Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel Faction Quests Guide

Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel Faction quests and Ultracite Power Armor acquisition guide.

Getting Started

To start with the Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel faction quests, you will need to access Abbie’s Bunker. There are a couple ways to go about this. You can either do the whole Raider Faction questline and it will direct you to Abbie’s Bunker at the end of Missing Link quest. Alternatively, you can just walk up to the Bunker located NE corner of the map.


Inside Abbie’s Bunker, go through the rooms until you locate Abbie’s Terminal, read the entry called Fort Defiance to trigger the quest Defiance Has Fallen.


Brotherhood of Steel Quests

Defiance has Fallen

Defiance has Fallen is the first of four quests in the Brotherhood of Steel faction series. You will need to locate the location of Fort Defiance at Camp Venture. Once you get into Camp Venture, go into the little Brotherhood of Steel fort inside the camp and look for a building guarded by a terminal.


To access the terminal you will need Command Center Password (unless you have lockpicking level 3). Now go to the building near the terminal and in one of the lockers you will find Secure Storage Key.


Take this key with you and access the Secure Storage building outside the little fort.You will find a locked door leading to a secret basement. Use the Secure Storage key to unlock the door in the basement to find the Terminal password.


Once you gain access to the Command Center, read Letter to Tommy to find location of Fort Defiance


Once you are in Fort Defiance, you won’t be able to access the Brotherhood of Steel section of the Asylum until you turn on the circuit breaker located on the very top of the asylum. There are two sets of stairs you need to climb as the first set of stairs is blocked off at the second floor.


Rewards: Brotherhood Fatigues, Plan: Protective Lining BoS Underarmor


Back to Basics

You are given this quest right after completing Defiance has Fallen. You will need to do this quest before you can continue on with Recruitment Blues as the Elevator you need to take to get upstairs requires the Soldier’s Certificate you get from this quest.  Additionally, you can get this quest by simply walking to Camp McClintock.


Equip An Army Helmet and Uniform – You can find the helmet on one of the bunker beds and voucher for the uniform in a footlocker


Now you need to do the three training courses

  • Agility Course – run through the obstacle course, make sure you activate each button in sequence. You got plenty of time so don’t rush it.
  • Marksmanship Course – Fairly simple, shoot the targets within the time limits.
  • Patriotism Course – You have to keep interact with the interrogation terminals until they finish all their sentences. You only need to talk to Jimmy and accuse him
    • Topher’s Diary is in the drawer
    • Jimmy’s terminal password is in the diary on the filing cabinet


Recruitment Blues

You are given this quest right after completing Defiance has Fallen. Make sure you have Soldier’s Certificate from Back to Basics to proceed.

A fair warning that this quest is fairly tedious with lots of fetch steps so extra patience is needed.

Register for Elevator Security

Go to the computer terminal on the 3rd floor via the stairs and then access the terminal to Register as New Personnel. It will tell you to find clues, which you will find in a nearby room on a shelf as Squire Evelyn’s Journal– Page 16


Get A Government-Issued ID

If you don’t have your Soldier’s Certificate, here is your opportunity to get it now from Back to Basics at Camp McClintock. Once you got that certificate, head to the Charleston Capitol DMV near the Charleston Capitol Building to get it printed.

Interact with the Terminal inside Charleston Capital Building, pick Government ID Application and proceed through. You can pick any name, occupation, address etc


Next, talk to the DMV Bot B2, interact with the number printer to print out your ticket number and check your inventory to see what ticket number you got.


Go to the terminal, boot up Department B and wait for your number to be called – C42


Acquired a postmarked letter in Charleston

Move outside the Capital Building, go to the marked area on the map and you will find a mailbox on the ground with Junk Mail inside.


Acquire a DMV-AT-21C-V Form

These can be found in the basement level of the Charleston Courthouse, which is in the same building as the DMV but the quest objective may tell you go exit the DMV and enter the Courthouse from another entrance. You can either grab them from the window or lockpick your way in.


Turn application in to C1

You need to use the number printer to print a new number and go to the terminal to boot up Department C and then wait for your number to be called – A3

Error 34B/1

Go into the terminal, pick Error Code Handling and then Error 34B/1. You now need to get the form stamped, the Governor’s Seal is in the same building as the DMV so you don’t need to run out. Return to C1 once you have your form stamped with the seal.

