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Fallout 76 Enclave Faction Quests Guide

Fallout 76 Enclave faction quests guide along with instructions on how launch your own nuclear missile.


Prerequisite/Optional Quests

If you did the Brotherhood of Steel questline, you will get the quest called Uncle Sam that will lead you to the Fallout 76 Enclave faction questline starter. If you havn’t done the Brotherhood of Steel questline, you can skip ahead to Bunker Buster.

Uncle Sam

Given automatically after completion of Belly of the Beast Brotherhood of Steel quest.

Search the Charleston Herald for Sam Blackwell

On the third floor of Charleston Herald you will find an office with some holotapes. Pick up the interview notes from the box and listen to the holotapes if you like for additional background.


Sam Blackwell’s Bunker can be found in Abandoned Wastes in the Mire. You will find an elevator inside the cave, interact with it to complete the quest and start Bunker Buster.


Enclave Faction Quests

Here are the guides for the four Fallout 76 Enclave faction quests: Bunker Buster, One of Us, Officer on Deck and I am Become Death.

Bunker Buster

If you followed Uncle Sam quest it will lead you straight to it. Otherwise go into the Abandoned Wastes Dump in the Mire. It is a cave filled with Level 20 Deathclaws so if you are low level be aware. Also the entrance is filled with radioactive containers so make sure you got a Power Armor or some Rad-X. Inside you will find an elevator, interact with the Secure Access Panel to start the quest.


Search the area for a way inside the bunker

Keep searching the cave and you will find an Agent corpse by following the trail of blood on the ground. Loot Operation Summary – Blackwell to get the quest to update


Search the Cavern for “Bypass Holotape”

You will find the Bypass Holotape in a Deathclaw nest a few steps from where you found agent’s body. Loot it to continue


Now go back to the elevator panel, double click the Bypass Holotape right by the panel and then click the panel after to proceed.


Explore the Bunker

If you have Hacking skill level 3, you can skip this step but otherwise follow it to bypass the security system of laser grids.

In one of the rooms in the bunker (upstairs from the laser grid), you will find some blue computer terminals. If you have hacking level 3 then you can hack the computer to turn off the laser grid below. Otherwise, loot the desk nearby and you will find Security System Manual Reset inside the desk. Grab it and it will give you some optional objectives to reset the security system.


  • Throw the bunker breaker
  • Open up the air flue
  • Reset the bunker’s circuit conduit (you need to go through catwalk air ducts to reset this)

There is also the recipe for Mentats in Sam’s room (near where you throw the bunker breaker) pinned to the wall. Read the note Head Fuzzy will unlock the recipe for crafting it.


Head to the laser grid after you have either hacked the terminal or reset the security system to register your handprint.


Explore the Bunker’s Secure Room

Search the filing cabinets until you find three documents: Senate Orientation Letter, Record of Divorce: The Blackwells, Intelligence Memo – 8/16/77. This will update the quest objective telling you to try out thee numbers, one of them is the correct code.


Enter one of the codes shown, the correct one seems to be 021584


Grab the holotape from behind the painting and listen to it to complete the quest.

Reward: Deathclaw Gauntlet


One of Us

Go to the Whitespring Bunker just south of the Whitespring Resort


Once you get your picture taken in the bunker, you will be given Forest Operative Underarmor, a baselayer that can be modded to give stats.


Entrance Questionnaire (Optional)

  • 18th president of the US – Ulysses S. Grant
  • Only fork placed on the right of the dinner place – oyster fork
  • General responsible for the reclamation of Anchorage, Alaska in January 2077 from the Chinese Red Army – General Constantine Chase

Talk to Modus after the test, get the system access tape from the dispenser, and then head to Sugar Grove.


Sugar Grove

Once you are inside Sugar Grove, head downstairs until you find the operation center with all the computer terminals. Load the System Access Tape into the terminal.


Then you need to use the stairs at the back of the room and go to a smaller room overlooking the computer terminals. There you will find an Archival System access point where you can collect MODUS’ lost data


Deploy the Uplink Module at the Connection Site

You now need to travel to the National Radio Astronomy Research Center, just south of Sugar Grove. What you are looking for is actually on the roof of the building.


Jump off the roof and collect the care package.


Reward: Bunker Buster Missile Launcher, Plan: Assault Rifle Fierce Receiver


Officer on Deck

Given by MODUS after completing One of Us. Go to the Military Wing and after listening to Modus, access the military terminal in the back.

