SWTOR Patch 5.10 Cartel Market Preview

SWTOR Patch 5.10 Cartel Market Preview of all the new items.


Covert Cipher’s Armor Set – Gold


Elite Gunner’s Armor Set – Silver



Resourceful Renegade – Silver



Crimson Talon’s Armor Set – Platinum


Fieldtech Gunner’s Armor Set – Gold




Causality (Blaster Rifle) – Platinum


Tayfield CA41 Blaster Rifle – Gold


Tayfield CA41-S Sniper Rifle – Gold


Rascal’s Way – Gold


Stinger Electrostaff – Gold


Darth Malgus Lightsaber – Platinum


Darth Malgus Lightsaber (Damaged) – Platinum


Tau’s Lightsaber – Platinum


Twisted Fang – Platinum


Twisted Fang Dualsaber – Platinum



Bog Gladiopod = Gold


Vulptilla – Gold


KDY Transport Skiff – Gold


Koensayr Dart – Platinum



Festive Snow Fall (Weapon Tuning) – Gold


Flair: Sign of the Ancient Jedi – Gold


Advanced Frost White Color Crystal – Silver


Fireworks Celebration Backpack (Regen Item) – 7th Anniversary Vendor (Free)

  • Hadin

    Wow most of the new armor sets look amazing

  • Xorras

    No music on regen toy? Aww.

    • Sorotia

      Yeah, kinda lame there is no music on it…cut down the fireworks a little and add some music!

  • Gideon Lieberman

    What the heck is a Crimson Talon?

    • Caitlin

      I think it’s just named after the shape the cape makes?

    • Based on the appearance, I think the Crimson Talon set is intended to be an homage to Sidon Ithano, AKA the Crimson Corsair, from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

      • MCThr33pio

        What this person said.

      • Filip Domarczuk

        I’ve spent literally weeks trying to find it but now I need to ask the creator.

        What is the black body suit that you have on your character called?

    • Noomi

      I think its based on that Crimson Corsair character from Disney canon.

    • Tony

      Looks like Disney garbage reboot canon, to me. I will be avoiding it.

    • Gideon Lieberman

      It comes in a bundle called Elite Guard. Dafuq is a crimson talon supposed to be guarding?

  • IronSalamander8

    That Crimson Talon helmet looks like a giant cyclopian goblin head!

  • Jep Fareborn

    Where is the swimwear set? :p

  • Drool Bear

    Great, another noisy regen. And it’s free so EVERYONE will be blasting this thing off.

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    • Vanguard

      Is this some type of ad that simply had to be posted for ~20 people to look at on Dulfy.net?

  • Huuuujah Whhaaa Taaa!

    No new items at the vendor for show parcels, but a weapon tuning in the Cartel Market.
    Thanks, BioFarts!

    “There will be Weapon Tunings you can get by playing the game, not only the Cartel Market.”
    – Eric Musco


  • Harston

    Better designs don’t matter if the Platinum stuff is still unobtainable.
    ( And let’s be real, that Agent set should be bronze. )

  • Just more gambling garbage from EA. All of this stuff looks the same and it all looks like garbage. And everyone agrees that Andryah is the most disgusting piece of crap there is in any online community ever.

  • Jonathan Parker

    The legs and belt of that Gunner set might fit my Commando, even if the rest of the set looks very… odd, the Casualty rifle looks fantastic, but I don’t use any classes that use rifles (PLEASE let Bounty Hunters use rifles!), and this game is still just a cash grab with a good story and fun raids, so nothing really new here.

    • Vanguard

      No, you cant say anything remotely good about SWTOR. Dulfy forums are used to hate the game, not like it!

      • Kaelani

        That icon really fits your personality.

  • Kaelin

    The only armor set I liked here is not on gtn yet 🙁

  • TMNJ

    Hey look, Wh40k bolter

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