SWTOR Masterwork Gear Changes in 5.10

Bioware has published a post on how Masterwork gear will work with SWTOR Patch 5.10.

Masterwork Gear Changes in 5.10 | 11.20.2018, 01:50 PM

Hey folks,

For those of you who are familiar with current Masterwork gearing plans from PTS, you will notice some changes. Otherwise, this may be an introduction to how all of this will work in 5.10. Throughout this post when I refer to Masterwork gear, I am referring to the new 252 and 258 item rating gear being introduced in 5.10. Based on our initial implementation there were a few key things we wanted to address:

  • Getting Masterwork gear solely from PvP was more difficult than we would like.
  • The implementation encouraged working directly to 258 while skipping 252. We don’t have a problem with this, but it made getting any gear upgrades more challenging and expensive than desired. By “stair stepping” up to 252 and then 258 there can be constant progression that isn’t as expensive as trying to jump straight to best in slot.
  • We needed more opportunities for players to get Masterwork Data Crystals and gear overall.
  • Players had no long term value in getting 252 since they could not be upgraded to 258.

Before we dive into the way MW gear acquisition will work in 5.10, just a reminder that 258 gear can be crafted by gathering materials from a variety of sources, including Master Mode Gods from the Machine. This ensures that the new MM in 5.10 is a very valuable source for progression Ops players. Outside of crafting, there are two ways of acquiring MW gear, by turning in MW Data Crystals to a vendor for 252 / 258 or by receiving 252 gear directly. Let’s cover each of these methods and within each, the separation of PvE and PvP where applicable.

Masterwork Data Crystals
There are two places where you can purchase MW gear:

  • Lord Fural / Major Pucenisco on Ossus – 252 Gear
    • Requires Ossus Reputation rank between Outsider and Hero, depending on gear piece
    • Each piece costs 2 Masterwork Data Crystals
  • Lord Bay’lor / Captain Anfel on Ossus – 258 Gear
    • Requires Ossus Reputation rank of Champion or Legend, depending on gear piece
    • Each piece costs 3-4 Masterwork Data Crystals and a matching piece of 252 gear

Here are the ways in which you can acquire MW Data Crystals per week:

  • 1 Crystal – [Weekly] Masterwork Data Crystal – This Mission is to defeat both world bosses -or- earn 50 Group Ranked Arena Points
  • 1 Crystal – New rotating Weekly Mission (50% chance of being a PvE objective)


  • 1 Crystal – [Weekly] Masterwork Data Crystal – This Mission is to defeat both world bosses -or- earn 50 Group Ranked Arena Points
  • 1 Crystal – New rotating Weekly Mission (50% chance of being a PvP objective)


  • Rare chance of MW Data Crystals dropping out of Command Crates at Tier 3 and up
  • 1-2 Crystals – Turning in Unassembled Components

252 Gear Drops
In addition to being able to purchase gear for MW Data Crystals, there are a two places where you can outright acquire 252 gear.

  • [Weekly] Daily Area Ossus will allow you to choose one of the 3 Artifact Lockboxes:
    • Artifact Lockbox (Lower Body): Waist, Legs, Feet, or Relic
    • Artifact Lockbox (Tech): Main Hand, Offhand, Head, or Ear
    • Artifact Lockbox (Upper Body): Chest, Wrists, Hands, or Implant
  • Once you are in Tier 3 of Galactic Command there is a chance that an Artifact Lockbox containing one random 252 piece can drop from Command Crates.

Additional Changes
There are some other changes to help support Masterwork Gear (mostly targeted at PvPers). They are:

  • We increased the current 252 disintegration rates from PTS. 252 gear will disintegrate into 175 Unassembled Components in 5.10 (up from 9 to 45).
  • To help PvPers get the required Reputation for the MW Data Crystal vendors, we are adding Rep rewards to Ranked PvP Missions:
    • [DAILY] Arena of Death!: 2 Geonosian Power Cell
    • [DAILY] My Kind of Scum: 1 Geonosian Power Cell
    • [WEEKLY] Go Berserk!: 4 Encrypted Data Disks
    • [WEEKLY] Time for Pain!: 2 Encrypted Data Disks

TLDR – If a player simply does two Weekly Missions of their chosen playstyle they will be able to acquire a minimum of two 252 pieces per week (or upgrade one 252 piece to 258). This does not include crossing over into both PvP and PvE, any MW Data Crystals or drops from Command Crates, or purchasing any crafted versions of this gear, which can speed up your acquisition rate of MW gear.

