SWTOR Ossus Dailies and Patch 5.10 Gearing Guide

SWTOR Ossus Dailies, World Bosses and Patch 5.10 Masterwork Gearing Guide.[toc]

Gearing in 5.10

Patch 5.10 introduced a new tier of gear: Masterwork Armor with Rating of 252 and 258. Rating 258 gear can be crafted directly by crafters using materials from Master Mode Gods of the Machine operation and Ranked PvP warzones. This isn’t really viable for most people so the primary way will be via doing Ossus dailies and weeklies and purchase your gear via the Ossus Masterwork Vendors

Ossus Masterwork Vendors

Doing Ossus dailies and weeklies give you reputation with the vendors that sells Masterwork Gear in Ossus. You will need to purchase the 252 gear first that costs 2 Masterwork Data Crystal and then use that shell to purchase the 258 gear for 3-4 Masterwork Data Crystal.


252 Gear (2 Masterwork Data Crystal Each)

  • Outsider Reputation: Ear, Belt, Bracers
  • Newcomer Reputation: Relics, Boots and Implants
  • Friend Reputation: Gloves, Helm , Chest, Legs
  • Hero Reputation: Mainhand, Offhand

258 Gear (3-4 Masterwork Data Crystals Each)

Requires the shell of the corresponding 252 piece.

  • Champion Reputation: Ear, Implants, Boots, Gloves, Bracers, Belt
  • Legend Reputation: Helm, Chest, Legs, Relics

Helm, Chest and Legs costs 4 Masterwork Data Crystals each, rest costs 3. Mainhand and Offhand are not available from the vendors and are instead from new group content that will be released next year.

Additional Ways to Earn 252 Gear

  • [Weekly] Daily Area: Ossus: Random 252 gear
  • Flesh and Steel: 252 Mainhand or Offhand
  • Rare chance to drop from Tier 3 or above Command Crates

Earning Masterwork Data Crystal

There are only two weekly missions that grant Masterwork Data Crystal, allowing you earn 2 Masterwork Data Crystals per week

  • [Weekly] Masterwork Data Crystal – kill both world bosses on Ossus or Earn 50 Group Ranked Arena Points
  • [Rotating Weekly] – changes every week, could be a PvP or PvE objective.

Additionally, you can exchange your Unassembled Components to the Mysterious Smuggler found in the Imperial Command Area or Jedi Colony of Ossus. He will exchange 500 Unassembled Components for first Masterwork Data Crystal of the week and 1000 Unassembled Components for the second Masterwork Data Crystal of the week. This is capped at a maximum of 2 Masterwork Data Crystals per week (1500 Unassembled Components).


If you do everything, you can potentially earn a maximum of 4 Masterwork Data Crystals per week. There is a very small chance for Mastework Data Crystals to drop from Tier 3 or above Command Crates as well.

Important Missions

These missions are either one time, daily or weeklies that you should pick up before you proceed with any of the dailies below. Both Republic and Empire players have access to them. You must finish the main story to get access to dailies.

For empire these are picked up from the Strike Base from NPCs next to the Mission Board (with the exception of the Rotating Weekly). For Republic these are picked up from the Jedi Colony.


(One Time) Flesh and Steel

  • Source: Ossus Mission Board
  • Objective: Defeat R8-X8 and Kil’Cik world bosses
  • Reward: 29, 862 credits, 3666 Command Points, 30 Relic of Ossus, 1 purple reputation item, choice of 252 mainhand or offhand.

[Daily] Patrol: Ossus

  • Source: D0-5k (Empire)/Lieutenant Peller (Republic)
  • Objective: Complete 5x daily Missions
  • Rewards: 25,879 credits, 880 Command Points, 12 Relic of Ossus,1 blue reputation item

[Weekly] Daily Area: Ossus

  • Source: Sith Intelligence Asset (Empire)/Major Belatro (Republic)
  • Objective: Complete 10x Daily Missions
  • Rewards: 29.862 credits, 2200 Command Points, 30 Relic of Ossus, 1 purple reputation item, 1 Random 252 Purple Gear

