GW2 Gemstore Update–Raven Helm/Mantle and Desert King Throne

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Raven Helm/Mantle available for 400 gems each and the Desert King Throne as an uncommon BLC drop.


Raven Helm/Mantle – 400 gems each

Dye Pattern






Desert King Throne – Uncommon BLC Drop



Human/Sylvari Female


Human/Sylvari Male, Norm Male/Female




Upcoming Pet Dog

Info taken from that_shaman’s datamining post.


Pet Dog Whistle – Basenji

  • Using this item will summon a companion that you can play with in the world and teach new tricks over time.
  • Your dog is ready to learn some new tricks. Training is hard and your dog can only learn so much in any given day, but they’re always happy to play with you
  • Play with your dog to eventually teach it new tricks.
  • Tricks: Sit, Roll Over, Shake, Play Dead, Speak, Play Fetch, Lay Down, Pat, Send Home
  •  Your dog has learned all it can for today, but you can keep playing with them until they’re ready to learn more tricks again tomorrow.

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23 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update–Raven Helm/Mantle and Desert King Throne”

Oh Hello another Idea from Aion. The Pet! Only thing what is missing is the fact when you trained and fed him he gives you a random gift.

And the skins are awesome. Sadly they fuck up middle and heavy armor the whole time.

That Raven Mantle is amazing! Helm.. not so much, meh. I guess that it will go nice with some combos. But that mantle.. super cool, I’m glad that they picked up on the fact that so many uses the skinned Garm ma- I mean, houndskin mantle. It will also be nice for Nevermore wearers, Norns and light armor classes. I just kinda wish that there would be no invisible space between the mantle and chest on female characters and that the feathers would just fall to the sides but I guess that’s impossible to ask, especially in mmorpg where they need to segregate each armor piece. GW2 is great as it is with the “fashion wars”.

The throne, pretty cool. More so for all the Joko freaks out there.

And the upcoming pet dog.. I am a dog person so I’m really intrigued by it, I wonder if it will come with some new animations for “shake” or “pat”

Basenji are ugly dogs. Like if you’ve cross a chihuahua and a jack russell. Stupid, noisy, and ugly. Give us Corgis ffs !

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