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SWTOR Guilld Leveling and Perks Developer Livestream Notes

SWTOR Guild leveling and guild perks developer livestream notes.

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  • Conquests
  • Guild Management
  • Guild Leveling
  • Guild Perks
  • Q&A


  • New objectives for Chapters, Eternal Championships, Warzones, and kills (literally kill any NPC/mobs)
  • Removed “Defeat Guards” Objectives – Data show very small faction of the people actually do this objective
  • Bonus for committing – deterrence for "planet sniping" – 15% bonus to conquest points earned if you commit.

Guild Management

  • Guild Inspect
  • Guild Logging
  • Guild Mail
  • Guild Ban by Legacy – You cannot circumvent this by changing your legacy name
  • Additional Guild Member Ranks – max rank up to 20
  • PvP Challenge – Guilds/Groups can challenge each other to PvP/GSF matches. Guild groups can track of win/losses if they wish.
  • Heraldry won’t make it to 5.10, will come in later.

Guild Leveling

  • Guild XP earned via Conquest Points. 1 Conquest Point = 2 Guild XP
  • Benefits – perks and new bonuses
    • New bonuses – 15% XP, 15% reputation, 10% CXP
    • Bonuses are no longer tied to guild size but rather by guild levels
  • Weekly XP Cap to allow smaller guilds to keep up – Large guilds and some medium guilds will hit this weekly cap. Small guilds will lag behind a bit but not by much.
  • No limit to guild levels although past a certain level there isn’t any benefits other than Guild Commendations/bragging rights or to show how active your guild is.
  • Guild will roughly gain 3 levels per week

Guild Perks

  • Tied to guild ships, price for guild ships reduced from 50 mil to 8 mil (room unlock cost currently unchanged but might be changed in the future)
  • Guild perks costs a combination of credits, Guild Commendations and Reinforcement Modules
  • Guild Perks are either core – around forever, or rotating (cycle roughly every 2 weeks). Core perks are generally less powerful than Rotating Perks but are generally cheaper to purchase.
  • Example of QoL perk: summoning guild banks out in the world, out of combat group rez, etc
  • Example of stat perks – divided into active/passive perks. Active perks are pretty much identical to class buffs and won’t stack with them. It is only for newer players that don’t have all the class buffs unlocked. Passive stat buffs can be only slotted in one place so you can run only one passive (except for perk set bonuses). The passive stat perks will not impact PvP in anyway and won’t affect Master mode operations.



  • Paxton Rall companion is hinted as being coming in 5.10
  • 5.10 is coming in early December
  • Clickable links in guild description – might be something to look in the future
  • Guild Calendars – something we can look into
  • They are not balancing contents around guild perks so you are not left out and underpowered if you not in a guild with good perks.
  • System is designed so that if you are a small guild hitting small invasion objectives every week, you will be able to slot a perk in every slot.
  • Banning large guilds from doing small yield planets – guild size is measured by number of characters and not active players so you could have a 500 player guild with only 20 active players that is being punished.
  • They are not doing refunds for people who purchased guild ships for 50 mil already but if you just bought it recently, contact customer support.
  • No plans to increase guild cap beyond 1000 members

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

43 replies on “SWTOR Guilld Leveling and Perks Developer Livestream Notes”

If these fucking bozos can’t even manage to do a youtube live stream correctly……. something literal 7 year olds become millionaires doing….. how the dancing shit do they expect to manage a community and multi-million dollar game for a billion dollar franchise? This is a joke at this point.

New guild stuff is cool though 🙂

Damn it, so finely new story content, right before Xmas break, didn’t they learn from the ability lag when SoR came out.

No new endgame content + underwhelming ‘story’ with characters that were bringed back ‘from the dead’. No thanks.

This would have been a great update when people still played the game. I haven’t played regularly in years and at all in well over a year, but I can’t imagine there’s a the huge and vibrant community needed to really make these features shine, and without new content beyond this I can’t imagine it bring old players back.

Such wasted potential, but I guess that sums up this game over all.

[OP is Fred G]

Why would they fire him? He’s a perfect idiot and fits right into the team dynamic. Who else will just be a cheerleading yes-man for Keith and the other EA lackeys at BWA?

[OP is Fred G]

This might be a record for how fast they started their schoolboy giggling and incompetence on a stream. So gd weird how this team runs things.

Does anyone know what will happen with Frameworks and Encryptions? Do we now need Encryptions,Guild Commendations, and Reinforcement Modules? More grind?

obviously they do this to keep ppl from leaving the game. but that horse has ran away long time ago.
if they just could add more species and quality leveling , like 1-60. awesome written and such.
then it just goes into bleh.

How the fuck is the lights still on at the Bioware Austin offices??
Even with the cartel whales they can’t be raking in much profit.
What is the population of SWTOR now?
Can’t be higher than 10k at peak times, and out of that how many actually sub? less than half is my guess, I’d be shocked if it was higher.

Looking at the forums its the same people posting over and over, never see a new name.
Just the same fanboys that will stay til the very end no matter how shite it gets.
King Keith could cut the amount of devs and content they release by half and those some people will log in and chat on the forums happily defending this car crash (looking at you Andryah you utter nightmare).