Register for the Brotherhood of Steel

Now go back to Fort Defiance, go back to the terminal at the top of the building (climb stairs) and register yourself

Investigate the Brotherhood and Scorchbeasts

Now that you can access the elevator, go in and press the button for the 4th floor to proceed


Check Senior Knight Wilsons’ Terminal and the first entry should trigger the completion of the quest.

Rewards: Field Scribe’s Hat, Field Scribe’s Uniform


Belly of the Beast

This final quest in the Brotherhood of Steel faction is given after completion of Recruitment Blues. Beware that the area you need to traverse is filled with Level 50 Scorchbeasts and you will need to defeat a Scorchbeast to complete the quest so make sure you are high enough of a level (i.e. level 30) and have a full set of Power Armor

Use the Brotherhood Emergency Transponder radio to find Taggerdy

Use the pip-boy to turn your radio to the Brotherhood Emergency Transponder channel. You will need to get out of Fort Defiance and move deeper into Cranberry Bog to get a better signal strength so you can listen to the broadcast. Your signal strength will be displayed on the top left and will update every few seconds and the beep will get more frequent as you get closer to the transponder

The first transponder is located here, use the Sync Transponder option to update the objective


The second transporter is near the crashed airport near the center of Watoga


Third transponder is at Survey Camp Alpha


Fourth transponder is at Drop Site V9


The fifth and final transponder is deep inside the Glassed Cavern, which is surrounded by Scorchbeasts so find the entrance ASAP and get yourself inside the cavern. Go through the cavern, the transponder you are looking for is deep inside at the end of the cavern and you will need to fight a level 50 Scorchbeast who will spawn as you get close to the transponder so be prepared for a fight.


Make sure you loot Taggerdy’s body before you exit the cavern, you will find a Brotherhood Soldier Suit inside along with the ID. This Brotherhood Soldier Suit can be modified with Protective Lining modification you learned from Defiance has Fallen quest, giving you, 10/8/4 damage resist, 2 strength and 2 endurance (Pure Violet Flux is only found in areas that has been nuked by players)


Taggerdy’s Quarter is on the 4th floor of Fort Defiance. Near the elevator is a room with a pool table, there is another room inside it that has her terminal. Access it to complete the quest (read the entry called Ultimate Solution)


Rewards: You will be given a full set of Ultracite Power Armor which has a level 50 requirement to wear. It is one of the endgame Power Armor sets so don’t scrap it yet. Additionally you will also get the plan to craft the Minigun.


Daily: Heart of the Enemy

This daily quest can be triggered by going to the fourth floor of Fort Defiance and then viewing Senior Knight Wilson’s Terminal in one of the rooms. You will then read Mission 099-01 Orders before heading out to Vault-Tec University for the daily.


Go into Vault-Tec University and go into the Automated Research Terminal inside.


When you try to start the automated test, it will tell you there is no power so you need to go downstairs, hack a terminal and divert the power back to the Automated Research Terminal to proceed.


Next, it will direct you back to Cranberry Bog region to a Viable Scorchbeast DNA by defeating a Scorchbeast. Once you killed the Scorchbeast, you will be given an option to Harvest DNA. Return to Vault Tec University to complete the daily.


A sample of the daily reward can be seen here, your mileage may very


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    • Good catch, I was pretty tired when i wrote it and mistyped 76 as 78.

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    Ty, I was wondering where this had come from, glad doing that cave wasn’t a complete waste of time.

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    Fallout 78? Is that correct?

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    I completed the quest and kinda scrapped the armor… is there any chance to recover it? I hate that they just give you a blank chasis but it actually has items inside it..

    • Apparently the Scorchbeast queen drops the plans for the ultracite but you will need a couple players to kill it

      • Christopher Kelly

        By a couple he means 8-16 due to in game bugs

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      I got the plans from reading taggerdys terminal

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    Ty, I was wondering where this had come from, glad doing that cave wasn’t a complete waste of time.

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    Fallout 78? Is that correct?

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    Apparently the Scorchbeast queen drops the plans for the ultracite but you will need a couple players to kill it

  • mathis

    Fallout 78? Is that correct?

  • Mookanana

    i can’t progress past ‘Turn application in to C1’. after waiting for my number to be called the robot still says wait for my number. activating terminal to reboot C again starts the voiceover again, but after that nothing, no quest update. can’t progress, stuck. tried rebooting the game as well.

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      i waited 10 minutes in the DMV waiting area, then activated it again. this time the quest progressed.

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