[Weekly] Heroic Missions

  • Source: Sith Intelligence Asset (Empire)/R1-C3 (Republic)
  • Objective: Complete 3x Heroic Missions on Ossus
  • Rewards: 25,879 credits, 5500 Command Points

[Weekly] Masterwork Data Crystal

  • Source: Ossus Mission Board
  • Objective: Kill R8-X8 and Kil’Cik or Earn 50 Group Ranked Arena Points
  • Rewards: 29,862 credits, 4500 Command Points, 40 Relic of Ossus, 1 purple reputation item, 1 Masterwork Data Crystal

[Rotating Weekly] Masterwork Data Crystal

  • Source: Courier Droid
  • Objective: Either PvP or PvE objective, changes every week (completing storymode ops, master mode flashpoints, GSF or warzones)
  • Rewards: 14,220 credits, 405 Command Points, 1 Masterwork Data Crystal

For Empire players, this Courier Droid is found in the Imperial Command Area (take the lift down from the quick travel location). Republic Courier Droid is in the same location as the other NPCs.


Empire Dailies

Ossus Imperial Mission Board

Dailies here are picked up from the Ossus Imperial Mission Board back at the Strike Base XR-484


[Daily] Blazing Fury (Farms)

  • Sabotage Jedi Farms and buildings: 0/3
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

You can either blow up the Irrigators or the Dome shaped houses.


[Daily] Silence the Guns (Farms)

  • Destroy Turrets: 0/10
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

These turrets spawn on their own and Republic players can also spawn them


[Daily] Front Line Support (Canyons)

  • Defeat Mutated Genosian Captains in the Canyons: 0/3
  • Rescue Besieged Patrol: 0/1
  • Hold Off Genosian Attack: 0/1
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

You need to defeat the strong Genosian Captains that spawns to attack the Imperial positions. The problem is that these captains don’t spawn frequently so this daily quest can be quite tedious to do.


[Daily] Supply Drop  (Canyons)

  • Deliver Supplies to Imperial Troops: 0/5
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

Look for yellow beams in the mission area and click on them. The yellow beams are not visible until you get close to them.


[Daily] Wasteland Terrors (Canyons)

  • Defeat Razorclaw and Scarjaw
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

[Daily] Crossed Wires (Ancient Ruins)

  • Defeat R8-X4F and R8-X4L
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

These guys have around 420k HP each  

[Daily] Collected History (Jedi Library)

  • Recover Jedi Artifacts: 0/5
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

Quick and easy, dig up the rubble piles and then loot the ancient Jedi Vessel. Sometimes droids will spawn to defend it. Spawn rate is fairly fast.


[Daily] Enkindled Knowledge (Jedi Library)

  • Destroy Jedi Texts: 0/4
  • Destroy the Master Tome
  • Defeat the Jedi Master
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

This one is a bit tedious than other dailies due to the multi-step process that have you fight more mobs. Jedi Texts you need to destroy are in the same area as the Jedi Artifacts.


Ossus Canyons/Ancient Ruins

Dailies here are picked up at the Ossus Canyons Quick Travel/Shuttle point with the exception of Missing Pieces which is picked up from the Catacombs Entrance Quick Travel


[Daily] Scrapyard (Ancient Ruins)

  • Source: E9-L4 at Canyons Quick Travel
  • Reprogram Scrambled Excavator Droids: 0/4
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

This daily can be a bit tedious to do. You need to use the quest item (use it from your quest tracker) on the Scrambled Excavator Droids only (not Battledroids). Sometimes the item will work, othertimes it will fail and you will have to fight the droid. There is a good concentration of 2-3 Excavator droids at the area marked on the map with a fast respawn rate.


[Daily] Communication Blackout (Ancient Ruins)

  • Source: A7-X2 at Canyons Quick Travel
  • Place Signal Jammers: 0/4
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

Interact with the yellow beams found on the signal towers in the area to jam them,


[Heroic 2+] Information Appropriation (Ancient Ruins)

  • Source: Q-Z5 at Canyons Quick Travel
  • Reach the Security Outpost
  • Steal Intel
  • Defeat R8-X8
  • Reward: 22,182 credits, 247 Command Points, 12 Relics of Ossus, blue reputation item

Quick soloable Heroic 2+. There are a few strong mobs that can dish out some heavy damage and R8-X8 does hurt a bit but if you save your heroic moment for R8-X8 it should be okay.

