Fallout 76 Order of Mysteries Faction Quests Guide

Fallout 76 Order of Mysteries Faction guide on how to join Order of Mysteries and become Mistress of Mysteries.

General Info

Order of Mysteries is one of the factions you can join in Fallout 76. Joining this faction will give you a handy number of items. The weapons and armor you receive can be upgraded to high levels at a crafting bench. While you can do the faction quests at any level, you cannot wear any of the items except for the Veil of Secrets until you are level 25.

  • Veil of Secrets – all the benefits of a gas mask without the perception loss
  • Blade of Bastet – Sword with armor penentration
  • Voice of Set – .44 pistol that does additional electrical damage against robots
  • Garb of Mysteries –outfit that provides bonus sneak chance but at the cost of low damage resist
  • Eye of Ra – A jewel that can be only worn with Garb of Mysteries and enhance the effects of the Garb and weapons
  • Phantom Device – Consumable that basically combines the properties of HallociGen Gas Canister and Stealth Boy into one.


Order of Mysteries Faction Quest Starter

Fallout 76 Order of Mysteries faction quest starter can be found in various areas of  Appalachia, on the corpses of a Young Woman. Here are some of the known locations

Behind AVR Medical


Into the Mystery

Go to the Riverside Manor near the border between Forest and Ash Heap region of Appalachia.  Go to the Study Terminal in the Riverside Manor on the 2nd floor and pick Personal Journal – 6/29/77 to proceed with the quest


Go to the front porch area of the house wearing the Worn Veil you looted from the corpse earlier and a secret door should now open up linking you to the secret bunker


Reward: Veil of Secrets – This a face mask best for protecting yourself from the toxic gas in Ash Reap region as it does not lower your perception like gas masks.


Initiate of Mysteries

Given after completing Into the Mystery after you enter the secret bunker. You need to go to Lewisburg for this quest and locate the corpse of Natasha Hunt.


To report to Cryptos after completing your task in Lewisburg, login as Natasha Hunt and then go into administrative actions –> promotions and promote Unknown User. Once you log back in as the Unknown User, make sure to press enter to “claim” your reward


Reward: Garb of Mystery (Level 25 item, +1 PER), this item can be recrafted to a higher level since you are also given the plans. However, you cannot wear it with other armor.


Novice of Mysteries

Given after completing Initiate of Mysteries. You will need to complete these three missions from the Cryptos terminal

  • Forging a Legend – Blade of Bastet
  • Chasing Shadows – Phantom Device
  • Prototypical Problems – Voice of Set

Foraging A Legend

To retrieve the Historic Sword from Whitespring Resort you must use the terminal nearby and use the Staff Access. The terminal password can be found upstairs in the shower


Then you need to go to the weapon workbench and attach the Swing Analyzer to the Grant’s Saber via mod modification

Kill 6 different types of creatures with Grant’s Saber (i.e. Super Mutants, Ghouls, Scorched, Mole Rats, Radstag Does, Bloatfly etc)

Reward: Blade of Bastet – Level 25 sword with 55 damage and medium speed. It can be recrafted to higher levels as well since you are given the plans.It also has armor piercing.


Chasing Shadows

This quest is pretty straightforward, you just need to acquire a HalluciGen gas canister from Garrahan Minining HQ and a Stealth Boy from the location indicated by the quest.

Reward: Phantom Device, a consumable that freeze nearby enemies and render your invisible. More can be crafted at the Tinker Bench under Buff category (requires 1x Stealth Boy and HallociGen Gas Canister per craft)


Prototypical Problems

To enter Sugar Grove you need to use the main entrance and not the back entrance as you won’t have the Blacksite Key to access the back entrance. The back entrance also requires terminal hacking


To copy the EMP Research Data, go interact with the terminal and select Research projects – PULSAR. It will tell you that the data is too big to download. What you need to do next is go to the intramail section of the terminal and select SIPHON Holotape. The quest objective will then update for its retrieval


Get a Project Siphon Holotape – This part of the quest is confusing since the objective marker is incorrectly placed. From the main room of Sugar Grove, go down the set of stairs and then go to the hallway to your right. You will see a small room to your left with a bunch of terminals. The Analyst terminal is at the back.


