GW2 Gemstore –Sun Temple Gecko Springer & Iron Beast Greatsword

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Sun Temple Gecko Springer skin available for 2000 gems ands the Iron Beast Greatsword available as an uncommon BLC drop.


New Items

Sun Temple Gecko Springer Skin – 2000 gems or Uncommon BLC drop



Iron Beast Greatsword – Uncommon BLC Drop



Upcoming Items

Chat codes and images taken from that_shaman’s post.

Candy Cane Chair – [&AgE4XQEAAA==]


Gem Aura Outfit – [&AgFUXQEAAA==]


Cryomancer Glider – [&AgFZXQEAAA==]


Winter Antlers Set

  • [&AgEsXQEAAA==]    Enchanted Winter Antlers
  • [&AgExXQEAAA==]    Winter Antlers


Runecrafter’s Salvage-o-Matic

Double-click to salvage crafting materials from an item in your inventory. 20% chance of rarer materials. 100% chance of salvaging upgrades.


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32 replies on “GW2 Gemstore –Sun Temple Gecko Springer & Iron Beast Greatsword”

Ugh, no!

The chainsaw of the Iron Beast Greatsword supposes to turn the other way around!

Even if this would supposedly be the right way of turning, the chainsaw blades are then also showing into the wrong direction!

make a reddit post, and shine some light on it. it does seem strange. im sure with enough visibility on this more people will find it weird and then Arenanet will fix it. They arent normally allowed to fix store items once released because someone people grow to like the weapons working the way they are. but if enough people find it strange they can it.

Dude, this outfit is amazing! They are definitely going in the right direction with the recent outfit/armor designs.

Cryomancer glider also looks cool, I might buy the whole package.. I’m just worried that it will be too big at some places..

Antlers set looks nice, something similar to Dragon Horns that came with circlet.

Candy Cane chair kinda like the halloween one, it will look weird out of season.

Runecrafter’s Salvage-o-Matic uhh.. I’ll leave the math to others, and wait how [and if] tp prices will react to this one.

Overall a nice Wintersday gemstore items update imo.

I greatly dislike the runecrafter salvager. We already have a salvager for cheap stuff and a salvager for expensive stuff. This mid tier one just confuses people (you should see the reddit math debate) while invalidating the entire point of having common gear dissolving into lucient motes – which was to my knowledge to make sigils rarer, give them worth and a more consistent way to forge them.

I feel this is a more extreme version of the watchwork mining pick in its prime. You are being given exclusive rights to bypass the entire crafting system to sell stuff directly from a gem purchase :/

All these system was clearly a new way to make a money wia gem store, started from changing all salvage kits (common and gem store) already exists till price ruduce for an upgrade extractors. New salvage kit was a matter of time. Only black lion salvage kits was changed, but only because this is consumable stuff you can buy from the gem store.
And we already have boss teleportation device people “urinated with boiling water for joy” about this item. So be ready for a new content skipping stuff in ge mstore.

I disagree that this new system was a way to make money. It is definitely a system which offers new opportunities to sell gem based convenience items. At its base though it is an improvement to an rng system which (before this salvager) ensured a minimum value on items which were previously sold for nill.

Bolt hase broken animation during combat? Who care! New gem store item hase 1 pixel missed? Alert Alert instapatches and hotfixes incoming.

No idea if the name is right but saw some people in-game chat talk about removing arcdps or something like that, I’ll assume that it is a addon and some people said it helped after they got rid of it.

Even Woodenpotatoes was having this issue on his vid with Boots, covering the patch updates. I think we are universally getting large lag spikes, freezes, low fps, hopefully they will patch this.

That gecko is the first 2000 gem skin that’s strongly tempted me… but I stick to my guns that 2000 gems is way too much for a single mount skin.

I like that outift. No butt-cape or bath towel/skirt around the waist. Gonna get it for my Ranger and some glacial weapons for an ice theme.

You log back in tomorrow to find a butt cape was added, and a message in your inbox: “Thank you Altauriel for reminding us!”

Dat ass though ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

Also I don’t know what everyone else is seeing. Gecko looks ugly asf.

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