GW2 Distant Lands Mount Adoption License Preview

GW2 Distant Lands Mount Adoption License Preview. These are available for purchase from the gemstore for 400 gems each for random option or 1200 gems for select option.


Timestamps provided by youtube user Dan Roslan


  • Luminous Prowler – 0:00
  • Auric Salamander – 1:10


  • Star fall – 2:10
  • Krytan Lop – 3:21
  • Timerland Badger – 4:27


  • Southsun Torpedo – 5:28
  • Banded Wave Fin – 6:50


  • Exalted Ley Hunter – 8:01
  • Liminal Moorhound – 9:08

Roller Beetle

  • Alloyed Construct – 10:24
  • Stripped Bahdzan – 11:32
  • Jagged Kournan – 12:48


  • Sand Souled – 14:05
  • Snow Stalker – 15:15
  • Shiverpeaks Pileate – 16:19


Luminous Prowler


Auric Salamander





Krytan Lop


Timberland Badged



Southsun Torpedo


Banded Wave Fin



Exalted Ley Hunter


Liminal Moorhound



Alloyed Construct


Striped Bahdzan


Jagged Kournan



Sand Souled


Snow Stalker


Shiverpeaks Pileated


  • Emil33

    I need that Starfall Bun Bun <3

    • Ares Zax

      I have a friend who’s been collecting all the Star skins for the mounts, so she’ll be ecstatic at this too. XD

  • x

    That Moorhound looks nice.
    Also Dulfy, it says springer twice where it should be skimmer (:

  • Alot

    I really like the auric themed mounts. Never bought a mount though.

    • kazerniel

      I tend to buy at least one skin for each mount for the dye channels 🙂

      • Scutilla

        That’s my main motivation for wanting to buy mount skins, but I know if I tried it I’d end up with like 4 springers and no raptor, or something like that.

  • Jalen Dmello


  • Vences

    Still waiting for rest Primeval skins…

    • BlackPrinny .

      Me too……at least I can save my money on this new set…..only one skin I do like this time around…but gimme the last 3 Primeval ones next time! TT

  • Vadim Karpov

    Can we choose a skin or its random one we have no yet? Dat ugly skreemers or springers or whatever with basic body and crude connected head from real animals. This two hase a head of red panda and some golden retriever puppy.
    And whats wrong with Shiverpeaks Pileated? Basic skin with extra dye slots?

    • kazerniel

      All the mount sets after the first offer both a random purchase for 400 gems or a choice for 1200, so I guess this one will have both options too.

      • Karagianis

        Apart from the first set, that STILL hasn’t got a choice version of the license.

        • kazerniel

          Yeah :/ That’s why I haven’t got any of those skins, I refuse to buy loot boxes by principle. If they don’t introduce choice boxes I’ll just probably save up gems and buy the 30-pack. I want so many skins of that batch that it’s probably still worth it more that way.

  • kazerniel

    That Krytan Lop Springer is a beagle xD But I’m glad they are introducing more realistic looking skins 🙂 I want that raccoon and the two griffons x3

    • Karagianis
      • kazerniel

        You’re right! My brain must have shorted out when I wrote that 🙂

      • Marv Theis

        its not a red panda either , its the first tie in of youtuber based mounts – starting off with The Kilian Experience who lost his tricone hat and wants revenger , next mount will be pewds chair

  • Cazali

    I clicked the because I thought “Head off to the races” meant we could unlock them via races instead of gems…
    I’m not gonna waste money on this.

  • Asda

    badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger

  • I bet no one care about the last griffon skin

    • Dariusz Mysłowski

      why? its amazing! 🙂

  • Kitty

    I really want a beetle only pack. I just want more beetle skins not the others. I have about 5 of each other skin but just 2 beetle skins. They should really have released a beetle only pack now with the races.

  • Dariusz Mysłowski

    still waiting for Vabbian armor…

    • Maciej Smoczyński

      Or obsydian armor

      • Dejva

        Po co ruszać klasyki z pierwszej części gw? Niech to zostanie na swoim miejscu jako legendarny itemek

        • Maciej Smoczyński

          pierwsza część i tak jest martwa a skin dobrze by wyglądał jako elitarny pancerz z rajdu na przykład gdyby pociągneli wątek wojny menzis z baltazarem albo pokazali jakąś część fow jako rajd byłby też powód fabularny do tego żeby użyć tego skinu

  • Maciej Smoczyński

    I am surprised that ArenaNet will not meet the old players’ request and will not replace the outfit in armor. It seems to me that it would bring them a much better profit than what we have in the current system because people like to customize.

  • Maciej Smoczyński

    Immediately I would like to write back to what once appeared somewhere on the official forum that “we do not have time for such a change”. Employment of 1 additional person for a limited period of time only for this purpose would not be super expensive if it was to calculate the potential sales gains. I just wonder

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