GW2 Gemstore –Nightfang Griffon, Harvest Chair and More

GW2 Gemstore updated today with the Nightfall Griffon skin for 2000 gems, the Festive Harvest Chair for 600 gems, and the Envoy Scythe Staff  as a drop from BLC chests.

Nightfang Griffon – 2000 gems

At night, the Griffon’s cat like head turn into a skull form.




Festive Harvest Chair – 600 gems









Envoy Scythe Staff (Uncommon BLC Drop)


Upcoming Items

Chat codes and images taken from that_shaman’s thread.

Haunted Armor Outfit – [&AgH3WwEAAA==]


Mad Realm Mounts Pack


Arachnid Glider


  • Squatch

    Wow! Patches like this remind me of the quality of Anet’s concept artists and modelers. That new griffon mount is so creative.

  • Hunter Eifert

    Ehm… Why is there a 500 Internal Server Error message all over this site?

    • is not the site, youtube is down worldwide and all the videos are displaying that error

      • Hunter Eifert

        Ah, I didn’t know Youtube was down. I did check it a while ago and it seems to pretty much dead. I heard someone saying it’s not working before but I thought it was US only. Didn#t expect it to be down worldwide. Thanks for clarification.

  • A Hyena On Valium

    Can’t wait to see that griffon in day-glo, eye-searing pink, and Double Black.
    That said, I am actually tempted to drop $25 on it. If it were in the chests I’d be all over keys.

    • It actually is in the chest.

      • A Hyena On Valium

        So I discovered and got within fifteen keys.

  • disqus_YGMwhKwlHS

    Oh my. The Mad Realm Mounts skins look pretty cool tbh.

  • Pippus

    I’m gonna throw money at them as soon as i see that outfit in the gemstore o.o

  • Xadirius

    Dye Nightfang purple = Lord Beerus mount

  • Emil33

    The chat codes arent working for me in game :3 I was trying to preview that new outfit!

    • Suffie

      are you using the brackets too? it works for me :/ [&AgH3WwEAAA==] gotta use the whole thing, if you did I don’t know D:

  • jacev

    Oh man, the Envoy Scythe was my favorite skin in GW1. Shame it’s a RNG roll to get it, I 100% would have straight up bought it if it was on the gem store like the staff was a while back.

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