Oh if you ever wonder where all the SWTOR devs went, play Mass Effect Andromeda, holy shit it stinks of SWTOR workmanship.
Bugged to death, Crashes constantly, Story sucks, Choices don’t matter or you have no real choice, Pick choice A or B but really they both have the same outcome, repeatedly called Pathfinder even though NPC’s know you have an actual name (Outlander ring a bell). Every planet is the same just sand replaces snow replaces grass zzzzzzzzzzzz

On a serious note don’t play ME:A like what SWTOR has become it’s shit.

Damn i was seriously thinking of buying it as a non-fantasy MMO to fill my Swtor hiatus.
Why cant anyone do a decent non-fantasy or sci fi MMO.
Even Fallout 76 is getting some bad press, that was my other option.

Yeah Fallout 76 looks poor too.
You can get ME:A for cheap these days, I got it for £9 which is pretty much all it’s worth. I feel sorry for the folk that paid full price.
Try it , I was just ranting above, maybe you’ll like it but you’ll see what I mean with the SWTOR stuff, can tell they had devs that worked on both games.

Thanks man, I might give it a look for under a tenner.
Never mind as soon as Anthem comes out all our gaming problems will be solved.

Check out Warframe – it has got a great gaming community and a bigger and better development team than SWTOR.
The game is not made by EA, but by DE, so it’s free to play without any subscriptions.

Warframe is overcomplicated and overloaded with grind and RNG. You can spend many many hours to make just 1 weapon good, then they release a better version and you start over. Also the trade system is terrible.

You can buy weapons with a premium platinum currency for reasonable prices if you want something very fast, but that’s not really necessary as you can also get every weapon in the game for free by grinding towards them. That grind can be greatly reduced by reading drop tables on where those items are most likely to drop. Some players just play the game without hunting for specific weapons and they get tons of weapons for free because there are so many weapons in the game and new cool weapons are being added all the time. You get rewarded by simply playing the game – they even have daily login rewards. Compared to SWTOR RNG Command Ranks and Hypercrate lootboxes where you buy a chance to get the item that you want – and at best will give you 3 out of 6 to make the set that you want – or why not spend 70usd on a single cosmetic item in the cartel market.
You can reuse all the mods you have leveled up from the weapon that you spend hours making great when they are releasing a better version, so it’s not like you are losing your progress.
If you don’t like the trading system, you don’t have to use it. It’s for gamers that are online and want to meet face to face to make the trade in a Dojo – just like trading a Stronghold in SWTOR. You can also go offline and check out third-party trading websites if that’s your thing.

I rotated back to Destiny 2 after a break and the game has more to do than ever before. The way they handle quests, weapons, and unlock worlds is pretty genius compared to Bioware. I believe the base game which is 60% of the content is now free. I’m only stating this because there are a ton of options. Red Dead Redemption 2 is interesting. Again, lots of options.

[OP is Fred G]

As long as there are deluded idiots like Boomy Nation on YT they’ll be able to limp along. That goof keeps posting anti-Blizzard videos while praising SWTOR/BWA. If ignorance is bliss then he must be one of the happiest SOBs on the planet.

You don’t have to look very far to see this game has almost no one playing it.

Just check how many people comment on Dulfy. I mean, there used to be HUNDREDS of comments. The 1000 mark was passed twice, if I recall correctly.

Check the threads on the official Forums. A lot less people commenting there too.

I feel really sad to see the state of the game. Really sad.

Oh well… I still have people here on this Forum that I like to see commenting. THIS is what the game turned out to be, for me. Been away for a long time, and I don’t think I’ll comment much. I mean, this game has gone from being very familiar to me… To being completely foreign. I wish I could write about it, but I don’t know, or care, what the f**k is going on lol…

Back to Tamriel for me. Nice seeing some old friends still here. I’ll drop a line from time to time.

Or not. But I really did like our discussions here.

May the Force be with you all.

Have fun playing a game that you really enjoy. I agree with you on SWTOR. But between it and WoW it’s kept my sanity going for the last 5 months (was in an accident and needed shoulder surgery) Now that Doc cleared me back to my job and real world lol. I like to see how 5.10 turns out. Still I had fun with SWTOR.

Had a mild heart problem myself recently. Hope you are well and fully recovered.

TOR STILL holds a very significant place in my gamer’s heart. I went from fanboy, to slightly disappointed, to angry, and everything in between that.

Today… As I stated above, just sad at contemplating the possibilities of this game compared to what it turned out to be. The best times I had in online gaming were spent playing TOR.

I might just re-install the game and check 5.10 out. Can’t hurt, right?


Guild Ban by Legacy

They can do that but that cant do ignore by legacy?

Not like it maters ,I have not play the game in months, and they still have yet to announce anything that would make want to come back

yet then can do that via guild bans? if it can be done for that it can be done for ignore too, less they mean “account” and not “legacy” either way no reason for me to want to come back, I only reason I even check from time to time is cause I hold out on hope, that they might deliver something worth coming back

guild xp boost, guild speed boost, what crap and shit things are those? instead of crap like this do a freaking FP and OP. AND to say guild that have already 10% xp boost e.t.c., they will reset with patch 5.10? you kidding?

No, not at all. The correct way to do it would be to add a grind for new gear, which is needed to meet parsing requirements for new content. Not just add grind for grind’s sake. SWTOR hasn’t done true progression in years.

Just announced: Paxton Rall is a subscriber reward companion. You need to be subscribed on December 14/15 to get him.

“Banning large guilds from doing small yield planets – guild size is
measured by number of characters and not active players so you could
have a 500 player guild with only 20 active players that is being

What? Is that worded incorrectly or is that honestly what they are doing?

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