Fallout 76 Raider Faction Quests Guide

A guide to joining the Raider faction in Fallout 76 and the associated quests with Rose

Perquisite Quests

To be able to start Signal Strength, the first quest of three for the Raiders faction in Fallout 76, you will need to complete the following perquisite quests

  • Main quest sequence: Reclamation Day –> First Contact –> Thirst Things First –> Second Helpings –> Final Departure –> An Ounce of Prevention (started but not completed)

Once you have started An Ounce of Prevention, go to Charleston Fire Department and start the Into the Fire Quest for the Firebreathers

Into the Fire

Into the Fire quest is automatically received when you go to the Charleston Fire Department.


You then need to interact with the registration terminal to begin the Knowledge Exam

Knowledge Exam Answers

  1. Evacuate as quickly as possible
  2. A water-soaked rag
  3. Gently bind the burn with clean bandages
  4. Retreat immediately
  5. 1 pt. Purified Water, 2 Ash Rose, 2 Blight, 2 Soot Flower
  6. Fall back and engage from a distance with firearms
  7. End his life as mercifully as possible

After completing the Knowledge Exam, you will be asked to complete the Physical Exam at the Charleston Herald building. You need to press two buttons within the time limit of 3 minutes. You can use fast travel to cheat the exam.

For your final exam, you will be asked to head to Bleching Betty located just south of the Fire Department. Talk to Bernie the Protectron and make sure you equip your Fire Breather helmet to protect yourself from the toxic smoke inside the mine.

The Missing Link

The Missing Link quest is given right after you finish Into the Fire, this quest will lead you to Top of the World and guide you to complete the three quests for the raider faction: Signal Strength, Flavors of Mayhem, and Key to the Past.

Raider Faction Quests

Signal Strength

Go to Top of the World, tune into Top of the World radio signal on your Pipboy to start the quest.


You won’t be able to see Rose located on the top floor of Top of the World until you retrieve for her the Signal Repeater Schematic

  • Signal Repeater Schematic is located NW of Seneca Rocks Visitor Center in a small hotel. You will find the Signal Repeater notes and schematics on Major Drion Jones’ body.
  • It will ask you to acquire two more components: RCX01-A39 Duplexer located at 98 NAR Regional and SMU-97 Transponder located in a plane’s cockpit in Horizon’s Rest.

Once you have all the parts, construct the Signal Repeater at a tinker workbench. There should be one on the 2nd level of Top of the World. Then go to National Isolated Radio Array SE of Top of the World and install the Repeater. After installation, divert power at the terminal. Select "Auxiliary Component Control," then "Divert Power to Auxiliary Component."

Flavors of Mayhem

Given by Rose after completing Signal Strength. You will be given Rose’s Syringe. You now need to go to a weapon crafting bench and modify the barrel with the Karma mod. All the materials will be provided. There is a weapon work bench on the 2nd level of Top of the World.


Now go to the location marked on the map to shoot a Yao Guai with the Karma Syringe. The Yao Guai will be pretty much unkillable for the first 60 seconds so just run around and survive until the 60 seconds are up, then kill it.


Craft an Explosive Bait – Go to the Son of Dane Compound marked on the map. There you will find all the materials you need to craft the bait as well as the Tinker Workbench to craft it (it is found under Mines crafting category)

  • If you get the bug where you can’t craft Explosive Bait despite having all the materials, you need to relog


Next you need to use the Explosive Bait on a creature – you can just equip it in your inventory like a grenade and just throw it. The quest will update regardless if there is any creature nearby.

Now go back to near Top of the World and make friend with a Deathclaw by getting close to it and press the prompt.

For last part where you need to kill some Feral Ghouls, the location can be hard to see on the map but it is near R&G processing station


Reward: You will get an unique Exceptional sword Black Diamond (Level 25, +1 strength) from this quest


Keys to the Past

This final quest is given by Rose after completing Flavors of Mayhem.

Blackwater Mine

Check the Terminal at Blackwater Mine – Go into Freddie Lang’s Logs in the terminal and the first entry should update the quest.

You will find the Blackwater Key fragment on the corpse of Freddie Lang, not too deep in the mining tunnels. He might get killed off by the Mole Miners in the area.


Trapper’s Camp

Read Trapper’s Note first in the Trapper’s camp, the key fragment will be on Walter Griswold’s corpse in Huntsville. Prepared for lots of super mutants

Diehards Camp

Vincent’s Terminal – Inbox – Admin password will have what you need to get started for the third fragment. Then you need to head to Palace of the Winding Path all the way north, find the Admin password in one of the rooms in the dresser and go to the terminal to duplicate from the archives.


Bolton Greens

The note at Bolton Greens is on the third floor, there is a small set of stairs leading up to it. It will lead you to the Wendigo cave nearby, be prepared to fight a high level Wendigo inside.


The Wendigo is a bit inside the cave so prepared to explore a fair bit before finding it.


Cutthroat Camp

The key fragment from Big Fred’s BBQ Shack is easy enough as David is a Scorched that hangs around the area so it is just a simple execution mission.


Search for Information on Rosalynn

Go into the terminal at Charleston State Capital and access the terminal  – Doe, J case file to update the objective.


Go to the Raider’s Cache

Take the Keyboard – when you are on this step of the Keys to the Past quest, you need to look under the rug in front of the secret cache area. The keycard is there.


Don’t forget to grab the Broken Uplink from the Raider’s Cache area to update the Missing Link quest.


The Missing Link quest will lead you to the next quest series for the Free States

Reward: You will be given a set of Raider Power Armor upon completion of this quest which give you a perfect opportunity to do the Excavator Power Armor quest if you are close to level 25 as it is a direct upgrade. Make sure you save the Power Armor Chassis as you will need it for the quest.

  • Martin

    Flavors of Mayhem has a part where you need to steal from a super mutant camp. Its bugged at the moment, you need to relog to see the map marker. Getting the credit for taking stuff from the chest is also bugged if there isnt anything in the chest. If you put something in the chest and take it it should work tho.

    • Zorak

      sadly, relogging removed the quest and now I can’t get it back

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