SWTOR Guild Leveling, Guild Parks and Conquest Changes in 5.10

Bioware has given some details regarding guild leveling, guild perks and conquest changes in Patch 5.10.

Guild Leveling in 5.10 | 11.09.2018, 05:11 PM

Hey folks,

In Game Update 5.10 we will be introducing a brand new system to the game, Guild Leveling. Guild Levels tie heavily into both Conquests and Guild Perks, so please look out for forum posts on both of those other topics to get the full picture of what is changing! Fair warning, there is a lot of information to cover so expect a fairly long post. 

Here is a TLDR for you: Guild Levels are earned via Conquest Points. As you gain levels you can slot perks into your Guild Ship to provide a variety of benefits, leveling also gives you new benefits for XP, CXP, and Reputation gain.

What is Guild Leveling and How Does it Work?
Guild leveling is fairly simple at its core. Similar to a player character, Guilds will now earn Guild Experience. As they hit the next Guild XP target, they will level up. Guilds start at level 1 and can theoretically, level infinitely. 

Guild XP is earned by players in the Guild earning Conquest points. Players will earn 2 Guild XP for every 1 Conquest points earned. Ex: If a player reaches their Personal Weekly Conquest target of 15,000 Conquest points, they would earn 30,000 Guild XP for their Guild. 

Currently, there is a weekly Guild XP cap of 8,000,000 (or 4,000,000 Conquest points worth). We expect that our very large Guilds will regularly hit the cap, but the majority of Guilds will not.

Every time a Guild levels up, a few things happen:

  • They receive a fixed amount of Guild Commendations (these are used to purchase Guild Perks)
  • The amount of XP, CXP, and Reputation earned by the Guild increases. These values start at 5% XP, 5% Rep, and 0% CXP and they steadily increase until they cap at 15% XP, 15% Rep, and 10% CXP.
    • This is a new benefit as players can now reach higher bonuses to XP and Rep than ever before, without relying on Guild size. Plus we have introduced a new bonus to CXP which did not exist previously.
  • At specific Guild Level breakpoints, Guilds will qualify to purchase higher Tiers of Guild Perks.

What Are Our Goals?
Now that you have a basic understanding of how Guild Leveling works, let’s talk about how we arrived at this plan and what our goals are. First and foremost, we wanted to add a whole new set of incentives for players to be a part of a Guild. SWTOR is a social game at its core and so we want to do all that we can to encourage people to play together. However, we also understand that many players like to play with just their small circle of friends in small Guilds, and so the system needed to work for everyone. Second, one of our goals for Conquests was to work as a system to incentivize players to be rewarded for playing any and all content in SWTOR. By tying Conquests and Guild Leveling together it means that by simply playing the game, you will be earning Guild XP for your Guild. Whether you want that to be a focus of your Guild to level as fast as possible, or to just let it happen, you should be gaining Guild levels as you play.

In a moment we are going to share some key breakpoints that exist in our plan for Guild leveling. We built these targets with two key pieces of information. The current amount of Conquest points that Guilds are earning across all yield sizes and the continued potential for Conquest point gains based on the additional Conquest changes coming in 5.10 and the added Conquest point potential from Perks.

Let’s talk about some specific numbers for Guild Leveling. Two quick disclaimers:

  • As always, everything is subject to change.
  • It is unlikely we would make any sweeping changes from these targets until all of you get your hands on it. These numbers are already based on Weekly Conquest data, and so we are going to be hesitant in any big changes until we see how it plays on live. Just know that we will be monitoring this every week along with listening to your feedback to look for areas to make changes.

Reminder – 1 Conquest Point = 2 Guild XP

For context on XP vs Leveling, going from level 1 to level 2 requires 1,000,000 Guild XP. Going from 2-3 requires another 1,010,000 -or- 2,010,000 total (for the math lovers out there, this curve is not necessarily incremental). We expect that Guilds which are hitting Small Yield Planetary targets will be gaining around 3 or so levels a week. This can vary greatly based on Guild size and activity.

Here are some key breakpoints:

  • Level 6 – Guild reaches 10% bonus XP and Reputation
  • Level 12 – Guild qualifies for Tier 2 Guild Perks
  • Level 32 – Guild qualifies for Tier 3 Guild Perks
  • Level 40 – Guild has capped XP and Reputation Gains at 15% bonus
  • Level 49 – Guild qualifies for Tier 4 Guild Perks
  • Level 51 – Guild has capped CXP Gains at 10% bonus
  • Level 64 – Guild qualifies for Tier 5 Guild Perks (current highest tier)
  • Level 65+ – Guild will continue to earn Guild Commendations but there is no gameplay benefit beyond level 64. There will be cosmetic rewards that may be introduced in a later patch tied to Heraldry that will take Guild Level into account.

