SWTOR Cartel Market Update for Dec 11

SWTOR Cartel Market Update for Dec 11

New Items

New Discounts

No Longer on Sale

Items No Longer Available

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  • LucasFaun

    buy the sithlord blade and sell it?
    damn if i start to play the gtn game then i never stop.

    • Ksilem

      There is no GTN game at the moment,no demand for it.You can hold the lowest prices(reasonable ones,10-12 millions per armor set) for high demanding sets(like Malgus,Dark Legionnaire)for 5-6 days.
      Maybe it depens on the server,though.

  • Barloc

    5100 for the new lightsaber? Go to hell, Bioware. Done with your BS pricings.

    • Tony

      takes the fun out of it a bit

    • IceBaby7

      everything pops up in flash sales lately…..just hold your horses…

    • Total garbage. This game is the worst when it comes to gambling and disgusting micro-transactions like this. I stay far far far away from it.

    • Ranked ERP player

      Lol its a cosmetic item. Do you shit your pants over not being able to afford anything better than a Honda?

      • Barloc

        No, I get annoyed when companies try to charge people almost £30 for a mere lightsaber. Maybe you should go back to your ERP instead of trying and failing badly to be a smartass.

        • Gogaikin Robo

          Wrong approach. You should be getting annoyned with the ppl who buy them at such prices. Supply and demand, this is how free market works. EA is a corporation. As long as customers are willing to buy they”ll keep offering at these prices.

          • Ksilem

            Well,then all of the narcotics trade is justfiied then – supply and demand,yo.
            This is stupid argument,go and watch people like Jim Sterling,who’ll explain the idiocy of that belief in gaming industry,atleast,before you try to operate with rotten “facts” like that,please.

            • Nick Weber

              Lol. “Supply and Demand” a “rotten fact.” XD And yes! The narcotics trade is justified.

              You can ignore the laws of economics, but the laws of economics won’t ignore you.

              • Ksilem

                Whatever you say,really.I already mentioned a content creater,that had explain the failure of “Supply and Demand” argument in gaming industry better then I can and want to.But if you choose to ignore this – fine,not my problem.

      • LucasFaun

        a crappy honda isnt a pixel atleast lol.

      • Fubarz
      • CraigMitchell

        Well, seeing as the 1st gen NSX prices usually are upwards of $50k, I don’t see how talking abou Hondas is an insult…

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