SWTOR Cartel Market Update – October 22

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – October 22

New Items

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Items No Longer Available

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  • LucasFaun

    nice pics

  • Fubarz

    https://youtu.be/FaOSCASqLsE Which is funnier Keylo this or TLJ?

  • Murder Toys

    • Ben Gimson

      That pulsing coloured effect is nice.

      • John Kosto

        Indeed, I thought that tuning was going to be ridiculous, but what it does to the character is kinda cool

        • abaddonsmummy

          I’m guessing that with a decent enough sized hood or backpack chestpiece you could hide the ‘growth’ and enjoy the lighting effects of the tuning.

          • John Kosto

            Oh I am not buying that shit, zero support to this game until it gets better xD

  • Guest

    I had a bunch of coins rotting there so i used them to buy a Dark Honor lightsaber. Also, when you preview the Tumour tuning you dont see the light effect in the previev, luckily i saw someone using it and i like it.

    I’ll get one of the Tumours myself. I’ll start a new character and roleplay that he/she inherited a powerful weapon with a Venom-like symbiote that amplifies your powers and connects the lightsaber to your body with the Tumour.

    This plus the new planet might bring me back to the game once it launches, i havent played in a year yet i still spend my coins, fight me.

    • John Kosto

      As long as you don’t buy new Cartel Coins by those thieves, all good. The Dark Honor saber is fugly

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