Let us know your thoughts on the changes to acquiring Masterwork gear in 5.10!


Masterwork Gear Changes in 5.10 | 11.21.2018, 04:32 PM
Originally Posted by Toraak View Post
Can we get an answer on what all of the rotating weekly missions will be, and if there will be a GSF mission in the rotation?

The rotating Mission will contain one of 4 objectives:

  • Story Mode Ops
  • Master Mode Flashpoints
  • Galactic Starfighter
  • Ranked PvP (the team is exploring changing this to unranked instead)
Originally Posted by Goologne View Post

One thing was not mentioned in the post from Eric.

In the commando crates is a possibility to get a random reputation token.

Will there be with 5.10 also the Ossus reputation token included in the commando crates?

Would be interesting to know, now this rank matters for the vendor to get the MW gear.

Currently Ossus Rep tokens will not drop in Command Crates. However, there are a large number of sources both on and off Ossus to earn that Reputation. 

Originally Posted by Jdast View Post

So you are making it easier to acquire 252 gear, but making it much more difficult to acquire 258 gear?

You can spin this however you want, but lets be clear — 258 gear is now harder to obtain unless you are SIGNIFICANTLY increasing the drops of MWS in T3 and T4 crates.


Totally hear you on this, so let me try to provide a specific example of how it worked on PTS, vs how it will work now. For this example let’s say your goal is to acquire a 258 chest piece.

The purchase from a vendor costs 5 Masterwork Data Crystals

  • You could not purchase the 252 chest at all, and it was not required for the 258 purchase – Total cost of 5

The purchase from a vendor costs 4 Masterwork Data Crystals and the 252 chest.

  • If you purchased the 252 chest from the vendor for 2 MW Data Crystals – Total cost of 6
  • If you have the 252 chest from a Command Crate or Ossus Weekly Mission – Total cost of 4

You are correct that from PTS if you only use MW Data Crystals to acquire gear it will cost 1 more Crystal per piece of gear. However, for any 258 that you purchase using a 252 piece acquired from a Command Crate or the Ossus Weekly it is actually 1 Crystal cheaper.

Masterwork Gear Changes in 5.10 | 11.21.2018, 04:33 PM

Originally Posted by RikuvonDrake View Post
Despite the jump in reputation from hero to champion to gain 258 gear, this looks a lot better than what was on PTS prior.

That said, any thoughts on how crafting 258 works on PTS with the Forgotten materials or how to acquire alternative item modifications such as the 258 versions of Warding Mod B or Lethal Mod B?

I will verify but I am pretty sure that alternate mods at 258 (such as what you described) are crafted with the schematics learned from reverse engineering.

Originally Posted by kukumburr View Post
Will 258 MH/OH be added to the Masterwork 258 vendor?

258 weapons will not be available with Game Update 5.10. They will be available early next year to coincide with a new piece of group content.

Originally Posted by Lxndra View Post
Since the WBs are going to key for some PVEers, what’s the respawn timer on those going to look like?

Current respawn time is 15 minutes. The team will monitor to see if it needs to go lower as they are very sensitive to the possibility of multiple groups trying to kill them for the Weekly.

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Hmmm….Let’s see Work,Riding my bike, Beer, Xmas thing, New year thing, kids driving me nutz …..You might be right not a lot to do but grind 😛

1 week per 252 items 100%? so in 7 weeks a full 252 set+imps/ear/relics and only from PVE or PVP, so if we do both weekly PVE+PVP the weeks are shorten in 3,5, that sound fast and easy

It’s too bad our little brains were unable to handle the old gear currencies. We totally don’t have just as many now as before. Wasn’t that the reason for the CXP system in the first place?

“we are adding Rep rewards to Ranked PvP Missions”

That doesn’t help most PvPers. Won’t bother me since I’ll be PvEing, but they seriously need to stop kidding themselves when it comes to ranked.

Yeah, I quit playing this nightmare I think around two years ago. Might be longer but honestly I’ve been happier since I left.

What compels you to continue posting on a SWTOR forum if you haven’t played the game in 2 years? Isn’t that a huge and pointless waste of your time?

SWTOR is kind of like a burning building: you watch to see what awful thing happens next, but yeah it’s a huge waste of time. I’d wager there’s more people who don’t play checking these posts than those who do. I live next door in Guild Wars 2, I get a kick out of seeing all the new ‘content’ you guys get.