[Daily] Missing Pieces (Canyons)

  • Source: Y-G3 from Catacombs Entrance Quick Travel
  • Retrieve Recon Datapads: 0/2
  • Retrieve Shuttle Datapad: 0/1
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item


Ossus Farms

Dailies here are picked up at the Ossus Farms Quick Travel/Shuttle point.


[Macrobinocular Daily] Know Your Enemy

  • Source: Imperial Scout Report
  • Scan Crops
  • Scan Storage Tanks
  • Scan Power Generator
  • Scan Radar Antenna
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 472 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

Crops and Storage Tanks are in the Ossus farms area


Sensor Array and Power Generator are in the Ancient Ruins area, go to the location marked on the map to scan both.


[Heroic 4] Supply Heist

  • Source: Captured Colonist
  • Raid Jedi Supplies
  • Defeat Jedi Reinforcements
  • Reward: 22,182 credits, 247 command points, 12 Relic of Ossus, blue reputation item
  • There are 5 waves of Jedi enemies in increasing difficulty. Can be done with two players and companions.


Jedi Library

Dailies here are picked up at the Jedi Library Quick Travel/Shuttle point.


[Heroic 2+] Consume the Light

  • Source: Captured Jedi
  • Defeat Jedi Masters in the Library: 0/3
  • Retrieve the Ancient Force Relic
  • Reward: 22,182 credits, 247 command points, 12 Relic of Ossus, blue reputation item

Can be soloed, enemies are usually in groups of three with a mix of strong and golds. The end boss you need to defeat is a champion with 460k HP.

Republic Dailies

Ossus Republic Mission Board

Dailies here are picked up from the Ossus Republic Mission Board back at the Jedi Colony


[Daily] Perimeter Protection (Farms)

  • Deploy Turrets: 0/8
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

Interact with these turret nodes to deploy the turrets. Turrets do despawn after a while allowing you to use the same node again.


[Daily] Firestorm (Farms)

  • Extinguish Fires: 0/5
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

Interact with the fires to extinguish them, very fast daily.


[Daily] Explosive Intervention (Canyons)

  • Collapse Tunnels 0/4
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

The tunnels you need to collapse doesn’t seem to respawn once it has been collapsed and they are rather hard to find so here is a map of them.


[Daily] Wasteland Terrors (Canyons)

  • Defeat Razorclaw and Scarjaw
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

[Daily] Leave No Jedi Behind

  • Open Holding Cages: 0/4
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

These holding cages have quick respawn times so you can pick two and keep going back and forth to finish it quickly.


[Daily] Crossed Wires (Ancient Ruins)

  • Defeat R8-X4F and R8-X4L
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

These guys have around 420k HP each

[Daily] Collected History (Jedi Library)

  • Recover Jedi Artifacts: 0/5
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

This daily is currently bugged. You are suppose to be able to interact with the Jedi Artifacts on the ground but currently they cannot be picked up.


[Daily] The Sacred Artifacts

  • Retrieve the Ancient Lightsabers: 0/4
  • Retrieve the Jedi Holocron
  • Defeat the Sith Lords
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

The mission markings on the map are wrong. The Lightsabers are on the outer edges of the arena and not center.


Ancient Ruins

Dailies here are picked up from Dead Forest Quick Travel Point


[Daily] Opening a Channel

  • Source: T4-B4
  • Destroy Signal Jammers: 0/4
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

Pretty fast daily, look for signal towers and then click on the jammers on them to destroy it.


[Heroic 2+] Into the Hive

  • Source: Ardu Vel
  • Investigate Geonosian Hive
  • Defeat the Geonosian Swarm Lord
  • Set Explosives: 0/5
  • Reward: 22,182 credits, 247 command points, 12 Relic of Ossus, blue reputation item

This is a really fast heroic that is easy to solo. You just need to defeat some easy trash mobs and then kill the Swarm Lord. The key with Swarm Lord is killing the adds that he summons as each add give him damage reduction but killing the adds will cause him to take damage.


