GW2 Gemstore Update–Mad Realm Mounts Pack

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Mad Realm Mounts Pack for 1600 gems.

Mad Realm Mounts Pack – 1600 gems

This pack does not include the beetle skin


Mad Realm Raptor Skin


Mad Realm Springer Skin


Mad Realm Skimmer Skin


Mad Realm Jackal Skin


Mad Realm Griffon Skin


Returning Items

Returning Today

  • Permanent Mad King Finisher and Permanent Scarecrow Finisher—30% Off
  • Mini Choya Pumpkin Gang – 400 gems
  • Winged Headpiece – 400 gems

Returning This Week

  • Phantom’s Hood and Grenth Hood—25% Off
  • Raiment of the Lich
  • Ghostly Outfit
  • Noble Count Outfit
  • Karagianis

    Well, that’s a bit stupid, why is there no beetle in the set? 😛

    • Takuma

      Because the Beetle isn’t part of the expansion directly. The Griffon is in there because you can always get it and don’t have to buy additional gems. Besides, they’d probably have to increase the pack cost if they did

      • Narottam Zakheim

        well they put the beetle in some of the random mount packs…. i dunno how they are gonna resolve these new mounts… if they keep adding more this problem is only gonna get worse… they should at least add the beetle as an optional extra… sell the extra skin for 400 gems or something… to leave it out is a bit lame

        • Suan

          Simple, when we’ll get enough mounts the current mounts skin packs will get second round: Branded Mounts Skin Pack #2, Mad Realm Mounts Pack #2 etc. It will be skins for new mounts [like beetle, aurene, whatever else] with the style you have for the first group of mounts.
          I don’t have the numbers but I get the feeling that mount skins make ANet lots of money. So I think it’s pretty reasonable move to give us more mounts [we can get one more this season and then 2-3 extra on season 5], and make lots of skins for them. And lets be honest if there will be 10 mounts at the end of season 5 and there is a person that has for example branded pack #1, that person will buy #2 as well. 😀

          • Squatch

            I still hope there is never an Aurene mount skin for griffon. I’d love it as part of the story, but it would kill it for me to see 20 multicolored Aurenes in LA with mustachioed bunny norn riding them. At that point, why not just have Lazarus as a skimmer mount.

        • Don36669

          There isn’t really a problem to resolve. Beetles are not going to be part of themed packs, only adoption licenses and premium 2k gem skins.

    • Mr. Principal

      The Beetle is useless anyway..

      • Pink Popstar Ahri

        Its just the second fastest mount without having to look for really high ground to jump of. But thats not important of course.

        • Ares Zax

          At full speed it’s actually just as fast as the griffon’s top speed. But the trouble is that the Beetle is a lot harder to control and has an annoying habit of bumping into little irregularities in the terrain that slow you down.

          But in any case, I am saddened that the Beetle doesn’t get included in these mount packs, if only because it feels inconsistent, and I HATE inconsistency.

        • Jalen Dmello

          Yah but where in world will you use its full potential?? If you are trying to go across the map then using the waypoint is faster , over and above flying just makes all obstacles like ditches, stones etc irrelevant

          • Pink Popstar Ahri

            Griffon is not always an option either, you need a high start and sometimes it takes more time to get up there then to grab a beetle and just go.

            Especially now that bond of Vigor is out there are many places where short roller beetle bursts are still the best option. Any other mount is simply going to have a slower start. Naturally there are many times when the beetle is not going to work. But that is why we have keybinds to summon the best mount for the situation.

      • Squatch

        Anet should just build a stunt course for the beetle with big jumps and high speeds. They got the frustrating high skillcap course out of the way with the mad raceway, time for an easy, satisfying course.

  • Leo Piirto

    I love the design of this set, but the weird bat effect kind of ruins it for me. :/

  • Richard Terry

    Too bad there are flapping wings…wont bother to purchase this pack 😢. Thanks for the video Dulfy, you always save my wallet.

  • skyray

    was thinking of buying this since saw preview… but then i saw those moving bat wings – NOPE

  • Narottam Zakheim

    i bought the set… the wings work better on some than others… the griffon and skimmer are awesome…. works on the wolf too imo…. gonna have a better look ingame and see how it goes… should be good set for my necro

    • Squatch

      I’d like the wings more if they responded with your actions, or the environment, like they flapped on jumps for lift. But the continuous /slowflap weirds me out a bit.

  • Samantha Paulus

    These look so much cooler than the skins from last year .-. I’d definitely give back the other halloween skins, if I could, to get this set xD Aww man, I love the lil’ flappy wings

  • Suan

    Fuck man.. if there only was an option to turn off the wings.. Oh well, I’ll pass.

  • Tora

    the Returning this week items, when do they exactly return? we are allready at thursday

  • Jalen Dmello

    Yeah the wing on the other mount kinda ruined it

  • minion_condi_necro

    The effects don’t look that great 🙁

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