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Fallout 76 Legendary Weapons Quest Guide

Fallout 76 Legendary weapons quests guide for All Rise, Daisycutter, Perfect Storm and Pyrolyzer legendary weapons.[toc]

Legendary Weapons in Fallout 76

There are four legendary weapons you can acquire in Fallout 76 via quests. It is recommended you do these quests once you reach Level 50 so you can get the level 50 version of the weapons.

Legendary items in Fallout 76 are marked by a star symbol next to their name and have ranks from 1-5 (although only rank 3 exists in game currently). The ranks are commonly called stars as well.  The more stars a legendary item has, the more effects it will have on it (i.e. one star = 1 effect etc). Your inventory will show only 1 effect of the legendary weapon but if you press the button to inspect it, it will show all of them.


The legendary weapons you get from these quests are mostly one star legendaries with the exception of All Rise which is a 2 star legendary. They are decent starter weapons until you can get better 3 star legendries. All Rise and Daisycutter also have 90% weight reduction so they are easy to carry around.

All Rise – Mayor for a Day Quest

The Fallout 76 quest Mayor for a Day at Watoga rewards All Rise, a modified Super Sledge weapon that is actually a 2 star legendary and fairly decent for melee users.


Quest Start

When you approach Watoga down in Cranberry Bog, you should receive a Misc quest telling you to check out the Mayor in the Watoga Municipal Center. The Mayor’s officer is a bit hard to reach. Once you take the elevator, you need to climb up rest of the floors manually. The Mayor’s office is at the very top.


Learn More about the Saboteur/Find Saboteur’s Hideout

Interact with the terminal, select Read this! [HIGH PRIORITY] followed by Mayor for a Day. The Saboteur’s Hideout is right by Abandoned Bog Town. You will find a barn with a  trailer inside.


Search the Hideout for clues (0/5)

1) Search Scott Turner’s corpse for the RobCo Research Keycard – you need to press Transfer button, open the menu and the select the Keycard with the quest maker. The other keycards will not update the quest.


2) Take the holotape Last Words


3) Take the holotape Operation Free Watoga Log 322


4) Hack the terminal and read Encrypted Message 4.24..77


5) Unlock the safe from the terminal, the safe is the bottom drawer of the cabinet to the left of the desk with the terminal. Take one of the Saboteur’s Work Password. You need to press Transfer button, open the menu and the select the password with the quest maker. The other passwords  will not update the quest.


Investigate the Saboteur’s Work Terminal

Head to RobCo Research Center, go to saboteur’s office in the Facilities Management sector of the building and then press Scan Likeness on the computer terminal.


Head back to Mayor’s Office and give the Virus Holotape back to MAIA

Start the Upload Process

Go to the Roof of the Watoga Municipal Center using the elevator nearby. You will need to defend the terminal for 5 minutes while waves of robots attack you. The quest will complete after 5 minutes. You also get a Crumpled Fedora and a Patched Suit as the reward.


Don’t forget to return to the Mayor office. You can now unlock a safe containing 8 stimpaks. It appears you can replenish this safe by server swapping, allowing you accumulate a massive amount of stimpaks.


Daisycutter – An Organic Solution Quest

The Fallout 76 quest An Organic Solution at Ella Ames’ Bunker rewards Daisycutter, the legendary Mini Nuke Launcher.


Quest Start

An Inorganic Solution quest starts at Ella Ames’ Bunker. Interact with the terminal, select Research Projections and pick RadShield.


Find Ella’s Research

You can find Ella’s corpse on the top floor of a multi-story building near Southhampton Estate


Read Ella’s Research

Click to view it in your notes. Select the second option – Tracking Bone Meal, it will allow you to Install radio Tracking on your Pipboy which then you can tune in on the radio in your Pipboy to be directed to Deathclaw’s Nests.


Collect Bone Meal

This part can be very frustrating as the Signature Tracker will also pick up Scorchbeasts in the area so if there are any flying around, fast travel elsewhere and wait out or log off. You are looking for a greenish looking poo pile.


Collect Nitrogen

Nitrogen is located in an office on the 2nd floor of Dyer Chemical.