We know that some of you may do the math on average levels per week and the breakpoints of some of these benefits and be concerned. This is one of the reasons we are also introducing a cap. We want to show you the breakpoints so that you know that this is a system with a long tail on it, that we intend to support for a long time going forward. Guild Leveling isn’t meant to be something your Guild can do in a week and then just ignore. We want to be able to provide something new that your Guild can be working towards every week!

Also, by having a cap we know the pace that the fastest possible Guilds can level. This allows us to plan when and how to introduce perks into economy. Definitely take a look at our Perk post to get your head around how Perks can affect your Guild.

This is a lot of information to digest. Please, let us know your feedback!


Conquest Changes in 5.10 | 11.09.2018, 05:36 PM

Hey folks,

With all of the Guild Changes coming in Game Update 5.10, we also wanted to make some changes to Conquests. As you will learn later today on PTS, Guild Leveling and Perks are tied directly into Conquests, so there is no better time than this update to make some changes.

Before we dive into the specifics we want to ensure that you understand what we are trying to achieve with Conquests in 5.10. Keep these goals in mind as you review the planned changes.

  • We want to continue to ensure you expect weekly consistency in Conquest Objectives. We are doing this for three reasons:
    • We heard your feedback from our first round of Conquest changes that you felt that there should be Objectives in every Conquest for most gameplay styles.
    • With Guild Perks, players will have the ability to add new Daily Repeatable Conquest Objectives to fit their Guilds playstyle.
    • Guild XP is tied to Conquest Points and so you need to know what to expect in each week’s Conquest reliably.
  • Create methods to allow players to earn more Conquest points.
  • Incentivize Guilds to commit earlier to prevent “planet sniping.”


  • The following Objectives have been added to every Conquest:
    • Complete any Chapter (repeatable)
    • Complete any round of the Eternal Championship (repeatable)
    • Complete Round 10 of the Eternal Championship (daily)
    • Defeat enemies anywhere, you must complete step 1 before you can complete step 2, etc:
      • 1: 100 Enemies (daily)
      • 2: 125 Enemies (daily)
      • 3: 250 Enemies (daily)
    • Obtain 8 badges in a Warzone (repeatable)
  • The following Objectives have been removed”
    • Defeat Imperial / Republic Guards
  • Guilds will now earn a small bonus on all Conquest points earned once they have committed to a planet. The team is trying to balance the bonus % between offering incentives to Guilds for committing early, and not “planet sniping” but we also don’t want to punish Guilds who don’t immediately commit. I am still working with the dev team on locking down the exact bonus but will get it for you next week.

In addition to the changes above, there are a number things that are a part of Guild Leveling and Perks which will also impact Conquest. Definitely take a look at those posts!

Please let us know your thoughts as Conquests are a big part of the Guild changes in 5.10. Thanks everyone.

Guild Perks in 5.10 | 11.09.2018, 05:37 PM

Hey folks,

There are a lot of changes coming to Guilds in 5.10. Be sure to read up on the Conquest changes and especially all about how Guild Leveling works. Guild Leveling is especially relevant to understanding Guild Perks. Let’s start with what Guild Perks are, how you get them, and how you use them. At the bottom of the post I will include a very large list of some very specific Guild Perks we are looking at using.

What is a Guild Perk?
Simply put a Guild Perk is something that can apply to your Guild to give it a specific benefit. Maybe you want to have increased mount speed when you are out and traveling. Maybe your Guild is Flashpoint focused and so you want some extra rewards from Flashpoints. These are examples of some of the things you can accomplish with Perks. 

What are our Goals for Guild Perks?
What we want to be able to do is to give your Guild the power to really focus in on what you enjoy! Perks give a mechanism where players can effectively say “We are a PvP focused Guild” and mean it in new ways. Now, not only are you like minded players, but you can focus perks, benefits, and additional rewards to your chosen playstyle.

Guild Perks along with Guild Levels provide great incentives for Guilds to remain active. This also provides new ways for Guild Leaders to recruit around specific play-styles along with rewards to encourage participation in Guild activities!