Ossus Canyons

Dailies here are picked up from Catacombs Quick Travel Point


[Daily] Sensor Sweep

  • Source: P-X5G
  • Plant Sensors 0/6
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

The sensors are just yellow beams in the ground you need to interact. They do respawn pretty fast so you can just pick two beam locations and move between the two.


[Daily] Remembering the Past

  • Source: Jedi Datapad
  • Scan Great Jedi Library
  • Scan Jedi Temple
  • Scan Jedi Master Monument
  • Scan Jedi Padawan Monument
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

Jedi Library and Padawan Monument are found in the Jedi Temple Ruins area


Master Monument and Jedi Temple are in the Ossus Canyons area


Ossus Farms

Dailies here are picked up from Farms Quick Travel Point


[Daily] The Science of Darkness

  • Source: Doctor Tramulek
  • Test Geonosian Serum: 0/8
  • Reward: 14,220 credits, 247 command points, 7 Relic of Ossus, green reputation item

For this daily you just need to target Genosians and then use the mission item in your quest tracker on them. It will either work or don’t work. If it works the Genosian will turn friendly and disappear. Otherwise you will need to kill the ones that don’t work.


[Heroic 4] Hold the Line

  • Source: RC-P9
  • Reach Farmstead
  • Reward: 22,182 credits, 247 command points, 12 Relic of Ossus, blue reputation item

There are 5 waves of enemies in increasing difficulty. Can be done with two players and companions.

Jedi Library

Dailies here are picked up from Jedi Temple Ruins Quick Travel Point


[Heroic 2+] Expel the Darkness

  • Source: Master Theenu
  • Defeat Sith Lords: 0/3
  • Reward: 22,182 credits, 247 command points, 12 Relic of Ossus, blue reputation item

Can be soloed. Similar to the Imperial version of the Heroic 2+ but have more mobs so you gotta watch out for the incoming damage. The end boss you need to defeat is a champion with 460k HP.

World Bosses

There are two world bosses in Ossus. They are designed for 16-24 players. There is a weekly Masterwork Data Crystal to kill them and also the one time Flesh and Steel quest (it is currently buggy and not giving people credit).

Kil’Cik the Swarm Lord

Found in the SE section of the Canyons. Kil’Cik is all about adds management. Kill the adds quickly before focusing on the boss. Stack the adds and AoE them if possible.


Geonosian Slaves

These slaves spawn as week mobs at first but if not killed quickly will grow bigger and deal more damage.


Guardian of Kil’Cik

Guardians will reduce damage to Kil’Cik by 8% per Guardian (Kil’Cik gains a stacking damage reduction buff when the Guardians are alive).Guardians also take less damage from AoEs.


Geonosian Combat Medic

These Combat Medics will heal Kil’Cik if not killed quickly. Should be first priority.



Found in the top of Ancient Ruins area. This droid has a couple of really deadly attacks that can kill players quickly. However, he is a zergable with a  respawn point not too far. Dead players can simply rejoin the fight.


Analyzing Threat

This is a channel ability he uses for the first 30s of the fight. You must break his shield by doing enough damage to him to interrupt his channel or he will reset.


Supporting Strikes

R8-X8 will target a couple players in the raid with red circles. You want to move these circles from the raid but not on top of any Hypergolic Fuel Cells. Putting the red circles on top of these Fuel Cells will cause a massive explosion with a large radius that can take out numerous nearby raid members.



Incinerate is the biggest raid wiper. It is a frontal cone attack so tanks will need to face him away from rest of the raid. It deals large ticking damage in the area and leave behind heavy ticking DoTs. The area being incinerated will also have a fire AoEs.


Ossus Reputation Vendors

Ossus Reputation Vendors are found in the Imperial Command Area or the Jedi Colony. They take Relics of Ossus and credits in exchange for items. There is a weekly cap of 250 Relics of Ossus so it might be good to spend some on these vendors.



