GW2 Orchestral Weapon Skins Gallery

GW2 Orchestral Weapon Skins gallery. These weapon skins are available for 1 Black Lion Weapon Ticket each.

Unique Sounds

All weapons have unique draw/sheath sounds appropriate for their instrument (except for sword since it is a string bow). Warhorn also have unique ability sounds.


Orchestral Axe Skin

Unique draw/sheath sound


Orchestral Dagger Skin


Orchestral Focus Skin


Orchestral Greatsword Skin


Orchestral Hammer Skin


Orchestral Longbow Skin


Orchestral Mace Skin


Orchestral Pistol Skin


Orchestral Rifle Skin


Orchestral Scepter Skin


Orchestral Shield Skin


Orchestral Short Bow Skin


Orchestral Staff Skin


Orchestral Sword Skin


Orchestral Torch Skin


Orchestral Warhorn Skin


  • Synke

    the music guilds are going to have a field day

  • Cello n bow = shield n sword

  • Hell yeah flying v Bass guitar greatsword! I’m so ready to low all tyria

  • RabbitUp

    That staff is a thing of beauty.

    • Squatch

      Surprised it can be held in 1 hand!

    • GoldenDragonRider

      Looks great on a humanoid female, but I think they specifically made it for them. ‘cause a charr is gonna look c*** with one. Oh well, I main an Asura.

      • RabbitUp

        I put it on my male asura mesmer and I love it. I don’t remember how charr hold the staff tbh, but I don’t like it on human females actually it looks quite ridiculous wielding a huge harp around with every auto like it’s nothing, while it’s much less jarring for an asura. Also profession matters a lot, mesmer is the perfect fit because they don’t use the staff for their animations other than holding it.

  • Korey Garabed

    Ok not gonna lie. These are unexpectedly AWESOME!

  • Fashion Mage

    God that staff is so cool.

  • blub


  • Joni Kenyot

    Damn…all of them are good

  • IchbinVol

    I wonder if you put the sword and shield together, if they’ll make a sound…

    • lt_sid8

      i got both and unfortunately nothing unique together.

  • Boomsday

    That dagger is totally from power rangers

    • Luis

      yup the green ranger lmfao

  • Ares Zax

    I gotta admit, these are REALLY creative. 😀

  • Karagianis

    Why the hell would you make a guitar themed axe and not make it double bladed? 😛

  • kazerniel

    these are so cool, waaa

  • Scutilla

    As a former high school band geek I want basically all of these.

  • cminnett

    Really neat concept, I just wish I had a character that fit these thematically. If one of the next elite specializations is some kind of music-esque, bard-like specialization, I will buy these in a heartbeat.

    • I feel the exact same way. I even used to have a mesmer character who I thought of as a bard… the staff and focus skins would have been PERFECT!!! I still want some of these, even though they don’t seem to suit any of my current characters in particular.

  • Cynewulf

    These aren’t my gig. But. They look awesome. These really are great designs. I would love to see more weapon lines designed like this that manage to capture both the theme AND the weapon.

  • Lockheart

    I feel like these were designed specifically for that music guild. Lovely looking weapons though.

  • Narottam Zakheim

    Awesome weapon set…. guess i reflect what a lot of others said…. really cool idea… but not rly suitable for any of my chars…. love the idea tho… im sure someone out there will make good use of these….. would be cool if some of them could be used as instruments… similar to the lege weapons

    • Narottam Zakheim

      maybe they were made to bolster the sales of the sheet music glider? saw that was on sale recently 😛

  • Mana

    I just bought the warhorn, used it on both my ranger and necromancer but the skill activation SFX appears to be missing? It just plays the default skill sounds, is anyone else experiencing this?

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