How to Acquire and Apply Them?
Guild Perks have up to 3 costs to purchase them:

  • Credits
  • Guild Commendations
  • Reinforcement Modules
  • There may also be a minimum Guild Level required, depending on the Tier of the perk

Credits must be spent from the Guild Bank, so this is a good mechanism to get everyone contributing to the cause. Guild Commendations are earned in a couple of ways:

  • When your Guild Levels up
    • 5-10 per level
  • When/if your Guild reaches an Invasion Yield Target
    • Small Yield – 70 Commendations
    • Medium Yield – 80 Commendations
    • Large Yield – 90 Commendations

Reinforcement Modules is a new blueprint which players acquire by combining 10 Reinforcement Components. Reinforcement Components are a bind-on-pickup crafting material which is acquired in a couple of ways:

  • As a part of completing your Weekly Yield Target.
  • A rare chance to acquire during harvesting if you have the “Harvesting Yield I / II / III” Guild Perk equipped.
  • Can be earned by completing specific Heroic Missions on Ossus if players are in a Guild group with the “Ossus Reinforcement” Perk active.

Once a player has 10 Components, they simply right click them to combine into a Reinforcement Module which they can then donate to the Guild.

Perks are purchased directly via their Perk Nodes. Perk Nodes exist as a new user interface on your Guild Flagship. I should pause for a moment, Guild Flagships are required to use Perks. As a part of that requirement we understand that their cost can be prohibitive to some Guilds and so in GU 5.10 their cost will be lowered from 50,000,000 down to 15,000,000. 

You are able to slot Perks based on your Flagship room unlocks, up to 6 Perks. Each Node is assigned to a specific room and that room must be unlocked to assign its respective Perk. Basically, each Perk has a Node (room) requirement and reminder, the Bridge is unlocked by default with Guild Ship purchase.. Here are the Nodes:

  • Two Nodes
    • Bridge
  • One Node Each
    • Forward Command Room
    • Starboard Command Room
    • Port Command Room
    • Engine Room

In the interface you would simply click the node which will give you a pop-up where you can purchase and apply your chosen Perk. Assuming of course you meet the requirements, and can pay the cost.

Perk Details
Perks themselves have a variety of statistics you will want to be aware of before purchasing. Let’s give you an example of a Perk and talk about each of its components.

Summon Guild Bank
Grants Activated Ability to summon the Guild Bank for the Player
Duration: 3 Minutes // Cooldown: 15 minutes
Perk Duration: 28 days // Tier: 1
Cost(s): Guild Commendations: 0 // Credits: 900,000
Room: Forward Command Room // Set: Fortune

This perk is purchased and applied into the Forward Command Room Node for 900,000 credits. There is no Commendation or Reinforcement Module Cost. It is Tier 1 so your Guild can purchase it at any level. Once applied, this Perk will last for 28 days unless your Guild replaces it. On the 28 day mark the Perk will expire and no longer function.

This Perk grants everyone in the Guild the ability to summon access to the Guild Bank in the field for 3 minutes. Once activated, that ability will go on cooldown for 15 minutes.
Last part, which may have raised an eyebrow is that this perk is a part of the Fortune set. There will be 5 Guild Perk sets at launch. This adds an extra layer of choice when placing your Perks. Does your Guild want to go after a set bonus? Do you prefer to just choose the best 5 perks? It is up to you. Since I used Fortune in the example above, here is Fortune’s current set bonus (which is acquired by slotting 4 Fortune perks):

  • Increase Critical Chance by 5% in Operations and Flashpoints
  • Increase Efficiency and Critical Chance for all professions by 2%

There are also two types of Perks, Core and Cycling. Core Perks, such as Summon Guild Bank, typically only cost Credits and are always available. Cycling Perks are typically more powerful with higher requirements, and are only available for a limited time. Our current plan is that they will cycle every couple of weeks or so. This gives us a lot of flexibility in being able to introduce special, powerful, limited time Perks!

Let us know your thoughts on Guild Perks! We are really excited about this system as it really gives players the power to tailor their Guild to be exactly what they want.


