GW2 Roller Beetle Racing Achievements Guide

A guide to GW2 Roller Beetle Racing achievements introduced with the Nov 27 Game Update.


There are 5 new Roller Beetle Racing tracks added with the Nov 27 Game Update. They are in Snowden Drifts, Diessa Plateau, Gendarran Fields, Mount Maelstrom, and Brisban Wildlands. They are essentially adventures and there are achievements for achieving silver/gold and completing each race 15 times.

  • Roller Racer: Getting silver in a race, rewards 10 Racing Medallion
  • Rolling Competitor: Complete 15 laps of a race, rewards 10 Racing Medallion.
  • Rolling Ace: Getting gold in a race, rewards 15 Racing Medallion.
  • Daily Rolling Racer: 3 races, 5 Racing Medallion per race with a bonus of 10 Racing Medallion for completing all 3 races. Which 3 races get picked is randomized each day. This daily achievement is only available for 1 month.

There is a NPC next to each race that will rent the Roller Beetle mount to you if you don’t have it yet. Or you can unlock it by following this guide. For the sweepstakes you just need to participate in a race each week.


There is a meta achievement Roller Racer for completing Roller Racer and Rolling Competitor achievements for all 5 maps.that rewards a regular Racing Scarf. Additionally, there is a Rolling Ace meta achievement for getting Rolling Ace achievements for all 5 maps that give a Golden Racing Scarf and the Rolling Ace title.


Racing Scarf (Left) and Golden Racing Scarf (Right)


Race Maps

Brisban Wildlands and Snowden Drifts are a bit harder compared to other maps (Brisban especially). It is recommended you do the other races first. There is also a training map in Kessex Hills.

Some tips

  • You don’t have to drift all the corners, sometimes you can simply slow down to make turning easy and then boost immediately after the turn (this means saving your boost for the sharp corners)
  • You can perform tricks in the air by holding down the jump button and releasing it before you land. This will help your replenish your endurance. You must have the Big Air mastery for this to work.
  • Bond of Vigor mastery from Crystal Champion can help slightly. In most races you will only get to use it once, maybe max twice.
  • Make sure you bind your drift key (mount ability 2 in options). Tap the drift button for a small drift and hold it for a wider drift.

Lakeside Loop – Gendarran Fields (Easy)


Ghostfire Run – Diessa Plateau (Medium Difficulty)


Infernal Leap – Mount Maelstrom (Slightly harder due to all the obstacles/rocks)


Jormag’s Fang – Snowden Drifts (The timer is really tight on this one)


Tropic Valley Raceway – Brisban Wildlands


Racing Medallion

Racing Medallion can be exchanged with the Race Prizes vendor next to the start of every Beetle race on all 5 maps.


Mini Roller Beetle, Racing Goggles, Racing Helmet, Endless Mystery Tonics, and Guild Decorations are some of the wares that can be exchanged with Racing Medallions.


Mini Roller Beetle


Racing Helmet


Racing Goggles


  • Mat H

    So, can the Golden Racing Scarf have only one dye colour? Since I only see that the normal Racing Scarf can have two dyes.

    • Alex Manukhin

      Golden Scarf has 1 dye channel and Racing scarf has 3.

    • Normal got 3 colors

  • VOjta Šostok

    Survey on Subject of Importance 2 – Take a poll from a traveling journalist krewe. (I did mine in Dissea Plateau right next to the Race merchant)

  • Vadim Karpov

    Only single mini and 2 skins executed in 3 weight versions to prolong your grind? And useless tonics to fill up nevelties tab. Where is thouse unique special rewards for a first mounth of races noticed in previous post? I see only daily for extra tokens.
    PS: Hope they will add more rewards in future: weapons, more minies or even thematical armor sets.

    • Googles and scarf unlock for al armor classes

  • Madeleine Leroy

    This races are permanent tho, right? RIGHT?! :p

  • Burn Bicz, BURN

    Where is this free Long live the Lich?? Casue i can’t find it in TP. Or it’s only for ppl who have pof but don’t unlock this episod??

    • Sharon Custer

      If you started playing after that season was free, you now have it unlocked. However, you can only access it if you own Path of Fire.

      • Burn Bicz, BURN

        I was hoping that i could get even 1 mount for my other account for quicker movement, but it could be impossible to do without pof 🙂

  • maria

    hi there dulfy 🙂 there are 6 maps or im wrong?Kessex hills u forget

    • Kessex Hills is a training map, doesn’t really count for most achievements

    • Raizel

      Kessex “””race””” is a Joke of a race, you can get gold playing blind with one hand…

  • So the vendor is permanent, right?

