, and it will be giving rewards, so I might as well work towards that goal. Plus, it might make my guild progression better. And we can finally step into GTFM Veteran Mode with a pretty good chance to do progression. That doesn’t mean I cannot hold my breath to get the new gear.

            2. I am not interested in ever stepping into Master Mode GFTM, but I have tried both with my guild and other guilds progression in other Master Mode Ops, having cleared a few 1st and 2nd bosses across the five ops that exist in MM (EC, TFB, SNV, DF, DP) I don’t understand why I have to play the way that other people want me to play. I choose to play any content I wish, and I choose to work towards any gear I want to, I think that’s the fun in playing a game, to be able to have freedom to do the things you want to, no?

            3. I actually think it’s a good thing that people will not be able to get a full set of the new gear in two weeks (if that proves to be the case). I am not an impatient person or a player. I don’t know how you came to the conclusion that I care so much for the new gear. If it was impossible to get it, then I just wouldn’t even bother. Same as I did with the tier 240 augments, which were very possible to get, but expensive as hell.

            4. The whole conversation from my perspective has to do with what I consider Bioware making fun of the player base in their faces. One of the reasons that I did not craft the 240 augments, is that the 236 ones were already extremely expensive. I fell into the trap of doing ranked PvP for some time, but then I realized that it’s fucking stupid. They were trying to force the entire player base to run all types of content. It’s not how an MMO should work. I should be able to choose what content to do, and get rewards for it. The same should stand for PvPers, GSFers, and everyone else. That’s why having separate gear was the best thing ever, and now the various problems which you mentioned have appeared. Also, there are just some things that are too expensive in this game. And they are so expensive, because they want to force people do specific content, since 5.0 with the Galactic Command shitshow. Well it’s not going to work. People will either unsub, or find loops, or throw matches in ranked PvP or do whatever, but not what Bioware is trying to force them to do. Video games are supposed to be fun, not a chore.

            5. You are constantly focusing on how this new update will screw over the PvPers, because it will make them run PvE content (piss easy btw) to get the new gear and compete in PvP with the people who do both PvP and MM ops. Well…. that’s the first time that this happens. So far, PvErs have been consistently screwed over for years with nerfing of every single fucking class, because of PvPers whining about it on the forums. I used to be able to bring in VM and MM ops a Lightning Sorc, a Gunnery Commando, a Combat Sentinel and my main, an Infiltration Shadow. ALL of these classes have been nerfed because of PvP whining. I still do pretty great with my Shadow, but I just don’t play with my Sorc anymore, and I only bring my Commando in specific op runs. So yeah, the devs have consistently fucked up with class balance. Bringing a new tier of gear without requiring from me to do PvP is the best news ever. And it also might give my group a chance to complete content that we have not completed, without having to constantly deal with nerfing of classes, glitches (Underlurker VM for example), RNG fights that are crazy (Tyth VM, Aivela Esne VM, Master & Blaster VM).

            PS1. You are not being an ass, we are having a conversation 🙂
            PS2. I hope they give a way to PvPers to acquire that gear via PvP, so that all my DPS classes don’t get nerfed again because of the whining.

  • InfuriousGames

    Is this just for the 252 gear? Or can you not craft 258?

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      It looks like this is 258 gear. It’s gold and the top picture clearly shows 258 rating. I think it’s good that they added something that requires more effort to make. The thing I’m not so excited about is that it also is usable in PvP which I think is a far bigger issue. In PvE most of the content doesn’t require this tier but in PvP when your opponents do have better gear it will cause a lot of people to complain about this I would think.

      Overall I’m pretty excited about what’s coming with 5.10 but CS can’t give me a clear answer about restoring my characters from earlier this year when I’d given up all hope on this game, though it sounds like they’re saying they can’t restore any of my old characters. I just had to create a new ticket to ask them to explain their answer which is probably a case of incorrect use of English on their side.

      To be honest I didn’t expect this turnaround after about 3 years of bs and it getting worse every patch. Sure in retrospect I shouldn’t have deleted them but I didn’t want to block any names for other players and I really didn’t see this happening anymore. So it may be my own fault from a certain perspective but it’s done and coming back without being able to restore at least my two mains is just not going to work for me.