Tentative list of some upcoming Guild Perks (this is not a comprehensive list, expect changes to these before launch including removal)

  • Group Resurrection – Grants an ability to all guild members which resurrects your entire party. Can only be used outside of combat. 6 hour cooldown. 14 day duration.
  • Summon Guild Bank – Summons a guild bank for the player. 15 minute cooldown. 28 day duration.
  • Cleanse Negative Effects – Remove all negative effects from the player. 6 hour cooldown. 14 day duration.
  • Movement Speed Boost – Increases speed by 10/20% for one hour. 6 hour cooldown. 28/14 day duration.
  • Stat Boost – Increases Damage or Crit or Mastery or Endurance by 3/5% for an hour. 6 hour cooldown. 28/14 day duration.
  • Passive Stat Boosts – Increase Endurance by 6/9/12% or Mastery by 4/6/8% in Flashpoints or Operations. 28/28/14 day duration.
  • Increased Energy Regeneration – Increases energy regeneration by 3% for 1 hour. 6 hour cooldown. 28 day duration.
  • Increase Received Healing – Increases incoming healing by 3% for 1 hour. 6 hour cooldown. 28 day duration.
  • Profession Research/Crit chance bonus – Increases Efficiency or Crit Chance for all professions by 5% for 1 hour. 6 hour cooldown, 28 day duration.
  • XP Increases – Increases experience gains by 3/5/7%. 14/14/28 day duration.
  • CXP Increases – Increases Command experience gains by 3/5/7%. 14/14/28 day duration.
  • Rep Increases – Increases reputation gains by 5/10/15%. 14/14/28 day duration.
  • Conquest Point Increase – Increase conquest points awarded by 10/20%. 14/28 day duration.
  • New Mount Skills – Adds a shield/AoE knockback/speed boost ability usable while mounted. 14 day duration.
  • New Conquest Objectives Adds new Conquest objectives to your available list, based on which type of game activity you like doing. Can add Flashpoints, Operations, Warzones, GSF, or Crafting objectives.
  • Harvesting Yield – 5/10/15% chance to gain more items while harvesting. Also can grant Reinforced Components (required for high-tier guild perks). 28 day duration.
  • Reduced Harvest Time – Reduces time to harvest nodes in the world by 15/30/45%. 28/28/14 day duration.
  • Crew Skill Efficiency – Increases efficiency for gathering/mission/crafting crew skills by 3/5/7%. 28 day duration.
  • Crew Skill Critical – Increases critical chance for gathering/mission/crafting crew skills by 1/2/3%. 28/28/14 day duration.
  • Crew Skills – Increase harvest yield, harvest time, gathering efficiency, and/or crit chance for Crew Skills.
  • Sprint Speed – Increases sprint speed by 50/75/100%. 28/28/14 day duration.
  • Mount Speed – Increase mounted speed by 10/15/20%. 28/28/14 day duration.
  • Decreased Quick Travel Cooldown – Decreases cooldown time by 60/90/120 seconds. 28 day duration.
  • Ossus Daily Quest – Adds Reinforced Components as rewards for Ossus repeatable quests. 28 day duration.
  • Reduced damage while stunned – Reduces damage while stunned by 5/10%. 28 day duration.
  • Increased group content rewards – Increase XP, CXP, and Rep in Flashpoints/Operations/GSF (and Valor in Warzones) by 5/7/9%. 28 day duration.
  • Increased adrenal/stimpack duration – Increase duration of adrenals and stimpacks in Flashpoints/Operations by 10/20/30%. 27 day duration.
  • Increased Ops crafting drops – 5/10/15% for crafting kit to drop from bosses while in a guild group. 28 day duration.
  • Cost Reductions – Reduce cost of GTN Commission or Repairs,by 5/10/15%. 28 day duration.
  • Increased AoE Loot Range – Increase the range at which enemies can be looted by 50%. 28 day duration.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

41 replies on “SWTOR Guild Leveling, Guild Parks and Conquest Changes in 5.10”

A lot of reading for such a meaningless set of changes. I’ve never seen anyone requesting crap like this. Seems like ‘make lots of needless but easy alterations to an existing system to make it seem like we’re adding something major’ again.

These are pretty cool actually:

– Stat Boost – Increases Damage or Crit or Mastery or Endurance by 3/5% for an hour. 6 hour cooldown. 28/14 day duration.
– Passive Stat Boosts – Increase Endurance by 6/9/12% or Mastery by 4/6/8% in Flashpoints or Operations. 28/28/14 day duration.
– Conquest Point Increase – Increase conquest points awarded by 10/20%. 14/28 day duration.
– New Conquest Objectives Adds new Conquest objectives to your available list, based on which type of game activity you like doing. Can add Flashpoints, Operations, Warzones, GSF, or Crafting objectives.
– XP Increases – Increases experience gains by 3/5/7%. 14/14/28 day duration.
– CXP Increases – Increases Command experience gains by 3/5/7%. 14/14/28 day duration.