  • Ancient Tome – 100k credits and 65 Relics of Ossus (no reputation requirement). They are used for crafting the 258 gear and can be used as a way to spend your Relics
  • Nadia Grell’s Classic Customization – 40k credits, 10 Relics of Ossus (Outsider Reputation)
  • Ossus Explorer Armor Set – 60 to 150k credits and 15-35 Relics per piece (Champion Reputation)



Gallery View:


Each decoration costs 15k credits and 5 Relics of Ossus


Each decoration costs 30k credits and 10 Relics of Ossus


Each decoration costs 45k credits and 18 Relics of Ossus


Each decoration costs 65k credits and 25 Relics of Ossus

These disguise terminals costs 100k credits and 100 Relics of Ossus

Faction specific decorations – these costs 90k credits and 20 Relics of Ossus. They are faction specific

  • Darth Malora
  • Master Gnost-Dural

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91 replies on “SWTOR Ossus Dailies and Patch 5.10 Gearing Guide”

Apprently I cannot pick up the Weekly Masterwork Data Crystal which gives you a crystal if you either kill the two bosses or if you do the 50 Ranked points mission.

Is this a bug? I have completed the storyline and was able to pick ALL of the other missions except from that one, and one of the Heroics.

I am wondering if they intended for people to finish the Flesh and Steel one time mission first, before they were offering the other one as a Weekly mission… since they have the same objective.

You probably already know, but there is a work around for this bug.
If you leave the group when the world boss is below 5% and stay and kill it, you get the progress towards the weekly.
Managed to get both yesterday morning, and a nice 252 offhand.

Oh, that is not what I meant though. There are two missions that require from you to kill the two world bosses. One of them is a one time mission called “Flesh and Steel”, and that’s the one that gives the purple 252 mainhand/offhand.

The other one is [WEEKLY] Masterwork Crystal Data and gives you one of those precious crystals needed to convert 252 gear to 258 gear, after you complete the same objective, which is to kill the two world bosses.

Apparently I have not been able to pick up the second mission on any of my toons, while people who accessed the mission board on Tuesday, were able to do so.

It is definitely a bug.

Did 2 runs for droid (wb) and 6 for Kil’Cik to get the quest done. I heard dude did 15 runs (only droid) and got nothing. Thats a power of biofail’s random.

Pretty disappointed with the way masterwork crystals turned out. Screws over folks who’d rather not be forced into grouping, and since that includes me I’ve got nothing to work towards now. The ‘rotating weekly’ is bollocks too.

Yeah how dare you have to group up in a mmo to get the best gear. What blasphemy! Solo players have had 2-3 years of being catered to. The game is in dire need of group content so if that’s a deal breaker then bye Felicia.

Usually…people want solo content not because they don’t want to group, maybe like myself they cant get in the groups cause they are not “On the top charts” for dps with their spec, or geared perfectly.

If you are in a guild that requires you to be on the top of the charts, then maybe it’s time to find a new home. I know in our guild we accept players of all skills and caliber and help them run through any group content. We have scheduled nights for things like conquest, data cron hunts, world boss hunts, story mode OPs, all the way to progression hard mode OPs for those interested.

Find the right guild that caters to your needs and you will be a lot happier.

That’s not my issue, personally, but that is certainly an issue for many people. The abuse people dish out in ops groups (quite often wrongly) to anyone who makes a mistake is insane.

It’s all right, us pvp players usually scream at these rotation, auto-pilot DPS people to get out of our ranked zones.

I have seen world class players (Most of them ranked players) do these NiM (Master) ops with below the requirements. Just find the right people and make the most out of it man.

The fact you seem to think MMO = compulsory grouping says a lot about your lack of knowledge about the genre. And no, solo players haven’t had 2-3 years of being catered to, story players have. Not to mention the fact I’m not even asking to be catered to (which you’d know if you’d actually read what I wrote), I’m asking for the same ability to gear up I had pre-Ossus (through activities I enjoy, because, y’know, it’s a fucking game not a job).

And it may be in dire need of group content (I mean, we got a new op this year, but whatever), but they haven’t even added any. Two world bosses hardly qualifies as ‘content’.

You are right on the money Ben. As usual.

I mean, it seems planning in this game has gone completely out the window.

