SWTOR Ossus Planet & Daily Area Images from PTS

SWTOR Ossus Planet and daily area images from the PTS.

Hidden Landing Base (Empire)

Jedi Compound (Republic)

Ossus Canyons (Shared)

Ossus Farms/Ancient Ruins (Shared)

Jedi Temple Grounds/Jedi Library (Shared)

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30 replies on “SWTOR Ossus Planet & Daily Area Images from PTS”

it needs vegitation, even just a little bit. something that breaks up the deolation since it’s been ages since the destruction.

Well, the planet did get scorched by a nearby star going supernova. We should be thankful there’s still atmosphere and liquid water there.

weird, i completely disagree. I completely love the outdoor sections. The colour pallet of the clear blue sky but yet apparent past destruction and orange sand/dirt on the surface play against each other nicely. Feels really refreshing and open. Especially the republic landing area

Any pictures of the world bosses and enemies? Any idea what the deco drops look like? Even descriptions would be nice.

I did not expect it to be this beautiful. Kind of inviting to look at. Might be time to go back to swtor again soon 🙂

That guy’s comeback is a bit of a stretch (and probably fueled by fan demand), but then again, there is precedent considering who else managed to escape from there following a defeat.

Tbf, I have to admit, although I usually hate that sort of lazy writing I think he’s probably going to do more for the story going forward than he’ll take away.

The Empire needs a powerful leadership figure. Throwaway Sith like Acina and Malora and senile old men/putebloods pushing 90 just won’t do.

Both sides do, especially now that they’re diving back into the war stories, otherwise Republic and Empire are just faceless organisations that don’t hold any real importance to the reader/player.

Wow, Ossus looks beautiful. That’s a fantastic environment. Can’t wait to play through this new story, finally gives me a reason to truly care about this game for anything other than grinding for cartel market crap that I’m never going to be stupid enough to buy.

I think the art department has been doing a phenomenal job. I was very impressed with their work on the Nathema Conspiracy and am looking forward to exploring Ossus. Looking forward to more Jedi-themed decos, too.

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stuff like this makes me want to redownload the game but every time i do i end up getting real bored real quick. Not much worthwhile story anymore

how do you get to Ossus on the PTS? i tryed traveling there by ship nope, nothing on the Galactif Options either. and the Terminal on my ship isnt showing up… how do they expect us to test this out on the PTS if its not available?

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