      • Fubarz

        There is also the instant 70 if you want to use it. If your acc is still there and you have CC from subbing still or RL money. Getting back your old toons might not happen since it’s been so long. Years ago I deleted a toon and got it back in a couple days. But was told if I deleted again it could not be restored.

        • EyesOfGehenna .

          It’s fair enough that they can’t do it but I wasn’t told off bat and got a confusing answer in the end. It’s resolved now as describe above and that’s ok. Just glad the German CS could give a clear answer.

          Still that doesn’t change my view that this new patch is the best news this game has had in 3 years or so.

      • Zeus Fagervold

        «Block any names for other players» yeah like this game has such an influx of new players that just «needed» your characters names. Lemme guess, something with Revan?

        No it definitely is your own fault, entirely that you deleted your characters like some kid in puberty.

        • EyesOfGehenna .

          It’s my own fault for deleting them as I already said myself. Your ad hominems are quite unnecessary…that’s more of a sign of being childish.

          However, when they do not tell me what the issue is and then say “sorry we can’t restore all of your characters” instead of “sorry we can’t restore any of your characters” there clearly is a problem with their English when indeed they meant the second. Luckily I also speak German and the German CS explained it in seconds and all is resolved and I get my money back because I had to resub to find out it was too late, which also could’ve been explained to me beforehand.

          So I’m happy with the German CS support. Again, I know it is my own fault and so the consequences are mine, but I do expect CS to come with clear answers. The English CS couldn’t, the German CS could. That is all.

          It’s disappointing in a way, but lucky for me there’s more to life than SWTOR.

          • Zeus Fagervold

            «So it may be my own fault from a certain perspective»

            I am saying that it IS your fault from every perspective.

            «there clearly is a problem with their English»

            This is just too funny now.

            • EyesOfGehenna .

              The characters being deleted is my fault. If you don’t understand the difference between “not all” and “not any” well that is your fault.

              • John Kosto

                Can you clarify what the explanation was for your characters being deleted? Is there absolutely no way to get them back?

                As for the deletion…. I honestly don’t know what you were thinking. Then again I don’t know what your characters’ names were and how high the probability of others wanting those names was, but even though I consider myself a very empathetic person, I would never think to release my characters’ names for other people. That’s just a little bit too much.

              • EyesOfGehenna .

                Six months is the maximum. After that they delete the data from the server. Something to do with maintaining the integrity of the accounts.

                What I was thinking is that for 3 years the game regressed so much that it would never get better. And my view is the simple truth that you agree as part of the TOS/EULA that you own nothing in game. That includes names. I’ve seen every server merge in game and I’ve lost a fair amount of names. But I never owned them. I was glad to keep some but that’s that. It has more to do with things like wings of the architect that are tied to the character rather than the account.

                But it’s my loss and I don’t blame BioWare for that. Blame wasn’t the point and that’s what I meant with a certain point of view. I was however rather unhappy with their in-game ticket support because the answer was ambiguous due to a rather poor choice of words and not being able to talk to them directly to get it clarified. It was their mistake but I have to wait 3+ days again for a clarification. So I’m glad the German CS Support was so helpful and professional. I can’t say it any other way. Best CS experience I’ve had with EA.

                But yeah after 6 months there is nothing to restore anymore. That’s how it is. I guess they refresh accounts at that interval to avoid the data from becoming corrupted and then they shed information that is no longer used. At least that’s how I interpret what they told me.

  • Bwahahahaha. “Masterwork Armor”? How original.

  • Michael Timms

    Just more BS. Trying to force people to run MM Machine Gods if they want to craft this. It isn’t worth it IMO. Especially when you have multiple toons. I am not going to run MM Machine Gods, for a 1 in 8 chance to get the material I need. And then have to run it like hundreds of times to get the needed material. I’ll stick with the Tier 4 gear.

  • Sweet

    500M to gear up one char ?
    Are they trying to make the gearing system somehow worse than it was in 5.0 ?

