ESO Murkmire Quests, Skyshards and Achievements Guide

Elder Scrolls Online Murkmire DLC quests, skyshards, and achievements guide.



  • Lorebooks: For lorebooks please see this guide.
  • (Memento) Fire Rock – Complete the Death Among the Dead-Water quest from Dead-Water Village
  • (Memento) Dream Amulet of Argon – Complete the Hero of Murkmire achievement
  • (Furniture) Replica of the Xinchei-Konu – Complete the Chronic Chronologer achievement – Collect 12 tablets of Xinchei-Konu
  • (Pet) Verdigris Haj Mota – Acquired by traveling to Lilmoth for the first time
  • (Motif) Dead-Water Motif – Acquired from completing daily quests in Murkmire
  • (Motif) Elder Argonian Motif: Acquired by completing daily quests in Murkmire after a certain date.
  • (Dye) Apricot Outrage – Complete Blackrose Prison arena in any mode
  • (Skin) Marshmist Palescale – Complete Veteran Blackrose Prison arena

Crafting Stations

Murkmire has three crafting stations, giving you three unique set bonuses.



Skyshards Map


1. Atop the xanmeer between Lilmoth and Alten Meerhleel


2. Along the shore south of the Xinchei-Konu


3. Amidst the falls south of the Dominus Fatum

Toggle on walk and drop down from the falls above


4. Beside the rotten hut north of Dead-Water Village


5. Deep in Tsofeer Cavern, far from any exit


6. Within the Teeth of Sithis atop the sunrise xanmeer

Top floor of the Teeth of Sithis delve


Main Story Quests

(Main Story) Sunken Treasure

  • Quest giver: Famia Mercius
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Tribal Weapon Crate, 1 Skill Point, 664 gold
  • Lorebooks: Ixtaxh Explorer’s Journal, Page 1-4
  • Achievements: Traps and Treasures

You should spot Famia immediately on your arrival to Murkmire, she is next to the wayshrine.


Lower the ancient drawbridge – For this you have to line up the levers with the counterweights in the back in the same pattern. Look closely at the graphics on the counterweights and the lever and match their positions.


Note: Ixtaxh Explorer’s Journal Pages 1, 2, and 4 can be found inside the Xanmeer. If you didn’t grab them inside the Xanmeer, you can get them once you exit the Xanmeer.

(Main Story) Missing in Murkmire – 1 Skill Point

  • Quest giver: Famia Mercius
  • Prerequisites: Sunken Treasures
  • Rewards: Helm of the Schemer, 1 Skill Point, 664 gold
  • Achievements: Seeker of the Lost

Obtained from Famia after the completion of Sunken Treasure

(Main Story) Whispers in the Wood

  • Quest giver: Kassandra
  • Prerequisites: Missing in Murkmire
  • Rewards: Tribal Helmet Crate, 1 Skill Point, 332 gold
  • Achievements: Mysteries of the Remnant

Obtained from Kassandra after the completion of Missing in Murkmire

When you need to Pray to the Hist, use the Argonian Prayer Mat here


(Main Story) Death and Dreaming

  • Quest giver: Kassandra
  • Prerequisites: Whispers in the Wood
  • Rewards: Tribal Chest Piece Crate, 1 Skill Point, 664 gold
  • Achievements: Sap-Sleeper

Obtained from Kassandra after the completion of Whispers in the Wood

(Main Story) The Swamp and the Serpent

  • Quest giver: Xukas
  • Prerequisites: Death and Dreaming
  • Rewards: Maul of the Fallen Comrade, 1 Skill Point, 664 gold
  • Lorebooks: Xul-Thuxis
  • Achievements: Shadows of the Past

(Main Story) The Remnant of Argon

  • Quest giver: Famia Mercius
  • Prerequisites: The Swamp and the Serpent
  • Rewards: Tribal Legging Crate, 1 Skill Point, 332 gold
  • Lorebooks: In Accord With Those Sun-Blessed, Doomed Explorer’s Journal, The Last Wish of the Sun-Blessed
  • Achievements: To Chase a Dream

(Main Story) By River and Root

  • Quest giver: Famia Mercius
  • Prerequisites: The Remnant of Argon
  • Rewards: Rootmender’s Staff, 1 Skill Point, 664 gold
  • Achievements: The River of Rebirth

Daily Quests

These daily quests (except for the Blackrose Prison daily) have a chance to give you either the Dead-Water Motif or the Elder Argonian Motif.

World Boss Daily (Lilmoth)

  • Quest giver: Bolu
  • Prerequisites: Completing Death-Hunts
  • Achievements: Strength of a Naga
  • Rewards: Grand Tribal Armor Crate, 332 gold

Bolu is next to Varo Hosidias for the Delve Daily


Delve Daily (Lilmoth)

  • Quest giver: Varo Hosidias
  • Prerequisites: Completing Sunken Treasure
  • Achievements: Collecting Curiosities
  • Rewards: Tribal Armor Crate, 332 gold

(Daily) Root-Whisper (Root-Whisper Village)

  • Quest giver: Tuwul
  • Prerequisites: By River and Root
  • Rewards: Tribal Treasure Crate, 332 gold
  • Achievements: Whispering Roots

Talk to Tuwul for the quest. Notice that she will not appear until you finish the main story quest in Murkmire.


