ESO Introducing Xanmeer Crown Crates

Elder Scrolls Online will be adding in new Xanmeer Crown Crates starting on Dec 6.

Uncover the wild and wonderful antiquities of the deep swamp with the all-new Xanmeer Crown Crates. Preview some of the colorful and unique items you can acquire from the latest Crown Crate season right here.


Xanmeers! Those mysterious Argonian step pyramids of the deep swamp. Made from stone as if intended to last thousands of years, but then largely abandoned due to—what? No one in Black Marsh seems to know, nor do they seem to care that many Xanmeers are packed with old relics others find valuable. Somehow those abandoned relics, enchanted and mundane, get smuggled out of Black Marsh, crated up, and then made available—to you!


Radiant Apex Rewards

  • Scorching Horse-Lizard
  • Venomous Wolf-Lizard
  • Chilling Senche-Lizard

Apex Rewards

  • Wolf-Lizard Steed
  • Senche-Lizard Steed
  • Guar-Lizard Steed
  • Camel-Lizard Steed
  • Bear-Lizard Steed
  • Horse-Lizard Steed
  • Resplendent Sweetroll

Legendary Rewards

  • Voriplasm Sword Outfit style
  • Voriplasm Battle Axe Outfit style
  • Voriplasm Bow Outfit style
  • Voriplasm Staff Outfit style
  • Hist Guar
  • Nightfall Sabre Cat
  • Nightfall Sabre Cat Cub
  • Lustrous Nix-Ox Fabricant Steed
  • Firepet Spider
  • Bright-Throat Scale
  • Dead-Water Scale
  • Vossa-satl
  • Gas Blossom
  • Lantern Mantis
  • Static Pitcher
  • Instant All Research, Major
  • Grand Gold Coast Experience Scroll

Epic Rewards

  • Sep Adder
  • Marshlord Formal Bugshell Robes
  • Lizardly Four-Fabric Skirt Set
  • Xanmeer Doyen’s Worship Robe
  • Xanmeer Doyen’s Feather Tiara
  • Dead-Water Blood Face Tattoos
  • Dead-Water Blood Body Tattoos
  • Daemon Chicken
  • Riverwood White Hen
  • Kaleidotropic Dragon Frog
  • Butterscotch Dragon Frog
  • Sep Adder
  • Marshlord Formal Bugshell Robes
  • Instant All Research
  • Major Gold Coast Experience Scroll

Superior Rewards

  • Craglorn Welwa
  • Amber Ash Hopper
  • Bitter Coast Cliff Strider
  • Bright-Throat Chalk Face Tattoo
  • Bright-Throat Chalk Body Tattoo
  • Bright-Throat Woad Face Tattoo
  • Bright-Throat Woad Body Tattoo
  • Bright-Throat Algae Face Tattoo
  • Bright-Throat Algae Body Tattoo
  • Bright-Throat Yolk Face Tattoo
  • Bright-Throat Yolk Body Tattoo
  • Dead-Water Tooth-and-Tusk Tiara
  • Bonding Rite Headdress
  • Mire Drum


The Xanmeer Crown Crate season will arrive in the Crown Crates section of the in-game Crown Store on December 6 and will feature a broad selection of Argonian relics and curiosities not found anywhere else in Tamriel. In these lost crates, you can uncover powerful consumables and unique collectibles including pets, costumes, mounts, styles, and more.

Vossa-satl Memento & Bright-Throat Scale Skin

Bear-Lizard Mount & Voriplasm Two-handed Axe Style

Some of these curious containers might even include one of these extremely rare mounts, available only within Xanmeer Crown Crates:

Scorching Horse-Lizard & Venomous Wolf-Lizard Mounts

Chilling Senche-Lizard Mount

In addition to the above sun-blessed items, Xanmeer Crown Crates can also contain formerly retired collectibles, helpful consumables, and some unique (but dangerous!) furnishings, including:

Lantern Mantis & Shock Pitcher Furnishings

These are just some of the unique curios you can discover within the Xanmeer Crown Crates. For a complete list of every item you can acquire this season, check out this forum thread. You can also discover the soon-to-be-retired items found within the Hollowjack Crown Crates on our Crown Store page. Don’t miss out!

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