    • John Kosto

      The crafting method is only one of two. You don’t have to spend 500 mil if you don’t want to. Plus, if you want to craft the gear, then you will have to run MM GFTM, which means that you will actually get a lot of these mats through running the op anyway.

    • Seph

      I don’t think the intent is to make it easy to buy BiS gear with credits. But progression is so broken in this game… who knows what their intent is.

  • Duonboon

    So we went from super grind to extreme ultimate grind, guess I won’t give anymore chances for casually grinding my gear… Thanks BioWare, just as we needed more grind over quality content.

    • John Dullebawn III

      they offer casual grind with the weekly option

    • Robbie Martin

      You think this game has a bad grind? LoL. Their are far worst mmo’s out there when it comes to gear grind and good old RNG

  • JJ

    Gold spammers that plague the game gonna love this… 500m to get a toon fully geared.. sad to see they have given up on integrity

  • Adam Haynes

    That’s it for me… after 5+ years I’m quitting my sub. What are the limitations for ops once you’re F2P?

    • John Kosto

      You cannot do any ops.

      • Adam Haynes

        Holy shit that’s awful man. So all these years getting me up to geared and all for nothing unless I pay? I should have listened to the game’s detractors years ago. Thanks man.

        • John Dullebawn III

          Not sure non subs should be able to access endgame content, or they could bring back the operation/flashpoint passes. If there are no gameplay limitations ( not including creds ect) there really is not a reason to sub, just sub for a month or 2 to gain access to all content build creds in your legacy storage, gear up a bit and play free from there on out. This game offers more FTP content than any other pay to play MMO that I know of. 16 voiced story missions, and a shit ton of other content, plus we no longer pay for new expansions like we use to and games like WOW always have done. Granted I am no fan of where the game currently is, and for sure not fan of shitty EA bullshit that has been going on. But if they keep on this path, and maybe get back to 1 or 2 operations , 2 warzones, 2 FP’s and some good story content per main expansion I think they may start bringing back some players that left during 4.* and 5.* . Can only wait and see

          • Adam Haynes

            I’ve subbed since day one man. They haven’t brought shit and I finally realized I don’t even play TOR anymore except when there’s a 2xp event. I have 20+ 300cxp toons and think it sucks I can’t enjoy the occasional op with them without having to pay $180 a year. EA/BW has never catered to their dedicated players, instead cowing to new players and squeezing every dollar possible from both. I can’t agree less that someone like myself who has been so dedicated shouldn’t be able to now cruise for free and actually enjoy the game.

    • Disqus this

      None. Bioware in their infinite stupidity got rid of all the weekly passes. F2P or preferred is mainly for doing the story only, NOT end game content.

      As a side note, if you do like PVP and can group with a sub to do PVP. You can do an unlimited amount that way. Going in by yourself as a non-sub, you are limited to 5 matches or something like that.

      • Adam Haynes

        Damn… so can you do the new “content” crap like KOTET and all that or is that limited too?

    • Robbie Martin

      I don’t really blame you, I haven’t subbed to swtor since Eternal throne first came out. Won’t sub again until the next expansion comes out and even then I might not sub.

  • dzip.sys

    Yeah I get it, nobody cares about Gods of the Machine and now they try to force us to visit it.
    Thanks BioCrap!

  • Sorrai

    I had fun attempting Gods of the Machine back when my casual guild was still active and had enough members. We only had the opportunity to reach Izax a few times but my guild died before we had a chance to pass it. I think this stuff is fine for tight-knit guilds who are experienced and have the numbers and scheduling to pull it off, but as far as I know that seems like a small percentage of the overall player base. Good for them, but kind of a bummer for everyone else. I’m glad they’re offering the “slow track” to getting this stuff. The idea of pugging a Master Mode Ops in the hopes of getting those drops sounds like torture.

    • Éamon McCraith

      Technically nobody that does not participate in MM GFTM actually needs that gear to begin with…

  • yellow-power ftw

    For crafters or those who like acquire gear at a ”faster rate” ROFL really faster? 24 matters? GoDS HM runs for 1 and the part needs 2? thats what you get when you deal with students devs. LOL

  • Renko

    this gear 5 is extremaly torture, I think I will have to leave this game… enough this crazy grinding

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