(If there EVER was such a thing. Now that I think about it… I’ll get back to you on that one…)

So they introduced GC. I didn’t like it. In fact, I hated it. BUT i could see the appeal in it. People that din’t really like to raid got to access better gear.

And now… They take that away… I don’t see the sense in this. Why make the ultimate gear available in the game available only by crafting? Which is, in itself, a rather slow and convoluted system they have. Oh, the crafting in TOR.. What a joke…

I’m not discussing the merit of the idea. I’m discussing it doesn’t make sense.

They had a logical system. Raid gear available to raiders. PVP gear available to pvp’ers. It may not have been perfect, but at least it made sense…

Now? I don’t know how you people STILL put up with this. No offence intended, I assure you. I will play this expansion. After all, it’s Star Wars, and it’s something I want to evaluate.

But I’ve taken my money elsewhere (Elseweyr???) a long time ago…

Aye, it’s just a shame. Ossus is a neat little update. But for a few hours of new content, the content that keeps me subbed longer-term has been stripped away 🙁

As a mainly solo player, I don’t care if I have the best rated gear. Since I’m not doing endgame group content (higher difficulty Flashpoints or Operations), there’s no point in me getting it. While it sucks to have nothing to work towards, what’s the issue?

As I said, nothing to work towards, plus going up against premades in warzones is tedious enough already. Now those premades are going to have gear I can’t access too. There’s really no viable gameplay for me post-Ossus until the expansion eventually shows up.

Premades are irrelevant if you just want the mats because you get them for turning up unless they just changed that.

Your argument that you have nothing to work towards however is your strongest argument and is very valid. Galactic Command is still to blame for this one-size-fits all approach to rewards which funnels people into the most lucrative game elements only and encourages a very one-sided grind.

The other issue is that so much of the cosmetics are coming through the cartel market that the in-game rewards are very poor and that indeed only leaves you with a stat-gear to work towards. Not for new players obviously but when you’ve played this game for or year or two or more there you are. There are some exceptions but mostly that’s when it happens.

Also not adding a lot of new content and not updating things like existing reputation vendors also makes a lot of existing content pointless. Now I will say that this new content is nice but it’s clearly not enough to bridge the gap they created in the last 3 years.

What I will say is that it is necessary to give raiders rewards that you cannot get elsewhere. Not having that also devaluates harder content. What I do not understand there however is that instead of making gear sets for raiders only that give bonuses in raids only is something they haven’t done. We had it in PvP with expertise. It wasn’t well done, but at least it was something. So why not have raid gear that gives you some bonuses on offense/defense/healing and such that only apply in raids? Why make a universal gearset again that just has different levels of speed in acquisition? That still baffles me.

Gear for raiders that only gives the extra benefits in raids could be nice, and I certainly wouldn’t mind getting PvP gear back again instead of all the attention going on the ranked warzone system (which is hilariously shite) since that’d give folks something to work towards.

Unfortunately I actually like PvP, though, so the mats are just an extra. Premades (usually ranked groups who’re bored of waiting for ranked to pop, because it’s so popular they have to wait aggggggggges for a space ;P) have always spoiled things, but now they’re going to be a whole tier of gear above the decent players, and several tiers above the rest.

I don’t mind working for the new gear (I was quite content with the old system, getting a few pieces of gear a week through warzones), but as it stands working for the new gear means playing content that I simply do not enjoy, and if it’s a choice between doing something I hate (operations or an obscene amount of ranked warzones) to gear up or leaving, I’ll just take my money elsewhere 🙁

It’s a bit mad with all those new tiers that are all superfluous. The problem is that people complain about it even though they really don’t need this gear unless they want to do the new NiM Ops. But people just want that highest rating and yes, you said it, it’s not so great if you have to do content that you don’t like doing to get the gear for the content you are doing. Having to PvP when you’re a raider is not what you want and vice versa. That’s why my full idea has 3 gear tabs for PvE, Raiding and PvP.

Raid gear makes no sense for story and Flash Points as such if it has raid specific bonuses. But you don’t want to get stuck with having to manually swap over each time you switch activity. Hence the tabs. The cool thing is that no matter which one you focus on the max rating is exactly the same but it won’t function as well in the other areas of the game. That way if you maxed gear in one area there still is a reason to progress your gear in another area when you start doing that.

