GW2 Gemstore Update–Pet Dog Whistle Basenji

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Pet Dog Whistle Basenji for 500 gems.

Pet Dog Whistle: Basenji – 500 gems

  • It is classified as novelty and fall under toys
  • You cannot have it out and do combat same time like a regular pet as your weapon skill bar get converted to toy bar
  • It can learn 1 new trick a day after you play with it



  • Silver-Fed Salvage-o-Matic – 500 gems
  • The Evon Knashblade Decorative package – 3000 gems
  • Zephyrite Aspect Helm pack – 500 gems
  • Nebur

    It works on wvw?

  • PhoenixV

    “That’s my dog.” …
    could the char say, I don’t know, anything else?

  • Emil33

    So … the dog is not out with you as a “pet” the whole time with your skill bar changing to feed/play with it when you interact with it .. its a novelty that gets stored like your throne/broom etc And … you cant name it? So theres nothing unique about it at all other than LA will be swarming with clones of Basenjis LOL

  • Vences

    It cannot swim 🙁

    • Mr. Principal

      My pretty, super cute Flesh Golem learned to swim after 5 years.. Good luck..!

      • Henri Blanche

        And transform into a shark!

  • kazerniel

    Reaction #1: I’m glad they use ‘they’ pronouns for the dog, and don’t default to ‘he’.

    Reaction #2: “That’s my dog.” “That’s my dog.” “That’s my dog.” “That’s my dog.” “That’s my dog.”

    • IchbinVol

      Be careful what you wish for. “C’mere girl”, and “thats my boy!” would have been more organic, but can’t offend the feminists.

      • Squatch

        You could suggest a feature to designate your dog as a boy or girl, but I’m sure you find it more fun to jab at feminists instead of being constructive.

        • Nicci

          Please try to be more considerate in the future. Your feature suggestion with only boy or girl could be considered very problematic.

          • Don36669

            We’re talking about dogs here, not humans. Dogs don’t have gender issues, humans do. So he and she as the only 2 options for the dog are perfectly fine.

            • Nicci

              Sorry, I was being sarcastic at the human who didn’t see the paradox problems that are caused by thinking the ends justify acting immorally. Could’ve signaled that clearer…

              But as food for thought…I don’t think it’s relevant to those humans if the victim/the dog has issues with gender – the only relevant thing is if those humans perceive there might or should be an issue.
              I however like to think I’m more in agreement with your take on the matter.

              • Squatch

                I’m not a human, I’m a sasquatch. And I don’t believe that ends justify acting immorally. I think feminists in the public’s eyes have taken on this form of a meme of a person, ugly, loud and irrational, and everyone loves to shit on them. However, that’s such a sliver slice of feminists. The majority of feminists simply want equal treatment as men, they don’t want to kill all men, and remove all gender identifiers.

                Now to my personal beliefs… I don’t see any harm in people self-identifying as another gender. But for dogs, and babies, they can’t self-identify so no parent or guardian should find it necessary to make gender decisions for them… can’t overthink it, dogs don’t have gender struggles to my knowledge, and if they do they can figure it out themselves.

          • Squatch

            I am not a dog, so I’ll let them work out their own gender identify issues among themselves.

        • IchbinVol

          Well, feminists do like to jab at fun, until it’s dead. Then they jab the legal system… till that dies too. Yeah, do you think I give a damn about Feminist’s feelings? lol

          • Squatch

            You also seem capable at ‘jabbing at fun’, by throwing in insults to feminism into an innocuous gw2 conversation. Maybe we can agree that this isn’t then a feminist problem, but that feminists and non-feminists alike have reasons to be upset about their grounds being tread upon… and then agree to leave the fun-squelching insults out of gw2 forums.

      • Fred Garvin

        SHHHH! Look! It’s an easily frightened man-baby displaying the territorial penis waving that’s typical when in its natural habitat of online forums. Your instinct may be to react but just let this play out to its natural conclusion of the man-baby logging off, masturbating alone to sweaty men in 1980s action movies, and falling asleep while muttering, “I’m a big strong man…I’m a big strong man…”

    • x3n0n

      are you limiting this to only two gender ? i identiy myself as attac elicopeter pansexual . pay attention not to hurt my feelings.

    • Narottam Zakheim

      they call the dog “they”? Thats fucking lame…. I support people expressing themselves however they want… always have… way before it was politically correct…. but this is just stupid…. calling a single person “they” makes no sense… why dont u all come up with a more fitting pronoun?