    • Presac

      Probably is, as the currency is in the wallet. Usually means the content is there permanent.

  • Alot

    anyone know of a good timer of when they start?

    • You don’t need to do the race event, the adventure will suffice

      • Ares Zax

        You do need to complete the actual race event for the dailies though, not just the time trials. But yes, the time trials will suffice for the achievements.

        • Ah yes good point, I missed that

        • Raizel

          Who cares of dailies? They don’t give anything except a small amount of new currency.

          • Ares Zax

            People trying to farm as much of the medallions as they can while this month is going, I guess. You can’t earn very much of the currency per day (I think it’s 6 in total per time trial per raceway if you get Gold on each one, plus another 3 per actual race you complete), so if you really had your heart set on some of the more expensive rewards, they will be a lot tougher to get once the introductory month is over.

            • Alot

              Ty. Very informative.

            • Ares Zax

              Small correction. It’s actually 9 per time trial if you get Gold (2/3/4). I originally thought it was 1/2/3.

  • Just for the record:
    I got the exact time for gold on snowden (00:32:000) and gold reward popped up but the according Rolling Ace achievement didn’t. So I guess you actually need to beat the gold time (00:31:999) rather than getting gold.. fml 🙁

    • Maowa

      I have exactly the same problem.. Done in 00:32:000, got the golden chest, but no achievement.. This is so sad!

  • Confus

    Did they mix the Scarf rewards? Regular one looks way better along with 3 dye channels.

  • Paco Chung

    Holy hell fuck these races.

    God damn shitbeetle gets stuck on ever tiny rock and shrub

    crapass jump in the volcano has you stuck on every god damn ledge

    why the hell are the checkpoints tiny as crap semicircles instead of those poles.

    And you have a time limit of 90 seconds.

    Screw this

    • Helpful Samaritan

      Download TacO (tactical overlay)
      then download Tekkits beetle race overlay (or all-in-one)
      Follow the instructions and when in game in the racing areas you should see a clear path to follow. Should make it easier for your shitbeetle to carry your fat ass to gold.
      You’re welcome.

  • This game is not a racing game so be prepared to be frustrated trying to get gold times. You will most likely be the most furious with Brisban Wildlands.

    • Alot

      It’s irritating but after the “floor is lava”, punchomatic and lets-do-a-first-person-chak-shooter , my disdain is reserved for idiocy of a higher caliber.

      • Floor is lava and that one Adventure in Verdant brink where you had to shoot targets made me almost quit the game

        • Alot

          Oddly, the shooting one in verdant brink is the only hard one in hot i managed to beat – and while it was at its worst. It seemed more skill based to me then the others and less mindless long distance memorization.

          • Anze G

            I like you a lot alot.

          • Ares Zax

            Shooting Gallery also had a bit of luck involved. While there is a fixed sequence of targets, meaning that with practice you know exactly the order the targets will pop up in, it is possible for the game to “skip” certain targets in the order. As long as you know the fixed order you can compensate for this, but where the luck comes in is that some of the targets are more difficult to hit than others, and other targets come in a nice cluster so you can make several shots in a row without trouble. So, if the game lucks out and it skips the difficult shots while keeping the easy cluster shots, it can make a Gold run MUCH easier. (This was how I managed to get Gold, back before ANet eased the time limits for several hard adventures in HoT.)

    • Jalen Dmello

      The only one that pretty tight is the snow drift race.Finished that at 31.7 sec with gold being 32 😛 . In any case i actually liked the Bettle races 🙂

  • Squatch

    I’d like to see some race maps where you don’t need to go through checkpoints ‘slalom style’. Instead I want an interesting map designed with various routes, shortcuts, mario kart style.

    • Lockheart

      While I agree dedicated race tracks would be fun, The way the beetle controls favors the slalom style.

  • maria

    Hi Dulfy , is this also new or did i miss some in the past.
    Side Stories>Current Events>Survey on Subjects of Importance?

    • Count Calixtus

      It is the same krewe that is in Pearl Islet, Southsun Cove. This time they are at Nageling waypoint in Diessa Plateau to ask you a question about the beetle racing.

  • Suffie

    my game keeps crashing during races -.- never does that otherwise.
    Fun idea, but imma get the scarf and get the hell out of here~

  • Pink Popstar Ahri

    These races need published timers. Arriving at a location only to either have a race in progress or dont know if other location are better to go to is taking most of the fun out of these.

  • Lockheart

    For those of you trying to master drifting. Using the mount function button to engage it, drift until you are facing the direction you want to go and then release the drift button, you will then regain traction and head in that direction.

    took me several races to get the hang of that and no one really would elaborate exactly how it was done.

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