Once you have the Holotape, go back to the terminal and then load into it to download the EMP program.


When you return to the Fabricator, remember you also need to load the Siphon Holotape into it to claim you reward,

Reward: Voice of Set, a .44 pistol that does additional electric damage vs robots. Much like other weapons, you can level it up as you are given the plans to craft it.


Seeker of Mysteries

Given after completing Novice of Mysteries. After listening to the holotape, select the Pleasant Valley Infiltration mission from the mission terminal. You will need to travel to the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort for this mission.


Seek for information about the Order of Mysteries – read the following notes. The note that triggered the objective update was Tony’s Order found upstairs in the abandoned house

  • Lewisburg Ambush
  • The Assassins
  • Jake’s Note
  • Harvey’s Deal
  • Tony’s orders


Find a password for Brody’s terminal – You can find a memo in the footlocker in Brody’s room. Then go to the Pleasant Valley Network Admin terminal in the main ski lodge and reset the password for Brody


To Find Brody’s Holotape, you need to select Mount Holotape Drive and pick the option to dispense SIPHON Holotape


Mistress of Mystery

Given after completing Seeker of Mysteries.

Gain access to the Headmistress’s Office – you need to login to Cryptos as Olivia Rivers and then select Administrative Actions –> Authorize Acess and pick Unknown User to grant yourself access.


Search the Headmistress’ Office – look at her terminal and select From Olivia to update the quest


Look for clues to the meeting place. There are two terminals you need to interact – the first terminal is the one you first used to access the secret bunker in the very beginning on the second floor – check the first personal journal entry – 6/28/77


The second terminal you need to check is also located on the same floor. There is a big hole in the floor near the terminal.The first journal entry – 9/30/77 should update the quest.


The meeting place is just a bit north of Pleasant Valley Cabins


Go back to Riverside Manor with Headmistress Shannon Rivers’ Login and promote yourself (Unknown User) to Mistress of Mystery via Administrative Actions –> Authorize Promotion

Reward: Eye of Ra, this is a red jewel that can be only worn with Garb of Mysteries. What it does is that it enhances both Garb of Mysteries’ properties but also that of Voice of Set and Blade of Bastet

  • Garb of Mysteries: Grant +20 damage resistance and 20% harder to detect while sneaking (instead of just 5%)
  • Blade of Bastet: 100% armor piercing (instead of 50%)
  • Voice of Set: +70 electric damage & 25% chance to stun vs robots (instead of just +35 electric damage vs robots)

Unfortunately its association with Garb of Mysteries make it rather useless for most circumstances since the damage resist on the Garb of Mysteries is a bit too low for its level.


You will also unlock a number of photoframes (found under quest –> mistress of mystery).


  • Matt Potter (Enemyoffun)

    The Foraging Legends quest is glitched for me on Xbox I think. I can’t find the terminal to unlock the case with the sword. None of the furniture is even spawning in the house, everything is just floating.

  • nukagirl

    Thank you for the new fallout 76 guides Dulfy! I tend to get stuck when doing fetch quests (because there’s a marker bug where it doesn’t show stuff on the map) and it’s also nice to know there aren’t a lot of steps left in a quest line. Very helpful and the photos make everything clearer. 🙂

  • He who watches

    I’ve completed all these quests… But I think I broke down my garb. Does anyone know how to reacquire it? I’m not one to run around the wasteland in a dress… but I don’t like having the Eye of Ra, and having it be useless without the garb to put it on. I’m a little OCD. Its driving me nuts. I’m biting my nails… pounding the Nuka Cola’s back like there’s no tomorrow… I’m freaking out man!!

    …how do I get that dress back? lol

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