    • Nick

      I love how you had positive and constructive criticism (pro and con of the voice lines), and then you have people who just really can’t seem to take any kind of feedback; they make it an issue and then try to spin that feedback as though YOU’RE being ridiculous whilst, ironically; making themselves look really really silly in the process. Yes, it’s feminists being over the top xDDD

  • Hentai Akuma

    I want a big cat version, until then Chars will have to RP as one.

  • imh073p

    Seems pointless. But I wouldn’t mind having one if it was free. Super am not paying for it though. I doubt this will work in WvW or in raids. Love your site Dulfy!

  • KarlKael

    interesting that it has voice acting, it means they where working on some story content sense they wouldn’t have the actors over just for one line unless they recorded this ages ago.

  • Mr. Principal

    I can clearly see it in my crystal ball.. A future gem item.. Instead of the dog.. there’s Aurene..!

  • turkeyspit

    I’m a dog person and I have the gems, but if I can’t do my dailies or fractals with this out, it’s just a time sink.

  • Vadim Karpov

    Looks like A-net artificially forsing game trade market, almost 6 mounth gem prices are hight and not gonna drop less then 120 gold per 400 gems. New goods/sales every week.

    • Alot

      You being forced to buy a dog summoning toy?

      • Vadim Karpov

        A-net forcing gem store, not people. Increased new items introduction and amount of sales last mouths. Just non stop. Market can’t even calm down.
        So hot reaction every time somebody saying “forcing”. And the same arguments again and again *chicken voice*: “Nobody forcing you to buy something”. Gratz – you’re Devil’s advocate Sol Goodman.
        Again: I mean they’re forcing gem store by new goods every week.
        And second: nobody “forcing” people to buy something…de jure. But of course they have goodmarketologs who know how to affect customer’s mindes and push them to buy, make people “want” to buy.
        Sorry for my english, I’ll translate my first message: I want to buy cheap gems, but all these sales and new goods keeps gem prices hight.

        • You say that as if the rate of gem store introductions is new, or unusual. This is literally how the game has been pretty much since its inception. Also, you’re using the wrong term – so that’s why you’re not getting any traction. It’s not “forcing” — they’re promoting new items to drive sales like any other business. This is no different than the release of glider skins, armor skins, back skins, etc. that people have made the same complaints about in the past.

          Gems have been pretty steadily increasing in value since launch. If you’re waiting for them to dip significantly, you’ll be waiting a long time. Creating high-demand items means their teams are doing their jobs well – look at SWTOR, where cash shop items are mostly garbage.

        • Alot

          They’ve released gem store items every two weeks since about launch and the prices naturally rise until a new expansion launches with a new gold sink to fill.

          Having less sales calms the exchange down for a while but the only thing that resets it is a release like the Griffin collection.

          Only advice I can give is save up till a slump in the exchange rate and try diligently ignore all the Christmas sales which pass you by.

    • The One Copper Bard

      Strange. I’m not feeling forced into buying something….

      • Nicci

        Do it…
        Become one of us…
        …one of us…
        …one of us…

      • Squatch

        Frankly, with so many cool gemstore items being released these days (from armor skins, mount packs, weapon skins), I feel compelled to buy things and I have to tell myself: Think about it before emptying your gem satchel.

        To me this is a good gemstore which provides enough quality items that people want, gems will obviously become more coveted. I don’t feel forced to buy anything either, I just want to..

    • did you have a stroke?

    • Gundam

      True, I spotted this like half year after HoT release usually they do
      it before new gem store item release by bringing back old ones or
      splitting sales in parts in with the more times go on the more actractive
      offer is (skin>>more skins>>shared inventory
      slot>>character slot). And before you all start fanboying me do
      some own research. Or don’t, being clueless is good for nerves.

  • Burn Bicz, BURN

    For me it’s kind of useless and waste of time and money

  • Karagianis

    Given this is a world where rangers can have pet wyverns, I find something as vanila as a dog somewhat less than exciting.

  • ReV

    I want the dog for my Fable 2 RP character…. but… like, what’s with the constant one liner dialogue? Telling me that for each of the races/genders they couldn’t do 2 or 3 different voice lines, each?

  • Dear arena net: I’m really sure more ppl will buy if you change it into Pet Human Whistle
    Trust me!

  • Narottam Zakheim

    so does this dog do anything different than say the desert fox u get in Sunspear Sanctuary? Or different to the aurene u can visit? Is it cool or just a gimmick?

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