I can’t see any use for them whatsoever personally. At this stage of the game, one thing I don’t need is boosts, and the fact that they’re not even permanent just makes them even less interesting to me :/

I don’t know, something neat or interesting. Guild titles, instances copied from ops and elsewhere as new guild-only SHs. Something more substantial than what could be summed up more or less as ‘limited time xp increases’.

They’ve added next to nothing, yet it’s probably the longest page I’ve seen here on Dulfy’s site in years. Just expected something more tbh, even if I don’t really know what. None of this makes me even slightly interested in joining a guild :S

If it’s not interested you it doesn’t mean that all others don’t need it. It’s guild’s system similar to other games like WoW or FFXiV or GW2. Only GW2 from that list have different guild missions but that weren’t updated for 4 years already. People asked some guild progression and leveling system since SWTOR launch that is why you shouldn’t talk for other players and pretend to know such things.

Alright smartarse, what am I ‘pretending to know’? How am I ‘talking for other players’? And with lines like “People asked some guild progression and leveling system since SWTOR launch” how are YOU not doing exactly what you’re (falsely) accusing me of doing?

All I’m saying is I’ve (me, personally, myself, nobody else) never seen anyone complaining about the current guild system (beyond the limitations surrounding SHs, which this update does nothing about) or requesting stuff like the above, and at this late stage in the game I don’t see what this really adds beyond unneeded xp boosts, a few negligible (and temporary) QoL boosts and an artificial sense of progression to distract people and keep them subbed when they’ve wrapped up the Ossus content.

I’m allowed to be disappointed, even if it’s pretty much my own fault for assuming we’d be getting something better, and if this does something for you, then congrats. But spare me the ill-informed jabs about speaking for others when you’re the only person doing that.

Because you can find guild themes all other the forums about bases (beofre SH) and progression. And you claim that “I’ve never seen anyone requesting crap like this” while “this crap” exactly what people asked cause it’s similar to other MMORPG guild progression and perks as I said before.

You whine several times that you don’t like it cause you don’t see anything usefull in these typical perks and here we go about ‘jabs’, aye.

So basically, you were just talking shit, but instead of holding your hands up to that you’re just repeating yourself. Got it.

Basically, you are the man that didn’t remember or wasn’t here when SWTOR was launched and we didn’t have SH. And even when they appeared as well as guild ships people still asked for something more for guilds. And basically, you don’t have a clue about guild progression and perks and how it usually put at MMORPG. So you can get something more, clearly 😀 Cause it’s obvious enough that you are one more little whiner that need to ‘tell everyone his opinion’ while he doesn’t even know at least something on the subject.

Been here since day one of early access. Like I said, out of all the issues I’ve seen people raising with the game over the years, guilds haven’t been one of them. There’s nothing wrong with the current system. I don’t know anyone in-game who has ever mentioned wanting an overhaul to guilds.

But once again, you’ve completely ignored the actual point, and keep rehashing the same statement again and again like it’s somehow relevant. I don’t give a shit if you’ve seen people asking for guild changes. Yet you claim to know what people have been asking for while accusing me of ‘speaking for others’ and ‘pretending to know’?

Maybe it’s just your spotty English, but you should really try a little harder at reading before responding. Or just, y’know, carry on looking like an illiterate hypocrite :’)

I gave you examples of how it works in other MMORPG and you continue your nonsense about ‘I didn’t see’. It’s not ‘overhaul’, but a progression system and perks. We didn’t have any guild system except conquest that just circle-grind-old-content.

So, I already wrote different arguments about that while you just use the same blah-blah without any meaning that ended with ‘spotty English’ 😀 Ye, when people don’t have anything to say it’s time to use the most mainstream move.

wtf are you talking about? these are GLORIOUS additions to guilds! these are a lot of things being added. it seems like you just read one or two things and went “oh nothing new” or something. This is awesome and a very welcoming addition for people who have guilds. This will increase activity levels and give people even MORE to do!

I don’t really see how this gives anyone more to do tbh, or how it will increase activity at all. They aren’t adding anything, they’re just changing what’s already there and throwing in some pretty negligible ‘perks’ for doing the same stuff we always do.

