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Fallout 76 Vendors Locations and Factions Guide

A guide to Fallout 76 vendor locations and their factions.


Vendor Factions and Map

Vendors in Fallout 76 are divided into 7 different factions and all carry 200 caps as currency to purchase items from you. However, vendors in the same faction share the same caps pool that replenishes every 24 hours in real life, allowing you to earn potentially earn a maximum of 1400 caps every 24 hours from selling stuff to vendors (200 caps x 7 factions).


Vendors belonging to different factions will also sells items unique to their faction (i.e. Enclave vendors will sell Operative Underarmors and mods for the X-01 Power Armor). Vendor item list can be changed by swapping servers but their cap pool will not change. This can be a great way to acquire some of the more rare items off a vendor.

Vendor Factions

Responders Faction Vendors

  • Camden park
  • Charleston Fire Department
  • Charleston Station
  • Flatwoods
  • Grafton Station
  • Lewisburg Station
  • Morgantown Airport
  • Morgantown Station
  • Welch Station

Raiders Faction Vendors

  • Pleasant Valley Station
  • Pleasant Valley Sky Resort
  • R & G Station
  • Sutton Station
  • Sunnytop Station

Free State Faction Vendor

  • Harper’s Ferry

Brotherhood of Steel Faction Vendor

  • Watoga Shopping Plaza

Enclave Faction Vendor

  • Whitespring Bunker

Whitespring Faction Vendors

  • Whitespring Station
  • All vendors inside Whitespring Resort

Unique Vendors

  • Watoga Station
  • Grahm the traveling Super Mutant merchant

Vendor Map

The vendors are color coded for their respective factions


Vendor Locations

Some of the vendors can be a bit hard to find, so here is a guide to locating them.

Train Stations

At all train stations you will find a Stash Box to access your stash and a bot vendor behind the counter. There is usually a dispenser for ammo/medical supplies as well.



This vendor is inside the church occupied by the responders.



Grahm is a Super Mutant NPC that travels all over sell his wares. He actually has a very large path seen here. He shares his caps pool with the Watoga Station vendor so there is no need to hunt him down if you just need to sell stuff to him. He does have some interesting plans for sale from time to time.


Harpers Ferry

Vendor Bot Wallace can be a bit hard to find but he is one of the buildings that says trading post on the east side of Harpers Ferry near the crashed train.


Morgantown Airport

The responder bot is inside the airport terminals on the west end.


Watoga Shopping Plaza

This vendor is in the Watoga Shopping Plaza slightly east of Watoga inside the former Super Duper Mart.


Whitespring Resort

The vendor/shops are located on the lower level. There are multiple vendors selling different stuffs. There are a bunch of vendors selling apparels so if you like dressing up make sure to visit them all.


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9 replies on “Fallout 76 Vendors Locations and Factions Guide”

By the way, you don’t have to technically swap servers if you want to re-roll a vendor’s stock. If you have a friend on a server, you can exit to main menu and join back on that friend. This is especially useful for if you want to re-roll Grahm’s stock, but don’t want to track him down or have him wander off.

The Whitesprings cap pool can be accessed via the train station there. The vendor bot is part of the Whitesprings faction. He doesn’t really have anything useful to sell, but it’s a quick way to access the cap pool to sell stuff without having to go inside.

I ran across a traveling vendor bot with the words “Responder” on it. I had already used my Responder cap for today but it had 200 caps available, anyway. I found it a little North from Morgantown Station, walking the track. I missed out on selling to it because I had to run back to the station for my stash and when I returned it was gone. I ran up and down the railroad tracks looking for it but no luck finding it again. I wanted to watch its path but I missed it. If anyone has any additional info on this mysterious vendor bot, please update me. Thanks!

I ran across him too near charleston train station. He was heading toward mothman, but i don’t know if he went into the town or not. Didn’t follow him around.
Ive also seen grahm follow the train tracks at Charleston then go under the bridge where their is an old broken boat to flatwoods.

There is two traders in grafton one being the train station and the other is directly behind where the out side voting table is, also a responder.

Whoever made the map of Graham’s travel routes is full of it. I tried walking some of the routes and in some instances the road comes to a dead end or it stops completely or there will be an impassable area like a hole in the road. where did you get your info from, a cereal box?

The vendor at the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort’s cap pool is seperate from the one at its train station. I have been selling to both of them for the past 3 days for 200 caps each.

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