Now you need to earn Promotion Commendations

  • Basic Combat Commendation – This can be earned by killing epic creatures with 3 stars or less on their names. One commendation per kill.
  • High-Risk Combat Commendation – This can be earned by killing Scorchbeasts or epic creatures  with four or five stars next to their names. One commendation per kill.
  • You’ll also earn commendations for completing Enclave events.
    • Completing "Dropped Connection" and "Bots on Parade" award one commendation
    • "A Real Blast" awards two commendations.

One of the easiest ways to kill Scorchbeasts is go to Survey Camp Alpha, repair the Anti-Air Missile turrets there and have them shoot down the Scorchbeasts. You also need to deal some damage or you won’t get the credit for the kill. It costs 8 Steel, 1 Circuitry, 2 Gear and 2 Oil to repair and you may need to repair it more than once during the fight. If you run out of Scorchbeasts, go to Fissure Site Prime nearby to get some to follow you.


Another good way to kill Scorchbeasts is to go to Glassed Cavern and kill the Scorchbeast that spawns at the end of the cavern. Since the cavern is so low the Scorchbeast won’t fly around too much and you can just melee it to death.


Enclave events can be found in the Savage Divide/Mire/Cranberry Bog region mostly.


Reward: Enclave Officer Uniform, Enclave Officer Hat, Last Bastion


I am Become Death

Last quest of the Fallout 76 Enclave faction series is given automatically after you complete Officer on Deck. This quest will teach you how to launch a Nuclear Missile out of a Silo and nuke an area of the map.

You should now have access to the newly opened Command Wing Center near the Military wing. There are posters and buttons on the wall teaching you the basics of the whole nuclear launch system.


Interacting with the red and green pins on the map in this room will update your map with locations of the missile silos and the fissure sites.


Here are the steps you need to launch a nuke. You can use the Surveillance System Terminal to locate Keycards and Launch codes for a specific silo.


Archival Terminal

Make sure you check out the Archive Terminal nearby in the Enclave base in the armory section as well. It contains the schematics for the X-01 Power Armor as well as the code you need to proceed to decrypt the launch node. Go into Data Archives –> Archive: Ellen Santiago, and then select The Code Pieces to get the password.


Prototype X-01 Schematics

When you are using the Archival terminal, go to the Schematics section and click on Prototype Power Armor Schematics, this will give you a full set of plans for the Prototype X-01 Power Armor that you can craft. The Prototype X-01 along with the Ultracite Power Armor from the Brotherhood of Steel quesline are the endgame Power Armors. The X-01 Power Armor offers the best Energy and Radiation resistance, which is very handy in a area that has been recently nuked by a nuclear missile.


Acquire a Nuclear Keycard

Locate a Vertibot that is flying around in Appalachia, shoot it down and take the Nuclear Keycard out of its supply box. These are single-use keycards, so once you fire a nuke or enter a wrong launch code, you will need to go find a new Vertibot to replace the card. Use the Surveillance Terminal to locate a Vertibot by selecting the mission Nuclear Keycard Escort.

The cargobot you need to shoot moves around so you need to track it down first and shoot it out of the air.


Obtain the Launch Codes

You will occasionally encounter Ghoul or Scorched officer that carries a beacon on their back that peform a slow beeping noise around the area.  Kill them to obtain one of the launch codes.Use the Surveillance Terminal to locate the rough location of these ghouls by selecting the mission for a Silo specific code piece.


There are three nuclear missile silos: Alpha, Bravo and Charle and there are 8 launch codes for a specific silo (i.e. 8 codes each for Alpha, Bravo and Charlie). You need all 8 silo codes and then use a cypher key to decode the launch code.

  • These codes only last for one week before self-destructing (they expire at Mondays at 7pm ET / Tuesday 12am UTC)
  • You need to go to the terminal 8 times for the 8 code pieces
  • As for picking which slio, look at the command section of the bunker and see which slio has most of the keyword decrypted. This changes every week with more of the keywords decrypted at end of the week (sunday). In the screenshot for example, Alpha has already finished decrypting.


Track Down Information about the code encryption.

For Tracking Down information about the code encryption step of the quest, first go inside Mama Dolce’s Food Processing. On the second floor in one of the offices you will find a Manager ID card.


Now go outside to the big pipes around the food processing plant and look for a red hatch at where the big pipes bend. Open it and use Manager ID card to proceed ito the secret base.


Once you are in the secret base, proceed to the bottom most level and look for a room with the fusion generators inside. You are looking for a computer terminal behind the fusion generator. Enter the password from the Archive Terminal. Select the entry to update quest.


