ESO New Life Festival Dec 13 to Jan 2

Elder Scrolls Online is hosting the New Life Festival event from Dec 13 to Jan 2.

Earn bonus rewards, get double XP, and celebrate the end of the year in style during the New Life Festival. Learn about all the quests, collectibles, Achievements, and more you can enjoy during this end-of-year event!


The New Life Festival begins this Thursday, December 13, at 10:00AM EST and will run until Wednesday, January 2, at 10:00AM EST. If you’d like to take part in the festivities, pick up the New Life Festival Scroll from the in-game Crown Store and use it to find the New Life Herald, Breda, located south of Windhelm, Eastmarch.

Share a mead with Breda, the New Life Herald

Complete the initial quest titled “The New Life Festival” to unlock a host of New Life-themed and festive daily quests (nine in total) that have you bring cheer to every corner of Tamriel. Once you’ve completed your first New Life Festival quest, you’ll also have unlocked the Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug collectible, which, in addition to greatly improving the mirth of those who imbibe, provides a two-hour, 100% boost to XP gains during the event period. This boon will stack with any other XP bonuses your character currently has, including those from XP scrolls or ESO Plus membership.


By taking part in the New Life Festival and completing the Herald’s quests, you’ll earn New Life Festival Gift Boxes. These celebratory containers house random items, including crafting materials, consumables, and style items. If you’re fortunate, you might also receive one of these rarer rewards, too:

  • Skinchanger Motif chapters
  • New Life recipes
  • New Life collectibles (packaged in Runeboxes and tradeable):
    • Sword-Swallower’s Blade memento
    • Juggler’s Knives memento
    • Fire-Breather’s Torches memento
    • Mud Ball Pouch memento
    • Nordic Bather’s Towel costume
    • Colovian Filigreed Hood hat
    • Colovian Fur Hood hat
  • A selection of lights, lamps, and lanterns for your home to celebrate the Signal Fire Sprint
  • Draughts of Stealth and Escape to celebrate the Trial of Five-Clawed Guile

New Life Charity Writs

In addition to the above rewards, New Life Festival Gift Boxes can now also include New Life Charity Writs! These new, event-exclusive writs task you with creating simple furnishing items to donate in the spirit of the season. Once you’ve completed one of these new writs, you can turn it in to any writ return location for its item type. If you don’t have the recipe required to craft the writ, visit the relevant crafting vendor to pick it up.

Of course, performing this good deed is its own reward, but in addition to a philanthropic sense of satisfaction, if you complete 12 Charity Writs on a single character, you’ll unlock the “Newly Charitable” Achievement, granting you the incredible Crystalfrost skin!

The Crystalfrost skin


Starting December 13, you can turn your house into a festive holiday home with exclusive furnishing items from Heralda Garscroft, the Holiday Achievement Furnisher. You can find her in Grahtwood, Stormhaven, and Deshaan. Here’s how you can unlock these uniquely merry furnishings:

  • The New Life Bonfire – Available for 10,000 gold once you complete the “Snow Bare Plunge” achievement
  • The New Life Celebrant’s Standard – Available for 2,500 gold once you complete the “New Life Celebrant” achievement

Check the Achievement section of your Journal to review progress.


During the event, you can also earn Event Tickets and purchase the final Indrik Feather required to unlock the Nascent Indrik mount (along with a #OurElderScrolls Sweepstakes bonus entry). This event’s feather is called the Opaline Indrik Feather.

To earn Event Tickets during this event, simply complete one of the nine New Life Festival daily quests. In addition to the New Life Festival Gift Box, you’ll receive one Event Ticket. Note that you can earn only one ticket per day per account, and they’ll reset at 1:00AM EST each morning.

Get the last Indrik Feather to unlock this beautiful mount

Once you have acquired 10 Event Tickets, you can trade them in to the Impresario (located at a special booth in Daggerfall in Glenumbra, Davon’s Watch in Stonefalls, and Vulkhel Guard in Auridon) for the Opaline Indrik Feather. You can acquire 20 Event Tickets during this event, and the Impresario will continue to sell all previous Feathers throughout, meaning if you’ve missed some, you have a chance to catch up during the New Life Festival! For more information on acquiring the Nascent Indrik mount, check out our announcement article.

As with previous events, you can earn bonus entries into the #OurElderScrolls Sweepstakes by acquiring Indrik Feathers. For your chance to win amazing prizes, including a Grand Prize trip to BE3 2019, make sure you’ve entered by filling out this form. For more information and official rules, visit the #OurElderScrolls page.

Finally, in addition to your Event Ticket, when you turn in your first New Life Festival daily quest, you will also receive a Mysterious Reward Box. Originally part of the earlier Undaunted Celebration, these boxes have a chance to include rare styles and collectibles.

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what I personaly was doing is buying 2 of each. that way, once you evolve you indrik, you can create another unevolved one immediately and have 2 indrik mounts 😀

Since both are in the collections in the end, I’m pretty sure when you evolve the nascent indrik it stays there.

becasue for some reason my post with links to sources is perpetually in moderation or possibly gone? reposting without sources, but with description how to find them.

no, indriks do not evolve based on character riding ability, they are evolved through berries you’ll be able to eventually buy from a vendor. there is a total of 4 possible evolutions, as can be seen in game on a picture guide by the vendor. though I believe we only get to have one for now.

when you evolve your indrik, Nascent one is blacked out in collections, and you have to make a new one in order to be able to use it. what it means is that you need to collect a total of 5 sets of feathers in order to have all 4 evolutions PLUS a nascent indrik.

all of this information is already in game. while logged into one of your characters – go to help section (or default hotkey f1), navigate to events, and then to nascent indrik evolution section

I just checked the moderation queue and it somehow flagged your comment as spam. I have unflagged and whitelisted you so it shouldn’t happen again. Sorry about that!

no worries and thank you! sometimes spam filters can be… weird. I’ve had actual e-mail subscriptions I have being thrown into spam folder, meanwhile obvious spam would end up in my inbox :/

it was most likely links that did it

Do you really believe the old one will be removed from collection after evolution? And people like you will abuse this bug to get the second? Kuz we have no official info about it.

uh. it has nothing to do with belief.

in game help info is as official as it gets. old one becomes unusable. ever seen skins/outfits/pets that you can earn in game but haven’t unlocked yet? I would imagine, it will look something like that once you evolve it with berries.

think for a moment. they are going to want to bring these events back. if you only ever need 40 tickets for all 5 indrik variants… what exactly are they going to use as a carrot to keep you invested in events?

My understanding is that the tickets are used to buy the berries you feed them to evolve and no-one will be able to afford more than one type of berry this year, so i would save any extra tickets towards that IMO

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