The lower tiers will go relatively quickly, with the lowest tier basically being dead easy and the highest tier in each area takes rather more work to get together. But you won’t have to raid if you’re a casual pve’er to get max rating and you don’t have to pvp for it. And pvp’ers can stay out of pve if they like and raiders can also ignore pvp and casual pve progression . And because the entry level gear is easy to get, switching to another activity will be no sweat either.

Not everybody may like this idea but for me this would be a much better approach than it’s been for the last few years.

Hope you get a notification for this. You posted this 6 months ago. If you played regularly don’t you have a max set by now? You can get crystals from crates. Or PVP or OPS or Master FP’s or WB’s. Shouldn’t be that hard to get them doing what you want to do.

Quite a lot of people do both raids and pvp and don’t want a separated grind for them. It takes too much time (especially if you play on different characters) and having 2 gear sets is just a waste of inventory space.

“quite a lot” huh? Sure whatever. I think you have no idea how many people those are. And besides, isn’t a common complaint that there isn’t enough to do? Or that it takes too much time? You see, how much grind it is in either situation is completely in BW’s hand. So it doesn’t have to be grind. Besides, do you think people like this masterwork gear better than? You need to think things through a bit. And I’ve worked this idea out in more detail before. In the implementation you would have a gear tab for each so you don’t have to put any sets in your inventory so it won’t cost any inventory space and it auto-switches tabs depending on where you are. It’s not a new idea btw. GW2 already has such a set up for their structured PvP which has a separate gear set and tab that it auto-switches to when you go into those PvP maps or lobby.

So try not to think in limitations but possibilities. It can work perfectly fine to have multiple sets as long as you set it up right. Another advantage is that both PvP and Raid gear would have the same max rating but different benefits. So there won’t be anymore complaints about who has the highest rating and all that. I even envisioned a possible third set for the more casual PvE from story chapters to Flash Points. It all doesn’t have to be so grindy. In fact the bottom tier in each should be dead easy so you can already do most content with it. Some people tend to forget that 248 gear is already way overpowered for the all the current content, well pre 5.10 at least. Even the NiM Operations were balanced around 236/242 gear. So this new gear is two more levels of unnecessary stat boosts.

It’s easy to say you don’t want to grind but at the same time if you make it easy people will complain there’s nothing to do. Makes more sense to me to have different things to work on if you care for that sort of activity and if you don’t you really don’t have to. But inventory is a thing so regardless it needs multiple gear tabs to facilitate that.

Aye, dailies on a couple of toons each day. Let’s me gear up at a decent rate, not too fast to void ops gearing, not too slow to make it a waste of time. I’m not the only person who isn’t thrilled about it either. Not really sure what the idea behind it was tbh.

There is no grind though. They’ve taken it away. People who don’t do 16+ bosses or 50 ranked warzones a week aren’t going to do that now any more than they would before. The ranked warzones thing is really baffling.

The ranked folks often turn up in regs because there’s no ranked pops on account of it being shite, really don’t get why BW keep pushing it like it’s in any way popular :/

If your playing solo you dont need the gear as you aren’t pushing master mode operations and aren’t doing ranked pvp. Whine some more about things you know nothing about. lol

Pot kettle black mate. I play warzones, which the ranked premades regularly turn up in to stomp the randoms. So thanks for telling me how to play, but, uh, in future it might help if you know what you’re on about.

Well just finished Shadow of The Tomb Raider 100% and i really enjoyed, what a superb game, was much better to pay for it than a 60 day swtor sub this time. Yes the game has bugs too (sound stuttering) but it was fun definitely. Now i’m planning to wait for next Tuesday to play these SWTOR dailies (i assume they’re free cause i’m not paying a single penny to EA), waiting for them to fix this companion mess too.

Is anyone else still getting sabotage missions even though they are loyal to their faction? Are there any obvious differences in missions? After the initial story and doing the dailies i haven’t seen any for my Empire Saboteur.

I played through the main story arc, and at this point, I now have a hard time caring even about my player character.

