• Reaper

    look at class armor from 1.x to 5.x sad state..back in the day each class had their own unique armor, not one size fit all with tweaks and recolor like they’ve been doing for the past few years. im talking from Rakata all the way to campaign gear. those were the times when armor were unique for both factions. and each class

    • Darth

      Anyways. Then and now, SWTROs armor never looked like it belong into the Star Wars universe. but they have cape, you may say, doesn’t Star Wars have capes? Vader did and Lando did, but adding the same cape to everything doesn’t create a Star Wars look!

      • Reaper

        that’s fair. i personally just don’t like the way they have been creating class armor for the past few years. they are all the same appearance wise with pieces added or remove from the overall look of the armor.

    • gua543

      Underworld/Verpine and Massassi/Resurrected sets also were a ray of hope in the weirdness that was endgame gear.

      • Ben Gimson

        They peaked with the Underworld gear, imho.

  • donttalktome

    Bash together some leftover armor from trash, we need new armor that people can get outside the Cartel Market!


  • AbnerDoon

    Those are the normal 248 weapons??? So innovative these guys are I really hope these are just placeholders. If not waiting a year and a half for a new area and new grind to get the same weapons we have…..

    • Hagenbuch

      Most likely placeholders. The armor looked like the old Gemini sets as well in earlier PTS builds.

  • LucasFaun

    im dissapointed but allso glad. then i dont have to grind for this crap.

  • Jongo Phett

    knight looks neat, the rest….meh.

  • aPinkMando


  • Someone really loves capes LOL. Anyone think that Andryah is a total piece of garbage?

  • Kovandor

    Agent Magneto lol. Only solid set is Agent/Warrior. What is that Trooper? 😀 Sam Fisher?

  • Ben Gimson


  • Kougyoku

    Knight and warrior ones are okay I guess. Notice that they went for the bald head again for a certain hood, overall very underwhelming.

  • Galathir Darkstone

    Hmph. Some sets are worse than others. If those armor and weapon appearances are final, I’m completely disappointed. The art team has shown a LOT of growth and improvement in the armors and weapons that have gone on sale in the CM over the last few months. Every single thing on this page is a throwback to the same ol same ol bullshit from 2+ years ago. Completely disappointing. I feel no urge to be able to make, much less wear, any of this junk.

  • Kostya Benson

    I mean let’s be honest, did we expect anything different?

    • Reaper

      no, u are correct

  • Jonathan Parker

    Still trying to make everyone look like Jedi/Sith, eh? Great. Weapons are exactly the same as the last ones, that’s really disappointing. Although, I’d be happy to see if they actually fixed the assault cannon model, so that the bit of casing around the barrel isn’t five times as big as it is in these pictures.

  • Hermetist

    I think the developers need some better designers for gear outlook. It looks not even a bit like somethink that a person could wear and be able to move relatively freely. While it especially true for jedi or sith with a wild mobility required for a proper saberjob, having a cloak on a bounty hunter a.k.a mandalorian armor also looks damn weird, especially considering a jetpack widely used by virtually all mandalorians.

    To summarize, the only obscene word I can remember for this kind of situation – versimilitude.

    • Raansu

      I’m pretty sure its intentional. Most of their effort goes into the CM.

  • Kostya Benson

    Update: this is gonna sound biased because I main a mara but I went on PTS and to be honest the warrior mask (aka the only different piece between classes) doesn’t look half bad, at least compared to the post 4.0 bullshit they’ve been churning out

  • Zak Ember

    Say what you will about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1 & 2… but they had some AWESOME outfit designs. I really wish the devs would take a few cues from the way these were done for when they create armor in the game. Using asymmetrical designs, creative use of hand wraps, buckles, belts, bandoliers, and the combination of robes + armor made for some truly killer designs! Also, just the fact that the clothing looked loose… like it could hang off the body, instead of everything being skin tight all the time worked wonders for giving the outfits a more natural look.

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6e716d271645eae2caaeb89fb8971e02a880a6c54750760d6954fbf4f8bd79ab.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f8d9fb8f604d7f75ef169d4cbbb2960e349071cf049b9875a1618eaa31523574.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8c48515d8d076419074f769820a685b48ed91c24a7f8a079e83c25cfd22a8d04.png

    • Ben Gimson

      TFU 1 and 2 had, hands down, some of the best outfits in the entirety of SW media. I’d pay so much to have a copy/paste of any one of those sets added to swtor.

