Fallout 76 Excavator Power Armor Guide

A guide to acquire the Fallout 76 Excavator Power Armor

Miner Miracles Quest

The Excavator Powerr Armor is a special Power Armor in Fallout 76 used by Garrahan Miners in the Ash Heap region. There is a a bit of interesting lore behind the creation of the Power Armor, the competition with the automatic miners employed by the Hornwright Corporation and the even demise of the Garrahan corporation.

You can acquire the Excavator Power Armor in Fallout 76 starting at Level 25. Head to Garrahan Mining Headquarters in the very southern part of Ash Heap region.


Head to the Atrium in the back and you will see a poster for the Excavator Power Armor, interact with it to receive the Miner Miracles quest.


The quest itself is pretty straightforward, interact with the Reception Terminal at the back of the room. It will tell you go to to the R&D division downstairs. Go downstairs and interact with the Projector Manager’s Terminal and it will give you the next step to craft the full set of Excavator Power Armor


Crafting the Excavator Power Armor

There is a Power Armor workbench right there you can use. To craft any of the Excavator Power Armor pieces, however, you will need a Power Armor Chassis first. Sometimes you can luck out and find a Power Armor on a workbench nearby but usually it won’t be there. Find one out in the world and return with it. While wearing the Power Armor, interact with the workbench. It will automatically eject you and allow you to use the workbench.

Here are all the components you need to make the Excavator Power Armor in Fallout 76

  • Excavator Helmet: 6 Black Titanium, 12 Glass, 13 Rubber, 10 Screw, 17 Steel
  • Excavator Left Arm: 6 Black Titanium, 10 Gear, 9 Oil, 10 Screw, 17 Steel
  • Excavator Left Leg: 6 Black Titanium, 9 Oil, 30 Spring, 17 Steel
  • Excavator Right Arm: 6 Black Titanium, 10 Gear, 9 Oil, 10 Screw, 17 Steel
  • Excavator Right Leg: 6 Black Titanium, 9 Oil, 30 Spring, 17 Steel
  • Excavator Torso: 6 Black Titanium, 10 Gear, 6 Nuclear Material, 13 Rubber, 10 Screw, 17 Steel
  • Total: 36 Black Titanium, 12 Glass, 26 Rubber, 60 Screw, 60 Spring, 38 Oil, 30 Gear, 6 Nuclear Material.

The biggest limiting factor will be Black Titanium (36 for the whole set), Spring/Screws (60 for the whole set) and maybe Oil (38 for the whole set).

The set can be recrafted again at level 35 and 45 but it will cost a bit more materials.


Stats wise the whole set isn’t that great as it grants less damage resistance compared to T-45, T-51b and T-60 power armor but it is a good starter set and the +100 weight carrying capacity when you wear the full set is always great.

Black Titanium can be acquired in Ash Heap region by killing the Mole Miners. They drop Mole Miner Suits etc that contain Black Titanium. You can find some around Welch for example. Additionally, you can purchase the mining maps from the vending machine in Welch. These maps will give you some Black Titanium when you find the deposit to excavate.


Screws are found in the following materials

  • Clipboard
  • Desk Fans
  • Globes
  • Handcuffs
  • Hot plates
  • Toy cars
  • Typewriters

If you need ideas on finding the other materials, check out the resource/crafting material guide.


Having the full set of Excavator Power Armor will give you +100 weight carry capacity and when you finish the quest to craft the full set you will be rewarded with a Plan to craft Power Armor workbench.


  • Garrett Johnson

    It takes a lot more supplies if you want to craft higher level armor Black Titanium alone goes from 6 each to 9

    • Jean Lewis

      Just curious, how do you craft higher level armor? I am at level 50+ but I got the excavator armor at level 25.
      If I try to craft it now, the armor workbench only offers me to craft the level 25 version of the armor.
      Do you have a perk that you need in order to do this?

      Thank you very much if you can help!

      • If you click the option to craft the 25 armor, it should have a selection for 25/35/45.

        • Jean Lewis

          Thank you so much, I’ve found the options. Just another hidden feature, but really happy you helped me out! Yep, pretty high requirements, time to mine some black titanium and get a few more screws, and more steel etc. Many kind regards 🙂

        • PSIkick

          I’ve got a similar situation. I’m at level 34…I have enough materials to craft the helmet, legs and torso but when I select it, it indicates level 25 but then says I don’t have the materials. But I DO! There is no other level to choose from. I’m assuming because I haven’t reached level 35 yet. Most frustrating. I really want the Power Armor Frame Plans.

  • Joshua Park

    Black titanium is not bad actually. The limiting factor for me was actually springs, screws, and gears.

    Black titanium is available pretty easily from an extractor resource machine on one of the junkyards you can capture (Gorge Junkyard i believe).

    • Todd Hargosh

      I just hunted down Mole Miners and collected their scrap to get it.

    • Nefash

      For me it was nuclear material. I was short on that. I found some though by going to the big spire thing nearby (after getting the keycard from where you do this quest). Inside the top levels of the tower that are set up like a hotel, there is one room with several board games like blast radius etc. They give a bit of nuclear material when you scrap them. Only enough for about 3 or 4 but it was enough to make up what I was lacking.

  • Trelit

    If it is intended to do this quest at level 25, then why are there 10 mutants in the room ranging from level 59 to mid 30’s. I can’t possibly get to the terminal to do anything I just get mowed down. Ridiculous.

    • Trelit

      Ok after dying four times, logging out and back in again, there are lvl 15 ghouls in here. Stupid bugs.

      • Dazaroc SC

        It is not a bug. Mobs in an area are paired with the highest player nearby. With mobs level 59, most likelly there was a player with that or more level who did render those npcs.
        And for the record, level in Fallout 76 is pretty meaningless. They are a little more tanky and do a little more damage, but you can defeat them at lvl 25.

        Although it’s not a bug but a feature, I have to agree that it can be an annoying one sometimes

      • Erasus

        “Stupid bugs.”
        I think this time user is retarded instead game being broken.

  • HellNoKitten

    The total materials line did not include the 17 steel per item. My bad. Imagine getting down there without the steel. Thank goodness we killed a slew of liberators on the way down and level 75 hubby retrieved the steel as I crafted each piece. Please add steel quantity on the totals line for the next wanderer. 🙂

  • S4ssy Scorpion

    How do you get the plans to build the suit, I already did the mission and I already have the suit but when I go to my power station it does not bring up the excavator, why is this happening?

    • Erica Clary

      I did the exact same thing and can’t find the plans 😢

  • Ollie Pope

    i found the plans around level 14. my mate took me to where they were. they were in the terminal. it was a bit hard to find but im just looking foward to looking like bumble bee

  • Harvey

    85 steel

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