Okay so I have two jaessa’s because for whatever reason it let me complete both alerts. I should really only have lightside jaessa as she was my original. Is this going to break something in the future or what because that can’t be intended.

My warrior already has a lover and is straight. That said I didnt like the “I’m sorry but I cant option” as a response to light jaessa. Really needed a 3rd option like “I’m sorry Jaessa but already have a lover”

I feel they dropped the ball there but they did really well on Jaessas confession. It felt genuine to me.

Yeah it was kinda sad, though if you take the DS option at the end of Ossus she doesn’t bring up the romance topic at all.

i still love the way that this game should had been…i´ve played stwor since beta,i know,some of you know better,i kust feel it went wrong.others will know better.i´m not done with swtor,spent to much of everything ingame to not have nothing at the´s not mounts,armor,or even be a guy who done every shit in point is,i´m done in swtor.kust came around to say it.i´m playing Destiny,guess after your first love everything goes ;)may the forge be with you 😉

hey Dulffy ,i´m the Arkusic whom you blocked on this chat whatever,i told you i could pass that around.hope everything is good to you.dont give a fuck,it´s strange,but hey,gamer’s ;)i´m on Destiny,you play?

i think it needs to do way withy the rep system. already, some of the old rep can’t be increased because what’s needed to do so is no longer avalible-and frankly, i feel like it would take a lot of the pressure of everyone not to have to worry about it. it might’ve been okay a while back on things like empty adaptive gear-but i feel like it’s gotten way outta hand. to make it even wore-there’s aa friggen weekly cap on it! i don’t mind mind a bit of grinding-but this has become a nightmare.

It’s not that hard to max it out. It happens all by itself while playing the game. It’s so easy, I don’t even think about it. And that goes not just for Ossus rep. That includes basically all of them. Playing star fortress on all chars to get those alerts out of my game, was much more of a pain.

The new story was quite possibly one of the most boring and un-creative stories I’ve read since I stopped reading fan-fictions online.

Way to shoot for generic and boring bioware. Oh and that move to bring back a long dead and worthless character we killed in a flash point and killed him in multiple ways was about as uninspiring as one could create.

Talk about designing and developing coming from the least common denominators from bioware. UGH.

Given you can’t seem to handle the truth of the matter, it’s maybe you that might was to stay off the internet.

you can take the stance of blind gamer and what-not but sadly for you, there is nothing I said that isn’t the cold, hard truth of the matter.

Isn’t this the same thing with out there existing other MMORPGs relying on raids in PvE? Would you state the same conclusion elsewhere? “Grinding PvP kills the games” could be applied for PvP “only” titles and what direction such point leads to? Nowhere, you know why? Because it’s not the endgame genre that determines whether game is alive or not, but established wide or thin game quality, opportunities etc. Your view is unjustified and dumb.

It was dumb to think that KOTOR fans would all become hardcore raiders. SWTOR will not be on much longer, if you have some class stories tha you havent finished yet, now is the time to do it as its still only worthwile part of the game, rest is MMO raid cr@p….that killed off so many games *khm* Wildstar *khm*

stupid, pointless, bullshit speculation. morons like you have been saying the game would be dead years ago, just shut the fuck up

It is pretty much dead. If if wasnt Star Wars IP it would be shut down before Wildstar….another “hardcore raiding MMO”

Maybe shouldn’t talk about things you know nothing about. You don’t have to raid if you don’t want to. And you can get max gear without doing it. So why are you whining?

Btw. Game is still going. New content still being added. What time frame were you talking about with your “not be on much longer”?

Maybe i missed it, Dulfy, what did you mean by “If you do everything, you can potentially earn a maximum of 4 Masterwork Data Crystals per week.”
with the bugged WB, i am getting only 1 a week at most.

Very detailed walkthrough and annoying af.
In short, WTF am I supposed to do with Relics of Ossus? are they useless? can I get gear somewhere for those? only crappy mats for professions?
How come NOBODY ever thinks of making a short note to quickly inform people instead of making these long ass posts about every fucking useless detail?

Silly question, I have not run across a “rest area”/cantina on Ossus, is there just not one here?

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