Launch Code Decryption

To decrypt the launch code once you have all 8 code pieces for a silo , do the following. First go look at the command portion of the Enclave base and write down the partial keyword from the missile silo board. If it is the end of the week (i.e. Sunday), some of the silos might have already been decrypted.


Now look at the letters and numbers on your silo code pieces


Use one of the player made decrypting tools such as this one:

  • Key letters – this is what is shown on the command board
  • letters/numbers – this is what is shown on your silo code pieces


This website will give you a bunch of possible solutions with only one being the correct code. For the first week when this week was written, the code 85308049 was the correct one for Silo Alpha. You can either search around to see what is the correct code for this week or bring spare Nuclear Keycards and try all possible solutions. 

Overcome the automated slios

Once you have the keycard, all 8 silo code pieces, and the decyrpted launch code, you must venture out into the specific slio and clear the enemies inside to reach the launch console. It is recommended that you do it with other players as it can be tough to solo.

Launch the Nuke

Once you completed a slio and reached the launch console, you can select an area on the map to launch your nuke. The area after the fallout will become irradiated for a time. Enemies in the areas will become stronger and drop better gear and resources in the area will become Irradiated versions that is required to craft some of the endgame stuff. If you choose to nuke a Fissure site, the endgame raid boss Scorchbeast Queen will spawn in the area, requiring a large group of players to take it down.

Enclave Faction Vendor

Once you are on the last quest I am Become Death you should have access to all the vendors in the Enclave bunker. The stock/caps reset about every 24 hours in real life so check back often.

Medical Wing Terminal vendor sells recipe for antibiotics, Radaway, Stimpack and other chems.


Armory Terminal sells plans for weapons and mods for your X-01 Power Armor


Production terminal sells a bunch of stuff but most importantly it sells the Plans of Lining for your Operative Underarmor given to you during One of Us quest that can be modded to give stats.


Science Terminal sells specific Mutations but it is rather expensive. This is the only way to get specific mutations in Fallout 76. You better make sure you have the Luck perk Starched Genes that prevent Radaway etc from removing your mutation or you will be one pissed off player. Unlike the mutations you get normally, these mutation serums can suppress the negative effects temporarily. There are reports that serums are currently bugged and do not give mutations so don’t waste your caps until this issue is fixed.

Class Freak 3 perk from Luck can also reduce the negative effects of a mutation by 75%, a crucial perk if you go the mutations route.


Mutation Positive Effect Negative Effect
Adrenal Reaction +weapon damage and quick health regen at low HP -50 Max HP
Bird Bones +4 AGI,  Fall from heights more gradual -4 STR
Carnivore No disease from meat and 2x bonus to food from eating meat products Eating fruits and vegetables does not satisfy hunger
Chameleon Invisible while unarmored and standing still  
Eagle Eyes +25% Critical Damage, +4 PER -4 STR
Egg Head +6 INT =3 STR, –3 END
Electrically Charged Chance to shock melee attackers  
Empath Damage taken by teamsmates –25% Damage taken by player +33%
Grounded +100 Energy Resistance -50% Energy Damage
Healing Factor +300% Health Regen -55% Chem Effects
Herbivore Vegetables provide double benefits and no disease Eating meat does not satisfy hunger
Herd Mentality +2 to all SPECIAL stats when grouped -2 to all SPECIAL stats when solo
Marsupial +20 carry weight, +jump height -4 INT
Plague Walker Poison aura scaling with your diseases  
Scaly Skin +50 damage and energy resistance -50 AP
Speed Demon +20% movement speed, faster reload Increased drain on hunger and thirst
Talons Punching attacks do 25% more damage, +bleed damage -4 AGI
Twisted Muscles +25% melee damage, better chance to cripple limps -50% gun accuracy
Unstable Isotope Chance to irradiate melee attackers  

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Would have been cool, if they showed a model of what the male looks like wearing the outfit instead of ONLY the female… Lame.

Both should be shown, if you’re showing the outfit off.. I know the outfit is the same, but how does it look on the guy? Seeing too many just showing female, when showing an outfit off, and I just think it’s funny.. Also kinda lame, I got the outfit long before the reply though, so I did see for myself, Ty. 🙂

Can Somebody tell me where to find the “Demon Paint” for the X01 ?
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And I cannot find the complet Marine WetSuit ….
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After completing One of Us, Officer on Deck will not start unless you have already completed Back To Basics at Camp McClintok. MODUS hints at this by saying there’s not much more you can do here until you complete that ..

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