Collect Phosphorus

Phosphorous is located inside a small building attached to Dyer Chemical.


Collect Potassium

Potassium is located in the back of a blue truck


Deposit the Chemicals and Bone Meal

Insert all 3 chemicals into the terminal  on the third floor of Dyer Chemical (need to do it 3 times) and then insert the Bone Meal into the Catalyst slot.Mix the fertilizer and then flush it for the quest objective to update.


Collect a Strangler Bloom

Go outside Dyer Chemical, interact with one of the glowing thingies on trees in the riverbank to harvest the Strangler Bloom.


Craft the Radshield

Go to the marked chemistry bench and craft it under Healing to complete the quest.


Perfect Storm – Cold Case Quest

The Fallout 76 quest Cold Case at the Wavy Willard’s Water Park give the Perfect Storm legendary SMG.


Quest Start

Talk to Annie the robot to start this quest in Wavy Willard’s Water Park


Access the Security System

Access the security terminal in the building near the center of Wavy Willard’s Water Park. You can either pick the Level 2 lock or access the building from a hole in the northeastern corner of the building. Play Holotape Review – October 23


Play the Holotape Clues

Now you need to play the two holotape clues: first one is located just behind the security terminal (WWWP Log Ride Entry 10172077 Daily Holotape). Second one is located underground (WWWP Slither Slide 10172077 Daily Holotape.)


Search for Freddy’s ID and the Mailbox

Search for Freddy’s ID and the Mailbox. Freddy’s ID is located on top of the water slide.


At this point, you have the option to repair the KidSecure ID. It is purely optional. If you want to repair it, then you need to head to a Tinker workbench and repair it using 1 Nuclear Material, 3 Adhesive, and 1 Circuitry.

Go to Clarksburg Post Office

Once you get there, the quest objective will update to Research the key. Pick Search by Box Number and pick Box 012 to update the quest.


Search Otis Pike’s House in Grafton

Go to the basement and read personnel correspondence – Re: Kin? to update the quest


Find a way into the Grafton Dam

There is a pipe in the back of the building you can enter or you can enter it directly via lockpicking 3 via any of the doors.


Search for Clues (0/5)

Freddy’s Adventure #1


Corpse of Otis Pike on the catwalks


Freddy’s Adventure #2 – Desk a couple floors above


Freddy’s Adventure #3 – Drawer up top near where #2 was


Arthur Wood’s Light a bit below where #2 and #3 of Freddy’s Adventure was found


Search the Woods Estate

You will find Freddy’s note beside the terminal upstairs. Head back to Miss Annie for your reward.


Pyrolyzer – Tracking Unknowns Quest

This Fallout 76 quest Tracking Unknowns at Harpers Ferry give out Pyrolyzer, the legendary Flame Thrower weapon.


Quest Start

Go to Harpers Ferry, access any of the gate terminals and then go to Missing Hunting Party in the Missing Persons section to start this quest.


Investigate the area north of Valley Galleria.

This area can be a bit hard to get to. I recommend going north from Harpers Ferry, cross the bridge and then head SE. You will find Hardball in the area, talk to here to complete the objective


Find a Signal Booster

You can either go to Harpers Ferry or Valley Galleria. The boosters in Valley Galleria is just to the right as you enter the shopping complex.


Summon a cargobot

Go to Camp Venture and interact with the terminal near the landing pad.This will summon the Cargobot which you can then attach the transponder.


Track the Distress Beacon to its source

Open up your radio on your pipboy and tune it to the Distress Beacon.


Follow the signal to just south of Haven’s church. You will a corpse by the power transmission tower with the transponder.


Then go to the other side of the tower and loot the Dyer Chemical ID card and Prototype Hazmat suit off the other corpse.


Enter Dyer Chemical Sewers

Outside the Dyer Chemicals plant you will find some big brown pipes. There is a hatch door you can open to enter inside.


Discover the fate of the Tracking Party

To get to the room with the corpse to finish the quest, you either have to go through a set of pipes in the water or go through the catwalks. Once you are in the room with the computer terminals, loot Lucy’s corpse to finish the quest.


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