      • IncuBB .

        Heck. The Sith Lord from FU1 was damn bada** (you know the cybernetic one).
        I would return to SWTOR only for this armor lol

        • Raansu

          Honestly, I think the core problem with swtor’s gear is simply the graphics engine. If you look at swtors concept art, gear looks fantastic…..but it never translates well into the game.

          • Gaf Jones

            I’m not convinced their concept art was great, to be honest. As far back as KOTOR a lot of the gear didn’t really seem to fit the SW look at all, but as of SWTOR it’s just insanely off brief.

  • branky

    I am so glad we are getting our capes back! cant be a decent superhero without a cape…

  • Farlas816

    A long and weary sigh

  • What’d I’d miss? Nothing? Oh ok.

  • Sabretooth

    nice armor sets

    • Thundertrain

      Edna said it best. It applies particularly in SWTOR, where the capes, long coats, and buttflaps clip with everything: belts, weapons, feet, speeders, etc.

  • Duonboon

    These reskins are mockery of SW lore fans and SWTOR playerbase

  • IronSalamander8

    Those armors all have a homogeneity that I find boring and it shows a lack of investment and ability on the part of the art/design team. If not for the captions Dulfy has to indicate which is which, you’d be hard pressed to tell, they’re that similar.

    I used the Block Hole Juggernaut set for my Chiss Jugg since unlocking that long ago and kept using that set up till I cancelled last year. It was a great set that looked like something a Sith Warrior would wear. These new ones are ok for force users but for agents, smugglers, and other non-force users, they’re awful.

  • realism

    These are just the shitty skins for, one assumes, the mods you stick in legacy armour anyway. So stress less.


    This looks awful. Also if they are seriously gonna resuse the Iokath 246/248 weapons, just shows how much the devs don’t give a crap lol

  • John Kosto

    I haven’t used any of the endgame gear for aesthetic purposes since…. well, ever. With hundreds of armor sets in the game, who really cares. Having said that, remove the capes and all these armor sets are actually nice. The capes make all of them unusable. All the masks are cool.

  • Sacremas

    Some of the masks doesn’t look that bad honestly. And I could see my Guardian wearing… err, the trooper armor preferably. And My Juggernaut would look good in… err, the Bounty Hunter armor.

    And something is wrong when that’s my preferences.

    • Sacremas

      The weapons however are utter shit one way or the other. If the blaster pistol wedges open and close they would be cool but I doubt that’s the thing, and why does the Blaster Rifle look heavier than the Sniper Rifle, when that’s generally the more powerful weapon? And why do both of them look more like shotguns? Cannon looks… fine, but others said it’s bugged anyway, and I prefer the rotary ones or multi-barrel ones if you’re going to have a cannon to begin with. Sabers look fine, nothing special, but there were year one sabers I’d rather use tbh (like curved handle ones).

      • abaddonsmummy

        Wait….are you talking to yourself? 😛

        • Sacremas

          Yes, anything wrong with that? At least then I’d have some intelligent conversation. Do you have any way at all of proving anyone other than me even exist for that matter? Even approaching me in real life and kicking me in the nuts could be psychosomatic pain filling in and obscuring the fact that I’m alone in this world.

          Incidentally there has to be some way to turn “Solipsism” (aka the most egotistically imaginable philosophical direction) into some cool Sith name. Darth Solip just sounds like a fruit of some kind…

          • abaddonsmummy

            That was a very erudite and interesting response, please don’t think I was trying to insult you, I just thought it was funny when I saw you had responded to yourself in the above post.
            I agree that some of the helmets are quite nice, not the weird boggle eyes ones, but the Agent, Knight and Warrior ones are cool imho.
            I’m hoping that the weapons are ‘placeholders’ and not the real ones as these are just identical rip offs of the Gemini ones (which were horrible in the first place).
            As for your “Solipsism” issue, how about Darth Me 🙂

            • Sacremas

              If I’m going to call my Sith Darth Me, then I want minature version of him as a pet (or a skin for Treek) I can call Mini Me.

              And yeah those were the three masks. Hoping that some of those at least can fit under a hood, there’s so many masks in this game that should (like the Mask of Kallig from Sith Inquisitor storyline) that don’t for some reason…

  • Sabretooth

    suits look good-but i need an explanation for the weapons.

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