(Daily) The Black Gauntlet (Blackrose Prison)

  • Quest giver: Erithel
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards

Erithel is the daily quest NPC inside Blackrose Prison and give out the Blackrose Prison arena daily.

Lilmoth Quests

The Assassin’s Arbitration

  • Quest giver: Chuxu
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Tribal Equipment Crate, 332 gold


The Sounds of Home

  • Quest giver: Nesh-Deeka
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Tribal Equipment Crate, 332 gold


Catch a Ruby Hopper – I had to go to location 1 first for the Stone Near Water in Lilmoth and then the Ruby Hopper showed up in another location in Lilmoth



  • Quest giver: Death-Hunts Await
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: 151 Gold


The Skin Taker

  • Quest giver: Dajaleen
  • Prerequisites: Empty Nest?
  • Rewards: Tribal Equipment Crate, 332 gold

You can find Dajaleen right outside the Lilmoth NW gates. Unsure on the prerequisite.


Argonian Village Quests

Empty Nest (Bright-Throat Village)

  • Quest giver: Tseedasi
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Tribal Belt Crate, 332 gold
  • Lorebooks: Egg Tender’s Unfinished Letter, Egg-Tender’s Journal, Ree-Nakal’s Orders, So Much Wasted Potential, Development of the Hollow, Tribes of Murkmire: Ghost People, The Blackwater War, Volume 2
  • Achievements: The Progeny, Friends of Murkmire


Unsuitable Suitors (Bright-Throat Village)

  • Quest Giver: Bond-Guru Topeth
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Tribal Equipment Crate, 332 gold
  • Lorebooks Oleen’s Dowry Reminders

Given by Bond-Guru Topeth in Bright-Throat village


Find the Haj Mota’s Den – You need to follow the moving water sprout. It should lead you to the Haj Mota after a couple turns.


Death Among the Dead-Water (Dead-Water Village)

  • Quest giver: Beel-Ranu
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Fire Rock, Tribal Spaulders Crate, 332 gold
  • Achievements:Cold-Blood, Warm Heart, Friends of Murkmire, Vine-Tongue Traveler (prerequisite)


Use the Verse to Find Bhoki


Path of the Lily – Ignite the Signal Totems. You can sneak by the plants and then incapacitate them to clear a path across.

Kill Deroh-Zah. When he goes the room wide red AoE, pull yourself out of harm’s way by using the Vine-Tongues via Kishi’s arrow.


Art of the Nisswo (Dead-Water Village)

  • Quest giver: Nisswo Uaxal
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Tribal Equipment Crate, 332 gold


Swamp Jelly Sonata (Root-Whisper Village)

  • Quest giver: Listens-By-Smell
  • Prerequisites: By River and Root
  • Rewards:: Tribal Equipment Crate, 332 gold
  • Achievements: Friends of Murkmire

Talk to Listens-By-Smell for the quest. Notice that she will not appear until you finish the main story quest in Murkmire.


Collect Melodic Jellies, you will need to walk up to the Jelly in the area and then press the interact button to use the Swamp Jelly Net.


Delve Quests

The Lost Legion

  • Quest giver: Dradeiva, Tsofeer Cavern
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Tribal Boot Crate, 332 gold


She Who Eats The Light

  • Quest giver: Nisswo Xode, Teeth of Sithis
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Tribal Glove Crate, 332 gold


Misc Quests

A Life in Carvings

  • Quest giver: Hands-That Heal
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Tribal Equipment Crate, 332 gold

Quest obtained via Vanthongar’s Letter just NE of Sweet Breeze Overlook.


Frog Totem Turnaround

  • Quest giver: Romantic Argonian Poem
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Tribal Equipment Crate, 151 gold


Find Chal-Maht – She is in Lilmoth in one of the balconies from the Guild Hall

Lost in Murkmire

  • Quest giver: Overseer Shiralas
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Tribal Equipment Crate, 332 gold

Given by Overseer Shiralas right by Sweet Breeze Overlook


Monument of Change

  • Quest giver: Jekka-Vass Vozei
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: The Broken Xinchei-Konu lorebook, 332 gold
  • Achievements: Part of Chronic Chronologer achievement

Talk to Jekka-Vass Vozei by Xinchei-Konu Monument


Ritual of Change

  • Quest giver: Jekka-Vass Vozei
  • Prerequisites: Completion of Chronic Chronologer achievement
  • Rewards: Recovered Murkmire Weapon, 332 gold

You must first complete the Chronic Chronologer achievement to collect all 12 tablets and then Jekka-Vass will give you this quest.