Yeah, taking a whole minute out of my day is such a killer. Thank you for pointing that out. Oh horrible fate! Why do you mock me with this compulsion?!

As bad as SWTOR is compare to other MMo’s and all EA/BW bull… Still better then current Disney Star Wars Movies story line. Agree or not even with the Disney’s current thinking on story This game has done much better story line. IMO

Okay I know people are going to think this is sarcasm but serious question:

“This ensures that the new MM in 5.10 is a very valuable source for progression Ops players.”

Are there really that many hardcore raiding groups still? I’m genuinely surprised there are any left. This game has been neglecting the raiding aspect for a while now.

I know there was a new ops this year. What I’m saying is this: after there not being a new raid for about 3 years or so I am surprised that any truly dedicated raid teams are left.

Hmmm. Every mmo is a gear grind. So would you rather go play WoW and grind for a piece of gear u already have or for a piece that doesn’t pertain to your spec. At least u know your grinding for what u need. If it was easy what’s the purpose of playing? Or its everyones love affair for command crates lol.

Quit…however many years its been now.
Is progression still loot box based…after they introduced…whatever that system was called?

[OP is Fred G]

Progression is gained through the Cartel Market. Keep buying and one day you can be the Grand Whale of the Republic.

Here’s a proper answer, if you still require one – current progression (236 through 248 pieces) is partly loot box based. You can get a piece from a box, but you can also buy it from a vendor.

To get a piece of gear from a vendor, you need the unassembled piece of gear itself, command tokens (new currency) and unassembled components (another new currency). Unassembled gear is basically ops token drops, but you need it and command tokens to get the actual piece of gear. Command tokens drop exclusively from RNG boxes, but they’re always a guaranteed drop so you won’t have an issue with them.

If you don’t have a unassembled token, well, this is where the fun begins. Let’s say you want to get a 236 piece of gear but you don’t have a token. Besides ops drops, tokens can be bought directly from a vendor, via unassembled components. Now comes the part where I explain what those components are.

As I already mentioned, they are another currency. You can get them as rewards from weekly and daily quests, mainly group-oriented stuff i.e. flashpoints, warzones, ops, group finder dailies. You can also get components by disintegrating any gear with mods in it that you get from a RNG box.
Anyway, back to the gearing.

So, let’s say you want a 236 piece of gear and you have the components for it. You buy the token from a vendor, then you go to the actual gear vendor and you trade the token + some command tokens for the gear. What happens if you want to upgrade your gear? Well, more fun.

Let’s say you want to upgrade to 242, but again don’t have a token. First, you need your 236 piece of gear (for a moddable item the shell is enough). Now, you go to the vendor that sells 242 unassembled tokens and you trade your 236 piece of gear + more unassembled components for a 242 token. Finally, you take your 242 token + more command tokens to the 242 gear vendor and you get what you want.

Now is the time to mention that 236, 242 and 248 is not the only gear with set bonuses. Besides the 230 gear you can buy directly with command tokens, you have 234, 240 and 246 artifact gear, and I believe 244 prototype gear also has a set bonus. The thing is, none of that gear can be used for upgrading to a gold piece, which are the aforementioned 236, 242 and 248 sets.

In essence, if you want to upgrade fully to 248 you need to spend a whole lot of unassembled components – I did the math, it’s around 18k – or pray to RNGesus, because there’s a lot of crap in the boxes that’s good for nothing but disintegration. Now this 252/258 gear seems to ignore all of that – it doesn’t drop from the RNG boxes at all, and the only token drops are from NiM GotM (or maybe all NiM drop it, idk). There’s also a new gearing currency, Masterwork Data Crystals, that drops from new weekly quests obtainable only from Ossus, or can be bough with unassembled components (500:1 the first time, after that it’s 1000:1). 258 gear can also be crafted, but it was torture just reading the guide on what is required for it so I’ll spare you the details. Just know that it’s expensive as hell.

tl;dr Current gearing is literally where it was before 4.0 happened, except you have a very unreliable RNG system as an alternative gearing method for the majority of it, and BiS gear can be crafted, albeit it’s very costly.

P.S. There’s also a bunch of other currencies like LS/DS tokens and some stuff from Iokath and Umbara, but they are not related to endgame gearing at all.

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