SWTOR Paxton Rall Companion For Subscribers on Dec 14

Bioware is giving out Paxton Rall to subscribers who are subscribed by Dec 14, 2018.

This holiday, the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ team is excited to announce a new Premium player (Subscriber) reward* – the new Twi’lek Pirate Companion, Paxton Rall! The most notorious pirate to rise to fame across the galaxy since the invasion of the Eternal Empire, Paxton Rall scours the stars in an endless hunt for adventure and profit, making him a formidable ally in your Alliance.

  • To fight alongside Paxton, you must have Premium player (Subscriber) status on Friday, December 14, 2018 @ 11:59PM PST / Saturday, December 15, 2018 @ 7:59AM GMT.
  • Paxton will be delivered via in-game mail by Thursday, December 20, 2018 @ 11:59AM PST / Friday, December 21, 2018 @ 7:59AM GMT.
  • You can also encounter Paxton and learn more about him on the planet of Odessen after completing Chapter IX of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. If you’d like to begin traveling with him immediately, you can use the token attached to your in-game mail to unlock Paxton as a Companion at any time. Using this item will not prevent you from playing through his recruitment mission!

Be a Premium player at and get ultimate access:

  1. Enjoy access to a wide spectrum of character species in the game – Create the character that fits your personality best.
  2. Get full access to PvP Warzones, Flashpoints, Uprisings and Operations at Level 70 through Galactic Command.
  3. Receive monthly Complimentary Cartel Coins to trade in for gear, XP Boosts, mounts and more in-game!
  4. All past expansions, including Rise of the Hutt Cartel, Shadow of Revan, Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne are included with your Premium service.
  5. …and more!

Thank you for being a part of the ongoing legacy of Knights of the Old Republic!

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

73 replies on “SWTOR Paxton Rall Companion For Subscribers on Dec 14”

I mean as an unlock, having black/lilac/white would be neat as heck. I know they said there was issues implementing twi’lek customization but I’ve noted like three lilac npcs. I hope its’ doable.

So…we don’t have to do the cantina crawl anymore? Or will that still be a hidden achievement? Noticed that Paxton is not in the Belsavis Pub cantina. Haven’t checked Imp side.

No thx, with that money i prefer to buy and play Shadow of The Tomb Raider these Holidays, it’s more fun than 1 single miserable companion. After i finish guess i’m gonna install SWTOR and play the new planet and daily missions for FREE then uninstall SWTOR after this.

Yeah he’s welcome to say it once, not over and over the same thing. bla bla swtor is dead bla bla i spend money on something else. It’s getting retarded

More interested in his armor than the actual companion. These reward companions are literally just a few voice lines and a short dialogue when you recruit them. I wish they’d actually appear in the story, even if it’s for a second like Treek and HK-51. When I saw so many companions become part of the overall story in KOTFE and KOTET, I was so disappointed when 90% of the companions released along the way were just single cutscene reunions and then they’re never mentioned again. Even Elara and Quinn, who are main characters in the Iokath story, don’t appear again after that mission, despite Elara being my character’s wife!

long story short they cut the funding severely on a great game and dashed all our Star Wars dreams to used to be upset when they didn’t bring your companion back because you would have to wait and then you found you were waiting for something that would never happen due to the game dying..loved this game if it isn’t happening I don’t even play video games

Not quite. BW Austin is to blame for the demise of SWTOR. It wasn’t EA that came up with the god awful Keeping up with the Valkorians DLC.

EAware and EA is the same company. If you pay for a SWTOR subscription – your money goes into the deep pockets of EA – not into SWTOR development.

I’d rather have the ability to give a player twi’lek that purple skin tone.
Hopefully that means it and some other colors are in the pipeline.

I hope so too. People have been asking for more twi’lek customization options for years. Now we have Paxton and another companion in 5.10 that are unique.

It’s bad enough they can’t add new races but to only be able to update human type races is pretty sad. Other games make a killing off of selling new customization updates for existing races.

Then simply email BW Austin, and bring to their attention how they could make some quick CM cash if they were to put that as a unlock (Remembering that the BW Austin fools are close to being declared legally retarded for their past fuck ups and future ongoing fuck ups). That is all it would take, because at this point, BW Austin are just trying to milk this near dead SWTOR cow for all its worth.

People actually brought it up on the forums and had a petition thread. Their excuse twi’leks are hard man really really hard. aka we don’t have anyone left who knows how to work on races that aren’t recolored humans.

