SWTOR Ossus Decorations

SWTOR list of Ossus Decorations from Reputation vendors and world drops.

Keep in mind that everything is in very early stage of development and a lot of placeholders are being used. What you see isn’t final.

Reputation Vendor

Gallery View: https://tord.mmo-fashion.com/category/database/source/reputation/ossus/



Each decoration costs 15k credits and 5 Relics of Ossus


Each decoration costs 30k credits and 10 Relics of Ossus


Each decoration costs 45k credits and 18 Relics of Ossus


Each decoration costs 65k credits and 25 Relics of Ossus

These disguise terminals costs 100k credits and 100 Relics of Ossus

World Drops/Unknown

Gallery View: https://tord.mmo-fashion.com/category/database/source/planet/ossus-planet/

  • Ben

    Any legacy titles for completing certain reputation milestones?

    • None yet, the reputation windows are empty. They will add it in the later updates to PTS

  • Jonathan Parker

    I think I just found a lot of new decorations for my Manaan stronghold!

  • Julia V. Gautier

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    • Fubarz

      Another Russian troll bot

  • EyesOfGehenna .

    This is a really nice addition of decorations as in-game rewards.

  • dzip.sys

    When you hate stony ruin fantasy decorations, like I do, this is just horrible stuff!

    I play a Star Wars game for a reason, if I would like stuff like this, I would play World of Warcraft!

    • Tom

      They’ll look good enough in Tatooine

      • Sabretooth


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