SWTOR Bolster Plans for 5.10 and Beyond

Bioware has outlined their plans for the bolster system in PvP for 5.10 and beyond.

Bolster Plans for 5.10 and Beyond | 11.09.2018, 03:28 PM
Hey folks,

Whenever we introduce new gear to the game, there is an inevitable conversation about what changes will be made to Bolster. As I mentioned in this thread, our original intention in 5.10 was to take Bolster and move it to 248. That thread along with the rest of the forums led to a lot of great feedback from all of you on how you feel about the state of Bolster, should it be higher, or lower, etc. That brought us to sit down and really look at what we want from Bolster now and going forward and so we are going to make an additional change. Let’s talk about why we originally landed on 248, where we are going next, and why.

Addressing Master Work Gear and 248 Bolster
Simply put, in order to make Master Mode Gods From the Machine as terrifying as it should be we needed to have a larger item rating jump than usual for our new gear. As many of you likely know, typically a new tier of gear means a 6 item rating differential. In this case, since we wanted to balance against a higher target we opted to introduce two item ratings of growth at 252 and 258 as a part of a single tier. Historically, we have moved Bolster to be equal to the previous tier’s best in slot item rating. In this case, that makes it 248 (which is what we chose). However, since this tier jump was different it also meant that we couldn’t be 100% consistent. By choosing 248 it means there is a 10 item rating differential, where normally this is only a 6 rating difference. Even though it is a “one tier” jump, it actually creates a larger item rating differential than there usually is. To address this, we are going to be increasing Bolster in Game Update 5.10 to item rating 252 (previously planned to be 248). 

Also, as a reminder we are not only adjusting Bolster on gear, but also on Augments. We are increasing Augment Bolster from 208 to 236. This will additionally help in closing the gap between BiS players and those being Bolstered.

Bolster Beyond 5.10
A number of players have brought up the idea of having Bolster be at the highest item rating available. Effectively making gear in PvP irrelevant, where skill is the only deciding factor. Although we understand the desire from players on that side of the debate, it does introduce some issues. If there is no gear chase from PvP that removes all progression from PvP gameplay and it also removes a part of the reward structure.

However, we do know that there has been unhappiness with PvP gearing in general in the 5.0 era, especially with the removal of Expertise. To make large itemization changes to PvP like that will require an equally large update, so this is the type of issue we will have to wait until an expansion sized update to tackle. We will consider a variety of options including reintroducing PvP specific stats/gear, Boslter changes, etc. and we will make sure to talk through planned changes with all of you when we get to that point. 

Let us know your thoughts. 


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17 replies on “SWTOR Bolster Plans for 5.10 and Beyond”

They had the wrong guy at wrong place, right? (the Australian dude?), same situation as in ESO, just much less dramatic and scandalous…nevermind…I don’t believe much in playerbase judgement anyway anymore…I think, I prefer the two-gearing-system with PvP/PvE specific gear…one can decide which way to go… PvP gear should be viable for story content PVE though…imo..Goodluck 🙂

You should make a PvP talent tree as well as having PvE talent tree So that when you make class balance changes for PvP It does not affect PvE players and vice versus. If you want to go back to PvP and PvE gear k But I’m getting tired of class balance do to PvP, when it has nothing to do with PvE But makes it worse for PvE game play

Most toxic dickheads in the game prioritise pvp so I’m not surprised it gets the short end of the stick. Expending effort to make assholes happy is a doomed enterprise.

I personally wouldn’t have a problem with bolster, if it was at the first tier of gear currently available. The major problem is that you have to fully gear through multiple tiers that see zero performance change in pvp. There needs to be actual progression in order for it to even be worth playing. Stop pushing bolster higher and higher without moving the first tier of available progression gear to just above bolster. I would rather be weak and have to farm the gear without bolster than get gear that does nothing to my performance.

They’ll never address the problems with PVP or any other aspect of the game… their focus is exclusively cartel sales and how to get more players who will hopefully sub. They don’t do anything for subs mind you, they are just banking on people opting for the 6 or 3 month plan before you realize this. I’m playing free finally and the game sucks a bit more than before, but that’s about it. I wish the game would have gone out in a blaze of glory instead of slowly rotting away like some old diseased corpse but I’ve finally given up hope that the devs will ever produce Another quality story line expansion like SOR. RIP TOR.

“If there is no gear chase from PvP that removes all progression from PvP gameplay and it also removes a part of the reward structure”

PvP isn’t about a ‘gear chase’, it’s about competition. If they want to have PvP be rewarding, however, they can stop fawning over their shitty ‘ranked’ system and add the season rewards to a vendor which accepts currency earned via regs.

But I’m sure they’ll just keep wasting resources catering to the minority of a minority group.

They admit knowing what most PvPers want but they simply don’t care about it.
They’ll rather implement a stupid gear grind as fake content.

Actually it is. Other MMO’s try to get more players and release more content vs this game that is opposite. But this game lost so many players past years its clear that Bioware has no resources and intention to make this game POPULAR again. Instead they try maintain it by releasing fluff for money.

I’d like to see expertise brought back. I do think gear is something still should be a factor in PvP. Why? Everyone knows that battles are won on skill and gear. So gear rewards an abilities based on experience should never be removed from PvP. The best of the best have excellent gear and excellent skills.

Why do you want expertise? It does only 1 thing – makes you carry different sets for pvp and pve, artificially slowing down your progress if you want to do both. IMO removal of expertise was their best decision in a long time.

what happening with PVE bolster it will raise that too or the rumors about that will stop here are true? none info so far

Making gear irrelevant in PvP? Screw that noise. I like the satisfaction of wrecking a top tier geared toon on one of my lower geared ones. And I commited to grinding out several 248 toons simply for PvP. The only change I’d like to see to bolster in PvP is to have it removed entirely. We’d end up with less scrubs in que as they’d either have to get good, or get wrecked so hard they give up. Also on the subject of PvP I feel the Vandin map was a real step backwards for huttball maps, would’ve been better to reskin Quesh

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