The Burnt Branch – Hands-That Heal

  • Quest giver: Hands-That Heal
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Tribal Equipment Crate, 377 gold

Talk to Hands-That-Heal at Alten Meerhleel


Something About Stibbons

  • Quest giver: Lady Laurent
  • Prerequisites: Unknown
  • Rewards: Tribal Equipment Crate, 332 gold

You can find Lady Laurent and Stibbons just west of Bok-Xul



Achievement Furniture

Gallery link:

Here is a gallery of the furniture you can purchase from the Home Good Furnisher.

Chronic Chronologer – 15 AP

Collect and restore all the stone tablets in the Xinchei-Konu, the ancient Argonian calendar


Vakka Tablet

Can be obtained by doing the Monument of Change quest starting from Xinchei-Konu Monument. It is dropped by Swallows-the-Sun Miregaunt

Xeech Tablet

Found north of Sweet Breeze Overlook on top of a broken Xanmeer


Sisei Tablet

North of The Dominus Fatum on top of a xanmeer


Hist-Deek Tablet

Near one of the shipwrecked houses/ship along the southern beach of Murkmire


Hist-Dooka Tablet

Inside Echoing Hollow tunnels area


Hist-Tsoko Tablet

Just south of Blackrose Prison, near the sea below the cliffs


Thtithil-Gah Tablet

Abandoned house on the east end of Lilmoth


Thtithil Tablet

SW of Bright-Throat Wayshrine among some ruins


Nushmeeko Tablet

Inside the Wither-Vault instance which is accessible via Whispers in the Wood story quest. It is located in the back of the Chimes. You can re-enter the instance after the quest.


Shaja-Nushmeeko Tablet

Dropped by Belly-of-Stone Miregaunt


Saxhleel Tablet

Dropped by Roots-That-Stumble Miregaunt


Xulomaht Tablet

Dropped by Breath-Like-Decay Miregaunt


Hero of Murkmire– 50 AP

Complete quests, defeat bosses and explore delves to become the Hero of Murkmire

Reward: Hero of Murkmire title, Dream Amulet of Argon memento


  • Murkmire Adventurer – Complete 20 story quests (dailies do not count)
  • Defender of Murkmire – Kill the two world bosses Walks-Like Thunder and Baxilt-Gah
  • Murkmire Pathfinder – Find all the striking locales
  • The River of Rebirth – Complete the main story quest
  • Murkmire Cave Delver – Complete the two delves in Murkmire


Fiendish Flora– 5 AP

Harvest a Scuttle Bloom and disarm a Gas Blossom, Static Pitcher, Catapult Cabbage, and Lantern Mantis.


You can find all of these flowers and flora in the wild. Press the button to sneak and they should lit up and you will know where they are. Sneak up next to them to harvest/disarm them for the achievement. You cannot disarm the plants if they detect you first.

Scuttle Bloom

Harvesting a Scuttle Bloom will give you a speed buff for ~ 3 minutes for 20% more movement speed.


Gas Blossom


Static Pitcher


Catapult Cabbage


Lantern Mantis


Poems of Nothing – 5 AP

Read the five poems written by Nisswo Xeewulm, located near Sithis Shrines thoughout Murkmire


See this guide on the locations of the five Lorebooks you need to read.

Those Who Swallow Seasons – 10 AP

Defeat the four miregaunts who have swallowed Xinchei-Konu Tablets



Drops Shaja-Nushmeeko Tablet



Drops Xulomaht Tablet



Drops Saxhleel Tablet



Required as part of Monument of Change quest that starts at Xinchei – Konu Monument. This Miregaunt can be found near Blackrose Prison gates

Surreptitiously Shadowed– 5 AP

Get to know the Shadowscale with peculiar interest in your activities in Murkmire – aka finding Choixth.


There are a couple possible spots that Choixth will show up in Murkmire. Sometimes he will still remain in the same spot and you can talk to him again after daily reset. He will move if you teleport to another zone and come back. If you know more locations of Choixth please let me know in the comments below. It seems Choixh will always show up on the road.

Map of Possible Spots


Blackrose Wayshrine

Right by the Blackrose Wayshrine


East of Blackrose Prison

You can find him on the path east of Blackrose Prison at the intersection between the two paths.


East of Alten Meerhteel


Swamp Rescuer – 10 AP

Rescue villagers in peril from four different tribes throughout Murkmire.


The NPC villagers do not spawn all the time at these locations. Sometimes you may just see a group of mobs at their location instead. If you know the locations of more villagers please let me know.

Map of Possible Spots

Some of these spots are unconfirmed but worth a try.


Rescue Bright-Throat Villager

Found east of Blackrose Prison


Rescue Root-House Villager


Vine-Tongue Traveler – 5 AP

Read the six Vine-Tongue books by activating various vine-tongues throughout Murkmire


For this achievement you will need to complete the Death Among Dead-Water quest to get the Fire Rock so you can interact with the Tamed Vine-Tongues. See this guide on the locations of the Tamed Vine-Tongues.

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