They’re just revamping an old system again to pad out a game update and make it look bigger.

sounds like they ran out of ways to rehash flashpoints and other things so lets rehash guild stuff now lol now you have a guild grind lol doing the same thing youve been doing sigh..smh how is this game still here?

yo chill. it’s another thing being added to the game and guilds are finally being overhauled and things are being added to them. I dont get why people are still so cynical about this game. if you dont like it? why comment

some people just love to bitch and will always find something to bitch about. That’s why they are called P.A.B.’s

Look dude if you don’t like the game then don’t fucking play it and don’t fucking comment on it. I swear pussy ass bitches like you who just love to bitch about whatever they can bitch about is a fucking cancer that needs to stop.

upset are we? LOL if you cant handle criticism then get off the internet. Its tools like you the last white knight who keep ea doing this shit and ruining the game even more.Im not going anywhere deal or gtfo lolz

So guild that do SM ops (Conquest guilds) get perks that doesn’t help them at all and smaller guilds that do NiM gets shafted and they get nothing for the new impossibly hard NiM GftM ? lol ok

Lowering the price for guild flagships means very little if you also don’t lower the prices for unlocking the rooms on the guild ships. Small guilds have no chance to get 500 encriptions to make frameworks +5m to open each command room….

Wow this is pretty massive and fairly impressive, for guilds that is.
What worries me at the moment however is this.
Does these perks of XP/CXP/Reputation add to the current Flagship bonus’s, or as I expect is everything zero’d and you have to build them back up again.
If so, from a guild that was just hitting medium yields of 550k conquest points, we are going to take much longer to hit the levels (and bonus’s) compared to the big guilds that were hitting 4million+ a week (will get 1 level per week and they will potentially get 4 levels per week) therefore making it harder to get new players without offering the better leveling bonus’s.
Small gripe but annoying.
Also, as the core of the guild had their alts at max XP/CXP/Reputation, and they aren’t adding levels of CXP, it’s not really aimed at the existing players or players thinking about returning with a cadre of maxed alts.
Annoying as I’ve rolled enough alts over the years, not wanting to do that yet again.
Regarding the speeder boosts, again do they stack on top of your legacy perk speeder boosts, or is it aimed at new players who haven’t bought these yet. I expect the latter. Not a game breaker but again appears aimed at new players.
Some look good though.
The stat boosts look really good, especially in HM op’s.
Tailoring your conquests to your guild is a good idea.
Conquest Point Increase – Increase conquest points awarded by 10/20%. 14/28 day duration. Good.
Harvesting bonus’s and crafting crit chances look good.
Whereas some look pointless, like summoning Guild bank, quick travel cooldown, loot range increase.
I am actually getting a bit excited about 5.10 and will possibly re-sub for this and Ossus, something to get my teeth into after an awful summer of ‘content’ *cough*.
Caveat though, implementation of changes like this are notoriously woeful from Bioware, resulting in patch after patch, Like previous conquest and Iokath changes.
Even they say themselves,

“Let’s talk about some specific numbers for Guild Leveling. Two quick disclaimers:

As always, everything is subject to change.
It is unlikely we would make any sweeping changes from these targets until all of you get your hands on it. These numbers are already based on Weekly Conquest data, and so we are going to be hesitant in any big changes until we see how it plays on live. Just know that we will be monitoring this every week along with listening to your feedback to look for areas to make changes.”

It worries me that we are testing this for them as they seem unaware of how this will play out fully, but maybe that’s the nature of an MMO, players like to see if they can break a game with a unforeseen work around, but still seems a bit unprepared.
Might wait for the inevitable patch or two, see what it settles in to before I commit my time and money back into the game.

Interesting I guess. But like everything that comes out about this game for the past 1.5 years I just shrug my shoulders and go back to playing other games. Friends tell me about some of these updates and I come here to check it out, but there’s no real incentive to get a former player to play again. Updates like this do not fix the issues with the game, and the new zone also doesn’t fix the issues with the game. At least in my mind.

Again, interesting. But what’s the point? For some bonuses so I can do storymode TFB or DF or DP for the umpteenth time because the only guilds that will reliably get these bonuses are going to be the big ones full of idiots that can hardly do SM content? All they’re doing is creating more feast or famine scenarios in the game.

Whatever. If you enjoy SWTOR still have at it. I question your sanity, but have at it. Changes like this, the new zone, and a lot of the other things they’re doing are at the point of too little too late. Even when they release new content it’s a drip fed cluster of shit. Even when they release new content it does NOTHING to address the litany of issues that people have made abundantly clear are in the game that Bioware Austin chooses to completely ignore. So I’ll do the same. They can ignore their game and the issues within it, and I’ll just ignore the game. Because nothing is going to change. They’ll spin their wheels, get whatever money they can, and dump it into maintenance mode within the next 2 years.

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