Wasn’t he originally intended to be given as an award after completing the achievement where you have to go around cantinas on all the planets and talk to him? They removed the achievement at one point because people completed it and didn’t get the reward i.e. him as a companion. Talk about being greedy.

As if anyone cares for bland companions in a list of 25 of them, with no backstory and a stereotypical boring personality, aka Niko Ocarr, Darth Hexid, Master Ranos etc.

WOW! Another generic companion that looks different but does the nearly the exact same thing as the other 30+ companions.

Surely, thats worth $15.

I was already annoyed that they made every single lightsaber coming out a platinum (which guarantees they’re going to be about 90 million each), but then they pull this?

Just as I was getting my hopes up about 5.10…

[OP is Fred G]

Collect em all! Then have them taken away and given back to you slowly over several years as “new” content!

Just in case we don’t get 5.10 by our to be decided December date. Please sub for this twi’lek with new eyes and skin that don’t exist in character creation.

5.10 is shaping up to be interesting with Ossus and Guild/Conquest changes.
After 10 months of virtually zero content though have to do something more than a bloody Hutball arena.

And still no offer of Master Ranos for those ‘subs’ who never got a chance to get her – but Darth Hexid for everybody? Sure! Dickwad Bioware!

Nothing is ‘exclusive’ in this game, anymore, you dipshit. They offered Nico and Shae just recently if you remember. Anything is on the table! And anything is on the table if you’ve been following how retarded BioTrash does things. So don’t give me that bullshit.

Welcome to the internet where childish cowards offend other people….
Even if that shows your level of intellegence, i will respond to you…

Shae and Nico were rewards for subs…and nothing else. So i would expect we will also get the chance for HK-55 again.
Hexid was a planned reward that no-one could got….so fairplay to everyone.
Instead of this you have to do something to get Ranos…completing the eternal stage of DVL, so you had to invest time to get her. something you cant purchase with money….

So maybe you will get her,….but the circumstances behind this companion can’t be compared with the other ones.
At least the chances are not very high, and that is only fair.

I would’ve been more excited if you just gave me his armor. :shrug:
Does anybody really have any use for another companion?

How does that work? They all have the same set of skills. As I understand American Football (<— Aussie), the Offense needs to be big, but a variety in styles (The one's that charge forward, the ones that protect the QB, the guy who shields the receiver, so needs to run fast and so on). BW Austin made sure all your companions are exactly the same fail model. In terms of a grid iron team, once the opposition works out just ONE of your companions, they have worked out ALL of them!! 😛

You are wrong, there is huge opportunity for customization, since you can set them all in 3 different roles. So if you set 1/3 of them to DPS you have the Offense, another 1/3 to Tank you have the Defense, and Special Tactics would be the ones set to Healers.

This could have been an interesting offer, had the spastics in BW Austin not made a one size fits all model for all companions. As it stands, while yeah, he has a nice look, getting him as a companion for non-subs means fuck all in the grand scheme of things, just like all the other companions that came before.

Wow! I was kinda hoping that I could simply purchase him from the cartel market instead of getting him for free for being a sub…

I have like… 41 companions on one character. Why the hell would I need this one too? FFS, that’s nowhere near close to getting me to resub.

Not even going to complain. Was hoping that i was going to get it via an achievement. My subs paid for already up until next year, so yay to not having to work for it i guess

So instead of giving back old compations that they took away they now introduce new ones?
Add the companion list + CM list it isnt enought still?

I mean sure more fluff is content why not…

When I first read this, I thought you said loathsome prostitute Jawa, and thought “why the hell not? that would be hilarious!”

Only because it’s Star Wars and you get to play those characters in that Universe.

If biowares game had any other IP than SW and was run by bioware with the same crap bioware does. It would love be a dead game..

bioware was ran SWTOR into the ground and it continues to hang on because of the SW IP not because bioware does a particularly good job at anything.

Uh, so how does it work? Will every active character that was premium on 1415 be mailed this guy by 20? So does that rule out any characters created afterwards? What if I make pretty much a herd of level 1 characters, will all of them get it mailed? I’ve returned to casually play some story, so I’d love any new companions to start with, besides the tutorial+droid, pretty much the only reason I subbed for one more month instead of staying pref, so I’d like to make sure I get him on all 8 characters that will be relevant to 88 story progression.

based on previous promotions, if you are subbed during that time frame,
it means all of your characters, both present and future will get a mail
with the item to call the companion. When i roll a new character i get
like 60 emails to that character with all the similar promotion
companions, pets, mounts etc that I earned for my account over the

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