GW2 Living World Season 4 Episode 5 Releases Next Year

Arenanet has announced that they won’t be releasing Living World Season 4 Episode 5 this year due to the approaching holidays.

A message from Mike Zadorojny, Guild Wars 2 Game Director

Hey everyone,

As some of you already have put together, Episode 5 will not be released this year. As the episode was coming together and we started to plot out its release, we had to make a tough call regarding its ship date, for reasons that have to do both with other in-game content and with the way we treat our teams. As the calendar year winds down, we want to enjoy the revelry of the Wintersday holiday with you while also ensuring that team members can spend the holidays relaxing with their family and friends. We’ll soon be able to share details of what is to come, so stay tuned.


  • Donald

    Fair enough too. Family First!

  • The GW2 Lover

    Well stop with developing stupid “chairs” like this is an IKEA ore somthing. Put the darn resources on making the content in time insted!.. Every player i know stopt playing gw2 and is like logd-in once per 2 week cuz there nothing to do, same old content day in day out! and all i see in Gem store is 4 armor sets in gem store in 6 years! and stupid Chairs,,, you guys are literly thincking hey!!! sit arund and wait.. nooo thx!!! time quite.. 234 members out!

    • Rexor

      HAHAHAH! Well it’s IKEA Wars 2 That we are playing. And yes thay shuld put the resources on making proper content insted of AFK Chairs. it Sure is sad that thay are so slow on the Episodes, and that the guilds are dieing.

      • Nou

        GW2: “We’re gonna take time making our content and make sure our staff is mentally healthy and happy so they can work the fullest while being treated as a human.”
        Some gremlin: “WoWoWoWwowowo hOw DaRe tHeY nOt wOrK 24/7 sO I cAn jUsT cOmPlAin. Lolololo cHaIrS XDDDD”

        Calm your tiddies

        • Lourdes

          Ye it’s not a problem that it takes a while to make content, the problem is that the content give litterly zero rewards and don’t make people come back for the content. With that in mind i can see his frustration with the chairs being in loot boxes (which have no good way of farming them) and everything else being in the gem store.

    • Gelu

      WTF is wrong with your english?

      • Squatch

        Not everyone speaks English as a first language. Were you aware? Did you know that GW2 supports a variety of language options like French, German, let alone the entire base of players from around the world that play the game in English, even though their local language isn’t supported?

        If you have a problem with the comment, that’s fine. But shaming someone for their English level is quite low… maybe you don’t even speak a second language.. I don’t care if you do, but it’s something to think about.

    • AriaFiresong

      Artists gonna art while the devs are gonna Dev.

  • Altauriel

    They can take all the time they need as long as the new map for Episode 5 doesn’t end up as a complete and utter disappointment like the Domain of Kourna.

  • Mortivore

    Who cares? it’s going to be an other 3 hours worth login – log out patch.
    I really don’t get how can people be so hyped about fried air

    • AriaFiresong

      I don’t get how people zoom through it. I still am not done with bloodstone fen. Or any other map after. There’s nothing else to add except more places to explore. (Or, well, more skyhammeresqe pvp maps? Maybe trash one of the Alpine borderlands for another cool map?)

  • Man Man Lau

    There is the winterday event every year end. Who do expect any new contents will release this time anyway?

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